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Join RTAG’s conference call about possible changes to Angel Watch and Guardian Angel

[ – 2/28/20]

ALL are invited to hear Update to RTAG’s and Matt Ameika’s Mexican law firm efforts to effect the Angel Watch notification system and Mexico’s parallel Guardian Angel program. We have the acquired 5 Amparo (Remedy) cases to hopefully make changes to immigration procedures. Furthermore, the Mexican courts have recently established that the Mexican constitution and legal rights take priority over international agreements. We have also begun a process of engaging Mexican judges and government officials. Finally, we will discuss plans going forward. Paul Rigney and Matt will discuss for 30 mins then open for questions.

03/05/2020 9 PM ET
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Online meeting ID: rigneypa
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Does anyone know if this will be recorded?

Allow me to summarize the phone conference.

DHS the US Marshall’s and the FBI are sending notices to other Countries about impending travel to their country by RSO’s. These RSO’s are often times turned away and have suffered consequences and other damages because they were sent back to the United States and could not arrive at their destination.

“We have the required 5 Amparo (Remedy) cases to hopefully make changes to immigration procedures. Furthermore, the Mexican courts have recently established that the Mexican constitution and legal rights take priority over international agreements. And we will discuss plans going forward.”

The Lawyer in Mexico didn’t go into much detail, other than to say that they have “ongoing cases”. I had questions of my own concerning the Amparo Cases that they spoke so highly about. From my understanding from my own personal experience is that, one cannot simply jump right into filing an Amparo Case in Mexico. There is a long and drawn-out process that must take place before any Amparo Case is filed. There are a lot of shady things in Mexico, just FYI.

It was also very difficult to hear the conversation due to a poor connection, through no fault of Paul the Organizer. There was also a phone glitch so they couldn’t really answer any questions of substance.

Finally, it is the hope of Paul Rigney and this Law Firm to educate the Mexican Government about how the Mexican Constitution should take precedence over the agreement that Mexico has with the United States concerning the Angel Watch Program. Again my experience tells me that Mexico is extremely slow to change anything. They still use typewriters! Requesting clearance to receive medication from outside of Mexico takes at least 1 month! Nothing ‘smooth sailing” or easy processes in Mexico!

Three agencies/offices sending notices? That is overkill which also seems to be bit in contrast to the process we understand here from comments, e.g. notification to local LE, LE to DOJ/USMS/Angel Watch, then to Interpol, then overseas? If DHS, FBI, and USMS are sending notifications, then they would be sending them to their respective counterparts and Interpol? Something is amiss here about the process stated (or not if actually that way).

@TS, our government is less than forthcoming about their processes and procedures regarding the information bring sent and even if you are no longer registered under what conditions and criteria they are using to determine whether or not they will send notices on an ex-registrant and what they are actually saying about registrants and ex registrants. This is intentional. The more they disclose, the more clear it would be that the intent is to prevent travel entirely and be so obviously ex post facto. So far it’s more difficult to make that argument because at least outwardly they say they are not preventing the travel and that decision is being made by the receiving country, they are only giving information.

@TS ” That is overkill which also seems to be bit in contrast to the process we understand here from comments”

Have you been reading the comments here for the past 6 years? I have.

And yes if the notices that they send to other countries won’t get you, then Interpol can and will stop you.

Joint reply to @PK and @M C

@PK – Yes, I have been reading comments here for a number of years. The biggest one is the Interpol line as described and in the law. I may have read here about the FBI contacting their counterparts, sorta rings a bell, but don’t recall DHS doing that. Not saying they don’t but I don’t recall it right now. It begs to be asked then to ask each of the agencies/offices for their procedures to see how they reply, if they reply, with details on it. I believe @Janice here said use Privacy Act request on details when one person is requesting info for financial reasoning (FOIA has associated costs where Privacy Act is less than). Which then goes to my second half of this reply…

@M C – Yes, the USG is not forthcoming about their process and procedure when it comes to info being sent and never will be unless forced to show it by law or other. Preventing travel is outright outlawed (with exceptions), but highly discouraging it through the actions noted (without an eval) and possible reactions by the destinations is not illegal and is certainly damaging to one financially for a forced return. I believe these damages could be challenged in court for travel reimbursement and to include emotional and mental distress damages (using an eval of course by a pro) needing financial compensation.

