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MI: Federal judge invalidates portions of SORA

A federal judge has issued a ruling that invalidates portions of Michigan’s Sex Offender Registry Act (SORA) that are unconstitutional.

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Cleland issued the decision on Friday in a lawsuit that argued the SORA was unconstitutional. Full Article

Court Decision

Press Release from the Michigan ACLU


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@ TnT – I like your view about getting a chance at due process. Just yesterday I got a letter in the mail from the Commonwealth in regards to a petition for pardon. They received partial letter and notice but they would more information complete and up their files. The petition is not only for me but others in VA as I mentioned in the letter. While I pled guilty in the ordeal, I’m like youI I would of least like the opportunity to have due process so I could tell it in court. I bellieve anyone should have opportunity on that in many cases

Funny thing is why do we all pled guilty in some cases. To hope for a lighter sentence, maybe probation or whatever the judge passes out. One wonders how much time they would give one for catching you in public without wearing a mask. Yes I agree with you and many on here we are left in the dark about a lot of things. This mixed up ordeal with this pandermic, registration offices closed, one trying to get some information or wanting to know if they get violated or not things of that nature. Joish telling everyone to back down or talking about some backdoor/BS

Well I have to agree with Josh about the backdoor/ BS but we are human and sure we alll need to know something.. I’mjust thankful that VA acknoledge one of my letters after so many writings that usually wine up in the trash.. Sure asking for a pardon is good and I’m sure you all will get a pardon relief. Even some are with smiles today in this NC verdict.

Hi All,

Just saw this in one of my emails, not sure what it means ,but it doesn’t seem like the Betts case will be be decided this session. So @Josh, i know you know what this means can you please tell me what it means, Thank you.

@BobbyS…..they just allowed somebody to weigh in with a opinion(amicus brief). I didn’t read it so I don’t know if it was for or against….

Ok People !!!! Lets NOT STOP EMAILING THESE STATE LEGISLATORS About Michigan House Bill 5679 , We need all the emails we can get even if you donnt reside in Michigan it will effect your state in the future if we will here , It is very important that we do not let up & express the damage the registries have on a person on them, over and over and over ,write, write, write, I myself have emailed them over and over again, over the last few weeks ,my family has too, Express these unconstitutional laws WILL NOT be tolerated , All eyes are on them lets not let up. Below is infor for anyone who hasn’t already wrote them it is not to late as of NOW !!

Please email and call the following House Judiciary members and leadership office daily (if possible) to demand that they remove from the House Judiciary Committee hearing on May 6, 2020 at 10:00 am in Lansing, HB 5679.
Melissa Sweet
Speaker Lee Chatfield
Chairperson Graham Filler
Rep. Beau LaFave
Rep. Diana Farrington
Rep. Gary Howell
Rep. Steven Johnson
Rep. Daire Rendon
Rep. Ryan Berman
Rep. Douglas Wozniak
Re. David LaGrand
Rep. Vanessa Guerra
Rep. Brian Elder
Rep. Tenisha Yancey
Rep. Kyra Bolden

Next Hearing On House Bill 5679 is 5/19/2020 This TUESDAY at 8:30am . Can see live at link below

The meeting will be shown live

Dear All,

I want to implore you to please as TNT advised to provide both written and oral testimony to oppose proposed HB 5679 that has been introduced into the Judiciary Committee in the Michigan House of Representatives. As you know, HB 5679 is unconstitutional and creates further punishment to individuals on the registry. Mr. Graham Filler is the Chair of the Judiciary Committee. Mr. Graham Filler has a Clerk named Melissa Sweet that if you have written testimony, you can submit the testimony to both Mr. Graham Filler and Ms. Melissa Sweet. Please get the written testimony in the day before the Committee meeting meets. The Judiciary Committee has met on May 6, May 13, and now there is a meeting today on May 19 at 8:30 am. I just learned of this meeting early on May 19 and I have submitted my written testimony and have requested to speak. The platform used to speak is Zoom. The Judiciary Committee via Mr. Filler’s support, will send you a link to connect with Zoom and you will have 3 minutes to provide your testimony. You should also provide written testimony as well, this is powerful.

I am going to provide information on how to advocate for all affected by the registry via Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

FAQ 1: How does one learn that a Judiciary Committee meeting is scheduled to meet? I have learned the Judiciary Committee only has to give 18 hours notice of the meeting. Please submit written testimony and /or request to provide oral testimony by Zoom to oppose HB 5679. This is your right to be heard as a citizen of the state of Michigan.

FAQ2: Where would I find a link to the Judiciary schedule of meetings?
Step 1) Go to the Website Link:

Step 2) Then click on “All Currently Scheduled Meetings” located at Website Link:

Step 3) Note the Calendar that pops up. Note for example on Tuesday, May 19, that the Judiciary Committee is meeting at 8:30 AM EST. Click on the word in red-font entitled: “Judiciary” and this will take you to the page that shows the Agenda. You will note that HB5679 is being presented first. If there is a Judiciary Committee meeting taking place, you have the right to testify orally by Zoom and/or written letter. You receive 3 minutes to give oral testimony. You can if you want to remain anonymous testify via audio only. You need to give Mr. Filler and Ms. Sweet a day’s notice within that window of 18 hours that you learn about the meeting that you desire to testify orally or have your written testimony posted.

Step 4) If you want to only listen to the Live Broadcast, there is a link, a word termed Broadcast and it is a Live Feed.

Step 5) If you want to testify or family members, you can send an email to Melissa Sweet (Clerk) and Mr. Filler (Chair) and request that opportunity making sure you have a days’s notice to gain that opportunity.

Step 6) Review this website on a daily basis because the dates are posted. Use the calendar and click on each day through 2 weeks in advance to keep up to date as to when meetings are posted.

