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FL: FAC Member Advised Passport Confiscated at Airport

[ – 9/14/18]

A [Florida Action Committee] member just advised us that as he was about to board an international flight (which he properly reported under IML) he was approached by 3 US Marshalls who confiscated his passport and told him he had to get a new one with an identifier. He was not permitted to travel and he had received no prior notice that he had to update his passport.

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  1. had it up to here

    My passport expires this month. Now that this has happened I don’t know if it’s even worth renewing.

  2. Alucardi

    How can this practice or law be challenged? Under violation of USA constitutional rights and UN Human Rights

  3. TR

    I say don’t do international travel because of the effects of the IML, and our government having their heads in the ground of doing nothing about this great problem. Had any registrant with this new passport that he/she has have entered a country freely and unmolested? What if that traveller is no longer required to be on the registry are those ex-registrants still required to be compliant with the IML and required to have the crazy passport?

  4. Joe123

    Every bit of this SCREAMS ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL’.

    Another example of idiot politicians making laws that normal citizens have to spend the next several years donating to and organizing a lawsuit. Wasteful as HELL.

    The politicians should face jail time when they pass unconstitutional laws. Let me tell you, this country would FLOURISH virtually overnight if such a law passed. We need such a law like as need prison reform in this free jail cell country.

  5. Worried in Wisconsin

    I sent in my passport a month ago for renewal early. My goal was to get a new marked passport to avoid just such a situation. The passport I received had no marking – just a very expensive regular passport. Not sure what to make of this.

    The registration specialist here in Wisconsin reached out to her contact in the US Marshal’s office who informed her that I was good to go and should continue using this passport until I was notified that it was being revoked.

    Very troubling situation.

    • TS


      That is troubling for you and maybe others. It almost confirms what has been mentioned here previously, USMS is waiting until travel actually happens before the registrant who is required to have the stamp is highlighted in the system for revocation. It also possibly shows any preliminary proactive preemptive motion to renew and get the new stamp is merely spending money for naught. However, I am not sure a pattern has been established yet that can be accurately followed or predicated when it comes to passport revocation, stamp issuing, etc. If others here can maybe chime in where it comes to a possible established pattern or a prediction can be made, then it would or could be helpful.

      It also will be interesting when more details of this sudden airport revocation are available by the FAC.

      • David Kennerly is Frightening and High

        I think that, until we can get before a decent judge, all of our arguments will be considered unripe, baseless and without merit and all of the laws reasonable and rationally-based. When we go to court we have to be very lucky and hope that the roulette wheel lands on one of the very few judges whose judgment is not clouded by sheer bigotry and animus.

  6. LostAndDevastated

    Just got a job that is going to require me to travel to Europe for business. I lost my passport and need to get a new one; this would be my first new passport post convicition. Is there anything I can do to best ensure this doesn’t happen to me before I fly out at the end of January?

    • TS


      There is nothing you can do to ensure this won’t happen to you, but do get a new passport as soon as you can though using the lost passport form on the Dept of State website and follow all federal and state registrant travel notification protocols. Would you share if are you required to have the new stamp?

      • LostandDevastated

        I think I’m required. My conviction was a count of dissemination of matter harmful to a minor for the comment how’s your boyfriend in bed I bet you have fun to a 17.5 year old. Even though the age of consent in my state is 16, it was still a conviction against a minor and I am sure it falls under the requirement to get the stamp….

        • TS


          Sounds like you are eligible for it, but you won’t know for sure until you apply for the passport and receive it in the end either with it or not.

          If it is like @WorriedinWI passport deal, you may not know until you travel (or attempt to) if you receive a new passport w/o a stamp to replace your lost passport. None of this makes this any easier for you, of course, but just follow the steps to replace the lost passport while following the state and federal travel notifications as required and, if you don’t mind, keeping us here abreast of what is happening as it happens.

  7. John Lester

    I have followed the correct international notifications for MO. Supposed to leave for Prague from JFK tomorrow night. My regular passport is valid and I have the IML paperwork. Obviously I am concerned. Will be screaming bloody murder if they take my passport. Janice can expect a call

    • PK

      @John Lester
      Please let us know if anything happened, and especially if you were successful entering into Prague.

    • Scared!

      Yes please let us know what happens. I’m supposed to go to Europe on Monday and I’m really freaking out right now. I didn’t even think they scanned your passport when leaving the US.

      • Ts


        Please let us know how your journey went regarding your passport in addition to any other issues you may have incurred along the way including anything on your return and after you have returned, please.