The audio with the attorney was horrible. I plan a followup conf call with just
myself commenting where we are at and opening up for discussion

brasil has retiree visas, but i cannot go to my home there because of angel watch, they are evil vindictive interlopers. they will probably harrass those who are dropped from california registry in a few months.

If you really wanted to get to Brazil, you could figure out a way.

It was I will post on our blog

I wonder what the feds are saying on these notices being sent out to foreign countries, after a registrant has complied and told law enforcement their detailed travel plans which they’re required to do?

I wonder as well. They had the Polizei waiting for me when I arrived in Germany. They said they wanted to do a interview to determine if I would be allowed in the country. During the interview, having disclosed my conviction is 20 years old, I’ve been out for 13 years crime free, and am married with children, they determined they would allow me to enter the country and even questioned how the American government is able to get away with doing that to people. They actually said to me “the past is the past, you should be allowed to go on with your life.”

That alone tells me all of this stuff is nothing but punishment and is used to harass people. I hope to migrate to Germany since they’re in need of IT Specialists with degrees.


When did this happen? Just recently?

I have flown into Germany several times, the last time 5 weeks ago.

If our Gov buddies have escalated the noticing, that is very disturbing.

I have travel planned to Germany and Spain, but it doesn’t look like that will happen any time soon, for obvious reasons.


Yes, it happened a couple of weeks ago. Theres nothing to fear though, the German police still allowed me in and questioned why the Us would harass me over a 20 year old conviction.


Thanks for the response. I’m glad you were able to get in okay. And I probably would also, since my conviction was 25 years ago, involved no prison time, and I usually travel with my wife of 42 years (kids are all grown up).

Still, this seems to be an escalation. In my many flights in and out of Europe, I have never been treated any different than other travelers.

What if you missed a connecting flight? What if you had been traveling with friends, or kids, or friends of your kids, or business associates, or others who were unaware of your status? That could be very embarrassing, and people like us could decide to cancel travel rather than risk embarrassment or worse.

I agree that Germany and hopefully most if not all other European countries think that it is crazy how we are treated by US government agencies for crimes long past and paid for, but the hassle factor could be very aggravating.

Gralphr and Mike G, that IS concerning about Germany pulling you aside. That’s the first I’ve heard of that. I was pulled aside in Spain a couple years ago after transiting Germany, but after a “routine” passport secondary check (no interview or discussion that indicated they knew WHY they were pulling me aside) I was sent on my way with a smile…

Excuse me for getting involved in this topic but all of you are right and I’m sure we are just as confused as being classified as a sex offender. Much of this whole ordeal is about sex issues in many ways. Sure any country wants to hold their head high and help another country with justice. Even some of the particulars about who’s arriving at gate 1 or whatever the case may be.

While we are talking about sex offenders or should we all go back to high school or jr. high and review the epic poem Dante’s Infernio. A bit of values goes a long way in being fair or as the old saying goes. If I knew you were coming I would of baked a cake. I have really never traveled abroad so I wouldn’tknow how they treat those classified as a sex offender or even violent if thats the case.

I have even asked my PO where does it say that government has the right to lay all principals upon one, use a cloak of malice to cause him or her to stumble or use commendmants incorrectly in a lot of this sex exchange by unethical means via the internet or other encounters. Its like once a sex offender always and no forgiveness to that sticker on ones’ left shoulder.

Would it make some sense today to review ethic view’s or values or even a review of American History, the Mayflower Compact, Signing of the Declearation, Continental congress, etc. Yes we do have angles watching and also angle’s in disguise so where is the fairness and equal value or is their a principal in much of this devilish concoction. I believe there is.

I’m sure anybody can understand about being railroaded but true values was what this America was founded on or have Christian values slipped away by government justice ordinances. Sure angles can be on your trail but One would believe someone is still fighting the war between the states and its a bit of a discrimination if someone comes up to you and induces or interigates you at a boarding plane or even questions a passport or even boarding a train or bus for that matter.

Safety is good but some take it to the limit in many cases or does the offender sit in the back of the bus or is scanned by some metal detector before boarding.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x