FAQ 3: What should I orally and/or written format provide as testimony?
Remain professional at all times. State the evidence and logic.
-Tell the Judiciary Committee that proposed HB 5679 should be thrown out, that is the only solution.
-Tell the Judiciary Committee that the SOR has no impact on public safety, and only creates harm.
-State the consequences on you and your family.
-Emphatically state that evidence from research studies and credible experienced health professionals -should be involved and that the design of a law deserves construction using logic and evidence and there is no room for untruths based on beliefs to invoke fear on the public to get voted back into office or misconceptions or ill-conceived beliefs.

FAQ 4: Where can I find evidence to support my concerns such as a tier system that was not based on evidence or risk assessments; placing children, juveniles on a draconian system that is harmful to juveniles adjudicated and consequently the public; that the SOR creates a life of banishment, persecution, homelessness, dangerous threats, jobless, lack of family and friends to support; etc etc etc

Here is evidence you can use with facts throughout by the Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Amicus Brief on Jan 30 in People vs. Betts, Supreme Court No. 148981. Weblink found:

FAQ 5: Where can I find an example of what I could write to help me write my testimony to oppose HB 5679?
Step 1: Go to this Website Link:
Step 2: Click on the Open Testimony down arrow and read the testimony that is written to the Judiciary Committee.

FAQ 6: Where can I find an example of what has been testified regarding HB 5679 in the past so I can testify? Remember you have 3 minutes, that is it.

Step 1) Go to Website Link:

Step 2) Click on Archived Video. This is the website you will be brought to:

Step 3) Then scroll down to the Judiciary Meetings and the ones pertinent to May 6 and May 13. You can click on the Play Video. You can move the forward button on the video to find the section of the video where HB 5679 is located.

FAQ7: Where can I find the actual Live Broadcast?

Step 1) Website Link:

Step 2) Click on the Live Broadcast for the Judiciary Committee

FAQ 8) How can I find what the HB 5679 current state looks like?

Step 1) Website Link:

Step 2) Click on “All bills referred to this committee.

Step 3) Scroll down to HB 5679 and click on HB 5679. You can see where it is in process. As you can see, HB 5679 has been introduced. Stay in touch with what is going on and send insightful, evidenced supported lived experiences of this horribly unconstitutional law to the next meeting and testify.

Step 4) Or send a letter to each Judiciary Committee member. Here is a link to all the Judiciary Committee members. Send an individual email to all advocating for the dissolution, throwing out HB 5679 now and why with justification or rationale based on logic and evidence.

Here is the Weblink to the Judiciary Members and their email address is posted:

Find out who your state representative is and send emails to them too. Continue to send as many emails as you can in a thoughtful manner to knock this unconstitutional law out.

FAQ 9: What else can I do? Have your family testify in person, or via Zoom and/or write letters.

FAQ 10: What else can I do? Someone can organize a protest at the capital building after the stay-at-home orders are allowing us to do so. Wear a mask, social distance, show we are serious!!!!

This is our moment. We need to move on this as a team! 44,000 persons in the State of Michigan have to register? Why? Horrible! If a rally were put together, peaceful, and we all brought 1-2 persons, we could have 100,000 persons there!!

Stay the Course!

Uh…9 minutes left before a “hard stop” and they allow 5 minutes of testimony regarding HB 5679? Should I read between the lines?
I’, really interested in what the next committee meeting will bring.

Actually, there were 30 minutes left and the gavel went down? Not sure why? Lots of people were there to testify by Zoom and the meeting was closed early, not sure why?

Write in email or send a hand written letter with your written testimony to your representative and ask why your voice was not heard.

@ Nickthe1st …. This system they have is a Joke ! They are Dirty ! Sit there waiting too see testimony on House Bill 5679 for 2 long hours then this Jack @zz Filler gives the people before this as much time as they please,He is a Dirty Prick ! They call house bill 5679 and pipe up ” hard stop , in nine ” ???? Did you see the guy testifying , WTF he was just told you got 5 minutes and he spends 4 1/2 talking bout his resume , Crazy Shit too watch , They sure love playing favoritism depending on the bill . Crazy I sure hope Judge Cleland can save us from these Fools !

@ TNT…I listened to every second of that farce this morning. Talk about giving someone the finger!!! Like I said, I’m trying to read between the lines on what this crap means. Is it that they know it’s going to get shot down anyway so why waste the time…or is it that it’s going to pass no matter what happens or who testifies? He cut Miriam Aukerman from ACLU off 2 weeks ago, and then Paul from ACLU last week. I know he has a schedule to keep but how about some consideration? People are going to get really tired of standing in line to speak their peace and not getting a chance. Is this a ploy to get them to give up, shut up and go home? Last week I said the “chair” was rude and I got checked for it. I like your description and it fits much better.
Like you said, the fella that did get to testify spent all but 20 seconds going over his credentials.
I know zip about this stuff but maybe this is the way they do things. Taje a group of people, put a gag on them until the fire goes out and then slide things through?
Oh…and the fella that did get to testify did spend all but 20 seconds going over his credentials….amd that’s all anyone will remember.

Yes, I agree that may be their strategy. Cause fatigue on those who are showing up and maybe they won’t show up later. Let’s show them wrong. Keep showing up.

@Nick1 & @TnT….I did not watch this morning’s hearing so I can’t speak to the chairman’s manners. I just thought he was direct and businesslike in the first 2 hearings. I DO think that the entire topic is distasteful to this committee and they’d rather not deal with it at all….that being said I will not try to “read between the lines” on what is going to happen. I know what should happen and what I want to happen but these things rarely go the way we want. I received the update email from Tim the intern today and according to him there have been no changes or proposed changes to 5679 so far. At this point, the best scenario for us maybe is to just let this bill go through as is and let AG Nessel talk to her boss and make her case for a veto. We’re getting closer by the day to the end of the state of emergency(8 days) and the clock will start ticking on this…

“At this point, the best scenario for us maybe is to just let this bill go through as is and let AG Nessel talk to her boss and make her case for a veto.”
And perhaps affected citizens, RC and non-RC alike, should let Nessel’s boss know what they, the voters, think. Citizen input does have effect, especially if done by phone or a personally written snail-mail letter.

