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SUCCESS! Your calls worked! ACSOL supports SB 145 again because residency restrictions are removed! But still come July 9!

Newly Revised SB 145 Deletes References to Residency Restrictions!

Senate Bill 145 was revised today by deleting all references in that bill to both residency restrictions and Jessica’s Law. Specifically, Sections 5, 6 and 7 of the earlier version of the bill have been removed. The newly revised version of SB 145 will be considered on July 9 by the Assembly’s Public Safety Committee.

“This is a significant victory for registrants and their families,” stated ACSOL Executive Director Janice Bellucci. “This victory came about due to the efforts of individuals who made phone calls and wrote letters opposing an earlier version of the bill that could have resulted in tens of thousands of registrants becoming homeless.”

Click here to read the text:

SB 145 – Amendments – 5 July 2019

There is no need to make any more calls!

However, registrants, family members and supporters are encouraged to attend the July 9 hearing in order to ensure that the Public Safety Committee votes in favor of the newly revised SB 145.

Show up to the Assembly Public Safety Committee hearing on July 9

The hearing is scheduled:

Tuesday, July 9 at 9 a.m.
Room 126 of the State Capitol

We will meet at Starbucks, 1123 12th St, Sacramento, from 8:00 am to 8:30 am. Then we will walk across the street and be seated by 9 a.m.



We will call you at your phone number if the bill is delayed! To take advantage of this very cool service, all you have to do is send an email to the following email address to let us know your name and phone number:

Be sure to sign up for our Action Alert emails or texts so that we can notify you of any last-minute changes!

If you plan to fly or take a hotel, please buy insurance so that you are covered if they change the date.

Please don’t blame ACSOL if a change is made. We don’t control the committees. We don’t control the author of the bill.

Before you start out on your trip, check your email or text to see if we sent an alert about the date changing! You can also to see if the bill is delayed by going to this website and clicking the History tab:


PARKING: There is a parking garage next to Starbucks in the same Hyatt Regency building. Enter on 12th Street.


HOUSING SERVICE: Unfortunately we cannot afford to help people cover the cost of a hotel room this time.

However, you can email and say you would like to share the cost of a room.



Tell us you are planning on showing up by sending an email with your name and phone to, then we will call you on your phone if any last-minute rescheduling occurs.



If you need a ride:

Please compose an email to the following address using your email website or program (if clicking on this link doesn’t open your email program you must type it yourself):

In the email, tell us:

  1. Your name
  2. Your phone
  3. How many are in your group that need a ride (partner, children, etc.)
  4. What city you live in
  5. How far you can drive to where your carpool begins, or just say “I don’t have any transportation”
  6. The earliest time of day you can be picked up on Monday, July 8

If you can volunteer to drive others to Sacramento:

Please compose an email to the following address using your email website or program (if clicking on this link doesn’t open your email program you must type it yourself):

In the email, tell us:

  1. Your name
  2. Your phone
  3. How many others you can drive
  4. From what city you will be departing on Monday, July 8
  5. The approximate time of day on Monday, July 8 you will leave for Sacramento
  6. How many miles out of your way you are willing to drive to pick someone up who needs a ride but can’t get to you (or say “riders must come to me”)


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Congratulations from Florida!!!
We envy you! Please, Great Janice Move to Florida 🙂

Agree…Here from Florida we watch and learn. We also have a great group at FAC working hard to expand the movement. This just shows, we have to show up and engage and educate. I want everyone to know who is on your site who are the one’s who show up at your end physically or by calling or writing…. we applaud all of you!!!

Noo!!!! You can’t have her. She’s ours ;-))

That’s great news! Thank you Janice and everyone who helped fix this!

Praise God! And thank you, Janice, and everyone for putting a stop to that stupidity!!!

Such great news. I realized today that I had not made a donation to ACSOL for awhile so, I did so today. Thank you for all that you do and will continue to do to help restore the rights of individuals on the Registry.

Thank you, PR, for making a donation today! It is because of support like yours that we are able to fight the good fight and to achieve results like the “correction” of SB 145.

Thank you Janice, and everyone who called, emailed, and wrote.

I am actually highly impressed by the difference it makes. I am always kind of on the fence if it makes a difference or not but I think this speaks for itself.

NY is Highly impressed as well. Amazing work!!!

Oh good! Thank you for the feedback. AND, a big thanks to ACSOL! Knowing that speaking up – whether by phone calls, emails, or letters – for what’s right, WILL get results! I continue to do what I can, whenever I can, to encourage all persons to be equal participants in civil society.

As if we can ever rest easy. I would still recommend at least some registrants show up at the hearing, and all subsequent hearings to prevent any mischief.

Bless you Janice. Without you these terrible people would actually kick us out of our homes. Can you imagine?

“This victory came about due to the efforts of individuals who made phone calls and wrote letters opposing an earlier version of the bill that could have resulted in tens of thousands of registrants becoming homeless.” (Janice quoted) ——- Maybe, Janice, but nobody would have known to call, or been an advocate, without YOU and your team. Thank you for your leadership. I wish we had 50 clones of you… and wonder whether thru partnerships with SW Law school and other places we can “grow” a new crop of civil rights attorneys inspired by you, Eric Janus, Catherine Carpenter, and… Read more »

Great job!!!! You all best wishes from MI

Woo-hoo! Thank you, Janice and all else involved!

