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TN: Tennessee Lawmaker Bruce Griffey Files Bill To Chemically Castrate Convicted Sex Offenders

[ – 1/3/20]

A Tennessee lawmaker has introduced a bill that would require anyone convicted of a sexual offense against a child under the age of 13 to be chemically castrated, The Tennesseean reports.

Bruce Griffey, a Republican from the rural community of Paris, introduced the bill which, should it be passed, would become effective in July.
Under the language of the bill, which is nearly identical to that of a similar law approved last year in Alabama, those sentenced for the crime would undergo a chemical injection that “reduces, inhibits or blocks the production of testosterone, hormones, or other chemicals in a person’s body.” If the person refuses, he would be considered to be in violation of his parole and would be “immediately remanded to the custody of the department of correction for the remainder of the person’s sentence,” the bill states.

Further, the condemned would be required to pay for the “treatments” himself.

Theoretically, according to The Sun, chemical castration would decrease the sexual urges of the person receiving the “treatment,” reducing the chances of them offending again. In such cases, the offender is given a drug, such as Leuprorelin, which has been used to treat difficulties in controlling sexual arousal, intrusive sexual fantasies, sadism or other “dangerous” tendencies. Side effects can include osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, depression, hot flashes and anemia.

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Those lawmakers can take that syringe and inject it back into themselves!

This has gone too far. This is government overreach that violates our Constitutional rights.

That phrase ” If it saves one child” has been that tired old mindless mantra that has been the driving force of this ridiculous Registry for years. And the worst part of it is that if hasn’t proven to save one!

I move to introduce a bill that would amputate the trigger finger of a gunman who’s weapon injures any child. Maybe they could cryogenically preserve it and reattach it after “the offender” completes the county approved psychological treatment program and is off of paper.

I move for a bill that requires Bruce Griffey to change his name to Adolf Hitler. Does anyone second the motion?

And I move for two bills. One, the brain is removed for stupid politicians and two, the tongue is removed from politicians who make false statements.

FYI the Texas constitution protects politicians, if one of them commits a crime, he/she can not be arrested if on the way to a legislative session. Just have to wait for the arrest.

Any power that you give away to the government will be ripe for abuse.

Since the government has packaged and promoted it to the public as a way to “treat” sex offenders to protect the masses, there is no doubt many idiots would support it. What they don’t realize is once the people invite that into society there it would have a Pandora effect where chemical castration would find its way to other crimes as well.

And if that doesn’t bother the public then the next thing could be brain implants or concentration camps…all under that mindless mantra “if it saves one child” the government will be marching us up to the ovens.

I think I will write Bruce Griffey and ask him to sponsor bills chopping off of hands of all thieves and gouging eyes out of all drunk drivers.

“As for the man who introduce the Tennessee bill, Bruce Griffey, he’s developed something of a reputation in the legislature for introducing bills that The Tennessean describes as “controversial,” such as banning refugee resettlement in Tennessee and requiring public school students to use bathrooms that correspond with their sex at birth. None of the bills he’s introduced have passed.”

Let’s hope his loosing streak holds up.

His losing bills did not have word “sex offender” in it. It could pass with flying colors and get him re-elected.

There is ONE Big problem with this idea! What if a person is convicted in this state and later found to be innocent? Happens all the time.


I believe he’s doing all this to just get re-elected.

Typical isn’t it? That the way up to money and power are on the backs of people he can exploit – namely Registrants.

Wonder what’s happened in Griffey’s life that he would even suggest something so sadistic.

Propper Freudian reference and on q. Assault is about control. Who wishes to control more than cops and politicians?. Lawyers only Nancy P. & Mitch K come to mind. Nice place we live in.

According to IML and just about every state law, a “child sex offense” includes pornography offenses. So does Rep Jethro in Tennessee plan on castrating people who looked at dirty pictures of children? And what about the gals?
I find it funny this nimrod conveniently quotes Scandinavian countries
Hey idiot! They don’t put you in prison forever there! And if they do put you in their cozy apartment like prison, some convicted ones would rather opt out for castration instead.

Well this is just going to result in every single sex offender in Tennessee refusing parole. Serving the full term would be just fine with me. No way to keep trying to put you in prison once your debt is paid after all. (apart from the registry that is)

“Reports from Sweden and Denmark suggest that the process can cut reoffending rates from 40 percent to five percent”
Reports from Sweden and Denmark also say when child pornography was legal in those countries, instances of child sexual abuse went down.
These “experts” conveniently choose what story to believe

What if you cut a thiefs hands off !
Of course it reduces the potential for doing it again …It also makes him DISABLED AND ANGRY and is NOT JUSTICE…!!!
…Is it , Excessive; Brutal, Necessary, Civil, Constitutional or Moral are we an advanced race or do we resort back Centuries to the times of Darkness and Sword ! EYE FOR AN EYE !!!
That is why we are here today in a different place, time, and Laws…because THE OLD WAYS DID NOT WORK !!!

But what makes this more disturbing is that the voters in this guys district are behind him 100%. But thank our lucky stars we have the US Supreme Court to make sure our constitutional rights are upheld. Right!

How do you Chemically Castrate a Woman (teacher) who sexually assaults a child (student)?

Then a male on parole who fell in love and the two decided they wanted to start a family, would not be able to have children. Seriously? Is there fine print in this law that would allow it?