    • Janice Bellucci

      @John Lester – I sincerely hope that you are able to travel to and enter the City of Prague. If you are unsuccessful, I would welcome hearing from you. Your message will get to me faster if you use the following email address:

      • steve

        Janice I am planning on traveling to Europe next summer. My passport is expired and am going to be applying for a new one within the week. If there is anything you want me to do in terms of record keeping that will assist you let me know.

      • Scared!

        Well after a lot of prayer and a few heart attacks, I made it to Europe! Absolutely no issues leaving the US or entering Europe. With everything that’s been happening, I kind of feel like I just got away with murder. Ironically if I really did commit murder then then I wouldn’t have to worry at all. Maybe they should change the expression to “I feel like I just got away with public urination” since apparently that’s much worse. Still, can’t help but feel really sad for those who weren’t as lucky. It’s just not fair.

        • steve @scared

          Do you have the identifier on your passport? Are you using an old passport or did you just order a new one and the identifier was not on there? Where did you land? Did your offense involve a minor?

          All important for us to know.


        • AO

          @Scared! – Was the passport you traveled with marked?

  8. Level 1 Extended NY

    While Janice’s efforts in Cali are well documented, why is the ACLU at the national / federal level, not making a concerted effort to fight this?

    NYCLU is no where to be found, and is more concerned with defending dreamers and undocumented individuals, than it’s own registered citizens.

    PA and other circuits have made gains in regard to retroactive registry extension (WHICH WOULD HELP MANY AVOID IML)…but none of it has spilled over to other circuits.


  9. brunello

    The implementation of this cruel law is incredibly uneven. Details of this case matter; could this guy be specially in the crosshairs of the State Department, or can we all expect the same? Nobody can say.
    This action certainly chills travel by “covered offenders”, as intended. For some comic relief, the author of the IML, Chris Smith, was ridiculed on Colbert last night.

  10. PK

    I’m wondering if anyone has heard anything as to whether the IML Challenge that Janice was involved with will be appealed or not?

  11. USA

    This is nuts! Wow. Number 1, how would you prove if you informed your registering agency? 2, are they just picking on those convicted of child related offenses? Or, are they only informing destination countries if this? Not cool!!

    • Ts


      You prove to them how you informed you’re registering agency by keeping multiple copies of all records, correspondence, and documentation required by state and federal law to provide such information in addition to how you provided it to them, preferably via some trackable methodology such as registered or certified mail proving it was sent to them.

  12. Worried in Wisconsin

    I plan on calling the passport office Monday to see if I can find anyone with actual knowledge of the situation. Not holding out hope that I will find anything but a runaround, but I’ve got to do what I can. I have half a mind to buy the cheapest ticket I can for international travel just to get revoked so that I can get the proper passport.

    • Bob

      Have you verified that if your passport is revoked, and then you apply for a new one, you actually get a new one with the identifier ? Also, how do you know that if you buy such a ticket that will definitely trigger a revocation letter ?

    • Ts


      If you buy, then make it for a friendly country you can enter without hassle. A quick out and back may do it based on history. Minimize your headache at least.

  13. Bob

    I have several questions :
    1) Has this story been confirmed ?
    2) Are there missing details ?
    3) Has this happened to anyone else ?
    4) Has anyone received a revocation letter and then gotten a new passport with the identifier on it ?
    5) Can US Marshals legally revoke valid passports on the spot? I thought that by law there must be a certified letter sent that your passport is officially revoked. It seems bizarre that US Marshals can revoke your passport without due process.

    • Ts


      First, the passport is property of the United States government and the United States Marshal Service can revoke it on the spot for whatever has been deemed appropriate but the Dept of State. It does not necessarily have to be a registrant who qualifies for a stamp to have it revoked, but anyone. The marshals only actually carry out the duty of physically obtaining it if they need to at the Dept of State direction.

      if you read the article at the Florida Action Committee, there are further details that have not been published but may be in the future from this confirmed story.

      If I recall properly, there was another person who had their passport revoked at the airport prior to departure also.

      • Joe

        “the United States Marshal Service can revoke it on the spot”

        Where you getting this from?

        • Ts


          The United States Marshals Service is a federal law-enforcement agency within the U.S. Department of Justice. If they’ve been requested by the Department of State to revoke a passport on the spot , i.e. at the airport, for whatever reason Dept of State deems appropriate, they have the authority to do so. The passport is an official government document and must be surrendered at anytime upon request including a physical revocation at the airport. There has to be some governing reason why the password needs to be revoked as deemed by Dept of State and acted upon by the USMS because USMS isn’t running around airports taking passports only because of their badge and authority (which would be an abuse of badge and authority).

