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PA: Wolf signs bill to protect victims of sexual abuse crimes


HARRISBURG — Governor Tom Wolf on Wednesday signed House Bill 631 into law, now Act 10 of 2018, the primary intent of which is to provide for greater public safety by ensuring convicted sexual offenders remain subject to registration requirements in the wake of recent court decisions impacting Pennsylvania’s implementation of the Sexual Offender Registration and Notification Act.

The legislation, introduced by Rep. Ron Marsico, would ensure that as many as 12,000 sexual offenders remain on Pennsylvania’s registry and subject to the regulations in place at the time of their offense – either a 10-year or lifetime registration.

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This bill is in the name of making Pennsylvania safer, when in fact the data confirms that heavy registration conditions ostracize offenders, alienates them, prevents them from working, dating, and finding housing, it creates resentment and low self esteem, all factors that heighten risks thereby making conditions less safe. The majority of offenders are not high risk and are not a threat to the community, but the bulk of offenders are still treated as high risk regardless of the offense and are then treated with the heavy hand that prevents them from assimilating into society.

Doesn’t this bill only effect people on probation and parole, also people being released from incarceration? And only t3 and people on line who are being released from jail ?
Are they doing HB 1952 separate from 631? I thought they were lumping them together.

Same Bill really. And no this effects everyone convicted prior to Dec 20, 2012. That is why they said the list will keep 12000 on but the numbers were over 21000. So that is i the neighborhood of 9000 that will be removed from the registry.
From what I have heard PSP has 90 days to get it done.
One down side is any that have moved out of PA and are now on another states registry may not be able to get taken off.
Another is still even if taken off you still have concerns with traveling or moving into another state dependent on that states laws. I have seen some states that have wording to the effect of if you have ever been convicted anywhere of a crime that in their state would subject you to register then you would have to register.

The psp has up to 18 months to review and remove everyone due relief and reassigne people to their original teir, I think the 90 day thing is the psp has to notify everyone of the changes after the law is in full effect, my understanding is that the law was only signed into law but isn’t in full effect, I could be wrong, I think after they get everyone that is due relief off they will start enforcing the law, when I talked to that lady at psp she said I am not required to register anymore but said until I get a letter saying I don’t have to to keep going in and do my updates as usual because they can still arrest you for not updating which I think is bs, I am working with an attorney now, I have another meeting next week with him, the first meeting he stated that psp is not the problem, it’s the da in whatever countey we’re in in pa, I am an out of state SO, I was convicted in 97 and was on a deferred sentence which I completed successfully, in 02 I was forced to register for reasons I don’t know, there was no IML when I moved to pa but at the same time I was never ordered to register as an SO, I know the new law will make anyone from out of state register in pa because psp didn’t want people from other states flocking to pa to get relief, I would like a list of every state that makes us register in their registry because I wanted to do some traveling once I get off this god awful registry, I know Florida and NewYork force you to register on their list and I think NJ and Maryland donalso, but I’m not sure about NJ and Maryland, it would be nice though to have a concrete list of all states that do force us on their registry.

BRIAN keep us updated on what your lawyer says. Here is my take. The new act 10 is in effect from the day the gov signed it into law. Feb 23rd. So anyone that was compliant up until that time Wolfe signed the bill now has 90days from that date to comply with the laws. Their old reg and update dates are void. PSP will be sending out mass mail telling people to update under new law. PSP told me yesterday that my review will be finished before the 90days is up. So the law is the law anyone that was compliant has the 90days to go in. PSP told me I still have time to register and did not have to update on my date that has now past. I have seen several people on site that have a normal page that doesn’t say non compliant and it is well past their date to update but were compliant up until FEB 23rd They can no longer say you are non compliant because new law is in effect.

Brian did your attorney tell you what the DA had to say so far?


I’m on the PA registry but inactive because I live in VA. I called and the PSP told me I would still be required to register. I said I don’t think you’re correct. She transferred me to someone else and that person told me to submit in writing for a review. The only reason I could think the lady would say I would still have to register was because she was thinking I would go to a 10yr which wouldn’t be complete. But only IA first had to register pre 20 Dec not M2

I did mail the request and quoted law but not the new law that will be going into effect. I quoted mainly law that was passed March 14, 2014 that removed my M2 if pre 20 Dec 2012 convicted. I got out on parole 23 March 2014 just 9 days after the law went into effect. I should have never been required to register based on that yet PSP did it and sent it to VA. Also quoted pre 20 Dec IA M1 not M2 in it. I’m not sure yet if VASP wll take me off with just a letter from PSP, I may have to go to court here. I will wait for the letter and see if I need court in PA before I start here.
The new bill passed 21 Feb 2018 and it says THIS ACT SHALL TAKE EFFECT AS FOLLOWS:
Everything to do with SORNA is 9799.xx 9718.5 is dealing with parole/probation.

With this bill it now mainly is based on when crime was committed not conviction, so I would not have to register at all with an M2 as my crime date is 1984 and conviction 2012. Long story on that one.

If my letter from them, when it gets here does not say I’ve been removed and not required to register, then I will be filing a suit.
As for traveling, yeah I want to do that too. I don’t know what you’re crime was but VA is pretty good. If you’re required to be on a reg in another state of course, but they have dates of conviction listed for different crimes. Felonies most likely but would have to look. Under 3 misdemeanor’s won’t have to register. When you hit 3 here they make it a Felony.


