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NC: Cleveland Co. Sheriff’s Office to start posting names of registered sex offenders on Facebook

[ – 2/18/19]

CLEVELAND COUNTY, N.C. – Cleveland County’s Sheriff’s Office is taking unprecedented steps to make sure you know if a sex offender moves in near you.

It is posting on its Facebook page information about sex offenders who have changed their address or who have just become sex offenders.

Officials said there is a higher percentage of registered sex offenders in the county than in other counties of similar size, so people need extra help to stay safe.

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  1. Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

    “Cleveland Co. Sheriff’s Office to start posting names of registered sex offenders on Facebook” Yes, that’s right – we can’t use FB but we will be placed ON Facebook. Here’s a quote for you: “The sheriff said he wants registered sex offenders to understand they are being watched and to make sure they don’t break the law.

    “You either need to find another county to live in other than Cleveland County or you are going to be in the Cleveland County jail,” said Norman.” So, if I’m understanding him correctly, he’s trying to get registrants to MOVE out of “his” county. Also, “We want our citizens to be notified of what’s moving into our community.” “What’s.” As in something subhuman.

  2. Dustin

    Could someone with Facebook access ask the sheriff what exactly are the steps the public is supposed to take to safeguard themselves from registrants? While you’re at it, ask him how many times someone was actually arrested for harassing, threatening, or intimidating registrants. I saw where he said they COULD be, but I for one am not assured that they would.

    • Will Allen

      Well, according to the article, the sheriff himself is actually so stupid that he has already harassed, threatened, and intimidated registrants. I mean, how stupid do you have to be to do that and then say that anyone who does it will be arrested, LOL?! Except you won’t be arrested if you are a law enforcement criminal, I expect.

      I’ve posted a number of comments on the criminals’ Facebook page. I don’t really care to ask the criminal sheriff anything because I don’t care to listen to his stupidity and lies. I fully expect that he is just yet another useless, backwards, un-American dumbass.

      But the answer seems obvious to me – Registries do make “common sense”. If someone has been dangerous in the past, in any way, why would you not want to know? I wouldn’t mind knowing about anyone, for anything. But the problems come in where just basically and generally, people who live in the U.S. are just not capable of responsibly having and using Registries.

      I think we all know the deal. People just knowing about a person’s past isn’t necessarily an issue. But the fact that is not done for everyone makes it immoral and un-American. Then you pile on all of the extra punishments and other stupidity …. and forget about it. No American can support it.

      I had a great weekend completely neutralizing the Registries. They did nothing useful with respect to me. In fact, they were very counterproductive. So good job for big government, I guess.

      Regarding Facebook though – no government entity should be allowed to use it. Ought to be illegal. Entities that use it should be sued. And if YOU want to use it, have you ever just thought about asking a friend to post for you? Have them set up an account that is only for your thoughts. Then just write things for them to post. Can it be your account if you don’t even know the password and have never touched it? I don’t think so. Is there any reason that a person can’t have a Facebook account and post their conversations with a friend there?

      • Dustin

        Decided to go one step further. Sent the following complaint to the North Carolina Attorney General’s office –

        Recently, the Cleveland County Sheriff decided to publish sex offender registrant relocation on Facebook, pointing out that one could be arrested for threatening, intimidating, or harassing them.

        In the same article, the Sheriff was quoted as saying “Beware, we are going to put you on social media.” and “You either need to find another county to live in other than Cleveland County or you are going to be in the Cleveland County jail.”

        Sounds pretty threatening, harassing, and intimidating to me. For that matter, I can think of no other purpose for such postings, as the registry already notifies the public of the presence of registrants.

        Please take action.

        Suggest others follow suit.

        • Dustin

          Also emailed NCRSOL. I think they have some weight in North Carolina.

        • Will Allen

          Perfect. People who support the Registries are crybabies. They want to have their hit lists in peace and be able to pat each other on the back and talk about how great they are and how they are protecting children.

          They deserve no peace. They deserve to have the quality of their lives lowered. Sow hate, reap hate.

  3. NY won’t let go

    Not sure about there but I’m pretty sure what he is doing is illegal in most if not all states registry laws where you use the registry to harass people

  4. AJ

    1. So has there been a spike in sex offenses since this “wave” has occurred? Oh wait, the double and triple checking of addresses solves that. I’m sure they will meet with continued success with that money wasting idea.

    2. Let’s see, leave the county or go to jail. Could I have a third option, kind Sheriff? How about I live peacefully and mind my own business? Or has Boss Hogg outlawed that?