        • Joe

          @Ts – so the Department of State can dispatch an agency within the Department of Justice at their discretion / for whatever reason? Interesting…

          “If they’ve been requested by the Department of State to revoke a passport on the spot , i.e. at the airport, for whatever reason Dept of State deems appropriate, they have the authority to do so.”

          Authority? Based on what? Please cite the law / guideline that establishes such authority. Or kindly stop making stuff up.

        • TS


          Since the Department of State does not have a law enforcement agency of their own, they go to the the United States Marshal Service, a federal law enforcement agency.

          Here’s a small party of the overall definition of what United States Marshal Service does: “The Marshals Service also executes all lawful writs, processes, and orders issued under the authority of the United States…”( (under duties and responsibilities))

          That alone right there is enough to answer how the Department of State can go over to the United States Marshal service to revoke a passport through an authorized order.

          Just because United States Marshal Service reports to the US AG, it does not mean they don’t have delegated authority to go ahead and work with the other departments to execute lawful orders, writs, and processes as detailed.

        • Joe

          @TS –

          “That alone right there is enough to answer how the Department of State can go over to the United States Marshal service to revoke a passport through an authorized order. ”

          Uhhhm…. no it isn’t.

          I am familiar with Wikipedia. Nowhere does it say that passport revocation is part of their duties, as described in Wikipedia.

          Please cite the official procedure by the Department of State authorizing the US Marshals to confiscate a passport on the spot.

          Otherwise, at the risk of being redundant, kindly stop making stuff up.

          psssst…. there is a passport revocation procedure / section of the US Code dealing with this. From 2011 no less, but absent a newer one, that is it.

        • TS


          Here’s your code: 22 CFR 51.62 – Revocation or limitation of passports

          Just because you don’t see it on Wikipedia or in United States Code doesn’t mean it’s not authorized. Many of the workings between departments and agencies are done w/agreements between all entities involved.

          Therefore, if you want to see a specific law, procedure, memorandum of understanding/agreement, or letter of authorization detailing how the United States Marshal Service can physically revoke a passport through a legally authorized order, process, or writ from the United States Department of State, then I kindly recommend that you request it from those entities, maybe even through your elected officials via a Freedom of Information Act so you can kindly share it with the rest of the forum.

          Bottom line, the United States Marshal Service, a federal law enforcement agency, revoked that person’s passport at the airport.

        • TS


          This also may be your direction, the infamous catchall statement: “perform such other functions at the Attorney General or the Director of the United States Marshals Service may direct.” Taken from the IML page at USMS homepage

          Also, this might help in understanding USMS and Dept of State working relationship:

          USMS FOIA/PA Officer
          CG-3, 15th Floor, Washington, DC 20530-0001
          (703) 740-3943
          Fax: (703) 740-3979

          FOIA Public Liaison:
          (703) 740-3935

          Customer Service Center:
          (703) 740-3943

      • PK

        The other person who you mentioned had their passport revoked at the airport was actually one of the plaintiffs in the most recent IML Challenge that was dismissed.

        All of the details were discussed in previous threads between April and July of this year.

      • Bob

        Thank you Ts for your response.
        Do you think that the following is a good idea :
        1) Make an appointment to go to a US Passport Agency within 14 days of travel which you can do ; but you must show proof of travel within 14 days.
        2) Apply then for an expedited new passport with the identifier….cost $205
        It seems that you will then get your new passport. If you get one with the identifier then you are good to go. If not, you will have a new passport but you are still in the same precarious position, plus you spent time and money.
        3) I can’t simply to apply for a new passport via the lost passport form through the post office, because I need my passport for proof of citizenship as my birth certificate is problematic.
        What do you think ?

        • TS


          Seek professional legal advice on your passport situation, which appears to be an interesting quandary. Going without a passport sounds like a detriment to you where a state provided ID or DL should suffice in the meantime.

          As for your other concern, someone here did try to find out if their passport was going to be revoked or had been revoked without them knowing about it, but wasn’t successful in their effort to find out.

          BTW, we all in this country are at the whims and mercy of the USPS, regardless of they are.

      • Nicholas Maietta

        How can this be? US Marshalls are law enforcement and this seems to violate separation of powers.

        • AJ

          @Nicholas Maietta:
          “How can this be? US Marshalls are law enforcement and this seems to violate separation of powers.”
          Umm, no. The USMS is part of DOJ, which is part of the Executive Branch. The State Department is part of the Executive Branch.

