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VA: An unprecedented tweak to a sex offender bill

Something unexpected: bills that could have penalized convicted sex offenders seeking shelter in an emergency evacuation — from an approaching hurricane, for instance — could get a bit less punitive, thanks to a proposed tweak by Gov. Ralph Northam. Full Article

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  1. AO

    People who propose bullshit like this deserve anal cancer in the worst way (isn’t that what Book has?)

    Not only does stuff like this literally would leave people out in the middle of a disaster, it puts completely unreasonable weight on the shoulders of people running the shelter to comply with the law so that they don’t get in trouble.

  2. NY won’t let go

    So she quit because it was too cruel but then is okay with it because it made her look good.

    “She felt the emergency shelter bills, which she argued could leave offenders out in the storm in a disaster, were so cruel that she decided to quit her advocacy as a lost cause.

    “This was not the ending I had expected for my advocacy,” she said. “but 2019 turns out to be my most successful so I’m OK with that.”

    • Mary Davye Devoy

      NYwon’tletgo, not sure why you’re trying to spin what actually happened but if that’s what you need to do to feel good about yourself, then so be it.

      The below was posted on my website from February 23 until I shut it down on March 1st.

      Just emailed to every Virginia Legislator.
      I’m sorry everyone

      Virginia Delegates and Senators,

      About an hour ago LIS posted the Conference verbiage for SB1047-Cosgrove/HB2303-Leftwich (Registered Sex Offenders in Emergency Shelters)

      ANY Emergency Shelter will be allowed to deny 83% of the population (Violent) of the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry safe shelter in the middle of a disaster.

      It’s left up to the Virginia Emergency Shelter staff depending on availability of spaces to deny an RSO entry AND they can separate the RSO from the family members they arrived with.

      It’s a Class 3 misdemeanor for any Violent RSO who doesn’t report their status to the Emergency Shelter.

      It’s 100% arbitrary. Life or death in the midst of a mandatory evacuation.

      The bigger the disaster the more likely the RSO will be turned away. The shifts of the Emergency Shelter staff could mean an RSO who was admitted the night before is now kicked out.

      The passage of 2019 Virginia SB1047 and HB2303 out of Conference and onto the Governor has broken me after 11 years of fighting for data-driven Sex Offender laws. I am in tears and I’ve decided I’m done.

      Myth, hate, prejudice and punishment are all you see when it comes to laws, restrictions and regulations against those listed on the VSP SOR.

      Just 2 weeks ago a Senator came out into the hall to tell me my advocacy was appreciated and that what I say is being heard, yet the Committee voted for Delegate Collins bill HB2300 to limit more employment opportunities for people on the VSP SOR. You aren’t listening because you don’t care. You are complacent and indifferent when it comes to VSP RSO’s and their loved ones.

      The Virginia House and Senate cares more about embryos and people who come from other states to protest for the ERA than about Virginians who are living, working and raising their children in the Commonwealth today and tomorrow. Their death in a natural disaster is meaningless to all of you.

      SB1047 and HB2303 are blatantly unconstitutional and let’s be frank, evil. I hope they will be challenged in the Virginia Courts but it won’t be by me.

      I am done.

      I will no longer advocate. I gave up 11 years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars and it appears it was all for nothing.

      I’ve done my best to share facts and data and even real-life examples with all of you, but obvious that wasn’t enough because you are still passing laws like this.


      Mary Davye Devoy

      Video February 23, 2019 from Virginia Senate Chamber
      SB1047-Senator Cosgrove RSO’s in Emergency Shelters debate on the video at 05:20:33 through 05:38:05 btw they BOTH got my email despite their claims they didn’t.

      The vote:
      HB2303- Delegate Leftwich RSO’s in Emergency Shelters on the video at 05:07:19 through 05:10:04, this was BEFORE SB1047 was heard. Then HB2303 comes back around on the video at 05:52:27 through 05:53:45.

      The vote:

      Please remember how your Senator voted on both bills if they run for reelection in Nov since I won’t be around then.

      • Will Allen

        Congratulations on everything you accomplished. If most people in the U.S. were like you, we’d have a decent country.

        I think your story shows that legislators and the “people” who support them are simply criminals and real scumbags. They are snakes. If you cut the head off of 1 snake, there are 10 baby snakes right behind.

        Registry Nazis aren’t fixing themselves. They need to be fixed. Actual war should be waged. The snakes need to be confident in advance of what will happen to them.

        We need to stop treating Registry Nazis as if they are human.

