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MO: Salvation Army Opens Extreme Emergency Cold Weather Shelter

[ – 1/29/19]

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – The Salvation Army announced Tuesday they are opening up their extreme cold shelters due to extremely cold temperatures.

A picture ID will be required to stay overnight as there will be a Sex Offender Background Check.

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  1. USA

    Disgusting! I’m really rather disturbed to think that someone can be brought to justice, pay their debt to society and continue to be punished? Very disturbing. How about the gang bangers, drug dealers, prostitutes and drunk drivers. My legal issue was prostitute related. I can’t hide the fact that I feel prostitutes are probably worst then registered offenders. Who is really worst? I’m presently (OC) live within 8-10 massage parlors that are located in shopping centers, near Churches, close to a school and within walking distance to nice neighbors. What kind of people do these places attract? I’m also aware that ALL 10 of these places are basically brothels! OC probably has no less than 75-100 of these establishments. LA has even more. Why aren’t people in an uproar?

    • Will Allen

      You really feel “prostitutes are probably worst than registered offenders”? Surely not. A prostitute is not forcing anyone to do anything. They certainly should not be Registered and the only reason I can see to do so would be to harm them. You know, “shame” them and such. “Public safety”? Yeah, I don’t so.

      If Amerika actually were a free country, no one would even dream that prostitution would be illegal.

    • RegistrantNotOffender

      Prostitution shouldn’t even be a crime if it is between two consenting adults. But to say they are worst than offenders is just dumb. I hate the registry but I broke the law and acknowledge such, and I did hurt someone. Prostitutes are workers and some of them are forced into it.

      My state actually doesn’t punish prostitutes at all. They often get treatment and services while they go after the pimps.

  2. ReadyToFight

    Disgusting. Might as well put a sing at the door that says Sex Offenders can freeze to death for all we care.
    This shit is inhumane and I didn’t see a place to leave a comment.

  3. Dustin

    Betting a good handful of homeless don’t have picture IDs. Kicking them out for lack of id kinda defeats the purpose of opening the shelter to them, doesn’t it?

  4. Dustin

    Wrote to the two reporters of this article and their editors directly. Tired of watching these “look how wonderful we are” stories coming out when registrants are specifically excluded.

    • Will Allen

      I will write to them all as well.

      But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Sure, a “Sex Offender Background Check” is beyond idiotic and is “needed” only to pacify stupid people, but the article is insanely incomplete in that it does not say what the “check” is for or does. And surely they aren’t turning away people who simply cannot produce a picture ID, are they? That would be ridiculous.

      It is an obvious, simple fact that literally ANYONE who is allowed into a shelter could be a person who has committed hundreds of $EX crimes and no one even knows it. Is that really not obvious? So what good would excluding Registered People do? Does nothing useful. Nothing. That only “needs” to be done to pacify stupid people. Personally, I’m so, so tired of everyone in Amerika bending over backwards to placate stupid people. All Americans need to get a spine, stand up, and tell them to stop being idiots. Tired of catering to the lowest common denominator. Tired of their big government Registries.

      I won’t give 1 penny to the Salvation Army. I certainly wouldn’t if I found out they excluded “$EX offenders”. But I won’t anyway because I stopped helping ALL charities a couple of decades ago. I think all Registered People should avoid helping charities. Because you might be helping Registry Supporters/Harassers/Terrorists.

      It is unfortunate because pre-Registry, I used to help a lot of charities and gave piles of time and work to them. I have judiciously avoided that for decades now. I have much more capacity to help today than I ever had. But I think it is better and more fulfilling to directly identify people that you want to help and do it directly. Much more hands on. And really, it takes a lot more time, effort, concern, and humanity than helping the Salvation Army does.

      • Dustin


        From the article:

        “A picture ID will be required to stay overnight as there will be a Sex Offender Background Check.”

        Sounds like there only checking for registrants and if you have no picture ID, you can’t stay there. Betting registrants are being turned away on site, but it’s worded so the SA can deny discriminating against them, should they be accused.

      • TS

        @Will Allen

        It’s a liability coverage check for themselves (aka CYA) as a preventative measure.

  5. Harry

    Ladies and gentlemen, instead of kicking the can of complaining on this site, send them to the Salvation Army directly, which I will be doing. Here is their contact info.
    The Salvation Army National Headquarters
    615 Slaters Lane
    P.O. Box 269
    Alexandria, VA 22313

  6. Bluewall

    curious.. is this a government sponsor winter shelter run by the Salvation Army? there are known cases that if it government sponsored it means open doors for all, if it is just the Salvation Army sponsored there is repercussions.. Salvation Army got hit by alot of law suits when it discriminated against the LGBT members of the homeless community.. There is a write up somewhere where it was the judgement call of a volunteer to discriminate based on service animals, which didn’t reflect the policy of the Salvation Army… So is this a offical stance of the Salvation Army? or is it a volunteer stepping over the lines?