        • TS

          Hmmmm…USMS is part of DOJ which is part of the Executive Branch where the Dept of State is part of and where DOJ is Fed Law enforcement for the USG where the FBI, DEA, ATF, and OIG are part of DOJ. Which alphabet soup should be revoking passports today?

          Ah, heck, why not all of them which will make for a great spectacle in the airport and rival an address check or maybe reality tv when catching people was popular to watch (bad boys, bad boys…)? (Yes, sarcasm intended)

          Seriously though…

          Here is the Dept of State Public Affairs contact info for more info on potentially getting a copy of a procedure, memo, letter, or other detailing how USMS can operate to revoke a passport on sight in an airport:

          Or maybe the Dept of Justice Office of Public Affairs who may be able to explain it since USMS is in their portfolio:

          Could always file a case too and subpoena for the information during discovery to uncover the mysterious methods in which it works..

          Probably could contact USMS, DOJ, and DOS to cross-reference their documentation (which USMS and DOJ could be duplicates) to ensure they are truly in-sync with each other and know who can do what when it comes to revoking passports at an airport.

          Maybe it is just delegated direction provided by US AG or USMS Director to the local offices to cooperate with DOS after getting a request from DOS…kind of like a dispatch.

        • AJ

          “Maybe it is just delegated direction provided by US AG or USMS Director to the local offices to cooperate with DOS after getting a request from DOS…kind of like a dispatch.”
          At minimum, it’s been delegated from the President to the Secretaries, who then further delegate down the chain until someone gives orders. This happens all the time in government, and is perfectly legal and constitutional (which I know you know).

  14. Bob

    One further idea:

    What if this person actually was sent a letter revoking her passport but he/she never got that letter. Then of course the US Marshalls could confiscate the revoked passport. Because if the story is simply that the US Marshalls revoked the passport prior to boarding, this should be all over the internet that this is going on.
    This brings me to the following question:
    Is there any way, prior to going to the airport, to find out definitively whether or not your passport is still valid or if it has been revoked?
    If not, then we are at the mercy of the US Postal system as well.

    • PK


      Nobody has a definitive answer as to whether you can determine if you passport ha been revoked prior to going to the airport.

      Calling the Passport Office doesn’t work because they don’t even know.

      You could “Apply for an expedited new passport with the identifier that will cost $205”
      But in many cases, people have a received a new Passport without the mark.

      Then theoretically you could then try to board your international flight with the brand new Passport without the mark, and STILL have it confiscated by the Homeland Security.

      I only know of about 3 cases where someone’s Passport was revoked at the airport, either leaving for an international destination, or returning from an international destination.

      This doesn’t ALWAYS happen to every RSO.

      My Policy is why alert the State Department that you “think” you should have a new marked Passport. You should just try to travel and see what happens, because even though this could happen to you, the chances are greater that it will not happen to you, and this would be the path of least resistance.

      • Bob

        Thanks PK.
        Is there any way to get some idea as to what the probability is of having your passport revoked at the airport prior to your leaving ?
        Is it random, or is it it based on some criteria the Dept. Of State uses ?
        Finally, is there any timeline as to when this process will be “normalized ” ?


        • PK

          “Is there any way to get some idea as to what the probability is of having your passport revoked at the airport prior to your leaving ?” No

          “Is it random, or is it it based on some criteria the Dept. Of State uses ?” Apparently yes.

          “, is there any timeline as to when this process will be “normalized ” ?” No no nothing like that.

  15. NYLevel1

    Each and every one of you and us have an opportunity to fight back against Chris Smith REGARDLESS of where you live!

    Join NOW! and do the best you can in whatever way possible to show this evil man who has made thousands miserable that we can fight back!

    He got us kicked out NOW let’s KICK HIM OUT!

    • NYLevel1

      Level 1 Extended NY can you figure out a way for us to be in contact? You are repeating what I have been saying here for 3 years.

      There is a possibility with two or more NY offenders to appeal.

      • New York Level 1

        I highly recommend people in NY/NJ get on the Dobbs Wire, it’s run by Bill Dobbs who is part of the New York Sex Offense Working Group and we actively are looking to organize. to get the newsletter.

        • NYLevel1

          PLEASE BE AWARE!!!!

          New York Level 1 is copying as close to as possible my pseudonym

          I am in NO way associated with Bill Dobbs and I suspect that this user is Bill Dobbs trying to gather more people to his lectures about himself.

 and contact the NYCLU yourselves

        • David Kennerly is Frightening and High

          NYLevel1, I really can’t imagine Bill Dobbs doing that. It’s someone else, almost certainly.