    3. I was heartened to see not only a comment about it being an invasion of privacy, but that the comment attributed AND that they published counter-point comment. Baby steps, but steps they are.

    4. I suspect I know the answer to this one, but I wonder what FB thinks about this and what, if anything, they will do about it.

  5. Facts should matter

    We can’t use FB, yet FB is used against us via virtue-signaling by the local pig pens.

    What a country.

  6. Joe

    Of the 318 adult registrants in Cleveland County, NC 10 are female -> 308 are male and adult.

    Cleveland County population is 97,334, 52% are female, 22.1% are minors ( -> 36,395 are male and adult.

    36,395 / 308 -> 1 out of every 118 adult male residents of Cleveland County is a registered sex offender and warrants an active warning to the community.


    • AJ

      Your data is what needs to be posted on the sheriff’s FB page.

    • Mp

      Interesting numbers.

    • TS

      I want to add to Joe’s numbers above with this and encourage anyone who wants to use them to go ahead and post them to Sheriff’s FB page, News station article, etc (which if you do use the data, please let us know here you did so):

      318 registrants/97,334 people in Cleveland county = 0.003267 reg/1 cty person or 0.3267/100 people

      341 registrants (home facts)/157,974 people in Catawba County (US Census) = 0.002185 reg/1 cty person or 0.2185/100 people

      163 registrants (home facts)/89,293 people in Burke County (US Census) = 0.001825 reg/1 cty person or 0.1825/100 people

      Now, the article states other nearby county statistics are:

      Burke County has about a third fewer (registrants) in a county slightly smaller in population (actually it is nearly half 163/318 = 51.26% since a third fewer would be ~105 less not 155 less using current data)

      Catawba has fewer sex offenders, with 50 percent more people (actually has 23 more registrants, not less, with 60,640 more people, >61%, using current data)

      So per capita, Cleveland County has more registrants (which the sheriff was correct about by 1/10 of 1 registrant per 100 people) but is that worth the increase in added verification?

      Let’s look at verification:

      It is interesting that the Sheriff is doing 2-3x more checks since by NC State Assy Law ( registrant’s are already subjected to bi-annual in the mail verification checks required to be returned in person mail within three days to the Sheriff as shown under § 14-208.9A, Verification of registration information.

      With what he says, his deputies are going on a quarterly basis at least with two extra checks in addition to the two already in the law or as much as every ~2.4 months with three extra checks in addition to the two already in the law.

      IMO, it sounds like he is wanting more money from the state for these added checks (or more deputies) and this is his way of asking for it since he cannot make headway with the legislators he needs to work with and not just a fair warning of what he intends to do with FB on top of what he is already doing 2-3x more than already legislated.

      Is anyone monitoring the pages to see if the fine sheriff is replying back to comments or maybe the author?

  7. Timothy

    I cannot speak for NC, but in Wisconsin cops posting used to be unlawful per stat.175.45(6). (WI v N. Constanteneau)
    NCRSOL & Mr Robin V. and an attorney named. Paul Dubbeling are doing great things. So many wins are piling up in NC against the surveillance saints, it maybe the first to fall.
    Too many cops are making bones on the backs of the already completed. It has to stop.

  8. Matthew

    Well, are attorneys not going to do anything about this? Stuff like this needs to be kept for future lawsuits.

  9. R M

    Wrote to

    If you’re going to report news…. make the news accurate.


    “Registered Sex Offenders New Addresses Posted On @facebook
    Cleveland County Sherriff Alan Norman said it is an extra step for public safety. His office now posts when registered sex offenders who change addresses. He said he has a high % of sex offenders & must protect people.”

    YOU ARE JUST REGURGITATING WHAT OTHERS SAY WITHOUT REGARD TO THE FACTS. And I’m guessing it’s because you fear the false safeness that if all previous sex offenders are tracked/restricted/watched/jailed/dead you will be safer. NOT TRUE: 95+% of registered people who have committed a sex crime in the past NEVER commit another one. “The offenders who commit NEW sex crimes are not registered sex offenders, they’re parents, coaches, clergy, teachers, siblings, etc… those close in relationship to the victim. Stop the fear and hysteria brought upon you by the government and greed.” (and there are least 17 others studies that prove this)

    You are being stupid, ignorant sheeples and/or at the very least looking for subscribers that you don’t research before you report.

