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OH: Parent’s petition to “Stop Child Sex Offenders and Child Abusers From Having All Rights To Children”

[ – 11/30/18]

“Im writing this petition because of the number of children that are hurt daily due to a failed judicial system and relaxed punishments for offenders. Plus I myself are going threw an custody battle for my daughter to try to keep her away from her father that has been convicted of abuse and sex crimes against his other children”

Read the petition she will send to Ohio government officials



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I flagged the request as bullying and harassment. I suggest others do the same. If they don’t take it down, so what, at least you tried.


Seems like her personal situation is being blown out of proportion. I flagged it as misleading information. There are already enough laws in place.

Hopefully petitions like this are useless ways to vent anyway.

Rights to raise children is considered a fundamental right. Therefore, any law to affect that right must be narrowly tailored and justified by a significant government interest. Since a judge can already tailor restrictions to an individual that needs restrictions from his own kids, I dont see how legislature would need to intervene and create an unconstitional law.

Of course, so many unconstitutional laws are written against sex offenders already they may just create it anyway and force people to fight it.

How do you flag it? I can’t find that link.

Down at the bottom: “report a policy violation”.

Below the reasons for signing is a link of “Report a policy violation.” You’ll have to establish or use an account but from there you can select why it’s a violation. Here’s what I put under “bullying and harassment”:
First, most sex offenders are “unknown” and right in front of your eyes (relatives, coaches, teachers, clergy). Second, 95% of all sex offenders never recidivate. Third, rearing a family has been ruled to be a fundamental right…meaning absent a change of opinion by the US Supreme Court, this petition is trying to achieve something unconstitutional.

I are threw reading such stupid petitions. It ain’t not right none which this is done! 🤪

I R 2! It’s amazing how inarticulate the hysterical mob tends to be. What I would like to see on is a “counter-signature” function where one can decrement the list of signatories by signing in opposition to the proposal.

The dumb, uniformed, lazy mob are who support the Registries. That and the politicians and other big government employees who take advantage of and use them.

Do people search for these nonsense petitions by names and keywords? Someone could set up the exact same counter-petition and just add one extra word to it. Like “nope” or “anti”. I bet we could drive a lot of signatures.

Apparently change is one-sided at

lol…that was the first thing I noticed in the petition.

Flagged it just now.

A perfect example of someone who seems to be under-educated when it comes to who and why people are on the registry, using the broad term “sex offender” to throw everyone under the bus.
It’s a shame.

I flagged it too



Jon Collins, and everyone that signed that petition, is ignorant. How do we know Jon Collins isn’t just being vindictive. Jon Collins said, “… I myself are going threw an custody battle for my daughter to try to keep her away from her father that has been convicted of abuse and sex crimes against his other children.” Do we know if Jon Collins’s daughter was abused, let alone sexually abused by anyone, let alone her father? You’d have to be a complete imbecile to sign a petition like that without knowing anything about the person who created the petition, and the people mentioned in it.

The problem is that people WILL sign the petition based solely on the message, no matter how inaccurate it may be. We know Jon Collins’ petition is filled with untruths based on emotion (far to often hate), but so what……. As long as we just keep the knowledge of what is true and false about us and how we are being treated to ourselves, then many such petitions will be written (albeit badly in the above case), and we will be further vilified and dehumanized. Please excuse the following small outburst: WE NEED TO STOP BITCHING ABOUT ALL THIS TO EACH OTHER AND START BRINGING OUR MESSAGE OUT INTO THE OPEN……PUBLICLY! My apologies for shouting. We can POST about the stupidity of others and the injustices we all suffer from until our grandchildren are senior citizens, and all we will have done, to our shame, is to have allowed the terrible wrongs we now suffer to be heaped upon yet another generation who will probably face even worse persecution than we ever saw. We MUST tell our stories. I am not talking about going out and disclosing our past deeds to the world. What we did long ago is no one’s business, what is believed about us and why it is all wrong needs to be everyone’s business. Our current (and future) laws will not change until the public can be “shown” why they must change, and terrible damage they are doing to people (men, women and children) every day. I realize that many are afraid of losing their jobs, or their housing, or their friends, but please understand…..any new “petition” could come down the pike at any time and take away whatever we have worked so hard for and kept so private for so long. People’s lives are literally at stake here, and a “better them than me” attitude is NOT ACCEPTABLE. We are all “them”…..all of us. We have to organize, stand together and fight, using the truth directly from us as our one and only weapon against a culture that has been taught to see us as unredeemable monsters who must be punished forever, and caged away from society. We can just post here a lot, wait, hope that good people like Janice continue to spend their time being “shown the door” after yet another attempt in court, or we…..we can take responsibility for our own need to see changes made to our laws, and to the way society sees and treats us. Your call…………

I’ve been trying for a long time to get people to write more on (more) public forums. I do think the pen is mightier than the sword. How much have you been posting on public forums?

I think a majority of people are swayed and affected by the OPINIONS of other people. I do think most people in the U.S. are weak sheep. They will support things that they think are popular and PC. If they think something is not, they won’t support it. Most of them don’t think.

I think when an article comes out about the Registries or whatever, the comments should be flooded with overwhelming opposition. That is what people need to see. I have seen the opposite.

I agree with your basic tenet, and that is why I don’t post here too often now. I don’t have that much time to post anything at all, and I want what little I can say to go towards the most good. That means confronting the public. That is what I believe will bring the most positive results progressively over time.

if your looking for some one to blame, blame yourself colins, you failed! you let it go that far, who knows, maybe you even looked the other way to avoid confrontation, maybe if she read and did research, recognize the difference between predator and registrant, we all know *and I don’t know why she doesn’t *each has there own and unique situation for why a person is on the list, so since she failed as a legal guardian to protect a child (maybe she shouldn’t be approved for legal guardianship) !!!

As a parent, I always did feel that it was primarily my responsibility to keep my children from being $EXUALLY abused. Obviously though, it is not a parent or child’s fault if the child is abused, the only fault lies with the perpetrator. But, I accepted and believed that since I know that there are people who will try to molest children, it was my responsibility to protect my children. So if they are molested, it would be hard to see where I would not be partially to blame. Maybe a tiny bit, maybe a whole lot.

I do agree with your idea that if children are molested, the parents should be examined. They did let it happen somehow. Maybe they could’ve done nothing, but much more likely is that they could have. Those parents might not be as fit as other parents.

I am a little bit confused about the “hang up” that people seem to have when they want to say things like you did about “the difference between predator and registrant”. I feel like a lot of people want to say things like “Registrants aren’t so bad but those predators, they are a problem, need to be watched, Registered (even!!!), etc.” Personally, I find those statements off-putting. Like people want to say I’m not so bad, look at THOSE people. I would say that most people who are Registered acted like predators at some point. So I wouldn’t really try to point out any distinction. Obviously anyone with even the tiniest amount of sense understands that all people who are listed on the Registries are not the same. But there are not people on the Registries who “deserve to be there”.


How about neurotic, busybody, overbearing, self-righteous, accusatory, presumptuous, narcissistic, mom’s lose custody of their children. it is a known fact in the psychological world that these types of parents cause tremendous psychological damage to children.

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