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MO: The sex offender next door – 1,300 missing Missouri criminals must be found quickly

Jackson County remains at the center of a scandalous problem with unregistered sex offenders in Missouri.

According to an audit released Monday, 439 sex criminals in Jackson County have failed to register as required by law — more than 20 percent of all the known sex offenders in the county. Statewide, roughly 1,300 sex offenders have failed to register, and “their locations are unknown,” according to the report.

The problem threatens neighborhoods and public safety. Jackson County officials and the sheriff’s office should commit whatever resources are needed to find local unregistered sex criminals within the next six months. Full Editorial

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its on cnn…. and for those who comply, continue to suffer.

I would be willing to bet that these registering offices have actually “lost” the paperwork on nearly 100% of those they claim to have registered. I remember registering many times where I would fill out the paperwork only to find out later that the registering officer never entered the data into the DOJ system. I’ve called DOJ a few times about this over a nearly 20 year span.

For 20% of the people to have failed to register is far too high in any state.

Always keep a copy of the most recent registration and file away all the old ones.

“The problem threatens neighborhoods and public safety.”

Actually, sink holes, home invasions and falling trees are more credible safety threats.

Man there must be rampant sex crimes being committed if they do not have track of over 400 offenders right? That is strange, I cannot seem to find any sexual assault from these non-registered individuals. Am I missing something? These people have to be stalking parks and schools hiding behind bushes just waiting to pounce, right? What a joke.

Yet the state’s law enforcement officials have failed to issue arrest warrants in more than 90 percent of these non-registration cases, the audit found. There were plenty of excuses: other priorities, crowded jails, jurisdictional concerns. None is acceptable. So even the LE are getting fed up with the waste of resources as well. And 800 of them are guilty of the most serious sex crimes — rape, sodomy, child molestation, sexual trafficking, incest and other offenses. Has to be rampant sexual assaults when the most serious offenders are running free. Over a year, there must be multiple sexual assaults that… Read more »

“And the Missouri legislature should identify additional funds to pay….”and that my friend is all you need to know what this is about. Not about a huge uptick in sex crimes by out of compliant offenders being reported, because there are none.

What a great scam!! Oh, we are overwhelmed and can’t keep up …. and it’s creating a terrifying public safety menace….. Oh, we need more money & more man hours to resolve this crisis we’re enjoying… oh, umm, I mean, dealing with! A$$wipes!!! 😡
I hope their citizens, voters, and legislators hold their gum-shoed feet to the fire!!!

I am willing to bet money (such as my tax dollars) that those registering LE agencies were/are still receiving THEIR government funds for registering & tracking all these sex offenders … the ones that they are actually NOT registering and tracking! ‘Bet they are still accepting the money for work they’re not doing!!
And, as others have pointed out: So you have failed to register all these dangerous, high-risk, bound-to-reoffend individuals and yet I’ll bet there has not been an increase in sex offenses during this time. Hmmm. 🤔

It would be good to know the # of sex related crimes coinciding with this. I bet it is very low, if any at all. Also, if there were any, if they can tie them in any way to the absentee registrants.

Mean while the opiode dealers are running around selling their drugs.

Doesn’t look like anybody really cares about this. There is only one comment on the article. One giant, “Meh.”

Human beings who have never been convicted of any sex crime ever, are the ones being arrested for sex crimes. . . . . LE must be so embarrassed. What A Joke.
*It would actually make for one of those newspaper political cartoons.*

This state auditor is in a tight race for reelection; in my opinion that is what this is all about. She is looking for a cheap way to get votes. Also, identified Missouri as being third in bullyingin September; our neighboring state of Kansas was ninth from last. Missouri has residency restrictions, has Halloween rules (hang a sign on the door, be home, and no candy), and despite tiered registry, many restrictions are still place IF one gets off the registry. Kansas has no residency restrictions, no Halloween restrictions, and has had a tiered registry in place where you… Read more »

The registry is supposed to be civil. Yet here, by admission, they are criminals. Shouldn’t the appropriate label be civil disobedient persons as opposed to criminals. There are punitive measures applied to criminals.

The laws cannot have it both ways.

Well, it is just a stupid news editorial that is saying “criminals”. Do you expect them to be accurate? Do you expect them to not intentionally create click-bait? The idiotic editorial also says “$EX offenders” and “offenders”, both of which are also factually incorrect and nothing but name calling. Anyone who uses such phrases can be called names as well. However, why don’t you post a comment at the editorial itself? Would be nice if there were 1,000+ comments there that pointed out to the writers what idiots they are. As it is, it looks like no one really cares… Read more »

Look at all the Dots on that Map!! Holy Cow!!

I think I just heard a LEO crying, “Oh, we need more money, more man hours to keep up!!”:

I think you did. Remember, everyone should join any groups that work to limit the amount of money that the criminal regimes and their law enforcement criminals have/waste. The more money that LE has, the more crimes they will commit. Best to keep them broke, dysfunctional, and scrambling to be effective at all. If they have little resources, they will have to concentrate them on actual crimes and preventing real crimes, instead of maintaining some immoral, useless, anti-American hit list. But frankly, if they had ANY sense at all, they would outsource maintaining the hit lists to a bunch of… Read more »

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