Also MD just a couple years ago did the same thing. Don’t know how there law reads now but they had to remove a bunch base on ex post facto. So it may well be a state you can travel to with no issues.

I feel safer already, not.

Tony two Times
I will keep you guys updated on everything. I may contact psp again to see what they tell me now compared to two mounts ago.

What is funny about the new HOUSE BILL that got passed, I bet if my husband and all the others who have to comply with HOUSE BILL all walked in tomorrow and updated there information. I bet that the PSP have no idea what to due. I bet there systems arent even TWO SEPARATE yet. Imagine going done there and telling them to delete all you internet identifiers, and tattoos, scars, registration information, etc that was obtained illegally from SORNA. What would they do listen to a sex offender. So wouldnt we my husband and others need a form stating that they are required to register under the NEW HOUSE BILL.

Any ideas?

PSP will send a letter under Megan’s L aw stating the changes and the new requirements. Also expect a visit from PSP verifying that a person does live as stated to PSP. I pray the new changes offer relief to you and your loved one. Best.

Ive been on reg 13 plus yrs and never got a visit changed law twice already. I think they have local police do drive by sometimes. They do a limited number of sweeps no way PSP can check on everyone for this.

In December of 2012, the sheriff’s office stopped to verify my vehicles, D.L., and stated residence. 2 weeks later, I got the letter of new law changes. A local cop also has stopped to verify my info as well. You’ve been fortunate. I hope the new changes will impact you in a positive way. Best.

Thanks Eric you too. I have cameras and have been catching the local cops ruling by at night a lot I think PSP has them watching people pre SORNA until they are put on new law or removed.

I can say every time I have changed jobs I look out the window of wherever I am working and see to police verifying my license plate and vehicle, the last place I worked they tipped my employer off and I lost my job on the count of that. A year ago they went around asking my neighbors about me with a picture of my ml profile which is illegal because I am not on community notifications, I am currently t2 from a 10 year t1 downgrade do to scorna, I finally got an appoint to see a lawyer tomorrow, not the one I wanted to see, I am due relief but I want to let him know people are looking for class action and I will direct the lawyer to this website, NARSOL and PARSOL to see what he wants to do.

Its only human nature to know biometric data is being collected on everyone for political motives. There ARe other private databases containing information on everyone, including SOs, convicts of all sorts. Corporations are gathering all the data they can.

The only real question is where all this collecting lead?
Especially with respect the implications to the liberty of men.

It looks like a spontaneous blockchain being created with our information being stored in various databases. You may be able to erase it here, but not there and it will pop right back in. In the end we will have to realize there is no way to hide our past. There needs to be some other kind of strategy to neutralize the damage from information if the bits can no longer be erased.

Great analogy. The only way I see to escape it is to create a new identity somewhere else, preferably legally, and become a whole new you.

I read some where, can’t remember where, that PSP will mail notices out and notify that offenders have 90 days after the bill was signed into law to report, but PSP has 30 days to mail the notices. However even if offender doesn’t get the notice they sill have that 90 days from the day the bill was signed.

Is it me or is my cursory reading of this new atrocity and the Federal Court decision correct in thinking that a lot of hopes may be getting dashed? I’m hoping that I’m wrong.

I haven’t read the bill itself, but the brief synopsis from the news reporting websites seem to make it sound like what everyone was expecting. Not that taking a synopsis from those websites is necessarily the best and most accurate information. Did you actually read the bill? If so did you find something in there that leads you to believe that this isn’t what we were expecting?

As a RSO (arrested 2006 for CP possession) I was subject to the registration law then in place. I was required by that law to register for ten (10) years ending March 2019. Having read everything I can find on this law it appears to require me to comply with that original requirement of that registration. I have fully complied with all aspects of registration required of me throughout my time (including the unconstitutional overreach of SORNA) and I plan to continue compliance, until my reporting period officially ends.

All that said, the law has been overkill and self-defeating for various reasons others have given (issues of employability, social isolation, etc.) It is motivated by unreasonable fears, political greed, and the industry that has grown up around the registry. Please do not think for a second I am seeking to defend myself. I am not. I was wrong plain and simple and I own that fact.

The fear of 17,000 SOs being released from the lists … was repeated again and again. It turns out that this new law will retain somewhere between 9,000-12,000 of that 17,000. I might be wrong, but I do not think I am, In due course I will be released from the list as well.

Because I have strong roots where I live … even then the employment and social issue(s) will remain as will many other aspects of having been on the list, the internet will see to that. Except maybe then an employer might hire me since thier bussines will no longer be listed.

I am thankful for friends that has stood by me. Especially my wife and children, who has ‘shared’ my shame and isolation. For those of you who face all this alone, you have my sympathy and prayers.


I am very glad that you are going to get relief from the time that you have already spent on the list and, from your math, the time that you spent locked up which is a whole other fight, lengths of CP sentences!!

I have not read the latest version of the original bill, but if it is the same, the only change was to Pre-SORNA RCs? If that is the case, is SORNA still punishment? If PA still has the same tiers for new offenses, SORNA would still have to be part of the sentence? Does that mean that someone could plee out of the registry if convicted tomorrow?

The “funny” part, if that is still true, is that conviction rates and jail times will increase? I know that I would have taken a county sentence to be off the registry and that every PD or private Defence attorney would probably push their clients in that direction as well.

So, making the registry punishment and a bargaining chip would accomplish the actually goel OF the Registry.