    • Will Allen

      Great job. I do think it is most effective to contact the media. At least they should try to be objective. Rubes like the sheriff don’t have enough sense to be.

      I would have addressed one other issue though. When you say “NEVER commit another one”, the simpletons who support the Registries think that is because of the Registries. They think that if the Registries did not exist, then 95+% “would commit another one”. So that always has to be addressed. Maybe with something as simple as, “And contrary to fact-less, emotionally-based beliefs/fantasies/lies, the Registries have been proven to not prevent or hinder $EX crimes in the slightest. In reality, Registries cause and increase crimes, including $EX crimes.”

      And remember that you never have to substantiate or validate anything that you say. The “people” participating in the “$EX offender” witch hunt don’t care about facts. So say your facts and just keep repeating them.

      • R M

        @Will, thanks for the suggestion. I write so many of these type of responses and honestly, I get tired of it (way more than what I post on here). Some times I purposely leave stuff out to try and get them to respond 🙂 It doesn’t seem to work though; I rarely get a response from anyone no matter what I write.

        • Will Allen

          Yep, I rarely get responses as well. And if I do, they are short. But people are very busy so I expect that. And I doubt that reporters want to specialize in Registry reporting.

          But even if you don’t get a response from someone, I do expect that people read these. And that WILL affect their opinions, even if they don’t even realize it themselves. Same thing even with the most idiotic Registry zealot out there. They are affected, even if they don’t want to be.

          I’ve written short, kind, factual notes about the Registries and when I don’t have time to address something specifically, I will just send that. I think it would even be effective to send the exact same note to the same person 100 times.

          The worst thing that can be allowed to happen is just allowing these clowns to talk about Registries without them hearing any opposition. Then it looks like no one gives a damn and that “$EX offenders” just accept it. F that. I will make them understand that they will pay for their harassment, whether they want to or not and whether they know it or not. They have paid and will continue to do so.

  10. C

    Um, I thought sex offenders weren’t allowed on FB.

    • AO @ C

      FB has a ToS of no RC’s (they can lock your account based on that). There’s no law that say we can’t be on FB. In fact, a couple of years ago SCOTUS specifically ruled that no laws can be made to bar is from FB.

    • Will Allen

      Facebook doesn’t have any policy about “sex offenders”. They would have no possible way to even identify any significant number of those people (maybe they could 1,000 people nationwide?!). I don’t even know how they would do it. They’d have to watch court proceedings or something?!

      Facebook does have terms of service that say (in effect) that Registered People cannot use it. Those people are obviously identifiable by the big government $EX Offender Registries.

    • C

      That was sarcasm, but thanks for the info. 🙂

      • Will Allen

        Hehe, wondered if it was. Actually I wondered if it was a joke. Cause that is fairly funny.

        But either way, I would have said, “Um, I thought Registered People weren’t allowed on FB.” THAT was my point.

        • R M

          Even if, and If I’d even do this, a person had access to FB (I really don’t care for those that do as it has been hacked and disbanded in some countries), had access through a friend or family or stranger, I would not use Facebook….. as they succumb to the database collecting assholes of this once free land.

  11. Joe

    So, if it were not for these 318 threat centers, Cleveland County is such a utopian paradise that this county of 97,000 employs 12 (twelve!) full time cops (school resource officers) to keep the county’s children (15,000) in line, AT school.'s.htm

    This country has turned into one of those sh!tholes one hears about.

  12. j

    being watched? how about being a target, how does putting a person on FB considered being watched?

  13. ali

    My facebook account got suspended recently. I wonder if it had anything to do with being a sex offender? here is their email.


    We’ve determined that you’re ineligible to use Facebook. Your account has been removed for violating the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, Section 3.1.

    For more information about the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, please visit:

    For safety and security reasons, we can’t provide additional information as to why your account was disabled.

    This decision is final.



    • AO @ Ali

      You being on the registry is likely the reason as that’s part of section 3.1. The interesting thing though is that TOS says “convicted”. But I’m guessing that’s just short-hand for being on the public registry and I doubt someone with the CA expungement would get a pass. Sadly, there’s literally zero ways to directly communicate with someone at FB to resolve any issue. I’d roll a new account, and maybe change your name slightly so that you can’t be pigged directly. It’s not against the law so you should be fine.

      • NY won’t let go

        I know NY supplies the email addresses to social media sites so that they can be banned/reported. That’s how I got banned from AirBnB too.

        • Ali

          I think Airbnb figured it out automatically. I only reported my twitter and facebook name.