    • Mary Davye Devoy

      NYwon’tletgo since you feel the need to jump on my 2019 work even though you have no idea what they were, here are my 2019 successes:
      1. Passage of VA Senate Budget amendment to study/review the Virginia State Police Sex Offender Registry and RSO restrictions/ regulations from 2019 to 2020.
      2. The VSP finally realized that my instance of an electronic means to update email information by RSO’s was finally going to happen after opposing my 3 prior attempts. So, the VSP rushed to create an email address right before the 2019 GA session began so they could claim a system did exist and my 2019 bills (HB2255/SB1385) were unnecessary.
      3. Passage of HB2089/SB1418 to move towards a rotating repeating reregistration schedule that RSO’s can remember and no longer need to wait for a certified letter to arrive before they can register plus it gives them a 2-week window to do so, not less than 5 days.

      Plus, the 2019 Emergency Shelter bills have been amended by Governor Northam.

      Who showed up to oppose them in BOTH the House and Senate Committees in BOTH 2018 AND 2019? Me, no one else.

      – January 14, 2019 Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee- Senator John Cosgrove SB1047 Registered Sex Offenders in Emergency Shelters on the Video 00:05:23 thru 00:17:17
      – January 28, 2019 Virginia House Courts of Justice Sub-Committee #4- Delegate Jay Leftwich’s HB2303 Registered Sex Offenders in Emergency Shelters is on the 2nd video link at 00:33:16 thru 00:40:50

      – January 22, 2018 Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee – SB49 (and SB24) Senator John Cosgrove Registered Sex Offenders in Emergency Shelters on the Video 00:00 to 24:07-
      – February 7, 2018 Virginia House Courts of Justice Sub-Committee #4 – HB757 (and HB187) Delegate Jay Leftwich Registered Sex Offenders in Emergency Shelters on the Video 25:24 to 56:55-

      Did I make a difference? Yes, I did. But this work is killing me and so I have stopped after 11 VA GA sessions and I am proud of what I contributed to changes in Virginia.

      • Jun

        I’d regularly visit your blog and it was always encouraging to see what you were doing. None of it was/is in vain. I personally thank you for leading me to valuable information. Especially the long lists of resources (textbooks, etc.). It did/does seem like an uphill battle. There was a Shana Rowan (from USA Fair, Inc. [USA Families Advocating an Intelligent Registry]) who had a fiancé in the registry at the time (2012) and was a strong advocate, who also couldn’t take it anymore and hung up the calling for reform. It did cause despondency seeing that and now in your case, as well. But it’s bittersweet, because I am forever grateful that you made quite a few marks in your life paths on this part of the planet for justice reform. What you have done in these 11 years do make a difference – in the long run. Thank you very much. I won’t understand your direct experiences with these legal “snakes”, but I am very grateful for your actions.
        PS: It’s disheartening seeing your blog page shut down. I am very glad to have made some notes and kept some references you’d shared, though.

        • Jun

          And I didn’t know until now it was you they were referencing in the article. It’s exciting to see you post here directly. Much love from my heart to yours.

  3. Nicholas Maietta

    I’m a prepper, minimalist and survivalist. I study bushcraft and am studying Amature radio in prep to get my license. I’m building a van conversion for full time living. It has a high top, i can stand up in it. It will be converted to 4×4 and lifted. It will have fog lights, push bar, winch, solar, battery bank and enough supplies to last a few weeks. I’ve collected and will be installing 2-meter ham, CB, police/fire/ems scanner with all-hazards radio and SAME alerts. Cellular boosters for both T-Mobile and Verizon networks so I can always get data even in more rural areas.

    Everyone needs to understand they cannot rely on anyone else for help during hard times, especially the same resources afford to others. This is especially true as a registered citizen. Even if you don’t drive, it’s worth owning a car and having your license. Keeping the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and emergency supplies and a smartphone. Subscribe to local emergency alerts. If you live near the cost, subscribe to tsunami alerts through official sources.

    Prepare for the worst but hope you never need it. In my case, I am transitioning to van dwelling as a full time lifestyle. My van is an old school van no fancy computers to foul up, and the engine can be worked on in the rain, because it’s accessible fully from the inside.

    If you cannot drive, consider other options like a ready-to-go bag and a phone tree and purposefully living close to access to resources like bus, train, taxis. Keep some money in the bank and some in cash for emergencies only. My grandma always told me to keep $100 bill tucked away always close by. It’s saved her hide a few times in her life.

    I encourage everyone else to consider following my example. The next time there is a local fire or flood, i can just turn the key and go.

    • CR

      It’s been a few years, 10 or so, since I last looked into getting a HAM license. What I found at the time was that no one with a sex offense on their record was being granted a license, and people with licenses and sex offenses were having their licenses revoked.

      I don’t know if that’s still the case, but it’s something you might want to check into.

      • steve @CR

        I have my license and it will be up for renewal in November. We shall see.

        • CR

          Post back in November, Steve, if you think about it. I’m still mildly interested in getting my license, so it would be good to know.

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