Just a thought

PA Supreme Court rules their version of SORNA is unconstitutional on both the federal and state level. Legislature tweeks it very narrowly so, basically, it remain unchanged.
No doubt their attitude is: “Screw those registrants! If they don’t like the new law, let them sue again!”

So there we. This will happen repeatedly every time we win a legal battle. Nothing will change until everyone has a son, brother, uncle, father, friend or neighbor on a registry. Only then will the public demand that registries be abolished.

I’m still confused here. I haven’t had time to go through the bill other than skim it. But isn’t this exactly what was expected? The way I read it, this just brings back the “old” megan’s law for those who were sentenced before 2012. Meaning 10 year/lifetime tiers only. So the only people who would get put back on the list would be those people who were sentenced around 2007ish-2012 who might still have some time left on their original 10 year “clock”. Isn’t this a good thing? I read it as meaning that all the overbearing extra information that they required in SORNA are not allowed for people prior to 2012, and if your 10 years is done, it’s done.

I could be absolutely wrong, especially since I can’t go through the whole bill. But I thought this is pretty much what everyone thought would happen.

It is JJ there are around 4500 or so that should come off that have finished their 10yrs or were not required to reg under old laws. There are people saying people with some time left on their 10yr reg will get trapped on new law because of the judicial determination thing. Also the SVP thing and some others are not going to pass muster according to Aaron Marcus from the Philly def assoc

You are correct JJ. The PA Supreme Court ruled that the Adam Walsh Act can not be retroactively applied. If you were sentenced in say is 2004 and received a 10 year registration and only had 2 years of registration to go when Adam Walsh kicked in in 2012, the new bill says you will fall under Megan’s law still and would be done with your registration requirements because you fulfilled them plus. This is a great thing. I verified it with Senator Langerholc’s office. Folks who have not fulfilled their requirements will still have to do so. If received a lifetime registration, after 35 years of registration, you can petition the court to be removed.

Thanks for the clarification. I assumed that was still what was going on, but I wouldn’t have been surprised for some sort of sneaky wording or legislature to be put in that would change things up.

I guess once again it comes down to the waiting game to see when they’ll decide to start pulling people off the list/website. You would think now that they’ve exhausted options and have an actual bill in place that they wouldn’t be able to drag it out too long, no?

Eric its after 25 yrs you can apply for a judicial determination. Then every 5 yrs after that. My guess is this will also be challenged because it is way to long before you can have the evaluation its a way they are trying to say the 25yrs takes away the punitive effects but many attorneys are saying it won’t last when challenged needs to be sooner.

JJ since 1-30-18 they have removed over 600 people so far. We are hoping they can get through everyone before the 90days ends to reg on amended reg law. No one is sure if PSP will try to force people due relief on to new law if the PSP has not got to review their file yet. There are already a few cases in the works to challenge PSP and the new amendments. One is Reeds lawyer Strentton for the Bethlehem cop

@ Registry for all
In the beginning I disagreed with you on registries for all but now that I think of it, how many politicians do you think have DUI’s and other nasty business in their back ground, along with their family memembers, that wouldn’t bode well for a pos politician to have a son, brother, mother father, daughter, wife or what have you on a registry, especially during a political year, they will dump the SO registry in a heartbeat if they see that sht.

Did anyone catch this part of the bill, which essentially states a direct violation of the Constitution?

“This bill also addresses gaps in supervision of sexual offenders by providing for a mandatory three-year probationary period at the completion of their maximum state sentence.”

This specifically states “probation” which, by definition, is part of the sentencing scheme that MUST fall within the time period specified by the sentence. Only the sentencing judge can mandate the time period of the convict, which includes a periods of court jurisdiction, whether incarcerated, on probation, or parole. Am I missing something here?

I actually thought that there was a requirement for probation on Tier 3s past 4-5 years ago? This is another “Feel Good” minimum sentence requirement that will backfire.

Lets say we have someone on a rape charge. This will be plead dope IDSI with a prison sentence. Since there is a minimum tail attached to this sentence, that will become part of the plea. So IDSI turns into a 11 1/2 – 23 month in county with a (not sure if it was a 3 or 4 year tail). AND, since SORNA is STILL punishment, the terms of the registry are still on the table?

If you are in law school and want to get a ton of litigation experience right of the bat, become an ADA. PA will be hiring and TON of them and you will get a TON of trial experience.

I have to wonder if unsupervised would be considered adminastrative?
I know people that got life probation for embezelment in VA.

Looks like they are going dark on the most wanted peoples pictures not sure what thats about.

The ones that are dark are out of state offenders. But I guess they are a priority and not as dangerous as us who live in pa.

Chris I found 6 dark only 2 are out of state Not sure What it means but Ive been telling people PSP is going to step to of bounds and some people are saying when they call in now to PSP they are saying everyone is going back on. I think NARSOL is hacked its been acting up lately Not sure if some people may have infiltrated it as mods but maybe the people saying stuff are trolls mad because over 4k people will be finished with their reg time.

Yea it has been running bad, I think it has been hacked or a virus has infiltrated the website structure, I posted yesterday and it wouldn’t load, the, my comments wouldn’t post, no idea what’s up, I hope they fix it. That doesn’t make sense that they are going to put everyone back on.