Thank you Janice and team and all who called including myself. This is a reason why I donate monthly to ACSOL.

HAHAHAH ! SAN DIEGO IS GUNNA BE SO PISSED !!!! F*CK them !! and the jerk offs delayed their thing hoping SB145 would make it so SAN DIEGO could be in the right and impose their hitler IDEOLOGY ! !!!!

Well good ! Now san diego will die a horrible death when they have to pay a F*CKTON of $$ !!!!!

Now, now, John Doe #2. Let us not exhibit the same “loser” behaviour that the government so has against registrants like us; if we sink to its level of (un-)intellectual, emotions-based responses to the issue, that makes us just as horrible as it is. Must I remind us all: San Diego, after all, was the first sympathetic county to lightning zap buffer-zone restrictions in the state of California. Perhaps there are certain facts and going-on’s behind the scene that I am yet to be aware of. But, I do say, if SD didn’t lead the way in doing that, where… Read more »

Thanks to Janice, the ACSOL team and every individual who puts forth such wonderful efforts to protect civil rights of registered persons. God bless you all. This is so awesome to hear!

Dear Everyone, (and I mean everyone): We should give a real shout of thanks to San Diego for filing prematurely this motion in Federal Court asserting that 145 granted them the right to again impose residency restrictions! Was this a mistake on their part? Was some San Diego city attorney giving us advanced warning to mount the effort we did? Or, because as I maintain, we are good people (and by in large the vast majority of us are good people), the breaks just sometimes fall our way? Regardless, we were lucky…this time. Ultimately, I think eventually we will have… Read more »

Unless I missed it this is not a success until we find out who inserted this non-sense

Thank you Janice and the ACLU for always fighting for us. For we have no other voice.

Good work, as usual! Janice is so successful because she really cares. She knows the truth and is working to break apart the lies upon which registration is based. All should donate if you can. Thanks again.

Thank you, SV, for urging others to donate! Every donation counts. And donations of every size count. There is one person who makes “regular” donations of $5 whenever he can and we appreciate him and his donations very much. Please join him if you can on a one-time or a monthly basis. It helps us to fight tough issues like Senate Bill 145 when they arise suddenly. It also helps us to fight for long-term progress like moving CP offenses down from the highest tier on the Tiered Registry.

Been donating $10 a month for almost a year now. Encourage others to donate too. Need a war chest to litigate. So for all those “waging a war” against the SOR, make your contribution.

is it possible for you to set up a donation link that is a bit more anonymous with the name associated with the donation? I know some people who would like to donate but, unfortunately, are hesitant to because the name of the organization directly references SOs.


An excellent point…I feel forced to send checks from a private account to keep this off my credit card and general bank records. This is not something my CPA or others need to know.

It is a shame that what JC says is true…this should not make any difference at all…but it does, (because America is crazy about sex, and as a society has a cruel and vindictive streak).

James I

I’m more curious whether it’s possible to donate on behalf of someone and so they get a thank you. Say perhaps I give money on behalf of, say, “Bon Rook” and have the receipt go to his email address. People were doing it on behalf of Mike Pence to PP, so I would think (read: hope) ACSOL (and FAC!) could do likewise. 😀

As a soft reminder/announcement to all our activists involved –

I want to be there. Unfortunately, AB109’s chains are on me until November; assuming they (the probation department) don’t violate me.

I see your guy’s confidence in showing up for something you feel is greatly beneficial for a class of misunderstood people, which is the driving force behind my desire to join you guys. It pains me that these chains don’t extend me beyond my county, which is more than 400 miles away from Sacramento. =(

So I guess it is okay for 288.2s to be in tier three then as ACSOL never mentions attempting to get that section removed with the CP sections? I see no reason why ACSOL would not just fight to get all non-violent non-contact offenses removed, but congrats on this victory.

@ Mike R – ACSOL has worked and will continue to work to get most offenses moved downward from Tier 3 and to create an “off ramp” so that even those assigned to Tier 3 could be considered for removal from the registry after 30 years. We often use the CP offenses as an example because they represent a larger number of registrants as compared to other offenses such as the offense you mentioned, PC 288.2.

Let me see if I understand you clearly? So ACSOL should just fight for CP offenses and let slide the recent battles Janice and her amazing team have fought blood and tears for? Because CP is noncontact? Well remember Mike there are a lot of others that did not have contact. 288 is not ALL CONTACT!! Next time attend the ACSOL conference and you will hear Janice’s action plans to get those on Tier 3 down. We are all in this together. We are all registrants/families working to get a fair tiered system. It is not fair yet and we… Read more »

Public Safety Committee today approved revised version of Senate Bill 145 that has NO language regarding residency restrictions! During committee hearing, author of bill apologized for earlier version of bill that could have resulted in homelessness for tens of thousands of people. More details to be added to ACSOL website very soon.

That’s great news! Thank you, Janice!

I’m curious as to why that language was added in the first place? To what purpose if not to create the very problem we fought against? Was this basically inserted on the sly by a San Diego representative? Certainly feels that way given that SD lawsuit. They were certainly very quick to point to that clause before seemingly even us learning about it.

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