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FL: Pinellas County man jailed for registry violation assaulted and on feeding tube

[ – 7/9/18]

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – An inmate suspected of killing a pregnant mother in Clearwater last year is accused of beating another inmate so badly, the man now relies on a feeding tube and is unable to speak, deputies said.

According to an affidavit, Charles Groucho Allen and James Sutcliff Mills were housed in the same pod at the Pinellas County Jail on June 17.

Officers said the two men started arguing over a remote control and things quickly escalated. Allen punched Mills in the face, causing him to fall onto the concrete floor. Mills was left with a traumatic brain injury and has been in the hospital for the last month. He cannot talk and relies on a feeding tube for nutrients, according to the report.

Detectives said the incident was witnessed by other inmates and caught on jail surveillance video, which we do not have at this time.

Online records show Mills was in jail for failing to register as a sex offender.

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  1. Joe123

    They need to rub this in the judges’ faces, smear it until they fully get it into their heads how much real harm this registry causes.

    • ReadyToFight

      My thoughts have been we need to start an aggressive campaign against this bs starting with hard facts and bringing to light the false pretenses for the inactment of the Registry and the direction it’s moving towards.
      Let it get increasingly more aggressive until they have no choice but to sit down, shut up, listen, and DO something about it….
      My two cents. I’m not usually one to get the ball rolling…..but I’m also tired of living life on my knees and there’s only so much any one of us can take.

  2. AnotherAnon

    Would it be possible to include a link to an original article? The way it is without such a link limits comments to our own echo chamber without engaging anyone else (for better or for worse).

    I guess this would be better directed at

  3. Anonymous

    Registry violation can actually be a sexual crime to add insult to injury. F@%kers.

    • Gary

      @Anonymous, I know during my research I found multiple cases where people challenged the sex offender probation conditions being added to a failure to register. In those cases the courts said that failure to register is not a sex crime. I will look later for the cases.

  4. bob

    I hope the STATE of FL will pay for the rest of the care for this persons life !!! DRAIN the SYSTEM and ELIMINATE the GOVERNMENT !

  5. AO

    So this isn’t as directly related to the registry as it would first seen. The victim was in jail for failing to register, but the attack didn’t seem to have anything to do with that. The two men argued over a TV remote and the victim was punched in the face, which caused him to fall and hit his head, resulting in said injuries.

    • Will Allen

      If Nanny Big Government wants to keep hit lists of various groups of their citizens then that burden should fall upon them 100%. Thus, no person should be able to be arrested for anything related to their hit list and certainly shouldn’t be able to be imprisoned. This whole incident was because of the $EX Offender Registries. (Just as an aside, I think every single person who is even threatened with such an arrest should very, very seriously retaliate.)

      Also, this fine, fine citizen who is obviously not dangerous and would never be required to Register even though he has “a lengthy criminal rap sheet with a total of 35 arrests (26 felonies)”, surely knew that the victim was Registered and really wanted to attack him. If it wasn’t today, instigated by a TV remote, then it would’ve been tomorrow “just because he deserved it”. You know that the fine citizens in prison think that they have a moral right to judge other people, so they can feel a little bit better about themselves.

      Wage war.

      Registration Liberation Army

      • Henry

        Your so right Will.

        The convicted felons in prison want people to not look at how horribly bad they have preformed, so they pick on the RC’s…….like it’s going to wash away the bad things they have done.

      • Tim Moore

        Our government seems to have a knack for rewarding truly dangerous criminals here and abroad. They use them to terrorize whoever they want to get rid of. I am realizing this is the modus operandi of our evolving police state. They used them to create black sites so they can get around laws against torture. They are using the drug cartels to terrorize refugees sent back over the border. They use violent psychos to enact extrajudicial killing of registrants. All they need to do is send their victim to the right people. It’s all in the name of regulation and public safety. They can raise their hands and say, look these hands committed no crime.

    • Agamemnon

      A counterargument would be that the individual shouldn’t have been in jail at all for something that is “administrative” in nature, and not a punishment.

    • Willy

      So many fights in jail are made because of the TV. When I was in jail in FL, they only had two TVs in each unit of 60-70 men. One in English and one in Spanish. In a civil matter, they would ” try ” to have a vote on what to watch, or some other reasonable way to come to this without any type of fights. That many times wouldn’t last long. The nastiest fights in the units during my time there are because of the TV ( Not even when we played basketball or soccer – no fights, just normal grunts and shoves from time to time which is expected in sports ). I stayed away from either TVs and just read books that my family would send me from the outside upon request until my time was done (8 months ). If there is one or two TVs with a large group of men on a regular basis arguing over it, either sit quietly and be happy with whatever they put on or don’t even bother and find something else keeping busy to yourself.

  6. Susan

    The judge, if he had any sentencing discretion, is responsible for the man’s injuries.

  7. kind of living

    what a nightmare , I don’t really know but I do at the same time that this man was set up , or why would they have him in the same pod or cell that hurt so many , so far its only the cops and a hand full of jail rats that are saying it was really over a stupid lame ass remote , the only thing remote in this this story is that the cop shop is telling the truth , how can they compare the RC with this complete thug , I wonder what favors the thug got for doing this knowing he was going away for ever for Murdering a women ? , WTF ?

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