It is very Important to let people know about Chemical Castration, So called REVERSABLE ..NO .. IT IS NOT !
That is why the Government allowed the Bills to be worded and Established for FORCED PERIODS periods of TIME….UNDER THE PRETENSE OF TREATMENT…BECAUSE THE POLITICIANS Deceive the Public and others saying IT IS REVERSABLE… ITS A LIE…BECAUSE after 3-5 years it DESTROYS A MANS HEALTH/BODY/LIFE ….!!!
After as early as 3-5 years sometimes Longer if the man is young/healthy the poor body will STRUGGLE TO KEEP ITS faculties going the best it can but not much longer after that MEN WILL SUFFER PERMANENT DAMAGE FOR LIFE !!!

This government is trying to make people out to be animals!! So they can do what ever they want too you!!! All in the name of! If We can save one child. But i see tv’ ads of kids asking for help with Cancer? But Never see the cops help them Kids!!! But if a girl basketball is playing. Oh yeah those so called/ Government cops would watch the tits before helping the cancer kids. Yes i am hash but truth before lies! Never talk to the cops EVER!!!!! They only want a victim too take the wrap!! So they can make money and move on. If you talk you will lose!!! And put money in they pocket. Even if you know you did nothing wrong!!!! Keep your mouth shut!!!!!

This bill is yet another attempt of the TN legislature to make TN’s sex offender laws mirror those of Alabama. You know their last attempt to dissuade AL registrants from moving into TN after the sheriff of Giles County complained about 7 or 8 registrants who moved from AL into his jurisdiction failed when a federal appellate court placed a preliminary injunction against the law that would have removed those registered citizens who targeted those who had committed sexual crimes against children 12 and under from their homes and children, even though a specific exception had been carved out IN LAW for those who had never victimized their own children and prevented those who committed such offenses after July 1, 2019 who committed the qualifying offenses.

Larry from “Registry Matters” has repeatedly emphasized the FACT that when their legislative efforts to further erode the rights and liberties of registered citizens and increase the harsh legal burdens they already bear are thwarted, they will not just give up. They will try something else every time one idea fails. This barbaric and PROVEN MEDICALLY DANGEROUS BILL is proof-positive of what Larry has said.

They couldn’t enforce that horrible law that would have needlessly ripped families apart, so now they’re copycatting yet another cruel and draconian Alabama law. If they fail with this attempt, they’ll just move down the list and go to the next tactic.

When it comes to sex offense legislation, personal bias and animus rules the day at every single turn.

I messed up the verbiage of my previous post.


1. Last year the TN legislature unanimously passed a bill to the governor that would have RETROACTIVELY removed those who committed sexual crimes against children 13 and under from their homes if they have children, even if the registrant had NEVER committed an offense against their own children and would have changed previous law that had carved out a specific exception for those who had never abused their own children. (biological children). That bill, which was signed into law by Repub. governor Bill Lee would have eliminated that exception in law for those convicted of a qualifying offense after the law went into effect on July 1st.

2. Three families filed a timely challenge in the federal appellate court for the Middle Dist. of TN. A preliminary injunction was placed against enforcement of this law. That injunction will remain in place until the law is fully litigated in court. When a judge issues a preliminary injunction, his reasoning for issuing such an injunction is usually a road map for the appellant to win the battle all the way up the appellate process. TN knows this law hasn’t got a dog’s chance due to the ruling of the 6th Circuit against Michigan in Does v. Snyder, which ruled retroactive application of newer registry restrictions as violations of the ex post facto clause of the Constitution and renders the restrictions PUNITIVE, OR PUNISHING.

3. Since TN couldn’t mirror THAT Alabama law, they went to their next most vicious law AL has on the books, which is their new mandatory “chemical castration” law. Although there has been no challenge made to the AL law, the medical boards in MS have expressed deep concern over the ethical difficulties raised by the legislature’s intent to use the healthcare system as a state agency to inflict punishment.

4. This is just another attempt to skin the same cat: disincentivize AL registrants from migrating into TN.

5. The legislature and the state A.G. learned from their mistake with the last law and did not make the law retroactive in its application. They learned from their last defeat and switched tactics.

This goes out to the man wanting to castrate me. I done 6 years and 10 months in prison, while I was in there I had gotten my GED and 2 vocational degrees. I also completed treatment in and out of prison. In 2009 I got released and for the last 11 years I have not had one single speeding ticket. I have also developed 2 Blogging websites, written 13 self-help books and the are for sale on Amazon ekindle. I am also in college online in my second year making a B average. My point behind all this is, when they place use all in one bubble and never give up a single chance to reform ourselves then what is the point. I am on a role to have 25 books published by this years end and be an established voice for u just one size fits all crap like this. So I ask the guy and everyone else that wants this done to me, what have you done in your career that tops everything I have done since being convicted of a sex crime. ? Do not hold my past against me becuase of one single thing and stop placing us all in one bubble. Check my record and go to amazon and type in Christopher baxley in the search colume and all my books will show up. Passing Bill’s like this only makes people like me not want to try anymore. After all of my accomplishments in and out of prison I still get talked about and bashed publically here in my hometown. So please aclu or a civil rights person we should talk if this bill goes into action becuase I will be the first to refuse it bases off my solid record and when you lock me up I will see you in court. This has to end now.

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