        • New York Level 1


          I’m sorry, I’m not trying to confuse people between us here. I’m also a NY Level 1 registrant and as a casual comment it seemed like an appropriate name to choose?

          I’m not Bill Dobbs, but I appreciate the efforts of the New York Sex Offense Working Group to organize us and DobbsWire is how I got connected. I’ve not known Bill to “lecture about himself”.

          Maybe I’ve even seen you at events. Did you go to that play in Tribeca or the Soho Forum debate with Professor Horowitz?

  16. R M

    Ҥ 51.65 Notification of denial or revocation of passport.

    (a) The Department will notify in writing any person whose application for issuance of a passport has been denied, or whose passport has been revoked. The notification will set forth the specific reasons for the denial or revocation, and, if applicable, the procedures for review available under 22 CFR 51.70 through 51.74 .”

    • TS

      @R M, et al,

      Notice the language used here provided via this website about “notification in writing”. Nothing says the writing cannot be handed to you in person by USMS as they are seeking to revoke the passport at that moment wherever the registrant is traveling from, e.g. a cruise line port, train station, airport, or bus terminal, all with international destinations. Nothing says it has to be mailed to you. No process noted. Just says you will be notified in writing. ( (Law verbiage again))

      Now, reading on further into this…

      Here is a follow up at FAC on this situation:
      regarding-passports/ They appear to be taking the bull by the horns on this matter for this person.

      For your reading leisure (and noted in the FAC letter), refer to this 5 page Fed Register entry and read starting with Pg 1, Column 3, DEPARTMENT OF STATE 22 CFR Parts 50 and 51 [Public Notice 10383], through Pg 2, Column 2 for more info on passport revocation and notification, this puts everyone on notice who is possibly subject to revocation for a stamp and when it could happen. (Shout out to ACSOL in their too)

      Then move over to Pg 3, Column 2, Passports, where you will find notification being sent (Column 3), not just notified in writing as stated previously, and read on from there.

      Just adds more ambiguity to the overall situation that no one though completely through the first time…

      Side note – It would be interesting to see someone take the Dept of State up on their mention to meet in person for a hearing on their passport issue.

      (For all I know, this Fed Register entry may have been discussed already here on ACSOL and I am merely repeating it and don’t recall it previously. If that is true, then I apologize, but it is certainly pertinent at this time. I find the register entry interesting and informative which answers many questions here in this forum of late.)

      The revocation on the return trip is a bit odd considering it was not USMS, if I recall correctly, that revoked it but CBP. Is that right?

      Scorecard: Two airport outbound flight revocations, one inbound (return trip) revocation, several others at home via written (sent) notification

      • TS

        This begs the question, to me at least, if the physical notification sent is not “received” and/or a passport is not returned, then will a physical revocation happen at a point of departure much like this person received?

        (I apologize also for several of the grammatical errors in the lengthy reply above. I am human and the brain sees it sometimes as good to go until it is read again once published.)

  17. mike bowles

    I took a trip to Paris last month using a two year old passport and was questioned for an hour or so upon my return (as usual). The officer (i do not know of what agency, ICE? perhaps) chastised me for not have my registration form with me (he may have meant travel form – which i had submitted in accordance with the laws). He said he’d have to put it in his “report” – horrors.
    Just yesterday i got a letter from the State Department saying that they wanted their passport back and telling me I’d have to apply fresh for a new one that would have some marking included. The requirement for submitting travel plans 21 days in advance had already made it practically impossible to travel for business. Has anyone used one of these new specially marked passports. What kind of reception are they getting?

    • NYLevel1

      ”Has anyone used one of these new specially marked passports. What kind of reception are they getting?”

      Yes- they are stopping some people boarding when you check in

      A few upon landing have their names called out in the plane and are told to stay seated until the plane totally disembarks and then the police come and take you, interrogate and then send you back in a marked seat ‘DO NOT FEED’.

      Some are removed mid-flight. It’s called ‘Rapid Descent’

      Others get together and form protests and contact all congress members and ACLU chapters.

  18. Ali

    since our passports will be marked, we should at least be able to travel freely without that stupid 21 day notification. But no, there intention is to interrupt our trip solo, friend or with family.

    • R M

      We should be free to travel period as we (95+%) don’t commit new sex crimes and even less, very less, of us travel for sex with a minor or to traffic minors.