@Aj……glad to see you posting a little bit more brother! This forum is better when you’re active on it….in regards to what you wrote about contacting our governor, I believe a lot of people ARE in fact doing that very thing. With AG Nessel’s multiple amicus briefs it’s very easy to know where she stands on this issue. Our governor on the other hand is a bit of a wild card as much of the nation is getting to see through this COVID mess. Right now her popularity is way down by most accounts depending on your preference in news provider. That could be a good thing or bad thing. A good thing because she seems impervious to outside pressure or a bad thing because she might not want another negative public relations hit for taking a stand on the hot button issue of SORs…legal question for you @AJ: Do all the testimony, submissions, letters, and such accompany the bill when or if it leaves the judiciary committee? Just curious because the paper trail AGAINST this bill 5679 is substantial and only supported publicly but not glowingly by the MSP

Who am I to say, but this I know is true. I will only speak what I know to be the truth at the time I learned it. I have been speaking to truthful legislatures, I have found a difference. And, the very kind ACLU for help on what I can do to make a difference.

Based on what I have been told, they do not have enough votes in the Judiciary Committee to move it along and then the next step which I thought was the House of Representatives where it will be voted out.

The Chair of the Judicial Committee decides who can and who can’t testify and how much time.

The intern working for Chair Filler says that it is not guaranteed whether or not we will be provided time to testify, he only provides a Zoom link. There is no scheduled time except for high profile people such as Ms. Aukerman and Professor Dubin but they are providing only 5 minutes to speak, pretty much. This whole situation is unexpected according to those who have been working on this for years such as the ACLU. The intern (Nick Capone) gives people maybe a Zoom link and says they may be able to testify; then all of a sudden people are showing up like on May 19 and they refused to let anyone speak. The Chair covered all the rest of the Agenda comprehensively but not HB 5679. In addition, the pandemic is being used with the Chair calling meetings and any of his allies. Other representatives are upset stating they asked this Chair not to do that yet he does not listen–he wants this pushed through. The intern has sent so many nasty notes to me via email that I wonder if he realizes I am a citizen of this country. He actually has started screaming at me on the phone stating when I was talking in a calm, conversational tone: “Shut up! Be Silent!” I told him I had every right to talk and he threatened to hang up on me. I just kept talking.

The ACLU said about two weeks ago to write letters to our legislatures representing our district explaining our position and make them individualized for the best impact. They said to write the written testimony and submit during the hearings. They said to testify orally and we can remain anonymous even with the written letters because of the sensitive issue as we all know about.
They said to write the Governor an impactful letter on our position. The email available to write the letter is limited in words. I agree U.S. Mail is important. We need to tell all who wrote those letters to the Judiciary Committee as testimony to write a letter to the Governor as well. I believe it would be a good idea to write Ms. Nessel.

I sent letters out to all the Judiciary Committee members personally and many legislators to inform them of our plight and the horrible, horrible HB 5679. I get very little response but I send them and I make it known my opinion professionally, the impact, and what I want. I use evidence and the evidence is clear that the current SORA and proposed one from the Judiciary Committee, Mr. Lower, to educate them because honestly, they don’t have enough time in the day to know everything. A couple of representatives have called me back including of both political parties and said they are very upset that the Judiciary Committee headed by the Chair is doing this during a pandemic.

I believe the letters I sent out via email the night before, all facts and cited from PubMed.Gov and experience made them nervous and the mounting letters being sent in via written testimony is making them nervous. In addition, all were waiting today to give their testimony and there were at least 15 people and everyone on Zoom was shut down by the Chair. I wrote the Chair and let him know that this was in no way a democratic process and was entirely unacceptable etc. etc. etc. I got a response back and they showing anger.

I believe they did not expect that people would let up during the pandemic. I believe they are trying to shut people down. Keep writing the letters and send them by email to each Judiciary Committee member and to your own legislature. The ACLU are making calls to all the representatives.

I know the Judiciary Committee Chair was called out because a copy of HB 5679 was not posted and it was supposed to be posted.

I know the Judiciary Committee Chair was called out, of course politely, that the May 19 meeting was not posted on the website on Friday after 6 pm, May 15. Hearings should be public and available to the public and they are making it very difficult to get a meeting to testify on Zoom and in writing.

They give 3 minutes to testify, you can’t say much in 3 minutes. But keep the requests coming as soon as they post the meeting on the calendar.

I signed up twice for posts to come to me to inform me of the next meeting. Honestly, they never come to me in my email. Therefore, we have to keep watch on the site.

What to do based on the experts in this to help overturn HB 5679:

1. Write the governor and send it U.S. Mail ASAP a letter that is impactful.

2. Write your district representative via email that is impactful and educative. Send a note each week by email to educate to what is going on by date and to oppose HB 5679.

3. Stay on top of their meetings, watch the schedule of the judiciary committee, and request to have a Zoom link sent via email to the:

– Clerk, Melissa Sweet,

– Chair:

– Note these meetings will be each week and they may try to slip in another one. We have to watch the posts.

4. Write written testimony in opposition to HB 5679 to the Judiciary Committee and send it to Melissa Sweet and the Chair above and tell them you want that entered into the official written testimony on every day a meeting is available.

– Ask your friends and relatives to send in letters.

5. Send a copy of the letter by email to each member on the Judiciary Committee the day before the hearing / meeting. Send it individually and not to a canned group. Just change out the names. Send a copy to your legislature district representative.

This is not what the Judiciary Committee expected, people standing up in opposition and even if you show up to speak and they don’t allow you, make sure your testimony is sent in via written testimony.

