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Kat’s Blog: Tennessee Temporary Restraining Order Extended Indefinitely

We were all waiting for July 11, 2019 the court date for the preliminary injunction regarding whether or not TN registrants would be allowed to continue to reside in their homes with minor children.

July 10th 2019 an Agreed Order Extending the Temporary Restraining Order, was filed in The United States District Court for The Middle District of TN At Nashville.

What should have been a slam-dunk win for registrants, even according to the judge who stated “plaintiffs have demonstrated a strong or substantial likelihood of success on the merits of their claims” now appears to be an upcoming constitutional challenge by the state of TN, or, as I prefer to view it, maybe our chance for a bigger win!

The Temporary Restraining Order at hand was set to expire on July 12, 2019 at 12PM.

The Defendants consented to an extension of the terms of the Temporary Restraining Order so that the Court’s hearing on the Plaintiffs’ motion for an injunction is consolidated with the trial on the merits of this case. (This is in the interest of simplicity and judicial economy.)    The Plaintiffs’ agreed to the extension.

The Temporary Restraining Order will continue in effect through the trial with all terms of the original Temporary Restraining Order in effect for all those affected by this new law.

For now, registrants may remain in their homes, with their families and not worry about being forced out by this punitive law.

If there was ever a time for a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT, maybe this is it!

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  1. James

    This is great news! Thanks for being vigilant and posting this article Kat! Just to get a fair and unbiased judge, no less a federal judge, to hear this type of case is in itself a miracle.

  2. Joe

    This new law says nothing about residing in a particular home, it addresses co-habitation with minor children. Why is it always assumed that it is the registrant who removes themselves from the situation?

    Regardless of who moves out, the need for maintaining two separate residences cannot be helpful for the family finances. Typically it is children who will feel the financial pinch first in all sorts of ways. Yay!

  3. Tim L

    All of America has been sold out to big data by one form ( by volition or not) OR another.
    If a class Action Arises & the unlawful congressional USE OF EX POST LANGUAGE KNOWINGLY in law presents an entirely different but vastly more important question concerning the constitutional disposition of the Entire OMNIBUS 94 & authors.

    Before you can convince free & educated people that it is ok to permit gov agents to gather and store citizen on mass, you MUST first convince them it is NEEDED & NECESSARY for 1 ( Kansas V hendrickS).

  4. R M

    I posted this yesterday.
    R M July 11, 2019 at 5:33 pm on TN: Tennessee Judge Grants Temporary Restraining OrderI listened to NARSOL’s phone conference tonight. The TRO has been extended until completion of the litigation.

  5. Harry

    I am wondering if there is a kinship from the dark history of Tennessee that is still alive that may have a influence on the current hate bill against RC’s, See…

  6. Teresa Burke

    I am a mother to a 7 year old and a wife of a convicted ex-sex offender in the eastern part of Tennessee. When my husband went in to do his quarterly registration at the beginning of June; he was given a piece of paper stating this new law. It gave us less than a month to figure out what to do.

    Our 7 year old son was devistated. We paid $500 when he was born for a DNA test just so we could live together as a family. Because at that time in 2012 the law said he could live with a minor if proven blood related. Only to find out 7 and a half years later they tried to change it to where he couldn’t.

    We had to send our now depressed 7 year old away to a family members for a while because we are a single income home and couldn’t afford another household for one of us to live in. It put a strain on mine and my husbands marriage to the point where I was willing to file for divorce to just not have to deal with the State of Tennessee anymore.
    Now that I have read this and did a little research, our son can come home and we can be a family again. I do agree that Now is the time for a class action lawsuit. Families and the ex-offender themselves still have a voice and still (even though not many) still have rights and freedom to insert thier voices into the laws that affect thier lives personally. Speak Up and Speak Out!

    • Will Allen

      Yep, it’s a ridiculous, illegal problem. I expect that your husband can be around you and children very, very often. Perhaps for even say 20 hours a day. So maybe your husband should “live” somewhere else and just visit you all the time?! For example, I live in my own home but I could go visit any friend I have for 20 hours every single day if I wanted to. In no way does that change where I live. I could go spend a weekend at a friend’s house. Still doesn’t change where I live. Perhaps if this law is not destroyed as it should be, you should just get an understanding in writing with your law enforcement criminals about what it means for your husband to live somewhere else. Make them put it in writing. Then your husband could perhaps rent a bedroom (for free!) in a good friend’s home.

