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KY: ‘It will also prevent this from happening again.’ Neighbors, including local prosecutor, sought park to displace sex offender

In a neighborhood of broad lawns and trees, residents wanted one of their neighbors to leave – and they seized on an unusual way to try and get the city’s help to force him out.

The drama involved a local prosecutor, a sex offender, and a tiny sliver of land along Dixie Highway with a handful of benches and a doggy bag dispenser.

In the spring, a registered sex offender moved in next door to Kyle Burns, who also happened to be an assistant Commonwealth attorney for Campbell County.

Burns had an idea: Get the Fort Mitchell Park Board to put a playground in that space. That playground would change everything for everyone; It would be publicly owned –  and would force the offender to move. Full Article

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Prime case should the person who is not wanted still lives there if the park goes in, is forced to move, and is not grandfathered. More people like this one should move into the area and the house if possible.

“If building a park there happens to keep registered sex offenders out … that could only increase the safety of the neighborhood and increase property values,” said Kenton County Commonwealth Attorney Rob Sanders.

So this is his hidden movatation to raise his property value. He is using his influence to profit himself.

So now that the neighbors’ intent is shown, can a formal letter be sent to the city expressing the true statistics on recidivism, and expressing that by partnering with these malicious neighbors to create a park for the sole purpose of ousting a neighbor is not in line with the government’s obligation to serve all citizens?

Without something formal, how can it be proven that the city was aware of the intent, and that they ignored it and the few remaining rights of a citizen? Registered or not, he is still a citizen. It sounds lofty, but that letter then becomes a required FOIA document and should the registrant sue, he would be able to show they received the letter notifying them of the intent. It wouldn’t allow this to be sold solely as a “place to play” and “oops sorry we displaced a family who has a member with a criminal history, but we didn’t know.” It would show that the city is deliberately targeting a registrant home, and not the home of any other former criminal.

Additionally, the spearhead of this, as a contracted attorney for the city/county should be reported to the state bar and ABA for his blatant discrimination and immoral conduct. He used his connections as a publicly paid person to sway city officials to pursue a matter of personal gain, and it also sounds like he omitted his and his neighbors’ true intent, therefore intentionally misleading city officials. I would think that wouldn’t sit well with the licensing entity.


Yes, a letter stating what you said should be sent to the powers that be. It can come from anywhere, including CA, from many since this made the news. Bad publicity for this town isn’t helpful of it’s image. Maybe even the governor, State Rep, and state senator should be made aware since this can reflect poorly on that state.

The KY state bar should have an office of disciplinary council for attys licensed there that you can find online and submit a grievance. If not online, call their
ethics office for more info and further help to file a complaint.

How underhanded is this just to get rid of one person? Not because he was doing something bad or illegal in the neighborhood but his label and his past.

A past he did time for and owes no debt to society no more.

I’m sure Mr Burns feels good about himself thinking he did a great thing for his community by usurping the democratic process to oppress one individual’s right to make a home there.

And when the community got together for that meeting was the Registrant invited to voice his opinion?

This is democracy eroding…

It is more than underhanded, it is immoral. “People” who think this is appropriate are disgusting anti-Americans. I’m not allowed to say what I think should happen to them. It’s not good.

You said, “And when the community got together for that meeting was the Registrant invited to voice his opinion?” There should not have been any meeting. Those “people” should simply mind their own fucking business and leave other families alone. That’s the end. If they can’t, they deserve harsh punishment.

Amerika has always been an immoral country. We had segregation of “coloreds” well within my lifetime. My parents told me a lot about it. This apartheid is just more of that stupidity and hate. For no legitimate, moral reasons.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest that Burns will use this event to help him get elected to DA instead of assistant.

What a low hanging fruit it is for him to go after a Registrant to make himself look like a “crusader” to the community.

Instead of pursuing REAL problems like the opiod crisis or domestic terrorism, he goes for a harmless tax paying citizen with a scarlet letter.

How despicable it is for Burns to elevate himself by stepping on the back of a minority?

I hope these morons can be sued. This is sickening!!!

O the Web! OF HATE That people weave to outcast someone. Like the old saying goes.. ( People don’t remember the good THINGS you do! (Just the Bad!! ) And once you do a bad thing you can’t be forgiven.or redeem your self. Back To society! Witch is bull shzt !!! That is how people learn and grow to better themselves. No one was born with a this is how life book 101 has to be followed. All people make mistakes and undersimate problems that could land them in jail.The list need too be stop!!! It is No good for our country!! Putting people in a homeless place and stopping people from working. Just put more pressure on the tax payers. The register list got to go.

This is yet one more thing that needs to be put into any petition or lawsuit for the supreme court to show how these laws are indeed punishment, regardless of the “intent”. Name any other class of citizens that can potentially be forced to move due to neighbors plotting by using parks, etc. as their weapon to force you out. The man who came up with the idea should be seen as nothing more than a troublemaker. Does he know if there’s a murderer in his neighborhood? A meth dealer/maker? A person convicted of beating their child half to death? No, lets just pick on the person with the sex crime, who is doing nothing but living his life. Those fools cant even point to improper behavior by the individual while living in the neighborhood to try to justify the abuse…………..


Agree with all you said but this guy, and those here in this forum, including me, aren’t a class of people. Singling this guy out for his past is wrong but he’s not part of a class.

While you are correct we are not a class of people legally, the fact is we ARE a class of people to the general public. A class of people they feel it’s perfectly fine to deny constitutional rights, a class of people treated worse than illegals in many areas. All it would take (abit would never happen) is a stroke of a pen by a few people to make it so. We definitely fit the criteria for our own class.


I agree with that completely.

Before replying previously, I did a quick WWW search. There’s some concern by employers WRT criminals being a possible protected class when it comes to EEOC and employment but that was the extent of the reach. That’s a broad paint stroke but one people here could benefit from.

We’re intentionally made a vulnerable population as a result of the label, yet we’re not a protected class. Sounds like a silent genocide to me.

Kyle Burns is not a “man” and he/it is a lot more than just a troublemaker. Kyle Burns is a piece of shit. Same with anyone who supports him. Such “people” have no business living in a free, decent, moral country.

Registries were created based on the lies that they were just needed so that people could be “informed”. Perhaps if that is all Registries did and there were Registries for EVERY other significant crime, then reasonable, moral people could MAYBE see the Registries as legitimate. Maybe.

But of course that is not reality. The idiots could not keep themselves from playing with their Registry toy and destroying it to the point that not only is it completely useless, but it is extremely counterproductive and very damaging to the whole country. Takes a real bunch of awful idiots to do that, but that’s what they are.

Im surprised no one has mentioned yet that the author of the article quoted Janice and ACSOL about this issue. I’m planning to write and thank the reporter for her professionalism.

Here’s the email I just sent to the author, Julia Fair :

“Thank you for your inclusion of comments from Janice Bellucci of ACSOL in your article on the Fort Mitchell ‘pocket park’ proposal.
As a Registrant from California, I am familiar with ‘proximity’ rules, one of which would have forced me to move from the home I have lived in for 50 years, had it not been successfully challenged in court by ACSOL.
The statistics on recidivism clearly show that as a group, Registrants have one of the lowest rates of re-offense of any felons. What we did was very wrong, but we are also very likely not to do it again. The myth of ‘frightening and high’ repeat offenses is just that, a myth. The possibility is  certainly ‘frightening’, as with all serious crimes, but in our case it is NOT ‘high’.

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