6. Watch to see if the HB 5679 has any modifications to be added as an amended to move it forward via Judiciary proponents who are working in a vacuum, James Lower, the Chair etc.

7. If you get the chance to give testimony and you are interrupted by the Chair yelling out, “you have 1 minute left” let them know that doesn’t rattle you–say, thanks, I am continuing. Keep your message about educating on 1 point with evidence and how it has affected you, harmed you. State that you oppose the HB 5679 when you testify or they will not document it in the minutes. Even if that is all you talk about, they will not reflect the minutes correctly.

8. State what you really believe based on evidence you can cite from the literature. Don’t say well I think if someone is on it for 10 years, they can come off. Why 10 years? Why Never Any Years? Where is the evidence to show 10 years is good. Those tiers create tears because they were just some whakadoodle writing up what they think and never based on science. If someone is convicted of something and does their due diligence say unfortunately has to go to prison for a bit, then when they get out it is done! Why be punished further? Then punish the drunk driver who reoffends and is out on the road who could kill my whole family. Punish all those meth makers and heroin users, and pill pushers because they are hurting my neighborhood son’s friends, pushing dope on our kids. Put all arsonist and by the way, I don’t want the shop lifter in my store so I want them on a list. Put everyone on a list! Why one class of people, there is no good evidence to do so. This is the most crazy system not based on science ever. Bottom line, don’t give in because you think this is what they want to hear; educate these people.

9. If you get to go on Zoom, you don’t have to have your camera on, you can use just the audio. And if the Chair tries to decrease your confidence by saying don’t read your notes etc., do it as you want to do it. He is just trying to make your testimony come across as poor. Thank him and let him know you can choose your 3 minutes.

10. Wondering about a peaceful, peaceful march on the capital. A big crowd. If everyone took several of their family members plus had a mask on, no one know who is who. It has to be peaceful and above all to make our point.


Dear All,

Here are the letters posted today as written testimony, all opposing HB 5679, see the link below.
All these people, citizens who these elected representatives are supposed to serve, were not allowed to testify via Zoom despite HB 5679 was first on the agenda. However, we got letters in.

Keep the letter writing going. There is no date posted yet on the next meeting but they have 18 hours to post it in advance. The constructor of the bill, Mr. Lower, did not listen to our judge or the research evidence and his bill, not the people’s bill, is based on hearsay–zero evidence from the science.

Continue to oppose HB 5679!

TNT provided a list of representatives to write. Write a daily email.

I don’t know a lot of things, but I do know persistence wins!


This document was just added today by the Michigan Judiciary Committee with Mr. Lower who constructed this proposed HB 5679 (link below).
This is the Judiciary Committee’s financial analysis of their proposed HB 5679:

This link provides information on the life of HB 5679 in this link as well as the financial summary:

@Advocate….I tried to click on that link You provided for the financial analysis on HB 5679 and got a error message..

Hi Josh,

I am just learning how to work in our legislative website so I can advocate for those I care for, myself, and others. So I want others to know what I have learned. I hope that is o.k…. I know I can do more if I become really informed on how the government website works and its operations so that we can lobby to abolish this unconstitutional HB 5679 and make the changes that are over due, way over due. This website is not friendly to work with.

I am retrying the link. Here is the link that should get you to the PDF. You may need to copy and paste it in a web browser (Internet Explorer, Google, etc)–I don’t think it will work by just clicking on it because it is a government website. The PDF is in the next paragraph.

This is the Legislative Analysis provided by HB 5679’s Sponsor-Writer-Author of the HB 5679, Representative James Lower (you can see his name at the top of the proposed bill letting everyone know he wrote it and is the Sponsor). Mr. Lower is not working with the ACLU or other stakeholders to abolish the unconstitutional law–he is a LONE RANGER but not the same hero as the Lone Ranger in the 1960s who cared about the least who needed help.

Copy and past this into your web browser: House Fiscal Agency Analsysis, Legislative Analysis, of HB 5679:

In fact, Mr. Lower is making the law via the proposed HB 5679 more draconian more so far from any truth I don’t know what rock he lives under, honestly, what can one say? I really don’t think that is a slip in analysis. I don’t know when his seat is up for re-election and I do believe he is trying to run for Congress this fall? Also, Mr. Lower is not allowing people he should be working with have any say in the proposed bill, HB 5679. But, I think we could already know that! Here is Mr. Lower’s email address and maybe what we could do is educate him on making this world better using published findings in the science and caring for us, the people who elected him. Here is his profile, his profile to include that he is 31 years of age.

Here is his email address.

Representative James Lower needs to hear about the evidence and what it feels like to live life sucking air through a straw under a scary and horrible law deemed unconstitutional, the Michigan SORA. On the other hand, Professor Dubin, is a humble, learned scholar, practicing attorney, and educator, and caring uncle for his nephew with serious Autism living under the SORA. Professor Dubin, in contrast to James Lower at 31 years of age, has lived a full life with rich experiences and says we have a right to live our lives with dignity and full rights of citizenship and is asking the legislature to be cognizant (use their brains) of the underlying data and research that helps point the direction to a law that promotes such dignity and rights that balances public well-being as well and questions why we have so many people on a registry in the state of Michigan. Truly, why do we need this law and especially 44,000 people and growing? He is reminding the Michigan Representatives to really think on this….

I believe Mr. James Lower needs to get into the Judicial Committee room when everyone is meeting to learn from the citizens of this state about how to really create a robust data-research driven law to promote and preserve dignity and life for all. Where is Mr. James Lower as the Sponsor of the HB 5679? He is not in school to learn from his constituents, he is not there, not present in the Judiciary meetings or if he is, only for a while to report on what “he” is doing alone as the author and Sponsor of HB 5679. Professor Dubin is there, so where is Mr. Lower to hear and learn from Professor Dubin as Professor Dubin states that this law is there to “absolutely ruin people’s lives?