Paul…. I’m sure there will be alot of he say/she say crap now that the bill has been signed. I’m pretty confident that no matter what’s being said that the PSP has no choice but to move forward with the bill. I’m sure they will take there time. And they are probably tired of hearing from people all day about the bill and what’s gonna happen. I would like to think that the PSP will be fair to everyone and do what needs to be done in a timely matter. But I won’t hold my breath.

I hope so too but if we take a step back and look at the big picture they still have not informed the public on what they are doing that is a big no no They deserve 10 times the calls until they admit how they are doing things They have no right to keep people in the dark in hopes it will prevent people due process to fight any BS they try. Im calling them tomorrow to find out whats up.

Paul, Do you know the process of removal? Is it alphabetically, by county, tier, etc?

Maybe they had been convicted years ago were never on the list and then SORNA comes out and PSP added people to the list that would have life under SORNA?

So if there is 90 days from Feb 21 2018 register under this bill?

The paper should be in the mail already correct?

Or can the ones who can read and know they are getting grabbed up go down and register now and just swamp the PSP knowing they dont have a clue?

Or do they wait for papers with 90 day clock ticking?

Because the says effective immediately, that means yesterday Feb 21

In the bill it said they need to send notice to reg 30days in adv so they have 60days to get letter to you by the looks of it. I’m sure they have plenty ready to go out.

I read PSP has 30 days to mail them. And also read if you don’t get the notice you’re still obligated to meet the 90 day requirement.

Read the bill. Didnt see that. Husband did call the PSP. They said just stay complient with registry and they will send a letter if you are on the new bill or send a letter of your removal is you are coming off. My husband goes, yes I am still being complient with your UNCONSTITUTIONAL SORNA until PSP figures it out. And he followed up with everyone has known about Muniz since July. She said we just dont have much to go on, no one is telling us anything either. ROBOTS!!!

They are still removing people today like 70 so far

Paul, Do you know the process of removal? Is it alphabetically, by county, tier, etc?

Eric I do not know but I have seen the letter before my last name in my county pretty much clear of people that need to be removed also I called into PSP a few weeks ago and the woman I spoke to said the woman that would be reviewing my cases was on another call so she had to answer, so because we have to type in the letter of our last name when we call I assume that they are assigned certain letters to answer calls and do the reviews too. I do not know if they cover the whole state when they do review or by co.

I have conformation they are removing people with two or more 10yr reg offenses that have finished their 10yrs I have a group of 13 people all with two or more from the LHV and one was removed today I did not save a copy of their info but do know they had two or more.

Awesome news. Did that one person find out simply by searching for himself on the website? I’ve noticed that the registration numbers have been dropping all day.

Well, there’s some progress being made somewhere. Yesterday morning the list had 21,454 people. As of just now it has 21,370.

I had checked the list sometime yesterday evening and I believe it may have had a couple people more than the 21,454 the day started with. So, overnight around 84 people were removed. Progress, hopefully?

Sexually Violent Delinquent Child
Sexually Violent Predator
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier Pending

The registry is a double jeopardy violation it is punishment. Quit making unconstitutional laws to cater to fear and vengeance.

They are now taking tear 3 offenders who were under the old law and putting them down to tear one. So if you were tear 3. And are lifetime offenders They’re not removing you they are lowering your status to a one.

What proof do you have of this? Also are they tier 3 offenders that have not completed their 10yrs yet? OR have they completed their 10 yrs ?

How can they do that? Isn’t that against the whole “retroactive sorna is unconstitutional” thing? I would think that *anyone* sentenced under the old law would have to be placed back with the old laws regardless.

Ok but what about if u are tier 3 do to sorna and your 10 year pre sorna time is up. Cause i was 10 year pre sorna from 2003 now tier 3 after sorna.

I just got off the phone with the psp again. Ugh. Not a lot of help. But she did verify that multiple convictions from the same occurrence are being taking off the list. It must be a seperate offense and conviction. She also stated that they have no certain order they are reviewing in and it could take up to 2 years to finish the review process. I got the usual ” ohh we have over 10000 cases to review” i dont care how many you have. You had no problem changing 15000 peoples regestration when sorna kicked in. Now change it back. I am due off the list as off jan 14th of 2018. I will not wait 2 more years for them to do thier job

Don’t you mean separate convictions? AS says you have to be convicted then re offend then convicted is this what you mean she said? If you hav a CP and a IA charge then plead to both you will come off it doesn’t have to be all the same charge it just can’t be separated by time to rehabilitate after a conviction.

I wish Texas was like PA in that regard. My two charges stemmed from different offenses, but the charges were brought against me at the same time and were adjudicated at the same time in the same court setting. Yet Texas counts it as two separate convictions.

CR PSP originally tried to interpret it the same way as Texas The court ruled in A.S. that the law was based off a recidivist policy meaning the person would have to be convicted have time to get help or rehabilitate then commit a new crime in order to count as life instead of 10yrs. Makes logical sense but its an example of how PSP will break the law any chance they get when it comes to this, eventually PSP will end up getting put in their place for over stepping their authority.

How TX argues that one swing of the gavel equates to two convictions is beyond me. Makes absolutely no sense…oh yeah, I forgot, we’re in Bizarro RC World, where (beneficial) rules don’t apply.

I’m not sure if it has ever been challenged in court. I believe there was an “opinion of the Attorney General” that the state is relying on. I’m going to see if I can find that. Maybe Chris F or lovewillprevail will know. They are both also in Texas.

Typically an opinion from the AG does nothing besides protect agencies that follow the opinion. It’s legal weight beyond that is scant.

