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AUS: Do public sex offender registries work? ‘Surprise’ findings in Australian study

Public sex offender registries designed to shutdown pedophiles and rapists will not stop recidivism, while a searchable database could see house prices in some neighbourhoods drop by up to 8 percent, claims a new report. Full Article

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  1. Lovecraft

    Not a surprise to us. As long as there is a registry the people on them will be treated like toxic waste. “NIMBY!!!” My home actually was devalued by about $2000 after my prison stint (20 months) I`m sure I am not the only one who has experienced this.

    • David Kennerly, The Government-Driven Life

      How do you know it was devalued? Did you have it appraised? I ask because there is not a rational market reason for the house that a Registrant lives in to be devalued by his presence, unlike the houses of his NEIGHBORS. A Registrant’s neighbor’s property values go down, as a result of your proximity to them, but not his own property value. Your own property value exists independently from those of your neighbors since, the moment you move from your house, their property values go up but if they were to sell their houses while you live in your’s, their price would be discounted by the fact of your presence. Your house, should you put it on the market, would not need to do down in anticipation of your continued presence since, obviously, you will be leaving the neighborhood. Think about it. I stress this fact because I really wouldn’t want Registrants to imagine that they should accept lesser offers for their homes under the mistaken notion that it should be discounted by their Registry status. No doubt buyers would love to have you think that you should expect to discount your home’s worth, and would happily assume the role of beneficiary to your failure to think it through, but you should quickly disabuse yourself of such a notion and glory in the one thing, probably the only thing, where Registrants have an advantage over non-Registrants. Unless, of course, you live next door to another Registrant. P.S. It’s the same thing as if you live in the only dump in a neighborhood of affluence. Your neighbor’s property values suffer due to your dumpy house; your’s does not, aside from the fact that you live in a less valuable house.

      • Tim Moore

        In fact, you should demand more for your house. Your leaving means revaluation of the neighborhood within a tenth of a mile, like adding on a room or painting the siding. Your leaving is an asset to the market, so you should be compensated for lifting all the others up. Maybe registrants should get together and get into the property flipping business.

        • New Person

          @ Tim Moore,


          So you mean create an extortion type situation? You control the market value. Move to a location and the neighborhood market goes down. Leave that neighborhood and the market value returns to the norm for that area. LoL But in order for you to leave, the neighborhood has to help chip in to give you more incentive to move? Why don’t real estate people do this? They have a much better info ring. ha ha ha ha

          so devious! I’m not advocating this, but see it as satirical humor. = )

        • Tim Moore

          I wouldn’t call it extortion, because you are not forcing people to devalue your neighborhood, the registry is. For a change you could get a rare fringe benefit from being a registrant. I am only half jesting. Why shouldn’t we take our weakness and make it our strength? I mean, we have a lot of underemployed talent here. It is like a wasteland of unstable atoms, shaking with possibilities. Separated, we just spin around in exaspiration and throw off energy into space, powerful ideas that spark and fizzle out in the dark. A few can become something in the normal ways of success. Education, interview, job, a COR, a license to be productive, the credentials to feel a sense of balance on a shifting legal ship, hoping the albatross around the neck won’t turn the ladies off. We look on as if that success is to rub onto us like a elixir, and try to grab a railing. Some dissipate into nothing, most suffer needlessly. Neutralized. Contained. Fretting over when the next knock on the door will happen, and the compliance officer is there again. Everywhere we go there are impossible borders to cross, confusing rules to follow. We are here and there spinning in exaspiration. Energy dissipated. Prometheus bound.
          Getting together in just the right way, there may be a possibility of a creative explosion. That is all I am postulating.

      • Lovecraft

        Yes it was recently appraised. I think in my state/county they are required to appraise the home every so often especially when they change the property tax rate. I think my last appraisal was about 5 years before this most recent one. The area i live in is considered an ideal location to just about everything I have a hard time believing it went down 1600-2000 dollars over the past 5 years. In fact my paticular house just had expensive hardwood floors put in and a new deck, which the appraiser saw. I forgot to mention there is another rc about 50 yards from where i live, but even if there wasnt i still believe if they indeed were devaluing homes because of me they would still include my property until after it sold. Im sure its probably not related to me or the guy down the street being an rc, but it makes you wonder sometimes. I did read an article once I forget what state it was in, but people living around a rc couldnt sell their home for what they wanted and the buyer on more than one occassion offered less strictly because of the rc living near the property. It was probably somewhere like missouri where the rc has to send a letter to everyone in a 1 mile area and post an add in the paper saying hey im a predator and i live here…

        Also I plan to never sell this property. I am grandfathered in meaning they can never force me out. I still plan to one day buy another house, but because of the location I will simply just rent this property out, it should be very easy to find someone so dont worry about me getting ripped off its not gonna happen.

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