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Janice’s Journal: Registry Continues to Grow by Leaps and Bounds

The registry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In fact, the registry grew by almost 5 percent during the past 12 months. That means there are currently more than 912,000 people on the registry in the U.S., an increase of 42,001, according to The Dobbs Wire.

The recent increases in the number of people on the registry are not uniform throughout the nation. In fact, the number of registrants decreased in the states of Vermont and Kentucky as well as in the District of Columbia.

But in the vast majority of the nation’s 50 states, the number of registrants increased significantly. The greatest increases were in the states of New York, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas where the number of registrants grew by at least 5,000 in each state. The percentages of increase were the highest in South Carolina with about 40 percent and in New York with about 18 percent. Overall, the states of California and Texas continue to claim the highest number of registrants with the California total at 106,916 and the Texas total at 99,511.

What is the message we are to learn from the significant growth in the number of registrants? The message is that society has not yet learned from its mistakes. That is, society continues to believe that increasing the number of registrants will increase public safety.

This message is, of course, contrary to the fact that public safety is decreased, not increased, as the number of registrants continue to grow. Why? Because a growing number of registrants and their families may become unstable as they face the new challenges of unemployment and even homelessness. Because the real danger of sexual assault is not found on the list of registrants but instead in families, schools and churches.

Until and unless registration laws are changed, we can expect the number of registrants to increase in the future. The silver lining of this dark cloud is that “soon” the number of registrants will be so large that it can and will directly impact elections and repeal the laws that continue to punish them and their families.

The Dobbs Wire – Latest registry statistics Dec 17 2018


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It no longer bothers me. My belief is that our government will NEVER let go of us. As long as the registry continues to grow eventually we will reach critical mass. Michigan is adding a child abuse registry. Ohio a drunk driving registry. Utah has a white collar crime registry. It will never end. My sanity may be slipping but I’m happy! Our government isn’t there for any other reason than to control, dominate and get richer off of us. Remember what happened when King George forced everyone into poverty and starvation. I say F—- them all. Eventually a revolution will happen

I feel like I should not have to pay taxes as I do not have the freedoms other tax payers do?

This has long been my thought as well. It’s not like we, as taxpayers, have any representation, nor do we enjoy the full benefits of our American citizenship. Yet, we are expected to continue funding the very system that oppresses us.

I would encourage any Registrants who are able to become self-employed and use legal means to get your tax bill down. If you get a W-2 from an employer, there’s not much you can do about not paying “your full share” except to claim exemptions for things or people who don’t exist (but resist the temptation!). Don’t try skating on self-employment taxes entirely by paying no tax. Especially since we already know you’re on a government list and it’s not like they don’t know you exist. But avoid taxes to the greatest extent possible. But no further. Self-employment taxes can be a pain in the ass to prepare and there are those damned quarterly reports and all of the expensing and depreciation and capital gains, etc. And of course you realize that it’s always great if much of your income is in cash. I never actually had that advantage.

You know, it no longer bothers me, either. I’ve long ago decided that I must ultimately live my life on my terms, and there will come a point when I will no longer continue to play this rigged game. A man can only be pushed so far until he must make a choice. Legally or otherwise, I will not be registering for the rest of my life, and that gives me peace. Whether that means expatriation, waiting until the registry reaches that critical mass and is eventually abolished, or simply riding off into the sunset with my bags and my cash and taking my chances, that decision point will come. And the more this government tightens its noose around us, the sooner that decision will need to be made. I have no respect for a government that doesn’t respect all its citizens. For now, I am saving what I can and biding my time, and I encourage all those who are able to to likewise plan. Remember, it’s your life. You don’t owe this criminal government a damn thing. Find the best quality of life you can, wherever and however that may be. After all, we are only here a short time.

The NCMEC actually depends on the registry to get grants every year. They erroneously tout the registry as a barometer as “known threats” to justify their existence with inflammatory fear rhetoric.

Megan’s law and the AWA are both fraudulent and ill-conceived pieces of legislation. Both mothers need to take ownership for contributing to the deaths of their children, but they will never admit wrongdoing. They are too proud. Instead, we have this blame-passing witch hunt.

I don’t think we can blame the mothers by buying into the hyper-paranoid, never-leave-’em-alone, Apache gunship parenting styles that have become de rigueur. Kids need more freedom-of-movement, not less. To suggest that parents are ‘asking for it’ if they’re not breathing down their necks and chained in front of the X Box at all waking hours with a bowl of Cheetos to keep them company is not a dystopian fantasy that helps this society onto the road to mental health or to seeing us all as John Wayne Gacy’s. No, Adam Walsh was old enough to be left in one department in Sears while Mom shopped in another. I used to do it all of the time when I was a kid. Everybody did. How many kids have been snatched by a stranger from the inside of Sears? One? And Jacob Wetterlying? He was old enough to have a paper route.

I do not believe Adam was snatched by accident. I believe it was planned.

Bull Jons behavior is that of a guilt ridden man, not a grief stricken man.
His bravado a placebo for ego. Those who plan murder have zero guilt.