PsP is going to tell you it takes 2 years now. Lmfao!!!! They are saying that so people will stop calling them so much and gives any answers. Notice each time you call PsP they give diffrent answers to questions. I noticed tier lvl are changing around. As well as lots of people came off the registery. So of course if they are moving that fast it will not take 2 years. 2 years is not a timely matter. They know that. 2 years lmfao!!!!! What a dumb answer from PSP. Ha ha!!!

Paul yes 2 seperate convictions to move to life time. Mine was not. I pled to to counts of a 10 year offense. And was originally required to register for 10 years. I have had no run in with the law since. There for i will be off the list. According to psp. Yes guessit 2 years is absolutely untimely. On the better days they have removed 100 plus a day. There for it should take no more than 2 months tops to reach the so said number of 4500

Justice you do realize that it doesn’t have to be mutable counts, it can be separate crimes as long as they are not separated by a conviction re offense then a new conviction. Also violating you’re parole or a new charge other than a new sex crime will not keep you from getting a 10yr instead of life per AS. Just so anyone that has this situation knows they will get relief also.

Does anyone know if the numbers include the ones that are in there system that they have as inactive? For those that don’t know what that is: It’s when you get put on then move out of state they keep you on there books but in an inactive status. I was told when I called that they would be reviewing inactives after they review all actives.
I just got off parole, my crime was in 1984 IA M2. Convicted 28 years later March 2012, just finished parole and just found out about act 19 march 14 2014 that removed IA M2 from having to register pre SORNA conviction but PSP still put me on it when I got out Mar 23, 2014.
I called PSP yesterday and talked to them and said look I’m in another state so how does this work for me. That’s how I found out about active and inactive. The girl said let me look you up then said you will still have to register. I said I think not with the way the law is written now it goes by your commited date not conviction or release date. Informed me to put my concerns in writting and mail them.
Even once off there I must have a court order to be taken off, and that will require assessment which I have to pay for. I would not have to be on the registry here for the IA, only because another state required me to be registered.

Rob even if they go by march 2012 it is still before dec 2012 so in PA you should not have to register and if you do not have to register in the state where you committed the crime then another state can not make you register. If Also you committed your crime way before any of these laws were in effect. Get an attorney.

😂😂😂Like the name name.😂😂😂

Tony Two Times,

My crime was in PA. I’m from PA, then moved out of state. Extradited back to PA for the crime 28 years later. Paroled out of PA directly another state.
The way I read the new bill Even with conviction Mar 2012 if I would have to under those laws in effect from ’96 up to Dec 2012 I would not have to since they are now using; date of crime not conviction.
Thank you Supreme Court for ruling ex post facto is a no no. This is why they are now using crime committed date and not conviction date.
I could most likely file a damages suit for unlawful neglegance for putting me on with disregard to Act 19. But that would be a whole lot of publicity, which is not what we all really want and why we want off the list, right. This is something that I will ponder, and if an attorney ever tells me it is a sure win and there would be a big pay day, and it would only cost me if we won, I would most likely do it, regardless of publicity.

My. Conviction is the same thing as IA in Pa according to SORNA writing, at the time I believe it was not a registerable offense in 1997, I moved to pa in 98 doing mail in reporting, the judge gave the probation department the use of their discretion as to if I was to register or not, the only problem is they never told me I had to register, in writing or verbally, I think they pulled a fast one on me thinking if I don’t register I will be arrested, they were wrong, the detective did show up at my home but did not arrest me but instead said I had to go to psp and register or I would be arrested, they didn’t arrest me like I suspect they were hopping for, that’s one of those probation departments that are counterproductive and not for rehabilitating people.

I just got a text from a buddy from group that he was removed today after he sent my form letter with his transcripts to John Herman.

He said he signed up on Megan’s Law website to “Track an offender”, himself, and just received the email that his status has changed and he no longer appears.

He was a CP guy with 20 counts dating back to 2007.

Nice work Mike thanks for the update.

Thanks for the update Mike. I’m still refreshing the list 10 times an hour waiting to see if my name disappears.

Thanks for the info, I went in to talk to my attorney today, gave him my court transcript and my SORNA letter from 2012, he was not clear to why I ever had to register first of all and why I’m still on the registry seeing that 631or whatever is law now, I said I was charged in the state I came from, did my time and moved to pa in 99 doing mail in probation reporting, finished my probation, then in 02 the detective showed up on my door step telling me I had to register at the psp , Now back to 2018, my attorney said they only added ten years to your time your a t1, I said no I’m a t2 it clearly states that on my ml profile, I did 10 years and they added 10 plus I think they gave me good time for when I was charged, he said but they only added ten years not 25 years, he seams to think psp fucked up and put me under t2 but I was suposed to be t1 or the other way around, he doesn’t understand that 10 years was already done, they don’t just give you 25 all over again, Monday he’s is suposed to be at DA’s office , apparently the da has a something to do with who’s on and who’s off in the county you live in, so he said he will talk to the da to see if they will do something for me, he also said if they can then we don’t need to go any farther, he said if they can’t we will have to petition to get me off now, he said they will put my money I spent today twards the potion if need be, I said what about sending a letter to cease and desist to psp, he laughed and said, what good will that due it’s all through the DA’s office, so from what my lawyer said the DA in your county is the one who has control of who gets off, I guess the psp sends them files that have been reviewed or something.
I mentioned class action lawsuit for the people on NARSOL and other sites, he said his office doesn’t want anything to do with class action lawsuits, sorry everyone your on your own till some lawyer what to step up to the plate, I tried

Thank you so much Brian for posting that!!! No wonder why PsP do not know much on things each time anyone calls. Only the DA knows. So shall we all just start calling the DA to bug them instead of PsP?

