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  1. TS

    As I was watching Les Miserables for the first time with Liam Neeson (Jean Valjean) and Geoffrey Rush (the Inspector) the other night, I saw a parallel between the storyline there and the real-life stories of those who are or have been impacted by SO laws.

    The Inspector’s incessant feeling of needing to tell all about Jean Valjean’s criminal history by chasing him around France when all Jean wanted was to live his life in peace as a new man after being shown mercy and grace by the priest who he stayed with after being paroled.

    In today’s world, the Inspector is a bunch of 0’s and 1’s collating data that’s then shared further by other Inspector’s who run around with it doing what the Inspector originally wanted, inform the world.

    My wish is in due time (much sooner rather than later) the Inspector today would do what the Inspector did in the story and handcuff itself and drown so Valjean could live his life in peace through the mercy and grace shown to him as a new man. That’s my Good Friday wish.

  2. mike r

    Probably will never go anywhere, but who knows.

  3. Mot

    Headline for BREA SCHOOL DISTRICT in Southern California:
    Pedophilia Being Taught As “Sexual Orientation” in California Schools
    Parents were told it is something that is natural and the students should know about this
    I do not want to comment any further …

    • Notorious D.I.K. / Kennerly

      This is a Christian fundamentalist, hard-right canard that they have been milking forever. This is what you do when you’re losing the culture war, you spread disinformation and sow outrage.

  4. mike r

    Could you imagine if we were able to get 50,000-100,000 signatures on this petition? I really think a petition such as this could have real effect.

    “With We the People, you can easily create a petition online, share it, and collect signatures. If you gather 100,000 signature in 30 days, we’ll review your petition, make sure it gets in front of the appropriate policy experts, and issue an official response.”

    Interesting, I wonder how they would respond to a petition like this?

  5. Bobby

    What’s up everyone, quick question don’t know if this is been brought up lately, but has anyone heard anything on Gundy v US?. Isn’t there suppose to be a decision on that case by the end of July. Just wondering, thanks in advance.

    • TS


      You can follow it on scotusblog by googling Gundy vs United States scotusblog.

      Nothing yet.

  6. e

    I read the articles here and can’t help but recall what the county approved therapist remarked to me durrong s session. “Don’t feel dispair”, she said, “ the pendulum is definitely swinging in the right direction”. Really?

  7. R M

    From NARSOL, a boy at age 7 is diagnosed with HIV, 37 years later he is convicted of a crime and given 12 yrs sentence and placement on the sex offender registry. His partners did NOT get HIV; he was convicted of not telling them he had HIV. Yes, not telling them is wrong… but 12 years imprisonment and the registry… for something he had nothing to do with in obtaining (HIV) at age 7? This is why I hate society and cry and cry for me and us all.

    • mike r

      Do not agree. The guy should be required to tell a sex partner if he has aids. 12 years is easy time compared to what I would have done to them if it was me on the receiving end. I guess it is kind of up to the person to make sure they are protected, but if I got AIDS from someone because they did not tell me they had it we would have a SERIOUS problem…

  8. TS

    If you can read this, you might find it interesting about someone having a hard time finding a place to live who isn’t a registrant but is a convicted murderer who has a lower recedivism rate than registrants.

    What Happens When a Convicted Killer Moves to Town? – The New York Times

    “Legally, Mr. Kokoraleis can reside anywhere he can afford to, so long as he registers his presence with the authorities. As a convicted murderer, Mr. Kokoraleis’s photo and address are listed on the Illinois sex offender registry website. But because he was not convicted of a sex crime, he is not prohibited from living within a certain distance of parks and schools.”

    A murderer on the registry. How interesting. It’s the same thinking and treatment overall as what a registrant gets.

    • Chris f

      Well, of course there is a rational basis for this.

      If you know where a murderer lives, it is much easier to avoid being killed by him. Oh, wait…nope…can’t think of a situation unless his conviction was for gunning down an annoying door to door salesman. In that case, no wonder he is out on parole.

      Lets just get to the end game and register all of those with any previous conviction and be done with it.

      That will put all those sleezy background check businesses out of business. It will eliminate plea bargains because everyone will want a full blown trial to avoid lifetime pariah status. That will require 20 times the amount the judiciary currently costs taxpayers and all of those registered people being out of work for life will bankrupt what is left of the US.

      Sounds like a plan.

    • David

      Sex Offense Registries in many States will also include individuals convicted of arson offenses. I suspect many sex offender restrictions also do not apply to them.

  9. mike r

    Well stated Chris…. Happy Easter people….

    ““There was mass concern in our community,” said the mayor, Richard C. Irvin, in an interview. “People felt insecure — they felt like their safety was in jeopardy. And people were scared.””

    People are scared. LMFAO… Good. Pussies…. Get a pair and stop being pansies that are afraid of their own shadows. They guy did his time leave him the hell alone…. I kind of hope he breaks and starts at it again and gives them a reason to be scared lil feller….

    • norman

      what I have noticed over the years is the more money someone accumulates, the more scared they become of the bogeyman (imaginary or real)..threaten that person with said bogeyman and you threaten their main concern.. money

  10. TS

    One more case for people’s freedoms (from the Sixth CCoA):

    Federal appeals court says tire-chalking by parking enforcement officers is unconstitutional

  11. TS

    We have discussed this here in this forum previously and it is getting more Orwellian by the year:

    US facial recognition will cover 97 percent of departing airline passengers within four years

    • AJ

      And here I thought your facial-recognition post was going to be this one:

      I think this type of stuff getting out there will only help push a data privacy law into place. People are slowly realizing just how pervasive privacy loss is and how out-of-control it’s gotten and continues to be.

      In a wholly unrelated story, did anyone else see the 6th CCoA struck down parking-enforcement tire-marking as an illegal search? I have yet to read the decision, but it made my day! I wonder what other topics one can leverage out of US v. Jones (GPS tracking case). I think Jones is fast becoming the keystone in any sort of government surveillance when on is in plain sight during innocent behavior.

      • AJ

        Argh…re: tire marking, I should have looked a post higher.

      • TS


        I saw that headline and moved on figuring it was a travel complaint. Had I known the content, I’d have shared it too. That’s even better than my post and much scarier. No opt out! For exit at that!

        So, registry info isn’t the only thing sent to WDC for flying the friendly skies, but I bet DOL/DMV photos too as well as passport photos and USG employee ID related photos.

        I wonder if I can seek ex post facto parking fine refund plus interest as well for using an unconstitutional method to determine a violation? Doesn’t it go with ways? You go after people late with add ons, should the reverse not happen to?

        • TS

          *Doesn’t it go BOTH ways? and *…should the reverse not happen TOO?

  12. e

    In Texas, a school principal has proposed a dress code for parents. With that known, does anyone really think that they would repeal anything that would make it better for registry parents? If you do, you are dreaming!

  13. TS

    And in NJ, Rep Chris Smith should be smiling from ear to ear as locals help provided justification for his IML legislation through their taxpayer efforts. What am I discussing? The internet ploy many here are already aware of which 16 there obviously were not. It won’t be named, but can be searched for your reading leisure. The stats will show prophetic by those listed if it goes to a bad ending for them.

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