You totally missed my point. I’m saying WE are being scapegoated and witch hunted for THEIR tragedies. I’m all for free range kids enjoying their youth while not being smothered with over-zealous monitoring.from parents and nosy by-standers.

The reason I mentioned the NCMEC is because they depend on us for relevance and propaganda. They don’t release a yearly “report” map for nothing. It’s by design. Again, it’s all about blame-passing, not pro-active prevention.

Here’s what you said: “Both mothers need to take ownership for contributing to the deaths of their children, but they will never admit wrongdoing.” Did I misinterpret this? Are you NOT suggesting that they were insufficiently helicoptering their kids so as to prevent their abductions? You can’t have it both ways, either you believe that parents should have the discretion to determine their kids’ own levels of freedom of movement – and held blameless when things go horribly wrong through the wrongdoing of other people – or you don’t.

The unfettered government USE of a database.
Electronic indenture of criminals to a state property AND the maintenance of same. A database. Who doesn’t have one?

Citing WI v Norma Constanteneau (1971) THE MINORTY identified a potentiality dangerous opportunity for a backfire. LAW BY FIAT!
WI law strictly ( with penalty by stat.) PROHIBITED SUCH POSTING BY COPS(Admin branch) this is AN EXACT OPPOSED the act of penalizing ( not posting) as SORNA required on an individual basis, with no new state process!

OMNIBUS94 overran Wisconsin’s already established constitutional position as AGAINST SUCH POSTING (Manifest rule by fiat). J.D. ( then A.G.)had a duty to not abide precisely BECAUSE SUCH POSTING VIOLATED WISCONSIN’S CONSTITUTION.

I will prove it( intent)to a jury an FTR case. I’ve pointed this out to a judge in our district court. Mr. Ryan former Speaker of the House will be called in defense.

In May of 1992 I suffered a conviction,v(1 ct) trial by jury, no waiver! I had a right to contest posting because it was legally wrong in 92. The lawyers call it a latch. Civil or not I’d right to contest the new commitment because WI opted for DOC to administrator. Reflective of legislative intent to utilized the Same institution it uses to punish for the sex case. Agency is prohibited from imposing conflicts of law (WI stat.227.10(2).

Now I know why OUR D.A ( D.O.L.) would threaten me with 980 civil commitment when he held all the cards in my first attempt to challenge via trial by jury.(2012).

@Facts should matter
I agree with your statement that Adam Walsh has misplaced anger issues with registered citizens (and their families) who are taking the brunt of his misguided thinking.
Being a parent comes with risk factors, some of which we can’t control leaving us with a feeling of being powerless.
Seeking revenge on innocent people as a source of regaining power is obviously unwarranted and immoral.

john walsh is a total hypocrite and self appointed sheriff, when he was married he dated underage girls and bragged about it, he IS A TOTAL SHAM!!!

The registry will grow until the beloved of Smith and company gets put on it.

This is very alarming! Just think about how many sexual related arrests take place weekly? Here is what people really need to be reminded. When the registry really got started, you would have to go down to a police station to see who was on the registry! How have things changed? You can go online! Furthermore, think about how laws have changed! We where (I honestly don’t know all of the laws) banned from parks and beaches! I believe there are residence restrictions? How about libraries? We are (I believe) banned from visiting some countries? It’s very disturbing. We are banned from working in many licensed positions? Yet, we have people who have (murdered/or killed someone) with more rights! I (I’m not bragging/I’m simply conveying an example) was convicted of a battery that’s been reduced to a misdemeanor/expunged/summary probation, but yet I’m still required to register? It’s been over 20 years! What’s next? Will I go to OC and get removed? Or, shall I post my LA address and determine LA is my primary address? I’ll have a MUCH better chance in LA! What do I do?

Hummmm…I am curious how Kentucky, virtually alone of all states, has had such a dramatic decline in registrants? Hummmm…


Chased them out to a different jurisdiction? Are people coming off the Kentucky registry? If so, Why? How?

Best Wishes, James

The registry was sold as a necessity to track the worst of the worst. The crimes included have drastically increased, but the general public’s perception remains that we are only tracking the worst. Today so many crimes that have little to do with the perception are tracked, primarily because the politicians keep returning to this trough as a sure-fire vote generator.

War is Peace. Ignorance is Strength. The Registry is Not Punitive.

“The silver lining of this dark cloud is that “soon” the number of registrants will be so large that it can and will directly impact elections and repeal the laws that continue to punish them and their families.”

How can I and others who can’t vote directly impact elections? I write tons of letters to congress and even one to Trump.. very very very few responses and IF I get a response, it’s just “Thank you for your letter…. blah, blah, blah.

Because eventually everyone will know someone who is a registrant. Friends and family are all impacted by the bullsh*t that we are subjected to. That’ll be a considerable voting bloc when you have a million+ RCs.

