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Philippines: US gives BI pat on the back for blocking 200 American sex offenders

The United States government has commended the Bureau of Immigration (BI) for preventing 200 American registered sex offenders (RSOs) from entering the Philippines in 2018.

Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said Friday the bureau was recently awarded a certificate of commendation by the US Embassy in Manila after registering the second highest number of excluded American RSOs throughout the world last year.

Mexico, which shares a land border with the US in the southwest, recorded the highest number of intercepted RSOs. Full Article

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  1. NY won’t let go

    Isn’t this completely contradicting the whole “we are not restricting travel” thing? Which would make Angel watch unconstitutional at the very least.

    • Gralphr

      Were murderers allowed to enter?

      • NY won’t let go

        I can say without a doubt that if you were a murderer and not on the registry you could get into the Philippines.

        The whole situation is ironic when their own president has proudly admitted to molesting and raping underage women as well as degrading them as lesser people.

        It’s okay for locals to do all this shit and exploit children, but god forbid one of us go and enjoy the beach or food.

        So many documentaries and news stories about the place where the parents are exploiting their children and selling them online, or live-streaming unspeakable shit that they are doing to their kids for money.

        I know there are quite a few people on here who have wives and families in the Philippines and it’s sad that they cannot be together because of the hypocrisy.

    • KM

      Actually. You’re right. They have said in court docs that they do not restrict travel abroad, yet the commend nations that use the data theybsend to do just that?

      • Bounty

        We literally have a bounty on our heads. The government is giving others rewards for catching us.

  2. DD

    “Department of Homeland Security, Operation Angel Watch targets RSOs traveling abroad who are likely to engage in child sex tourism” What happened to due process? Who decided who is likely to engage in child sex tourism? The cops who are there to enforce the law? The politicians who passed the law? Or someone who may actually be competent and qualified such as a psychiatrist?

  3. R M

    “A global initiative of the Department of Homeland Security, Operation Angel Watch targets RSOs traveling abroad who are likely to engage in child sex tourism.”

    How many of the 900K+ registered have been convicted of sex tourism?

  4. Will Allen

    Obviously, our criminal governments are full of liars. Anyone doubt that? Make them pay. Bottom line. They don’t deserve to be in my country.

  5. troy

    you have to look at some of these nation s who are DEPENDANT OF US FUNDS,surely they will go what the us government says ie US VIRGIN ISLANDS

  6. Harry

    I still do not understand why the IML law suit did not go anywhere?

    • DD

      The first lawsuit, the judge ruled was premature as we will not know what effects the law will have. The second one, was a technicality that would have just delayed the implementation, I believe the judge just wouldn’t buy the argument because it would just cause a delay. The third future challenge will probably have to include many offenders and include proof it is violating their constitutional right to travel. The government would argue they’re not stopping you from traveling, the other country is. And back and forth. It’s reasonable to say its unconstitutional but hey, so is the registry and who won that fight?

  7. wonderin

    “Sex offenders, or those who have been convicted of a crime involving moral turpitude, are excludable under the Philippine Immigration Act.”

    Funny how they only concern themselves with a couple of hundred (visiting) sex offenders and apparently allow thousands of people convicted of moral turpitude to pass freely through their gates.

    (IMO) This is not an immigration issue. It is only a visitation and should be addressed by a visa request so that EVERYONE can be scrutinized before entry.

    • wonderin

      Please allow me to be clear:

      I see no justification through the immigration act for restricting a visit from registrants, only.
      Their crimes do not necessarily warrant discrimination unless it has been shown that they have been convicted of prior acts of sexual crimes against a country they have visited.

      The same principle should apply for any visitor who has been convicted of prior acts of any crimes against a country they have visited.

      No one can dispute the importance of a government protecting it’s citizens from unscrupulous people but to single out one type of perpetrator over another is blatantly discriminatory & uncalled for.
      To ignore the sincerity demonstrated by previous registrants who’ve visited and rewarded this country is a slap in the face along with anyone they may have bonded with.
      To purposely inflict pain and suffering on them and their Pinoy children without any rational merit is the act of a cruel and sadistic government policy.

      If the Philippines chooses to enact a visa process so that visitors are scrutinized, than so be it but this policy thats in place now is totally unfair to only one type of person based on no factual evidence.
      In fact, it it’s much likelier that anyone traveling to commit a sex crime will be an unknown, as statistics will show.

  8. AO

    Would US passing out awards for this hurt their cause of “we’re not restricting travel” if sued? How do the two things reconcile themselves since the US obviously wants all RSO to be blocked from traveling abroad?

  9. Jason

    The Philippine government receives $1.4 million in funding annunally from the State Dept’s anti-trafficking program. The only way to receive this funding is to main a Tier 1 status, our gov’t travels to the Philippines to give training three times a year, they discuss Angel Watch program in all these meetings, the recommendations to maintain Tier 1 status is to follow through on their recommendations one being refusing entry of RSOs. I have family that works in the immigration dept in this country and I hear all the currupt stories. Their own President has openly admitted to sexually assualting an underaged maid. SMH!