  19. JoeHillsGhost

    This is a worrisome time when the federal government is revoking passports for no apparent reason, targeting entire groups of people as “unamerican” or worse. This story isn’t SO related, but it is maddening nonetheless. The utter bureaucratic tomfoolery involved is mindboggling.

  20. Tim Moore

    What day is kristallnaucht planned for? I want to make sure I am prepared.

  21. Matt

    Please… everyone involved, Janice, NAROL, ACSOL, Travel Matrix, SOs please track and report any passport taken away at airports from this point on. Talking about it is useful (at times), but I want to check a list like the travel matrix where I can see how many, risk assessment level(?) circumstance (?) and which states passports have been confiscated. This type of matrix/information will show what is really happening with passport confiscation. Thanks.

    • Joe123

      I emailed TAG (Matrix) website a long time ago and asked them to track the actual (important) details of each situation. They never replied. This makes the whole website mostly pointless. You cannot learn the pattern of denials or issues like this without the details. When they are reported to TAG, the group can ask for details, I suppose they just choose not to.

      • PK


        I’m afraid that most of the information on RTAG is out-of-date, and has been for at least 2 years.

        I experienced the same situation a year ago, and I’m not clear why the person running this, will not allow someone else who has the actual time to administer the matrix, to be in charge of RTAG.

        • David Kennerly's Government-Driven Life

          I think that we need to bring the data back here. Create a page and a matrix along with all of the traveler reports.

  22. Mike G

    So somewhere there must be an image posted of what the marked passport looks like, showing the text, font, etc.
    Why not go out and have a rubber stamp made that looks just the same, and stamp your own passport? Especially those who just got new ones without the marking.
    How can they confiscate your passport saying you can’t travel without a marked passport when they can see the marking right there?

    • CR

      You’re suggesting forging a government document, or at the minimum, defacing it. But I think it is more likely the former and not the latter.

    • Ts

      @Mike G

      Altering your passport is a federal offense which will certainly lead to revoking, possibly no future passport, and more trouble because you don’t know what’s in the system about your passport being marked or not should you try it and fail.

  23. JR

    My Husband has been issued a expungement and 17B reduction for his conviction 288 (c) (1). we traveled in feb out of the country no problem. Went to Jamaica was taken off the plane and sent home in July. Today received a Cert letter of revoked passport today. This is very heart breaking we are both crying just because it seems so unreal ….

    • Ali

      Correct me if I am wrong, but was he on the registry for 10 years minimum federal requirement? He is no longer required to give sorna 21 day notice?

      I hope you guys are fighting this.

      • AO

        In general, the only thing that really matters is if you’re still required to register. Having your record reduced and dismissed is usually not relevant when it comes to RC’s. If you have to register, you’re still obligated to follow all registration laws as if you were convicted yesterday.

    • NPS

      Well that answers my question that’s been on my mind all this time. I have an expunged reduced to misdemeanor offense. I’m not nor ever have been on Megan’s Law website, but that doesn’t matter. In California under 290.007, I’m still forced to register. The language as the law is written stated that you were convicted AND required to register. It was my interpretation that if I was one but not the other, would I still have the mark? Well, your situation just confirmed that YES, I would have that mark. I don’t have a passport, but I guess I’ll put that off until after I apply for the CoR.

  24. gregory

    I now understand the plight of a student who has managed to obtain full scholarships to the University of California, Berkeley and will be graduating with a degree in Egnlish who has attended college for 5 years now with one goal: to leave the US and teach English as a second language and is now planning on killing himself, ,giving up.
    I can only say this. If he does I pray God hears the cries of every drop of his blood like that of Able in Biblical history and unleashes judgment upon this country with hellfire. In the name of Jesus remove your blessings and curse these people so evil in their hearts as to destroy the lives of so many and drive them to despair. Lord. Allow America to be a sign to the world of the curse of injustice and corruption. In Jesus name, I pray!
    I think I too will give up. Why bother?
    Better to find an extravagant way to wake up the world to the tyranny and have my life, or death make difference than be a prisoner to this society.
    History repeats its self, only the victims change.
    maybe this is what foreign terrorists feel when they strap on vests and blow themselves up: desperation from the corrupt chokehold of colonizers and oppressive governments. It is not just the government pray a curse upon but the evil hearts of every citizen who through indifference and ignorances pushes this Salem-witch-hunt forward. nothing has changed in 200 years nothing!

    • R M

      @gregory: re: I think I too will give up. Why bother?
      If you do that, they win. They won’t care and will only say good riddance. Don’t give them that.

