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Sex Offender Laws Are Broken. These Women Are Working To Fix Them.

Sandy Rozek is the polar opposite of what comes to mind when you hear the word activist. A 78-year-old great-grandmother and retired high school English teacher who lives in Houston, Rozek is not woke, doesn’t post on Twitter, and spearheads a movement you’ve probably never heard of.

Rozek works with the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws (NARSOL). She is one of several women who lead an effort to oppose the unjust, irrational, and ineffective laws that continue to punish sex offenders long after they have served their time. Full Article

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  1. kat

    Terrific article. Should be forwarded to every state governor and legislator. Maybe then, they will open their eyes. If not, at least they will know that there will be lawsuits in their near future’s if they don’t start changing these laws .
    All the women portrayed in this article are warriors, my humble thanks to them all!

  2. Eric

    Great article, and Janice is becoming a national icon. I am so honored to know her and I thank God for her. It is so frightening to read the line that SO laws kept being passed and nobody showed up to oppose them. That was all part of the design: keep the SO’s in fear and in shame and that will keep them quiet and then they can be oppressed and abused with impunity. Laws were passed without discussion from opposition. If it wasn’t Janice this would continue.

    I recall when I was being sentenced my attorney even told me, “When the judge asks you if you have anything you’d like to say just say you are sorry and don’t say anything else. It is better that way.” Even he was supporting this repressive culture. Back in those days I was very naïve, I actually thought my attorney was working for my best interest and that the system would treat me fairly. Wow, did I go through a learning curve at the expense of my life and freedom. At present I am on the registry for life because I clicked my mouse on a forbidden site. How many hundreds of thousands of people have had to suffer in silence in this broken system? But for Janice and the others paving the way that abuse would continue unbridled.

  3. TS

    Good article overall. Too bad it does not include a statement that Jacob Wettering’s mother, Patty, is questioning registries ( now as opposed to being for them in the beginning. All of the entities mentioned are fighting the good fight from their angles of choice and hope they are continually successful.

    • Joe

      At the time, there was no indication that JW’s disappearance had any kind of sex crime component. The person who was, 25 years later, convicted of molesting and murdering! JW had no prior sex crimes record.

      Again… what good would the JW Act have done for JW? Patty Wetterling should be in purgatory for eternity for unleashing the beast like she did. Sorry, but that is how I feel.

      Quite the difference from the ladies discussed in this article.

  4. steve

    Great article except can’t get past the “putting people in tiers”. No hearing, no due process and goes counter to what Scotus said in DPS. vsCT. Something to the effect that by putting people online were not telling the public about any dangerousness. Hmmm.

  5. Axiom

    Excellent article. Can they really kick you out after buying a home in a mobile home park? You’d think there would be a S.O. clause in the deed.

    • Will Allen

      I don’t expect that she owned the home. Even so, if she rented and had a lease, as typical, the landlord would not just be able to force her to leave unless some clause was violated. I have a lot of experience with this and you simply just can’t tell renters that they have to leave whenever you get a whim.

      Anyway, Janice and everyone else fighting for people like that, who really need it, are just awesome. Bless them.

      And I just want to say “fuck you and your family” to every single scumbag who thinks Registries are acceptable. I’m praying for the fastest trip to hell for all of them.

  6. G4Change

    My God! This is such an awesome article! God Bless Janice, Vicki, and everyone else to stands up. After reading this, I am ashamed that I don’t do more. I’m going to change that in 2020.

  7. Tim in WI

    There is no greater threat to American Sovereignty and liberty than the misuse of the government database.
    Oh how easy it was in the 90s to trivialize the plain human indenture \enslavement to the machine. The notion of justified as ” protective of our most vulnerable” yet no fruit has been born. Too many of those vulnerable now find themselves ensnared. Law forcing human subservience to database maintenance is plainly intended to impose and implement affirmative restraint. “Only the clearest proof would suffice…. what congressional stated intent…” . Reports on Scalia’s death stated he was found dead with a pillow covering his eyes.
    Perhaps Saint Peter made clear the error in his thinking. Perhaps the revelation made to him was too painful to bear.

  8. Looking for Answers

    As a Reason subscriber, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the article at first, and turning pages I see none other than Angel Janice Bellucci! Great article and mad props to those brave women who stand up for the constitution and rights of others. God Bless all of you for your dedication.

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