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      It seems to me that this is a good argument that the U.S. Government IS denying us the right to travel and not merely providing information to foreign governments to do with as they wish. This should be part of a court challenge to IML.

      • AJ

        @Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly:
        I agree, as it certainly seems to lend credence that the Feds are something more than quasi-neutral sharers of information. Were they anywhere near neutral, they wouldn’t be handing out trophies and spurring competition among countries to see who can make the top of the list for banning people. They’re putting their thumbs on the scales.

        • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

          AJ, as such, we should be very grateful that the U.S. has decided to hand out awards to their IML-compliant client states. This is very good ammunition, or should be. Now we await the law to be considered “ripe” for a challenge and sue the bastards. Getting an action shot of Rep. Chris Smith, N.J. attending one of these award ceremonies would be a plus.

        • AJ

          @Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly:
          “Getting an action shot of Rep. Chris Smith, N.J. attending one of these award ceremonies would be a plus.”
          Given how much of a h@rd-on he has about this, I believe “money shot” more fitting.

        • Will Allen

          AJ (February 13, 2019):

          That is fitting since he’s a pr*ck.

          Actually, I haven’t studied his stupidity/crimes much at all. I just have a good general impression that he is a zealous Registry Idiot/Nazi. F him and his whole criminal family. He’s fairly old, hopefully nature will take its course extremely soon, like tomorrow. Or he can do it himself. I don’t care, I absolutely will celebrate.

          Got to spread the love, I mean hate.

  10. Agamemnon

    I’d be interested to see what the Philippines sex crime rates (both domestic and international) were before and after Angel Watch was implemented.

    • Hypocricy

      The leader of their country makes comments about how women get raped because they are pretty. The country as a whole is a beautiful paradise with a loving , accepting population. Countries around the world would be much better off without their government!

  11. Ca Cool RC

    Do they want a star on their forehead as well?

    • Mike G

      Sure thing!

      But they would rather have a star (or something else) tattooed on our foreheads!

  12. American Detained in America

    It’s crap like this that has prevented me from going back there to visit family. I’m sick of this and praying hard for my COR to be granted later this year so I can at least travel in this country without having to constantly worry about local requirements anywhere I go.

  13. USA

    I’ve visited PI twice. It’s a very corrupt country. You can pay off police officers and politicians! You could probably bribe customs! FYI: I already have. Prostitution is rampant! School girls commonly go to bars at night to assist with school. It’s nuts. The real deal is this. Who should anyone (ie: myself) be banned from traveling anywhere after paying my debt to society and all of my charges have been dismissed?

  14. bob

    See here we go again with something that “MIGHT HAPPEN” its the same as the I MIGHT ROB A BANK… you cant arrest someone for the I MIGHT…

    “I commend our officers deployed at our ports of entry for a job well done. Because of your vigilance and alertness, you were able to turn away these sex offenders to protect fellow Filipinos from possible exploitation,” Morente said in a statement.

    Same with the LOSER Parole agent I had here in San Diego … ohh you cant do that as something “MIGHT HAPPEN !”

    well I guess who really cares to goto a third world country…. (Mexico and Philippines) Good for them at least they wont be getting the american dollar !

  15. T

    Nothing of what countries like the Philippines have done is an accomplishment. The US is using the child sex trafficking and tourism phenomenon as a make believe fear factor to manipulate other countries to do whatever US wants. One day this is all going to change.

    • Robert

      Back about 4 years ago I was researching the AWA act and had many windows on my pc open. What happened was I came across a letter that was from the State Dept and it was addressed to some government official in New Zealand. What was in the letter was the State Dept telling New Zealand to get onboard with denying sex offenders entry onto their country and be part of IMLor the US will deny all citizens of New Zealand entry into the US.I went to print that letter out and when I hit print all hell broke loose on my pc. The screen went haywire and it hasn’t worked since. But I know what I read. The US blackmailing other countries to join IML. If I could have printed that letter out it was going straight to Janice. I have not been able to find that page again with that letter

  16. Albert

    While they rejoice for their achievement, people are sentenced and punished for committing no crime. American citizens are discriminated, embarrassed and humiliated, just for mistakes they made and paid their debt to society, not for facts that demonstrate they are going to commit any crime. If there are RSOs traveling abroad to commit sex tourism crimes, they, not all RSOs must be punished for those crimes. Why make everybody pay? The law doesn’t make any child safer if the RSO has turned his life around and is living a healthy and good life. And I can tell there are many, the majority of us who are living not in line with a mistake we have made and regret. The Majority of RSOs are no danger to any minor, despise our mistakes. This law punishes people who are playing by the rules. It is destroying families. There are close to a million of us who are forced to register, and hundred of thousands who were in the registry. Most of us can vote. Besides, we have family and friends, who in most cases support us and see this perpetual punishment as unjust. It is time for us to organize and send a message to politicians who constantly punish those who are doing well. We need to organize and make our voices and votes to be heard.

  17. NY won’t let go

    Oh hey look at the super caring president who loves women at a equality rally calling them bitches. 😂 funny that we can’t get into a country where the president has said that since he was mayor he should have been able to rape the pretty women first.

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