    • Harry

      Sorry bro and hate to bust your pity party, giving up is not an option. So get your chin off the floor and get to your knees (that is were most help is) and than to your feet and go!

  25. RDinSD

    Is there a list of offenses and/or PC codes to see if a person’s charges qualify for a passport mark? I renewed my passport in June 2017 but that was prior to the marking of passports. Many thanks and apologies if I missed the link in someone’s comments.

    • AO

      The codes are generally not relevant. The main thing is whether or not your conviction involved a minor. And a minor is anyone that’s under 18 by federal law. If your victim(s) were under 18 and you still have to register, 99.9% you’ll have the mark. Though it seems like the people who issue passports and the DOJ currently are not in full sink. There have been reports of people very recently getting unmarked passports but then being screwed with once they try to get on a plane or are coming back. At that point, the passport is revoked and you’re SOL.

    • TS

      By Fed Law, any offense that includes a minor and convicted of that offense qualifies for a passport stamp.

      • R M
        (c) Defined terms
        In this section—
        (1) the term covered sex offender means an individual who—
        (A) is a sex offender, as defined in section 4(f) of the International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders; and
        (B) is currently required to register under the sex offender registration program of any jurisdiction;

        (2) the term unique identifier means any visual designation affixed to a conspicuous location on the passport indicating that the individual is a covered sex offender; and

        (3) the term passport means a passport book or passport card.

  26. steve

    I’m sure this has been covered but can someone please remind me who California residents are supposed to notify. Is it just your local registering office? Thanks.

  27. nylevel1

    Please do NOT confuse me with with New York Level1

    Congressman Chris Smith in a nutshell:
    Smith is a staunch Republican, and usually backs fiscally conservative policies meant to lower taxes. However, he was one of the few Republicans to vote against Trump’s tax reform bill, saying it would hurt New Jersey property owners. He takes his Catholic faith seriously, which he says is the main reason why he is against abortion. It was Smith who introduced one of the nation’s most controversial abortion bills to date in 2017, which would prohibit the use of federal funds for abortion or health plans that cover abortion, except in cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is in danger. Smith has advocated for defunding Planned Parenthood and was also in favor of repealing the Affordable Care Act.

    Throughout his long career in Washington, Smith has authored many pieces of legislation that became laws with wide bipartisan support, such as the International Megan’s Law to Prevent Child Exploitation and Other Sexual Crimes Through Advanced Notification of Traveling Sex Offenders and the Sean and David Goldman International Child Abduction Prevention and Return Act of 2014, according to The Trentonian.

    One longstanding criticism of Smith is that he doesn’t technically live in the district he represents: Smith bought a townhome in the D.C. suburbs years ago and that’s where he and his wife raised their four children. He rents an apartment in Hamilton Township, has a New Jersey driver’s license, pays state taxes and votes here. Smith has said he has to live in Virginia so he can be close to Washington for congressional duties, and said he moved his family down there because it was difficult for him not seeing his wife and children often.

    The 4th Congressional District has also voted for a Republican in the past four presidential elections by comfortable margins: Trump, Romney, McCain and Bush.

    It does not matter what state you live in but WE have some power so please support and donate, write or call and remember WE ALL want to get rid of Chris Smith the Catholic Bigot whom I am sure, as any good shrink would agree, has DARK secrets like Dean Skelos, Mark Foley, Anthony Weiner, Ed Schrock,David Dreier,Larry Craig, Scott DesJarlais,Dennis Hastert.

    Send this to anyone and all asking ‘Can we TRUST Chris Smith?’

    Forward this as well

  28. Mike

    Getting a passport next year, will have to have the indentifier. Just wondering if anyone has made to Germany, Austria, or The Netherlands at all?

    • steve @Mike

      I am doing the same thing next year. I just applied for a new passport yesterday. I’ll let you know if it comes back with identifier. I will be landing in Paris.

      • Mike

        Please do! I am anxious to travel again! Unfortunately I can’t afford a direct flight and I will have to have a layover somewhere…any places to avoid?

        • steve @Mile

          Avoid London, Ireland and Canada. Do not get layovers there. This might cause you to pay a higher ticket like it did for me.

  29. Lee

    Question please. I have not received the “revoke” passport certified letter but I probably missed it not sure. Anyway, I plan on going to Europe in May 2019. My passport is set to expire 2020 but I’m worried about being stopped at the boarding gate and have my passport revoked because it has no identifier like one incident that recently happened to someone else. Could you please let me know if I can send in my current passport and renew with the identifier?

