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U.S. Marshalls: Citizens can provide leads and tips on non-compliant registrants


The frightening aspect involves reporting of non-compliant sex offenders. There are so many things wrong with this. First it perpetuates the myth that former sex offenders represent a heightened danger. Also, people are free to report what they, as untrained private citizens, consider to be non-compliance. Any unsubstantiated report of a technical violation of registration requirements will cause considerable discomfort to a registered citizen. If that person happens to still be under supervision, the report will quite likely result in at least temporary jail time, until an investigation is complete. This opens the door to simple harassment; another way for persons to assault registered citizens without risking criminal sanctions. This website should be limited to tips regarding actual fugitives.

The leads page


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Have citizens always had this right, or did the marshals just now give authority to the citizens and what gave authority for the marshals to issue this authority?

So funny. Because the Registries exist, and only because of that, I’ll never report anything to any law enforcement. They are just going to have to try to get by on their own. Maybe they can get help from the dumb, pathetic losers who support the Registries? That will be helpful, I’m sure, lol. Those “people” are always well grounded in reality. That really does make me laugh my ass off. Very enjoyable.

I have a large number of children. They are all very successful. Some of them have children. ALL of them are anti-big government. They are teaching their children that. They know that law enforcement criminals should never be trusted.

We have tens of millions of people who believe that. It has very real effects.

Add this to the list of things the federal government does in violation of equal protection to those people that states decide to put on the list.

Since each of these things can affect a similarly situated individual in one state but not another with different criteria for registration, it is a pretty clear violation.

Angel watch notices
EEOC guidlines to use registries to deny employment
Federal housing assistance denial
And now a tattle tale request.

From looking at the page it seemed like it was for the people on the most wanted list. But with a very badly worded title.

I quit reporting thing when I had called about shots fired and they wanted to investigate me instead of the person shooting at my house.

We’ll, I guess I’ll have to have a personal body cam recording 24/7, to assuage any harassment from uninformed do gooders.

On the plus side, as long has someone has a cell phone, since location records are always being kept, including by google (yes even when they are turned off). A location could be provided for any given time.

Also. Could someone be held liable for making a flase police report? Or is just being a dumbass legal?

No. This crap has to be stopped. One reason I refuse to get a passport is because I don’t want to have to notify a federal agency way in advance of travel all the details of travel only to get denied entry somewhere else as a result of notice from the United States and/or an identifier on a passport saying I am a sex offender.

I’ll be waking up at nights in a cold sweat. That is, after I’m laying awake for hours. None of this is good for my physical well being or my state of mind.

Maybe I will pay an attorney a monthly retainer. Oh jeez, I don’t have that much money.

Looks like another punishment had been added.

So do they all get deputized and receive “ junior G man” certificates? Do they get Starbucks rewards points for turning people in?

This is “Soccer Mom Empowerment”

Awesome, reminds me of the good old days of the Fugitive Slave Act when citizens were required to report escaped slaves. Keep up the insanity politicians and law enforcement. Eventually it will get so outrageous and so many people will be victims of the registry that it will collapse under it s own gluttony.

How many sex offenses must go unreported because of the punitive nature of the registry? Remember most offense are within families and those close to the victim. The nature of the registry is punitive not just to the offender but their families. So why would ANYONE report ANY sex offenses happening within their family?

Good question. I don’t think people would. As a parent, if I’m having trouble with one of my children, do you think I’m going to turn to law enforcement? Never.

For other reasons, but very related, I’m not going to report any crime unless it will help me. Otherwise, forget about it. I don’t see anything, I don’t say anything. About anything.

Government is not the answer for moral solutions. I’ve taught all of my children that. They are now very successful adults who are teaching other people the same. We need widespread, multi-generational contempt, mistrust, and disrespect for law enforcement. There are tens of millions already practicing that. Go Registries!

Yep US Marshalls Office=Another LOSER Organization !!! These wanna be thugs came out to my place on my last “raid” aka compliance check… there was a total of like 5 or 6, Sheriff, US Marshalls, and parole losers…

No reason for it other than to be NOSEY and intimidate… they didn’t find crap for a viloation either and went away empty handed… funny thing, is I had a computer just not where they could find it… shows ya how retarded all of them were (sheriff parole and USM) Thing is these so called GOVT idiots want the PUBLIC to do their job for them, call in tips.. or If you saw something “HELP US DO OUR JOB” kinda bs…

Imagine going in to register and when pig person behind desk that wants to REGISTER you you dont tals… “I DONT TALK TO LAW ENFORCEMENT”, wonder if they could arrest you haha

As it is when the LOSERS Come out I dont goto the gate… And now that I have a RING Video doorbell Ill be posting the link in JUNE when they come by (probably in General)… Ill actually ask Janice to make a new post on it (or a mod ??)

I got pulled over for tinted windows about a year ago or so,,, cop says where ya coming from … I said.. BACK THERE ahha Most of the law enforcement is CORRUPT lying etc.. same with the DA’s to the judges, totally unfair and corrupt system ! Or I should say the DDA’s… funny thing here is the DDA Couldnt even make a “DEAL” she had to get approval from her stupidvisor as it was….

do I get a shiny new badge and popgun for being a snitch?

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