The economy is still good right now so they have the funds to handle all of the BS registration requirements, but when it tanks maybe that will start a new conversation of how almost a million people in the US are not able to contribute 100% of their potential because of these government schemes. Or at least I hope that will happen.

Keep hoping, the economy tanked in 2008 and that didn’t stop the registry. Sadly fear will always prevail over common sense.

It may even make it worse. After 9/11 I had hoped that the hysteria about sex offenders might ramp down a bit and, indeed, it did for about two years. Then, and using the newly-claimed “anti-terrorist” powers of a burgeoning police state, it came back with a vengeance, worse than ever before. So, neither actual threats nor a devastated economy seem to have brought this country to sanity, so far. We’re dealing with a uniquely resilient form of hysteria. The closest parallel would be antisemitism which survived for centuries – and still does.

I think everyone really made some great points! I’m personally sick and tired of registering! I live in OC, but might register another address starting next year (2 addresses/I don’t know which to call my primary address) and file to get off in 2021! I’ve ever been harassed by the police (they used to come 2-3 times a year), but that’s kind of gotten old and they might stop by once now. I personally think that exercising the SB 384 will be much easier than a COR! They can’t deny everyone. Plus, we need to continue looking at ways to amend the law as it stands. As I’ve already noted, we have the most liberal Governor in Ca that’s ever existed! If he won’t agree, no one will. In addition, we have a new DA in OC. He certainly isn’t perfect, but he can’t be any worst than the prior. I truly have a good feeling! Happy Holidays

At a rate of 42,000 added per year.
That is 3,500 a month.

Jan1/2019 912,000
Jan1/2020 954,000
Jan1/2021 996,000
Jan1/2022 1,038,000

First week of March, 2021. We will have a milestone of one million sex offenders.

We could have our own phone book.
We could fill up 11 football stadiums.
6 US states have less than a million population.
Wikipedia has a list of major cities by population. There to many to list here!

I’m exhausted but pleased that I can say my state’s registry is now one less. It has taken over two years to get the state to acknowledge my California misdemeanor does not require registration here. I no longer see my name on the national site either. Now comes the process of trying to clean up the commercial sites… has anybody had much success there?

The key is percistancy. Some have removal information hidden deep in their privacy policy or terms. Some you have to track down to a larger holding company. Some you have to call, some you have to find the personal email of the owner.

However as recommended on another advocacy page, you could also setup a down time alert with several free services and get a text message when a site goes down for maintenance. Then submit the URLs to a the search engines removal page becuase they can see they are “inactive”. The last one relies on luck, but persistence is key.

Despite the source this link is related:

Roberts has to go!
Key phrase , permits AG to impose conditions by means specifically prohibited by the constitution.
Yet THEY got away with it.

Based on just the article title , if nothing is going to stop this ridiculous registry from increasing, then what’s the point of fighting it. Not to be defeatist, but this is a losing battle.

Keep faith friend I’ve a couple of good arrows in me quiver.
Give me liberty………!

Martin Jr. and Rosa Parks didn’t quit. The Japanese Americans didn’t quit. African Americans didn’t quit and still aren’t. Gays, etc, didn’t quit and still don’t. American Indians fought like hell but didn’t quit even though most were slaughtered and the ones left still were forced to relocate to desolate lands. I don’t quit even after being subject to “as if on parole” conditions for the last 17 years; just Wednesday, I questioned my DCS officer on two issues and am talking to several lawyers to file court cases. People who quit gain nothing.

Yes, I get depressed sometimes and just want to hide from this illogical, hateful, and demeaning society, but I keep going. If I and you and all the oppressed quit, the USA will eventually be one big prison (walls all around it) with nothing but sheeple grazing on the what’s left over grass.

Quite unfortunate: it feels good for politicians to shame people. It creates endorphins to instill fear in the public and to come out as the hero slaying the monster. (Despite the fact that many of the lot of the already privately know that the majority of legally-labeled sex offenders, even child sex offenders(!), aren’t actually dangerous.)

The registry makes money out of doing this, and they (the politicians) know it good and well. It (the registry) is a legal tradition that’s been so ravishly ingrained into our American social culture, as well as intertwined financially deeply into our economy. They need the money we “dangerous” RSOs are required to fork over, since the USA is in dire debt, and need an underclass to pray on “for every cent they got.” What better way to achieve this than to take advantage of a group like us, what’s with our needing to pay out of our own pocket for Sex Offender group therapy programs, the ankle monitor, a heaping stack of restitution and other court fees (some of which aren’t always justified, if not simply outright undeserved)… the list goes on for some more items.

Creating a larger and larger pool of sex offenders has become a marketing scheme in America. They need more “Sex Offenderzz”, so that the business can grow. How sick and twisted does that sound!?

I hope my redundancy has made my point quite clear: It’s all about the money!

Of course they (politicians) don’t want to “let go of us”. They’ll lose all too much funding… and pride…, if they do.

Thanks AC. We are preaching to the wrong choir (I have also). I would suggest writing to article writers, congressman, POTUS, etc (I do not if you have or haven’t).

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