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FL: Bill to ban child sex dolls advances in Florida legislature

A Florida bill to ban childlike sex dolls passed its third Senate committee on Wednesday and is headed to the Senate floor.

Sen. Lauren Book, D-Plantation, sponsored SB 160  amid an international conversation surrounding child sex dolls and their link to increased sexual preying on children. Full Article

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  1. Lake County

    I’m really wondering what they’re putting in the Floridah water. They constantly come up with the craziest laws. What’s next, drawings of stick figure children will be banned if you don’t draw clothes on them?

    So the basis of this law is a Canadian study that found “that use of child pornography increases the risk of recidivism.” I’m not sure what that would have to do with plastic dolls. Pictures of children are real, a plastic doll is not.

    I can’t actually understand the desire to have sex with a plastic doll, but I guess sex dolls wouldn’t be produced if there wasn’t a market for them. (Maybe most are purchased as gag gifts)?

    I would love to see this go before the courts, but who would be willing to be a plaintiff in this case other than a manufacturer? – Your Honor, my client has been denied his constitutional right to own a manikin made of plastic because the government fears he might have sex with it. My client says that he views it as piece of art and that he has not had sex with it. – That would be the funniest court hearing ever.

    • C

      “What’s next, drawings of stick figure children will be banned if you don’t draw clothes on them?”

      Next? I think that ship has sailed.

      I’m thinking the novelty of any sex doll would wear off pretty darn fast unless updates and mods are released quickly. Otherwise, one might as well get married.

  2. totally against public registry

    The Book family must have nothing else to do- now they are banning dolls? She should be focusing on making life better for everyone and not excluding a certain percentage of the population, whom she has hate and rage against.

  3. Timothy

    Ban on dildos? Small vibes.

  4. Facts should matter

    “Child pornography increases the risk of recidivism.”

    Her ignorance is dangerously convenient. No wonder Florida is in the shape it’s in.

    • AO

      Ignorance means to be unaware. Given her history and position, she’s anything but ignorant of the facts. She and her father simply choose to ignore the facts because it directly clashes with their ideals and goals.

  5. 290 air

    “It’s like tempting an addict with their drug of choice,” Book said

    If that is her opinion then why doesn’t she work on getting billboards of alcoholic products removed from around where her dad hangs out?

  6. Harry

    The Books has much more experiences about these dolls then the average RC, this is first time I knew any of them existed.

  7. LINDA

    There isn’t an answer for this Book woman . How crazy is she ! Wonder how her mind works .

  8. troy

    I think the TRUE sex offenders are the politicians who dream of these bills

  9. Notoriously Life-Like Latex D.I.K.

    “Craig Crenshaw, a registered sexual offender in Florida, said he supports the ban. The 65-year-old was convicted of sexual battery on a teen in 1987.

    “I would support banning those ’cause children aren’t sex toys,” he said.”

    Poor, sad, over-compensating Craig: “And sex toys aren’t children.” Is that so difficult to comprehend?

    Also, Lauren Book is so vacuous a legislator that a mannequin would be more substantive. I assume that she’s anxious to get public attention off of her drunk-driving and potentially homicidal father.

    • Matt

      Where did they find that idiot ex-offender, Craig Crenshaw, who agrees with this. Is he so ridden with guilt he cannot keep from kissing their ass. Hope he wears glasses because if Lauren Book reaches back to scratch her ass, she would poke his freaking eyes out. We need people speaking out, but not in support of laws. That is just plain ignorant.

    • David

      “Lauren Book is so vacuous a legislator that a mannequin would be more substantive.”
      Better yet, let’s replace HER with a child-like sex doll!! Let Lauren’s lovable latex Lolita lobby legislators!! 😆😆😆

  10. Tired of this

    I would’ve thought that rather than increase recidivism, having such a doll would have the literal opposite effect, since it would serve as a safe and harmless release. Since someone with pedophilia can’t act on his attractions, wouldn’t it be better if he had a legal and safe outlet?

    Besides that, it’s an inanimate object that harms no one, and using said object victimizes no one. Banning an object merely because you morally object to it (and you have to grasp at straws to justify your objection) is puritanical and tyrannical. Not only that, banning things has historically created black markets and increased criminality.

    • David

      Using “Book’s Logic”, shouldn’t other sex toys such as dildos and vibrators also be banned since they would doubtless lead to rampant promiscuity, increased occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases, moral turpitude, and the downfall of Western civilization?
      Don’t forget birth control pills and devices – banned for those same reasons.

      (BTW, I will be selling “Repent! The end is near!!” sandwich boards, if anyone’s interested. You can contact me at “TheBookStore.dum”! Haha! 😆😆)

  11. Eric

    Shouldn’t Lauren Book be more concerned about how many children are killed on the Florida highways by repeat offending drunk drivers like her father Ron Book. 12,000 children a year are killed by people like him. Those are hard cold facts with bodies in the morgues to prove it, yet she is using some hypothetical fictitious study that has no tangible evidence to base it on.

    • Will Allen

      “People” like Lauren Book/Crook have no business living in America. They need to live in nations that are full of idiots. They are so worried about controlling what people do in their own homes and how they think. We need to vote out every politician who ever acts like her.

      And obviously people should be a lot more concerned about drunk drivers than this nonsense. But this is just such better theater. Truly no person with a brain can support $EX Offender Registries and not Drunk Driver Registries. A person convicted of drunk driving should be listed on a Registry on a single conviction, for at least 25 years. If we are following the Registry lies, let’s get on with it.

      Ron Book/Crook is a danger to the public. Lauren Book/Crook is a danger to the public.

      • Ts

        Hear Hear @Will Allen! Well said.

        I truly believe this is a diversion from the real issue as @Eric said. She should be reminded of this daily. A billboard outside of Tallahassee would be beautiful as well as one in Dade County at least. I don’t know why he is not charged with assault with a deadly weapon since he weaponized the car once he started to drive it under the influence.

        • Will Allen

          Driving drunk is absolutely brandishing and using a deadly weapon. It murders more than 10,000 people a year in Amerika. That is significantly more than from $EX, if I recall correctly.

          It is outrageous that people think they have a “right to know” about people living by them who have done something bad regarding $EX but I don’t have a right to know about drunk drivers. Why would they let THOSE people close to my children? Why would they keep me uninformed so that I might let my children be around them or drive them somewhere? Why would they let THOSE people live next to the schools where my children are? Outrageous.

          If we are going to have $EX Offender Registries, we are going to Register everyone. Should’ve happened more than a decade ago.

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