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They are worried they will have to explain how it works in IDing people during court cases. Hmm, let’s see, will they use it as a hammer to get pleas or will the person challenge it in courts like they do currently with other cases where the USG does not want to give up their secrets? If they get it wrong, can Amazon be sued too or just the user who incorrectly applied it?

Oregon became a testing ground for Amazon’s facial-recognition policing. But what if Rekognition gets it wrong?

I am visiting San Diego from Illinois with my wife, and we are renting a house for six weeks. I guess I have to register with the local police. Anyone know how to do this, where I go, etc. Do you have to do it in person? Do you then go again when you are leaving or can you give them the in/out dates in one visit?

Highly encourage people hear to read this and think on it. We stand here pretty firm on our rights since we are subjected to harshness from others in life, so I’d imagine most here would say “No”. However, not many do when you read this:

Would You Let the Police Search Your Phone?

As @AJ says here from time to time 1) Am I being detained? 2) Am I free to go? 3) I don’t consent to this search

You have a right to say “no” and be within those rights legally despite what the popo says. Also, when the popo moves a hand to the belt area, you can pretty be sure they are creating a threatening gesture by getting close to a stick, firearm, or incapacitating device, e.g. taser, and thus can be potentially seen as coercive in court.