I’m not 100% sure yet what the deal is until I meet with my lawyer again next week, I am due relief but I don’t want to wait around for them to think up another scheme to keep me on, also they stated in the conference call a couple weeks ago that out of state offenders are supposedly priority but I’m not seeing it as over 500 have been removed and I’m still on. I will keep people posted to what my attorney says.

Keep in mind if 500 have been removed of an estimated 3500-5000 people, we are only 10-15% through removals. That you haven’t been removed yet doesn’t mean anything

@ Wants off
In know I’m just anxious is all, I don’t think it would matter if they were removing 500 a day. I know everyone wants off, it’s been a very long extended illegal punishment for us all. Some people say what’s it going to matter if your on or off, everyone knows you, and you have a background, well to me it does matter, I just don’t want to me on this stinking list no more, not everyone knows us, we can move and have a somewhat different life, just can’t move out of state until they fix the international ML, I wander what states we can visit without them forcing you to be on their registry, I know Florida and New York do but I don’t know what other states do the same.

Since 1-30-18 the list is less 831 people

@Brian I certainly understand. Hell, look at my screen name. But I just remember back to my court proceedings where, after promising the moon in great deals and reduced charges, my $18K attorney ended up getting me literally the exact same deal my public defender said she would get me. I don’t want to spend thousands (I can’t anyway…but I wouldn’t if I could) on something that’s going to go through some fancy stuff to get me to the exact same point I would have anyway. I check my page on the PSP website every day to see if I am still there. I want off as much as anyone. I am just willing to be patient. After 10 years plus 2+ more unconstitutionally, another couple of months, if it takes that long, isn’t going to bother me.

What does HB 631 require to be registered?

1. Home
2. Any Vehicles you own?
3. Employment
4. School

Because PRE-Sorna where never required to register internet identifiers, are they required to now under the new HB 631?

What are they requiring because the bill is hard to read.

I guess we will all find out when we get that letter in the mail stating what our requirements are. Well hopefully I won’t get one because I’m hopping that the people who are supposed to be done are done by then.

Going forward the INTENT of the people is clear to the courts now Sex regimes are punitive in intent.
They had the benefit of presumption in Alaska V Doe03. That presumption is now gone and therefore will face a different level of scrutiny in review. Banishment by local jurisdictions, reflects the peoples true intent with the use electronic databases. To his credit Mr. Kennedy recognized the clearest proof and expressed concern in Packingham V North Carolina.

Looks like internet identifiers will be apart of HB 631.

ML2 requirements did not have them, so did the COMMONWEALTH just change the name from SORNA to HB 631.

Seems that way, ML2 was just a Photo and Zip code on the internet.

1. Home 2. School 3. Job 4. Cars 5. Scars 6. Tatoos. 7. Crimes all posted again on Megans Law Website!

So what change for PRE-SORNA.


Lol sorry you thought that Internet Identifiers are your email addresses and stuff like that pre SORNA will not have to provide them to PSP anymore.

This is the true Catch-22. This bill is violating the outlined items from Muniz and should be dealt with in court ASAP. But, if you do that, the PSP will sit on their hands until any kind of injunction works its way through the courts and probably through another 6 months of legislative BS.

My suggestion is to let the people get their relief and get off the registry or reassigned to a non tier holding area and then file the lawsuits that will need to be filed.

One thing that is odd I haven’t found anyone that has an IA 7 that still has time left on the reg converted to tier 1 or non tier I wonder if they will change that or just keep it tier 3 until their time is up? New law and Muniz says IA 7 is 10yrs now like it was. This guy is an example that will be a 10yr with time left.

@ Paul, i keep checking mine every day. i know i still have a few months to go, but i check to see if they have changed mine, i am due relief, however it still shows me as tier two. maybe because they haven’t got to me yet? I’m not going to lose any sleep right this minute, because i technically wouldn’t be done till end of may. but i watch things closely to see if anyone else in my situation ( more than 1, 10yr offense, but only ONE conviction) has been removed. i have heard rumors that there have been some with multiple 10 offenses, that are being removed. if that truly is the case, then my time should come, but my lawyer is ready to strike, if they try to screw me in any way.

Paul 2 chikity check

So you are telling HB 631 registraints that they wont need to register internet identifiers.

No Pretty much anyone who’s read the bill knows its the pre SORNA people under section I that do not have to The person I responded to thought Internet ID were anything they post on the internet about them I explained it is your email and other things It is no longer in the new law. But its pretty much common sense that it would not be because it is one of the enhancement from SORNA so why would it be in the new bill lol What a foolish question.

Read page 100-101 if you need to.

20170HB0631PN2992 – 100 –

So I went to PSP today to change a car. When I got the print, it still says 25 years and six month check-ins. I was convicted in August 2011 of one count of 18 § 6312 §§ C1 Dissem Photo/Film (Covered by SORNA) and one count 8 § 7512 §§ A Criminal Use Of Communication Facility (not covered as far as I know). Origanilly on site for ten years. I have not had any convictions since then. I am just hoping my info has not been updated yet because I would still have about two and a half years on the site. I have read the new law but have no idea what I am reading.