      I don’t know, haven’t really thought much about it. But I hope we can all agree that any person who thinks this law is okay is anti-American and deserves to die. Simply because they are an idiotic harasser who is harassing literally millions of people every single day. That is MUCH worse than committing a crime a decade ago!

      If a person is a supporter of big government Registries and they “need” big government to help them through life, meh, the person is only somewhat stupid and criminal. You can know where I live so you can be “informed” about me. To be fake “safe”. But the second that you start telling me where I can live or especially with whom, then you’ve become a criminal, harassing terrorist who deserves to die. Crimes are going to occur every day and I pray every day that the victims are people who support Registries. Good karma. Registry Supporters/Terrorists often say “think about the victims”, which is fine, but I don’t care about “the victims” if they support Registries.

      • Teresa Burke

        My husband spend 16 and a half years paying for his crime (which by the way happened when he was in his early 20s and he is now 50). He has been an active memeber of society since 2010 when he was released. I am not saying I in any way support the law or the useless registry here in Tennessee. However, such laws should not be so generically enforced for everyone. I do believe if they wanted to enforce such stupidity; it should be a case by case basis. Because someone committed a crime almost 30 years ago doesn’t mean they are the same person today as they were back then. Times and people change on a daily basis. If more people would speak up about what the State of Tennessee is doing to not only ex-offenders but thier families as well and draw awarness to the victimization that the State of Tennessee is doing not only to the ex-offenders but thier families as well maybe we can work together to find common ground based on facts and not on fears or the “fake” safety of the public.

    • Ecrc

      Was his victim a step child or blood related , this restraining order don’t pertain to you ! We are in a fight now cause supposedly even though a lawyer talked to a Da about the stay the Da said they can’t enforce it , well when we asked pro if our son come bavk The pro said No cause the old law hub under ! Which don’t make sence if it was diff in 2012 , and hub had permission , in transcript proof even on old law or what ever they talking about , so to hide their mistake either on pro part or da and judge part they say Get out June 6 th and say if we want to go to court we can if we desire , such a bunch of crap , why put us thru this joe ten years later , what about in beginning when the judge and da said it was ok ??
      Anyways not all families are in this stay Ours isn’t , while you have your family together pray for ours cause ours isn’t , we waiting to hear back from another lawyer that said if anything rises or they say no give him a call , he hadn’t returned our call as of yet , anyways pray for us , we may have to deal with this next 6 years ! Thanks and yes two diff places etc , pro ask if it’s hub step son or bio son ? How many times they have to ask them two sec later say no blah blah , something ever happens to my hub as in gets very sick and dies from his cong heart failure , they will be sued for the mental anguish was caused to our family especially our son , and I will leave this state for Good ! And never come back , I have nothing left here anyways , my sister and bro don’t give a darn and my mom is dead and my dad is old and lived in pa ,

  7. steveo

    @Will Allen , When you say this ” But I hope we can all agree that any person who thinks this law is okay is anti-American and deserves to die”, no I don’t agree. It sounds just like the extreme things that people say about registered criticizes.

    • Richard B

      I really hope that this law gets taken down, I am a registered citizen and live in Alabama, the laws here prevent me from living with my children, so we have to maintain 2 households, it’s hard and getting harder, my conviction was not against my children but was accused by my wife’s daughter who did not live with us of inappropriate contact she was 15, that accusation got me convicted , he said she said…now mind you that she had a history of accusations and that did not matter and she really blamed me that her parents were not back together , anyhow it’s to easy to be convicted , about a year after my conviction she accused her dad of similar events and ofcourse dhr came in and saved the day, but since she was my stepdaughter by marriage even tho I had no responsibility to her nor did she live with us , I now cannot live with my own children …it’s a daily struggle, if my accuser had been the next door neighbors daughter tho and same conviction I would be good to live with my kids …wtf really… I have no words …I was convicted no proof and both hands tied behind back in court …misdemeanor charge but banned for life from living with my kids or at least till they turn 18… My youngest is 6…these laws rip families apart yet it’s ok , I have written the ACLU and talked to so many attorneys and nothing ….unless you got a boatload of cash your just finished…I still hold my head up high … They can paint me whatever they want but that is not who I am and will not carry myself that way. Good luck Tennessee registered citizens, I hope your state and law makers will see the errors in this law and how it is punishment after the fact …

  8. Michael

    I really hope this opens peoples eyes and they see how unfair this is. The registry doesn’t work at all it’s only purpose is to humiliate the offender

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