          Yet my instagram and twitter is still active.

    • RegistrantNotAnOffender

      Yup, Packingham the young man who won the case to allow us on social media had his FB under a fake name.

    • Facts should matter

      If you uploaded a photo of yourself, It was most likely flagged as a “hit” with the SOR. Facebook utilizes Biometric Facial Recognition.

  14. Laura

    What a silly, mean and vindictive man this Cleveland County Sherriff Alan Norman is.

  15. Gwen

    Well this is what I read from the NC Offender Registry website….. Not sure who this Sheriff thinks he is?
    Acceptable Use Policy
    This information is made available for purposes of protecting the public, for keeping them informed and for allowing them to take proactive measures to ensure safety in their communities. Use and/or misuse of this information by individuals, groups or entities to commit criminal acts (to include, but not limited to, threats, intimidation, stalking, harassment) against other persons is subject to criminal prosecution.

  16. troy

    barney fife in action

  17. mike r

    Let’s see them claim that is not traditional shaming. These people are idiots with nothing better to do except waste tax payer money, and try and gain community support for their own careers. I bet the guy has some skeleton in his closet. All these people that do this crap need to be investigated. How many ties has it ended up being they were doing something wrong. More times than a first time offender re-offends I am sure.

  18. Mike G

    No, no … this isn’t shaming, threats, intimidation, stalking, or harassment; it’s just like going to the DMV.

    • e (formerly E)

      Yeah when I joined Price Club the local sheriff plastered my picture and new membership ID… along with my height, weight, all my license plates, home address, VIN numbers, tattoos and birthmarks, all over Facebook and tweeted it to the world.

  19. E

    This sheriff has an email. It is listed on their dept. site. Let him know what you think. This is what I did.

    • Will Allen

      Yep, criminals like this sheriff ought to get 100,000+ e-mails.

      I often wonder if I should be messing with local rubes like him but then I always like to think of how “people” like him are a cancer in the body of MY country. Doesn’t matter where they are, they need to be eradicated. Especially if I am not allowed to travel or live internationally. In that case then, I’m taking THIS country. All of it, all the time.

      Because truly, the rube may think it is “his” county and I have no business talking to him because I don’t live there. But that’s nonsense because I was near there just a few weeks ago. I’m always looking around to see if I might want to buy a home in areas where I go. Or a business. Or whatever. I could very easily decide that I want to own property there. Or have friends or family that do.

      So these cancers need to be controlled. Even if they don’t spread and infect decent areas, it’s not acceptable that they exist.

  20. RegistrantNotAnOffender

    Facebook won’t do anything. They ban us and my sherrif post info about level 3s moving into the area.

  21. Cool RC CA

    This is going to backfire!!!

    ” 1 out of every 118 adult male residents of Cleveland County is a registered sex offender” which mean those 1 RSO has at least 4 or 5 family/friends going to bite back.. 5 out of 118 residents might bite back. It gotta hurt..

    I m interested in knowing how this turns out.

  22. David

    My conviction was 20+ years ago in Miami-Dade. Glad I moved to a much better place to start a brand new life.
    Miami-Dade is truly a sh#thole – it deserves to sink into the ocean!

    • R M

      “it deserves to sink into the ocean!” Help them do it David.

      • Joe

        No need for David to get involved. The “hoax” known as global warming will take care of that, slowly, silently, but surely. It is already an engineering challenge of sizeable proportions to keep low-lying coastal Florida dry. Every centimeter of rising ocean levels exacerbates the problem.

        Somewhere I read that large parts of Florida were developed, back in the 50s, at such a rapid pace that infrastructure had no chance to keep up with construction. Therefore, many parts of Florida are not on sewer lines but have septic tanks. Which now are bubbling to the surface with the rising ground water and leaking. Oh sh!t!

  23. Will Allen

    This criminal sheriff is (of course) continuing to post pictures on the big government’s Facebook page ( so I just now posted another comment there. I’d encourage everyone to do the same. The rubes will attack you. Unfortunately, there are probably some smarter people who have posted there in support of the sheriff’s harassment but none of them will say much. At least they are smart enough to hide a little bit. There are some truly stupid people posting there though. I’ve got to learn to just block those people and ignore them, I can’t make them smarter.

    Obviously we can’t police and educate every criminal sheriff in the country, but we can have fun with some of the harassers. I like to make them understand that tens of millions of people in the country can’t support them or give a damn about what happens to them. It’s unfortunate but there must be war.

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