From everything that I have read, you should be 10 years and off the registry in 2021. All of the subcategories under 18 § 6312 (or Child Porn) were originally a 10 year offence and after SORNA fell into the Tier 2, increasing registration time by 150%.

Carl under Muniz and Reed you should only have to do your original 10yrs

Carl, I called PSP, Megan’s LAW, today and spoke with the girl that handles my last name. she said that there are 14,000 cases to go through and that it is a case by case basis. PSP supposedly does not have a data base to expedite this which is bull to me. So, it is a waiting game at this point. You should call Megan’s Law and tell them that you are inquiring about how the new law changes may affect you. You may not get an exact answer, but you’ll get some info that will give you an idea of the direction of the end result. Stay strong and keep the faith. Not everyone is judgmental and not everyone believes in this registration.

Keep it simple please,

What will the PSP obtain from Pre-Sorna Registrants.

1. Residences
2. Jobs.
3. Cars.
4. Schools.

Because that is what was only required before SORNA enacted on Dec 20 2012.

Is this all that is required?

Cumberland County Pa – Statistics!!

Sex crimes — In total 85 people were charged with sex crimes ranging from indecent exposure to rape and aggravated indecent assault in the county in 2017, up from 75 a year earlier.
Of those cases, only two involved a defendant who was on Pennsylvania’s sex offender registry at the time of the offense, according to court and police records.
Thirty-five of the cases were specifically charged as having a child victim, and in those cases only one involved a defendant who was on the sex offender registry at the time of the offense, court and police records show.

Under 3% recidivism rate. 2 out of 85 is 2.4%. 1 out of 35 is 2.9%. More than 97% of the cases involved people who were not on the registry.


Nice stats there. Those percentages need to get to the media and local/state elected officials to realize the gravity of the entire public registry is hooey. Unfortunately, it will be the 1 and 2 they cling to like static electricity as their justification even though it did not prevent anything.

@Tony two Times
No I have a meeting this week with my attorney and I will find out more information, we were suposed to meet two weeks ago but he didn’t want to waste my time and money because he hadn’t heard anything back from the DA so he rescheduled, last time he just told me the DA’s are the ones in control, why the DA’s are the ones in charge Of this I have no idea but I will find that out I’m sure.

PSP, it seems has gone black on Search, count, and the annual report, WOW! Hiding something are we?

Maybe it’s due to so many lawsuits that are happening and about to happen.

Seems I got in again

Total cound 10:06 p 20,501

On the home page is a link for anual report. It says this is the first anual report and was from 2015 but there are no other reports listed.

The count at that time was 18,828 active and 10,852 for a total of 29,680. One has to wonder first how many will be comming off the inactive and second how many of those are past their 10yr at that time in 2015 and just moved from active to inactive. So when an active is taken off the registry are they moved to inactive?

Would this mean that even if you not showing and were to be taken off that the information still keeps you on the National Registry but hidden from public view only?
It states they did 14 compliance sweeps and found 40 that were not compliant. Is this the sort of thing I’ve head about where 5 or 6 show up at your home and harrass, look around your home hoping to find something, maybe checking electronics? Do they do that there?
It also shows stats but yes, you guessed it right, not a darn thing on any recidivism rates.

They do compliance checks here in pa also, I wasn’t home one day and hey went arround to my neighbors asking about me and then inalways see them outside of my job inspecting my vehicle.
When they do the sweeps there out arresting people.

It seams like TEIR 2s are hardly being removed, sucks because I’m a TEIR 2, only 20t2 out of 200 removed today, what the hell man.

I saw it and wow, im one of them that has no tier lvl and it does not say active when i viewed my report!!!!!!!!! Today is the best news ever!!!!!!!!

I have the same as you, I spoke to psp today, they said that they are reviewing people’s files still, did not get much more then that. I think other people should call to and see what info that hear as well..

@Brian, yeah, your right bud. Just under review still. I will give it a few days before calling psp. But, yeah, its exciting that they are finally doing something.

I have skimmed the PA Supreme Court opinion a few times and each time I find something else.

We conclude the weighing process with regard to this Mendoza-Martinez factor
presents a much closer case than the Smith Court’s analysis of Alaska’s registration
statute in 2003. We consider SORNA’s publication provisions—when viewed in the
context of our current internet-based world—to be comparable to shaming punishments.
We also find SORNA and the Alaska statute are materially different in their mandatory
conditions such that SORNA is more akin to probation. We therefore hold this factor
weighs in favor of finding SORNA’s effect to be punitive.

So, this says the PSP web site is shaming, there for both punitive and unconstitutional. Also that registration is like probation, again would fall under punitive…
Wow, wouldn’t that mean the site has to come down? I know ACT 10 but how can a law be passed if it doesn’t follow what a Supreme Court just ruled as unlawful and unconstitutional.

I got the letter yesterday, I went to PSP and did what I was supposed to and talked a little with the trooper that processed me. I moved to PA from Iowa in 2003 right after release from state. I was deemed a 10 year registrant until SORNA who made me a tier 3 lifetime. When I went in I have been reclassified to tier 1. However my status says active- under review. From everything I have read I think I should be removed from the list now not at the end of the year once the 15 years are done. The trooper said that should be the case but of course he can’t guarantee that. Can anyone tell me if I will be waiting until the end of the year or is there a chance I’ll be taken off once my review is completed. I have 1 conviction 2 counts. One other thing to note they still asked me for my e-mail addresses.

