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Kat’s Blog: Media Can’t Leave Well Enough Alone

From the small town (pop. 2,000+) of Sardis, Mississippi came a Christmas Story with a happy ending, sort of.

Michael Clay Saripkin, a registrant, served as the Grand Marshal of the Sardis Christmas parade Dec. 11 2018. According to the news article most of the residents of Sardis have no problem with a man with a past being named Grand Marshal by the town’s Chamber of Commerce.

And isn’t that the way it should be, because everyone has a past.

The facts of Mr. Saripkin’s case can be read on this website in full so I won’t rehash all of them here. Suffice it to say that Mr. Saripkin seems to be an active member of his community, he donates to the fire and police department and works to bring businesses and jobs into this small town. His past actions are not as relevant to the town as his current upstanding actions in the community. (Seems like a community of sensible people.)

I can’t help but wonder why the town’s District Attorney John Champion felt the need to mention that he “doesn’t believe that it is illegal for a “sex offender” to be a Grand Marshal in a parade, but he would need to research it.” (First of all who asked him to research anything? And secondly, does he really believe he’ll find some obscure “No Registrants Can Be Grand Marshal” rule on the books!) Well, stranger things have happened I guess.

While one resident did display some displeasure at Saripkin being named Grand Marshal, he just thought it was “wrong for a “sex offender” to be chosen.” Maybe he wanted the position himself, who knows?

Kudos to the residents of this small town who can appreciate and accept a man for who he is now and who don’t feel the need to judge him because of his past mistakes. We all make mistakes.
And to those who think his appointment to Grand Marshal was “wrong”, I wonder if they think it’s wrong when he donates money to the town’s fire & police dept. or when he brings businesses and job opportunities to this small town. I bet they’re OK with that.

And while this story has a happy ending, the original news article which was aired by WMC 5 Action News, included in the same aired piece, a totally unrelated story about a 75 yr. old Wisconsin man who played Santa at an Oshkosh YMCA and who was fired after surveillance video allegedly showed him repeatedly assaulting a 3 yr. old girl.

Seems the media just couldn’t leave well enough alone when reporting something good that a registrant is doing for a community. They had to temper the first story with a second negative “sex offender” story.

Guess that’s what constitutes good journalism nowadays.


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Interesting viewpoint. I completely concur with your views, but did you see how many times this guy (one after another) has been arrested and convicted of sex crimes. If I’m not mistaken, sexual battery, assault and child related offenses? So, I would guess he is the worst of the worst? I might be ok with 1-2 convictions, but from the past articles, that wasn’t/isn’t the case. He didn’t make his 1-2 mistakes, turn his life around and move on.

Then tell us @USA, what is the mistake limit one can have and still be ok in your book? According to the Newsweek article, “Saripkin was convicted of sexual battery in 1990 and statutory rape in 1997 and 1998 in Tennessee. He was also convicted of touching a child for lustful purposes by a person of trust in 2013 in Mississippi.”

Four times from what I count across 23 years with 15 years between the last and previous incidents and five years between now and the last incident (which is a 28 year span for those of you counting at home). His only back to back was ’97 & ’98. What was the age of the other party in ’97 & ’98? Were they willing and consenting even if the state said they could not? Lustful (Biblical term there in the Bible belt no less) means what by MS law? Was the ’90 charge with an adult? This is MS being talked about here. The state with the worst lynching record in the history of this country and a dark state history that gives no one there the right to cast shade on anyone else without looking into the mirror.

Are you expecting him to reoffend soon based upon your thinking and with what analysis if so? How would you statistically place him? What is the better example they should have had to be grand marshal? You know what? The man himself has spoken here. Maybe he will read and share some history if he chooses to. In the end, he was the Grand Marshal where the people were ok with it.

Well stated. I really don’t have to defend my beliefs are views. As your well aware, his convictions or arrests where for the times he was caught! 3-4 convictions is serious business for sexually related crimes/as everyone is aware. I would imagine he is considered high risk.