Mr. Lower, honestly, needs to get back in the committee around his constituents and listen and learn from the people, not write a law based on what he only thinks? Please, if Representative James Lower is unwilling to learn, to care for us, to use logic, to rely on other’s with the rich experience like Professor Dubin, Ms. Aukerman, Ms. Nessel, and us, the constituents, please vote him out and do not let him go to Congress to represent us because he does not care about us, he is deliberately absent in his own world and does not deserve the privilege to engage in sponsoring bills that affect our lives.

We need to lobby for ourselves, we need to be our own best allies, and vote people out that create harm, fear, homelessness, joblessness, unnecessary abuse of our tax dollars to their programs like SORA, and in essence, have no intention of protecting the public by refusing to use data and research evidence and to rather make decisions on only what it appears, pure malice.

Why is Mr. James Lower not in the Judiciary Committee learning from his constituents who have a right to a voice about their state of Michigan where they pay taxes and contribute? Where is this person, Mr. Lower, who says he is our representative? Why is he absent and not available to listen to his constituents? Where is he working with Ms. Aukerman, Ms. Nessel, Professor Dubin, testifying Michigan Citizens–Mr. James Lower is absent and does not care. The letters to date are innumerable and demanding opposition to the registry including Ms. Dana Nessel. Read the accumulating letters at this website link:

Unfortunately, Ms. Aukerman who has over a decade of advocacy (highly qualified and giving) was provided only 5 minutes to present? However, she remained poised and above it, yet she did what she could to advocate on May 6 despite being limited by the Chair of the Judiciary Committee, Mr. Filler. I thought it was odd that the Chair of the Judiciary Committee addressed her as if he had no idea who she was–please listen to the video starting at 1 hour and 20 minutes. Here is the website link you may need to copy and past in a web browser:

I know the ACLU wanted to be at the meeting in person but they, the Chair of the Judiciary Committee and his alliances, would not wait rushing their closet crafted bill through their Author and Sponso,r Mr. James Lower. This Judiciary Committee is putting barriers up to not allow people to testify in person on purpose to HB 5679, and limiting people on Zoom, without ability to be present to state their opinion, to testify. They (those on the Judiciary Committee such as the Chair) are doing this by holding their controlled meetings during a global pandemic potentially infecting themselves and then others meaning they will go to the hospital and put hospital personnel’s life at risk with Covid 19. Should a member of the Judiciary Committee become infected, they will require care by Heroes such as nurses, doctors, nurses aides, laboratory persons, and these Judiciary Committee persons have the potential to spread Covid 19 to these heroes. Because of their actions in realistically spreading Covid 19, they could infect those health care heroes with a deadly virus causing death and the loss of their lives to their children and spouses back home. Their work with HB 5679 is not essential right now, it truly isn’t and it is totally inappropriate and unconscionable for them to create stress on others in rushing it forward without participation from their constituents. Really, where is the judgment with that one? Didn’t the Governor say to stay at home during this state of emergency?

There was and is no reason to put up obstacles for people to not be engaged in these meetings about this public policy proposed bill except that it is being rushed through to keep people out to push through a HB 5679 that is based on only Representative James Lower’s voice and not an ounce of science and expert practitioners in this area like Ms. Aukerman, Ms. Nessel, Professor Dubin, other experts and the experts, us, the citizens of this state of Michigan.

Professor Lawrence A Dubin is at 1 hour and 13 minutes on the video below on May 6 and provides exceptional testimony based on research evidence pointing out that this is a “very bad law” and a bad system etc. A Very humble attorney and professor with emeritus status advocating for all, including juveniles and individuals with disabilities such as Autism in this horrific current SORA system, and the even more so draconian system that Representative James Lower wrote as our new proposed law to include, HB 5679. See the web link below and you may need to copy and paste it in a web browser.

Representative James Lower not only doesn’t follow the research evidence despite the fact he has gone to a university twice with two earned degrees, but could care less about the disabled and juveniles, the kids on the registry which is an insincere travesty in justice. Again, please email him and all the members of the Judiciary Committee that TNT provided email addresses for to testify about the impact, the devastation, that the SORA has had on you and your life. Are you homeless or near homeless? Are you jobless? Are you lonely? Are you scared of the police who are supposed to protect us? Are you without education because no one would let you in with this terrible unconstitutional stigma they gave you? Do your neighbors invite you over for a hamburger picnic or borrow a cup of sugar from you? Do you live in fear that you finally have a house to live in and the police force will show up to complete their annual or more often address verification and all the neighbors will see you and now ostracize you, persecute you, may even hurt you? Do you worry about in the fast world we live in that you may have forgotten to report a new email address for program you participate in and what will happen if it isn’t reported–what will the police do? Are you close to your last meal? Are you depressed and anxious because you were terrorized and continue to be on this horrible inconceivable nightmare of a law, the Michigan SORA? Then all these representatives deserve to hear your story (testimony) of what they continue to do to you and your family because it is them, that is the barrier and terror to daily life, not kind, giving, logical people like Professor Dubin and Ms. Aukerman or Ms. Nessel.

Last, note that the House Fiscal Agency Analysis is under the area of Bill Analysis area in which the proposed HB 5679 Sponsor and Author is listed as Mr. Representative James Lower.

This is the link where the stages of the proposed bill HB 5679 is located and you may need to copy and paste it in the web browser. The title of this area is “Bill Documents” and you can see what Mr. James Lower has been up to in crafting and pushing through HIS HB 5679. Here you can see that the House Introduced the bill, HB 5679, by its author and writer, the sponsor, Representative James Lower.