Before you got the letter, did you show up on searches on the PA Megan’s law site? If not, did re-registering under act 10 once you got the letter, put you back on? I know you said you’re still listed pending review.

I’m asking because I haven’t gotten my letter yet. But I was sentenced in 2005 for 10 years. Obviously I was wrapped up in sorna, put on lifetime. But I was removed from the PA Megan’s law searches around a month ago. But I didn’t ever bookmark my specific page so I don’t know if it’s still there and just not searchable.

What I’m afraid of is that I was removed temporarily and will be put back under act 10 until my case is reviewed, at which point I should be off for good. Based on your experience it seems like that’s a possibility.

When my letter comes, assuming it tells me the same info about having to register by May 22nd, I think I’m waiting until right before the deadline just to hope they review my case in that time.

This alll feels like such madness.

add your Megans law id number in after the last / and that is your direct link to your profile in ML site. The id is on the form you get back from Trooper and in the letter for update.

It doesn’t appear that my registry page is there. It doesn’t show up on searches, nor by using the ID. It’s just gone. I wonder what that means. I haven’t received any letter yet.

Well my fiance called to tell me that again today I did not receive a letter, so I called the state police to see if I could get some information. She took my name and looked me up and said the letter I am receiving is going to tell me that I have to register by May 22nd. She couldn’t give me any specific information if it looked like I’d be permanently coming off the list because she said according to what she saw in the system, my file hadn’t been reviewed yet. So I can go register anytime (she said I can go now if I want to… yeah right) up until may 22nd unless I receive another letter saying I no longer have to register.

I guess I’m waiting for that other letter, or May 22nd, whichever comes first.

JJ I was removed also PSP told me my review should be done before the 90days is up I still haven’t got any letters from PSP yet. I think we will get letters to reg under new law but most of our reviews should be done before the 90days is up.

My husband was off the searches for about 2 weeks and then put back on and just got the letter to register before May…then when we called they told us their still reviewing and haven’t got to him yet… He was originally sentenced 10 yrs (he’s and out of state) and tier 2 at first in other state then got life after sorna… Should he be one that’s getting off?! PSP said he possibly will be but they don’t know

@ jamie

The PA ruling in Muniz holds no weight in another state.

If he is removed from requirement in PA, if that is state of conviction, that does help: if he would not be required, in the state he is in, to be on the registry in that state for his conviction. Remember most states still have ex post facto in place.
Also depending on that states laws on removal from their registry. It could mean you need a court order, and not just a letter from PA stating no longer required to register.
If he is on any other states registry each state would have to be looked at.

I’m in that situation but with a twist in my case.


Why would you provide your email addresses?

It was ruled Unconstitutional for you to provide your internet identifiers? Email Addresses? Under Muniz!!!

Why would you give them that private information!!!!


The problem is, Act 10 is now the law…PSP has to follow that new law, even if they know it’s wrong according PASC. If you don’t give the information that is on Act 10, then I guess it would be a failure to register/re-register charge. I’m guessing it would be thrown out in court as soon as your attorney would bring up the Muiz v PA, but who’s to say for sure. I don’t even know if a lower court can quash that or not, but instead let a higher court decide that.

What needs to be done is for some arrests to happen for contempt of court, then watch how fast Act 10 gets amended. Would that warrant have to come from those justices? The same ones the legislators are now trying to remove?

What a mess this is!

I was not aware that I didn’t have to give that information plus it looks like the days are finally counting down for me to get off this registry and didn’t want to jeopardize anything. I have followed everything to a tee in Hope’s that some day this would come.

PSP needs to be sued for crap like that. After I had been registering for over 13 yrs with no problems I had a woman trooper ask me if I do commercial or residential work with my business she wanted to put that info under AREA of work I said that is for AREA geographically She said I’ll put what I want in there, I said I do my work in eastern PA like I always say. She wrote on the website offender refused to answer the question of does he do residential or commercial was on there for months, because I had the nerve to challenge her the next few times I went in to reg they arrested me on bogus tickets from 15yrs ago some weren’t even in my name Took me to magistrate and left me there. I am going to investigate the trooper now that I am off the reg. They think they can do what they want. I only do commercial work but they had no right to ask that and write what they did on the site. Same goes for Internet ID now for pre SORNA people.

I was still on the registry when Sorna took effect I had only 10 months left and they made me a tier 3. One I got the letter to go back in I found out I was now a tier 1. I should only be a 10 yr registrant but right now they have me a 15 year which is done in October. I’m waiting for the review to see if they make it right or not. I’m thinking about calling at the end of the week.

That is a good judge looking out of the box….but I have to note, it’s the same courts where the Muniz case originated.
But still good that the judge thought sending it back, so they could file a new pcra stating based on Muniz, was a waste of time and money.

So is there any sight that lists your current tier and status. When I go on ML web sight it doesn’t give me that info. I was trying to see if anything changed yet.

Hello, so I received the letter in the mail saying that I have to report by May 22nd, but when I searched for myself on the PA Megan’s Law website, it says no search results found. Does this mean that I have been removed or when I report, they’re gonna re-enter all the information?

EDIT: Also, where can I find the link or PDF to this bill so I can read exactly what it says?

Here is the link Todd….I posted ml1 and ml2 on the other thread for you…look under Joe’s comments. He’s in the same situation as you

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