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ACSOL Meeting in Berkeley on Saturday, July 20

Please mark your calendars for ACSOL’s upcoming meeting in Berkeley:
Saturday, July 20
10 a.m.
Finnish Hall (upstairs meeting room)
1970 Chestnut Street

Attendance is limited to individuals required to register, family members, and friends.

Media, law enforcement, parole, etc. are not allowed to attend meetings.

The meetings start at 10 am and last about 2-3 hours. Topics of conversation include information about ACSOL’s advocacy as well as current topics and pending legal action.

Please Show up, Stand up, and Speak up!

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I’ll be there. I’d like to see more information about the Certificate of Rehabilitation process IN the Bay Area. Each region is different, so I’d like to hear from locals who have gone through the process and succeeded (I know of one in particular who recently got his in SF, but I haven’t seen him at the ACSOL meetings since he was relieved of the duty to register). Perhaps help with resources and/or referral to attorneys who can do this. I have considered doing this in pro per (as I had successfully done for my early termination of probation, 17b… Read more »

NPS, regarding the COR. If u don’t mind me asking, what do u mean by “my 10 years is July 2020”? I’m thinking about looking into this and basically gathering info as I go along. Thanks

Benny ~ Here in California, you have to live in CA for 10 years crime free before obtaining a COR. Some offenses only require 7 years. It is basically a 5 year crime fee period and they tag on another 5 (or 2) for sex crimes. In 2021, CA will adopt the tiered registry, and with that, a COR is no longer offered. So, if your 10 years are up after 2021, you won’t be able to apply for a COR and need to meet the requirement of the Tiered Registry to apply for removal. It is either a 10… Read more »

I am in process for getting a Cert of Rehab for a 664/288(a) and should have a court date in Jan 2020; will that take me off any tiered program in the future? Also, if you know, will I be able to get a clean Passport for open travel to Mexico and Canada??

Following up on what someone who cares said, the 10 year clock begins on your release from custody (county jail only) or if you didn’t serve jail time, the conviction date.

Please be careful to read your paperwork. Sometimes, your probation might include county jail time as it will be part of your probation terms.

Why is this important? If you punishment was county jail, then your charge automatically becomes a misdemeanor. If your punishment is probation and county jail time is part of your probation, then your charge remains a felony wobbler. Thus, the start of your probation is your release date. (Which is consistent with you not going to jail as a misdemeanor punishment.)

NPS I’m in the process of doing my early termination of probation, pro per. Mind me asking what case law did you use, I feel I will need some more ammo on my motion to persuade an already bias judge.

I used the following case law:
Argument: Penal Code § 1203.2 (b) (1)

Points of Authorities:
People v. Cookson (1991) 54 Cal. 3d 1091
People v. Cookson, supra, at 1096
In re Clark (1959) 51 Cal.2d 838 [337 P.2d 67]
People v. Matranga (1969) 275 Cal App 2d 328

However, I think it was my personal letter, which I read aloud to the court, that persuaded the judge.
I also had a letter from the probation officer stating that they did not object to the motion to terminate probation.

@ NPS – Thank you for letting us know that you want information about the Certificate of Rehabilitation process during the Berkeley meeting on July 20. We will be sure to include a discussion on that topic during the meeting.

Have to have a look Janice at these CA case laws involving two of the same defendants and two additional.
Wonder if that may help any of your minor/Misdemeanor offender clients in the future.
Thanks for observing all these people’s comments.

Is it true that if I received county jail and probation my felony is a wobbler?
Never heard that before.

EFF AS AN ALLY? San Diego isn’t too far from silicon Valley, perhaps a person who understands clearly the nature of the database machine. Maybe someone from the Electronic Frontier Foundation would help. After all WE ARE TALKING ABOUT government USES thereof upon the citizen criminal. OK, they (???) are using it on everyone, criminal or not. For every good use of database there is a bad one. SOMEBODY decided to grant unfettered use AND unconstitutional USES thereof and plain liberty of ALL will suffer. Scapegoats for surveillance saints, public and private enterprise. An unfettered digital information market where… Read more »

What a great meeting today. Janice was on fire. The questions were pertinent and it was really good to see the people I made acquaintance with in Sacramento at the hearings.
Beginning to like this ACSOL thing.

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