I hope this works. We need to keep on top of those who represent us because we elected these people and they are supposed to use care and concern using the evidence from research to make good decisions. Some elected officials such as Mr. James Lower are just writing a law based on what he thinks like making this law harsh and mean-spirited towards many but you can really see it because he is going after the vulnerable, juveniles, kids of all things, our kids, he is after our kids. I believe there are an upward of 22% of persons who were placed on the registry of 44,000 persons in the state of Michigan. What is that? About 10k of the 44k are juveniles who were put on a list? That is 10 Class A High Schools!!!! What kind of person does that when the evidence particularly from Attorney General Nessel demonstrate that darkness is shown in the light (the truth, the evidence).

Like Ms. Aukerman, like Ms. Nessel, like Professor Dubin, like all these citizens testifying to the opposition of HB 5679, let’s not be afraid to show these elected folks the evidence that exists to change an undeniable horrible, bad, unconstitutional law, the Michigan SORA.

Please write everyday to your legislature. Tell them simply that you:
1. Oppose HB 5679
2. There is nothing of value to society in HB 5679.
3. HB 5679 is corrupt because XXXXX (e.g., the tier system was never constructed on evidence, only a short in the dark, without risk assessements)
4. HB 5679 has had this severe impact on your life XXXXX
5. HB 5679 was constructed without the help of experts and evidence from the research.
6. Vote NO on HB 5679 immediately.

That is all it takes. An email every day to 1 or more representatives we the people elected to do a good job with good outcomes. If they are not providing good outcomes, advocate!

Let’s Roll!

Thank you and God’s Speed!

I sent it.
See the long post.
It is near the top.
I put other things I learned too about those who want to enact a new horrible, devastatingly more SORA!!

How can we get 100,000 people to march to the capital peacefully to stop this SORA nonsense?

We need a plan!!!

@ The Advocat, Josh, AJ…why would the committee do a financial analysis on a bill that does squat to address the unconstitutional portions of the original?

@Nick1….did you see the “financial analysis”? It was like a 3 sentence blurb at the end of yet another recap of what the bill is trying to accomplish…the house fiscal committee who are undoubtedly a bunch of rocket scientists & Astro physicists in their own right came to the conclusion that the bill would likely increase(no shit, really?) the cost for law enforcement to maintain & run 2 registries when they’ve spent years wasting federal money and OUR money on ONE registry. I’ve loosely followed some other pieces of legislation pertaining to other topics over the years but this is the first time I’ve followed a bill this attentively and I’m quickly having my opinion affirmed on a whole new level what a collective bunch of DUMB ASSES politicians are……sorry for this rant at 8:30 EST but I was annoyed to wake up & read about this….

Mr. James Lower, the Author and Sponsor of this Bill, is trying to argue a case that HB 5679 has beneficial impacts to include all things such as wonderful public safety, etc. and good financial impacts to make a statement to get the HB 5679 through the next steps.

Mr. James Lower is saying: “See, it makes sense to do this, it has benefits here and there and all over the place.” This is all fake. Since fake is popular word today, I will call it what it is, fake.

Other people who vote (representatives) on HB 5679 if they don’t know any better, don’t know what a SORA is (yes that is true) will just say, “Hey, that sounds great, you got my support.”

Any proposed bill that could be feasible to move forward has to have good financial impact; or it is not feasible.

that would be a $20,000+ expense just for postage, that not including the cost of the paper, envelopes, and printer expense. I bet it all comes to nearly $40,000.

That’s not including the time involved to type all the addresses into a database, stuffing envelopes etc.

I think communicating it would be much easier via this forums and other like it. You have to remember many in the group are really on the ropes financially, and fundraising could be tough.

Politicians are just like used car sales men. They dont car who they f over as long as they make a sale. Horrable people. we are at the point where most of them are becoming to old to remember what their doing, these are the same old people who drive through the front of store fronts because they thought the gas was the break. hang in there, all lifes matter!!!!!!!

I try to write them daily, I know they are just throwing them away I see they posted like one in testimony , They could careless from what I am getting from their vibes got back like 2 replies total that were automated , I think we really should try the March on the capital it would be very easy too coordinate being we have every registrants address , Just send out a letter too everyone too attend via the registry its self , I think this could be pulled off ???? I would be willing too help coordinate if I had a little help or guidance . What do you guys think ?

I think if we can organize that then we should be able to organize a voting block. 44,000 votes for any state of Michigan candidate is a shite load of votes. We are large enough in numbers to affect the results of an election. If we ever organized nationally and voted we could change the outcome of a national election. There were fewer than 11,000 votes difference between Trump and Clinton in the 2016 Michigan vote

@Warpath Vote for who? What are you talking about? Do you think if they brought Rick Snyder back to Michigan and kept Donald Trump in office, everything would get better for registered sex offenders? If you want to know what would happen to registrants in Michigan if conservatives took over, all you have to do is look at the south.

@Any one, call me an idiot, but this analysis thing and this bill how does, this effect us pre 2006-2011 people. I know @Josh, you’ve probably explained it to me already, but this bill and this covid crap has really thrown a monkey wrench in to everything and this bill seems to get more and more confusing, as this keeps going not to mention this meetings seem pointless. I would appreciate any help or clarification on all this, and the effectiveness on all of us. Thanks in advance.

@BobbyS….the HB 5679 has not changed or gotten more confusing….the only thing you need to understand is IF this bill is signed into law AS IT CURRENTLY IS WRITTEN YOU WILL REMAIN ON A REGISTRY FOR LIFE! There will be 2 registries pre/post 2011 and you stay ON FOR LIFE if you have a crime against a minor victim. There are list of convictions like a CSC 2 victim under 13 and several others that will remain lifetime requirements…under this bill the only thing that really changes for most pre2011 convictions is the tier designation, you won’t have a tier anymore. THIS BILL SUCKS ON SO MANY LEVELS!!!!! To answer your other question. The bill was submitted to the fiscal(money) committee to determine whether the bill makes sense financially….IT DOESN’T


@Warpath, ctually you are making sense believe it or not. Sure coming together with true grit does make sense. Hey I’m here in VA and yes standing tall is what its all about. Sure we can get mad or upset over this registry issue or what issue it is but advocacy has its divine points and nothing wrong with the truth. One can sit around and play the fall guy but don’t we all have our intestional fortitude to speak up. Constrict your voice and plan your actions.