    • Janice Bellucci

      @Lee – Yes. You can surrender your current passport and request a new passport with the unique identifier.

      • Bob

        Hi Janice;
        I thought that it was documented anecdotally on this website that if you do surrender your current passport and apply for a new one, there is NO guarantee that you will get one with the identifier. Please explain. Has something changed ? If something has changed, and you now are convinced that you WILL get one with the unique identifier, please let me know.

        • steve @Bob

          I just applied for a new passport. I’ll let you know.

        • lee

          Steve, are you surrender your current unexpired passport or you are applying for a completely new passport?

  30. New York Level 1

    @nylevel1, look I apologize for causing your distress and suspicion. I guess “New York Level 1” and “nylevel1” could confuse people and make you suspicious of my intentions, but I’m just trying to help us NY’ers organize and stay informed. In NYC, at least, I don’t know of any organizing activities going on outside of DobbsWire and the New York Sex Offense Working Group, and from what I’ve seen, they’re not a sham or a vanity project. They have working group meetings, host talks, publicize plays that show us in a humanizing light, etc. It’s been really crucial for my mental sanity to go to these events and reads Bill’s newsletter and know that beyond passive sympathy, people in this city are actually trying to organize to do something about our situation. @nylevel1 we should be working together, not sniping at each other and thinking the other is some sort of quasi-COINTEL plant!!

    • NYLevel1

      Please stop being hypocritical. You have deliberately copied my name.
      ‘ @nylevel1 we should be working together, not sniping at each other and thinking the other is some sort of quasi-COINTEL plant!!’
      In this case please use another name and do not accuse me of sniping because Sir, you are the trouble maker here.
      I have attended one these meetings. I don’t plan on going again and having to watch a certain bloggist stand on a platform who likes to hear his own voice.

      NOTHING NOTHING has been achieved in NYS. 10 people turning up for a meeting in NYC is a pathetic show of interest.

      From what I witnessed, the floor was taken up by researchers and promoters. Lawyers and previous parole officers were silent.

      • NY won't let go

        I have to agree that nothing new seems to have been done in NY especially after the whole doe vs O’Donnell case happened. It’s like lawyers are afraid to touch it.

        And if they are willing to its just to get a large payday just to get near it with a 100foot stick and no guarantees of an outcome.

        • New York Level 1

          So long as Cuomo is governor truly progressive legislation is largely impossible. Through machinations like the IDC he’s only going to allow milquetoast symbolic progressive legislation to pass to expose himself to as little political flak as possible. Did someone say future presidential run?

          This also leaves us at the mercy of similarly symbolic “feel-good” moves like the humiliating Pokemon Go ban. Did you get that? Might have only been for registrants on probation or parole, dunno.

        • NY won't let go

          I never played Pokemon go because I got sick of people standing outside my building because someone reported a mewtwo or something on my street.

          Im one of the lucky ones who got out of the country before the laws got more intense, but I’m still stuck on their registry due to being a level 2 with an out of state conviction( convicted years prior to moving to NY then moved there for work and now stuck on)

        • NY won't let go

          I never played Pokemon go because I got sick of people standing outside my building because someone reported a mewtwo or something on my street.

          Im one of the lucky ones who got out of the country before the laws got more intense, but I’m still stuck on their registry due to being a level 2 with an out of state conviction (convicted years prior to moving to NY then moved there for work and now stuck on Which technically shouldn’t be a thing since Doe V O’Donnell was very specific about the crimes originating in NY)

        • PK

          @NY won’t let go

          I was wondering if you have spoken with Kathy regarding this?

        • NY won't let go

          Emailed her last week in regards to what would have to be done, she said would have to file in federal court. And the process would be a while. Spoke with the wife about it. It’s the next thing we would be saving for after all of the other big expenses are handled. Should take about a year to save up for it, depending on what new stuff comes up. ( the amount isn’t a lot but the exchange rate is a killer right now)

        • NY won't let go

          @Pk it’s me I just changed my handle as there were a few people using it

      • New York Level 1

        I have not “deliberately copied” your name and I resent the accusation. Other people have names like “New York Level 1” and I thought, “oh hey, more people in my situation, I’ll choose a name to reflect that I’m in the same boat”.

        Okay, DobbsWire and the NYSOWG are small, and haven’t affected much.

        What have you done besides make comments on this board?

  31. TR

    I wonder if registrants with the unique identifier passport, have ever travelled and entered whatever foreign destination freely and unmolested?

    Are foreign countries made aware about the unique identifier passport and have to check for it, what will happen?

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