  7. wonderin

    Perhaps, they are requiring ID at the family center only and not at the adult? Doesn’t say.

    • Concerned Registrant

      Your question is exactly what I was thinking. The writer gives the shelter address for adults without children first, then the address for the shelter for people with children. The SA has already made a distinction to separate people without children from people with children. That distinction is there whether a person is a registrant or not. I believe the checking of ID is for the shelter with children, and that is a sensible restriction as long as a registrant can stay at the adults-only shelter. And I am a registrant convicted of a child-related crime.
      I read all the comments and wonder if most of us are not suffering from a “persecution complex.” Granted, we are persecuted, but that doesn’t mean we must dispense with common sense.

      • wonderin

        That’s true, Concerned Registrant. Keeping an open mind is always best.
        I have always had admiration for the Salvation Army above other charities I have known.
        I would like to hope they have not lost their way.

        • Will Allen

          I still admire them. But this is stupid. And I can’t do a thing for them since it might help Registry Supporters/Harassers/Terrorists. I won’t give a dime that might help them.

      • Will Allen

        Nothing sensible about that restriction. What happens if I show up at the “shelter with children” with my wife and children?

        As I’ve said a billion times, it doesn’t change the safety or risk level at all by excluding one or a hundred of the people who are listed on the big government Registries. Any person in that shelter could have committed more $EX crimes than anyone they exclude. Any person certainly could be 100 times more dangerous. Activities like this just promote and support the vast stupidity that is the witch hunt. It is nothing but security theater. Instead of actually protecting people, they pretend. It is much easier.

        Further, a “persecution complex”? Big government, for which I pay many, many times more than my fair share to support, has me on a hit list so that organizations, companies, people, whatever, all over the place can look for me just so they can treat me and my family in some insane way. For some minor transgression decades ago. In the meantime, they are cool with gang bangers and lifelong, literal career criminals!! They are cool with people who have gotten into arguments with people at shelters and shot them!! That is not a “persecution complex”. That is a person with a brain realizing that people who support that are dumbf*cks that need to mind their own idiotic selves.

  8. Chris f

    Anyone saving news articles for a future legal challenge to the registry should add this one to the list.

    In addition to the hurricane shelters, registrants now can’t escape freezing to death.

    The original justification for ease of access to information on those that commited a sex crime was so that the public could make their decisions based on the individual and his crime. Now it has devolved into a blanket denial from businesses, disaster services, and right to travel or live in a community no matter what the crime, circumstances, or time that had passed.

    And guess what…the likelihood of a sex offender being homeless is so much higher than anyone else that it makes this particularly cruel and unusual.

  9. TS

    This isn’t new with Salvation Army shelters as well as other rescue missions who operate shelters. It may not always be publicized they don’t accept POTRs. Having had experience with them when they open and operate shelters, this policy is standard operating procedure with them, even when they get government money to assist with operations at this time of year to make extra beds available.

  10. Beyond hope

    “We are sorry, but because you looked at a dirty picture 15 yrs ago, we must consider you a violent risk to the other felons, psychos, and drug addicts that we let in here. We wish you the best, now go out into the sub freezing streets, and have a nice day!”

  11. Facts should matter

    They’re starting to check for IDs when entering hospitals as well. Just another form of harassment, shunning and discrimination!

  12. Bill

    Wont give them any money. Do they ask for ID when they ring the bell etc…. sad

  13. C

    Does the SA run a background check on anyone dropping money into the red kettle during during the holidays? Next year I’ll be sure to deposit a note telling them to FO. If they’re willing to discriminate at levels so low it could lead to people freezing to death, they’ll never get another cent from this RC.

    • Will Allen

      That is a really good idea! I am going to start dropping a paper into their kettle that explains why I won’t give them any money, time, or anything else.

  14. Tired of this

    I heard about shelters opening for people to get out of the cold there. I thought to myself, I bet they aren’t letting registrants in. And, sure enough, registrants are excluded. They’d rather they freeze to death. How Christian and humanitarian of them.

  15. j

    I was wondering? do they put prostitutes on the registry? it seems that every one and everyone is on it buy never heard that? from what I heard it’s simply a citation.

  16. USA

    I know where your heads at Will! I don’t want brothels near schools, churches and places where I shop! Yet, they do. People ruin their lives visiting these places. I also don’t want my children in these areas as well. It’s common knowledge that many are drug users, many spread STD’s and the list goes on. Your thought process is way out there and you need to look at the big picture. Facts are facts way out there!

    • Will Allen

      My thought processes are not out there at all. In a free country, no one would dream that prostitution would be illegal. Obviously Amerika is not a free country, so there you have it.

  17. Cassandra

    Wow, looks like SA’s helped to kill this RSO this past week! This poor homeless rgistrant( a price club member) Andrew M. Rodiger froze to death behind a Waffle House in guess where! Springfield, MO!

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