Even little Galan did that five years ago and people listened, but this giving plea deals is a bit much. Do you think God would give you or even some presidents a plea deal? Much of this is about reaping and sowing and authorities wanting to get the last word in with their backbiting schemes. So stand up and be proud to be you. That goes for everbody else.

We all need jobs and get back to basic lifes. One can’t help with a lot of crisis but we can all care for others. Stand up for justice and many will be surprise the good that comes out of bad.


Please email and CALL the following House Judiciary members and leadership office daily (if possible) to demand that they remove House Bill 5679 or VOTE IT DOWN !

Lansing, HB 5679.
Melissa Sweet
Speaker Lee Chatfield
Chairperson Graham Filler
Rep. Beau LaFave
Rep. Diana Farrington
Rep. Gary Howell
Rep. Steven Johnson
Rep. Daire Rendon
Rep. Ryan Berman
Rep. Douglas Wozniak
Re. David LaGrand
Rep. Vanessa Guerra
Rep. Brian Elder
Rep. Tenisha Yancey
Rep. Kyra Bolden

Ive been reading all the post since ACLU started to make some head way, kinda stumbled on this site and have been inspired by all the up lifting comments. I am writing this to get my, you can say 2 cents in , Ive been on the register since beginning of 2005 and like almost all on the registration I have no priors or post convictions. I believe this pandemic has given us a great opportunity to prove what we all already know. That the register has nothing to do with protecting anyone. Now its fun and aspiring reading all the post, but I think calling the legislators ( no matter how deserving they maybe) names will not help our goal, remember they are both the judge and jury. The one thing that keeps coming back to me and I haven’t seen anyone mention including the ACLU is : I hear everyone talking about how all the data shows that SO Registry dont work because the re offending rate is so low ( which is true) but if Im on the legislative, maybe im thinking well the SO Register is working because there is such a low rate of re offending. Now here’s where we got them. Right now, there is no Sex Offender Registration enforcement due to the pandemic. I dont see all over the news, New Sex crimes by Registered Sex Offenders ( Im sure it would be all over the news if there were ANY). This proves that its not Public Sex Offender Register that keeps the public safe. Its US making good choices everyday whether there is a registry or not. Keep up the good work by staying out of trouble.

It’s to early to tell plus all crimes, including stranger related sex crimes are down because of the pandemic. Now sex crimes inside the home are a different story but they dont count as far as the registry’s purpose of warning others who don’t know you. And just because some people aren’t registering (most still are or try to because they don’t trust the state saying they don’t have to register for now) doesn’t mean their mug and address aren’t still out there-family watchdog, neighborhood scout and city-data have that all taken care of. All the evidence and studies say the registry has no safety value-that’s how you make a strong argument against the registry. But saying because covid has shut down registration for a couple of months, someone could come back and say you’re still being detered and soccer moms are being warned because your info is still out there, plus we haven’t been thru all 12 months of everyone not having to register. It’s only been 2 months. That’s why I say it’s too early.

@Jo Jo…you make a very good point and this is something to think about. Thank you for sharing.

Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts) have said, “the SO Register is working because there is such a low rate of re offending” a lot. I’d expect tens of thousands of times. But we know they aren’t super interested in facts because otherwise they would know that research has already been completed on that and it’s an inaccurate statement. We know that the recidivism rate before Registries existed is statistically the same as after. Registries have had no positive effect.

Personally, I fully expect that Registries have caused increased crime, including $EX crimes. I’d be surprised to learn otherwise. I’m certain that Registries have put all people living in America in more danger.

If the recidivism rate went way up right now, RS/Ts would say it was because “$EX offenders aren’t being monitored”. If the rate went way down, they’d say it was because of the pandemic. And in any case, they won’t be caring about facts. I don’t see this as an opportunity for anything.

The way to prove that Registries are useless, and actually worse because they are a distraction, is to simply point out that it doesn’t help anyone to know if a person has committed a crime in the past or not. Let’s take a single mother living in a subdivision with her kids. Some guy moves in next door. Would it help that mother in any way at all to know if the guy committed a $EX crime in the past? Does it matter in any way how she can treat the guy? If the mother thinks that it does, then her children are the ones who are at danger of being molested. A good mother instead understands that even if supposedly/possibly/probably the guy did not commit a $EX crime in the past that does not indicate in any way that he isn’t molesting children today. She acts accordingly and protects her children.

It really is that simple. Good parents don’t have any need at all for Registries. They’d only “need” them for gossiping.

That same concept should be applied to every single situation. We see schools, churches, etc. all the time so worried that a “$EX offender” might visit them. Some of them are so dumb that they think they need to exclude “$EX offenders”. Why? It’s idiotic. And it’s insane that they SUPPOSEDLY believe that but are fine with people who have shot people with guns, driven drunk, etc., etc., etc.

If a person is visiting my children’s schools, they damn well better be supervising that person. I don’t give a flip if the guy hasn’t committed a $EX crime in the past. Makes no difference to the supervision AT ALL. If people think it does, then they are putting children at risk. People who think Registries are needed are putting children at risk.

You said, “Keep up the good work by staying out of trouble.” If I was interested in committing any kind of $EX crime, I wouldn’t have any concern about what effect it had on people thinking Registries were effective or not. Wouldn’t care about that at all.

If I got into trouble today, it would be because of, and the fault of, the Registries. Likely for retaliation against them.

Did the judge tell the legislator that any new law had to be brought before him first I don’t get how they can even try to pass a new law without judge Cleland approval

@Michigan…I don’t know if anybody else noticed but Gretchen Whitmer extended the state of emergency until June 19 and the stay at home order until June 12….that also pushes back our timeframe on a final order of judgement and the 60 days as well…..on the bright side it looks like no verification/registration for June…..