As your now aware, I’m entitled to my opinion and you should be the last person to judge others? I think it’s wonderful (and lucky) he was picked as Grand Marshall, but there are always two sides to everything.
You can come at me with everything you have, but I stick by my opinion and that’s that! Go ahead and spend 30-60 mins writing a rebuttal/if that makes you feel better. Your entitled to your opinion lol

I think we are better off not judging the guy. Sometimes conviction date can be misleading, when an offense date can be years prior — in Washington State the statue of limitations is up to the victim’s 29th birthday if it occurred when they were a minor.

No one should ever reoffend but in the rare instances it happens, if someone does their time they should be restored like anyone else.

There needs to be a path to redemption.
I mean complete redemption. At some point anyone that has committed a crime needs to have all constitutional rights restored.
If you do the crime, you do the time, then….end of story.

@USA: Using the statement “As your well aware, his convictions or arrests where for the times he was caught!” makes no sense as the same statement could be used on those never caught/not registered.

E everyone is always looking at the SYSTEM and acting like it is a Golden model for Society to follow….How very wrong this is….the system is Terri le, horrible and abusive and causes a greAt percentage ofperpetual long lasting damages to reform and the benefit of Society and Government. t Government hurt its self and those it represents! Further we are our brother’s keepers…these men need our help and love and support !,, above all else …even when others give up on them ! We hold women in on to high a pedalstal and do not give social , leal, political etc balance justice to men ! Let’s start the change and know the problem ! Great slogan for men in trouble !… KNOW THE PROBLEM !,,, Then we can find and execute the real underlying problems ! Thanks ! And happy Hollidays !

Sorry last point at end of my post… recognising and finding answeres and doing what needs to be done is hard to shape and mold society,,,,,but it’s a stupid society that now allows accepts men’s issues as less important. …come to the new age of WOMEN, ETC..but we must find a way to excell and help others !!! This will not go away until Society has its fill of self righteousness satisfaction. …punishment…vengence….retaliation. …retribution. ….restitution and on and on ! This is what people always want when masses are incited ,instigated, promoted, encouraged and formatted in the framework of the law…..results are suppressed rights ! Oppressed people ! You can bet on Literal Hell on earth for those that are ousted in Society …..yet in a Country that is supposed to be educated and advanced civilised. ..most.just legal system! We are idiots at handling internal issues and always revert back to abusive mechanisms to subjugate and implement so called good policies and laws to Govern the people ! Look at the Supreme Court,validates homosexuality, allows abortion, excerpts Capital punisbment and much, much more ….Well,,,,,the Supreme Court can go to Hellllll ! There Laws are not mine and neither is this Registry my accountability or justice ! Know the problem….REGISTRY !!!

I’m not in agreement with the person who tried to sling harsh words to you. Granted, I’m a RC myself and know this is definitely not the place to judge anyone. I believe, personally, once can be a mistake. More than once, I believe you are either an idiot, or it is on purpose. I don’t know, it’s a hard pill to swallow. I’m trying, I believe like most people on this website, to put the past behind me. 3-4 convictions? Congratulations on being Grand Marshall I guess but you’re also a big reason why people think we cannot walk the straight and narrow, or that we will reoffend, or we are sick in our heads. The website says something along the lines of we don’t condone sexual abuse of any kind. I don’t either. I guess I don’t know what progress is. I know this: I made me look bad, I don’t need anyone else’s help. Controversial statements, sure, but it’s how I feel.

I don’t think your statements are controversial. Also, I think being listed on the Registries gives a person free reign to judge anyone as much and as harshly as they like.

I don’t like calling committing even one crime a “mistake”. I think that is too forgiving frankly.

As far as this guy committing multiple crimes, I’m not too sure how much of an effect it has on the public. The general public is completely clueless and they will believe any lies that the criminal regimes feed them. So their opinions likely will never have that much to do with reality. That is why it is important to counteract the lies of big government constantly.

Anyway, a person can literally be a career, lifelong criminal that commits crimes every single year and the idiotic “public” won’t care – as long as no $EX is involved. The public are lazy morons.

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