This is absurd. The legislature is debating a terrible bill and the clock hasn’t even started ticking on an injunction. They’ll have all the time in the world to craft the worst possible bill without any risk of a single RSO getting off the registry.

What utter pointlessness.

This entire thing is going to drag on and on, especially since Gretchen keeps extending the stay at home orders for no reason. What I don’t understand is why Cleland can’t start the clock now. There are other Judges out there, holding court, by zoom Skype or what ever means nesassary. The Clock needs to start on the Legislature now, and this rediculously written bill needs to be squashed, it goes against everything that Cleland has already found punishment and unconstitutional. So how this bill can even be considered to be fisable, and Constructional and NOT against the 6th Ciurys ruling or Clelands ruling is beyond me.

The judge cannot tell the legislature what the bill has to say. The bill also cannot go to the judge for approval. The legislature was ordered to write a new bill so technically they do not have to take out anything that was ruled unconstitutional. If and when a new bill passes, if there is anything in it that is still against his ruling, it would have to be taken back to court.

The Judiciary Committee from the Michigan House of Representatives is holding a hearing tomorrow, Wednesday, May 27 at 11:30 AM. HB 5679 is on the agenda. See the link below to the Judiciary Committee Website. There is a Live Broadcast link on the Judiciary Committee Website that once opened below, it says: Broadcast. Click on Broadcast to watch it Live.

You can send written testimony into the Clerk, Melissa Sweet, and ask her to officially post the written testimony for tomorrow. Melissa’s email is:

You can also ask Melissa for a link to be able to speak at the hearing if they are allowing the outside to speak. It would be important to get your testimony in, even if it is to send an email to say:

I oppose HB 5679.
HB 5679 is not based on any science to promote public safety.
HB 5679 has been proven by data and science to promote harm to the public and not to provide any benefit.
I oppose HB 5679 being discussed during a pandemic situation where the public is not allowed to participate in such an important matter.
Vote “No” on HB 5679.

Here is a link to the Written Testimony submitted to the Judiciary Committee to date that one can use as an example to write more if you wishe:

Link to the Judiciary Committee Website:

Please continue to write letters. Your voice matters!

Michigan House Bill 5679 info to pass along.

HB 5679 is on the House Judiciary Committee’s agenda for this coming Wednesday, May 27 @ 11:30am.

If you would like to give testimony via Zoom email N.Capone in Representative Filler’s office at as soon as you can.
If you would like to provide written testimony to be added to the record on the bill, please send it to Melissa Sweet at

IF the meeting will be shown live it will show up on this page by the start of hearings next week: What is on this page right now are the links for some of this past week’s meetings, and it hasn’t been updated yet.

@ TNT I hate to be a skeptic but if we’re scheduled for 11:30…what time des the committee break for lunch? I wonder if they plan on taking a vote before the summer break.

@ Nickthe1st was told they weren’t voting this week ???? Yes I agree, they sure find a way too fit it in just before lunch maybe we will get 10 minutes this week , Crazy !

There is a Hearing on Wednesday, May 27, in the Michigan House of Representatives in the Judiciary Committee on HB 5679!!!!

Please send your written testimony to Melissa Sweet via email, even if it is written in the email itself, ask Melissa to post it as Open Testimony.

Can we get at least 1,000 emails/letters sent into Melissa Sweet to testify today for tomorrow’s 11:30 am meeting?

Melissa’s email is:

The ACLU says your letters matter! If you are willing to testify in person, that can be arranged for, or you can testify on the Zoom link–arrange for that with the Clerk via email:

Even if to a short letter in email is important. Here is something you could start with in your own words:

-I oppose HB 5679. It has been deemed unconstitutional. Remove HB 5679 immediately
-HB 5679 is not based on data or evidence in the science. HB 5679 only harms the public and does nothing for safety.
-HB 5679 is being discussed during the pandemic excluding citizens from participation and this needs to be stopped now.
– HB 5679 has been declared “fake” science–it is meant to punish a class of people only. If this were real science, then everyone who made a mistake would be placed on a list to include anyone who had DUI, shoplifted, etc. etc. etc.
– HB 5679 not only keeps Michigan unsafe, it only hurts the Michigan economy.

Weblink to the Judiciary Website where you can see the open testimony (letters as an example of what else to write. Cut and paste in your browser.

Send letters in. Ask friends and relatives to send letters/emails opposing HB 5679 today!!!!

thank you!

TNT’s message deserves a repost!

Please send in your written testimony to Melissa Sweet to be posted for tomorrow’s meeting. It can even be sent tomorrow. State your opposition. You can put the testimony in your email, simple as that.

Copy and paste your testimony in an email separate to each representative below as TNT indicated.

We need your letters out even if you already sent a letter. Keep sending your voice. We need 1,000 letters out today or marching towards 1,000 letters.

Oppose HB 5679! Tell them now and continue to tell!


Please email and CALL the following House Judiciary members and leadership office daily (if possible) to demand that they remove House Bill 5679 or VOTE IT DOWN !

Lansing, HB 5679.
Melissa Sweet
Speaker Lee Chatfield
Chairperson Graham Filler
Rep. Beau LaFave
Rep. Diana Farrington
Rep. Gary Howell
Rep. Steven Johnson
Rep. Daire Rendon
Rep. Ryan Berman
Rep. Douglas Wozniak
Re. David LaGrand
Rep. Vanessa Guerra
Rep. Brian Elder
Rep. Tenisha Yancey
Rep. Kyra Bolden

We need 1,000 letters sent today to oppose HB 5679!

Oppose HB 5679 Now!

As a Group, we have the numbers in Michigan to make our voice heard! Send in your letter today, it can be short and anonymous.

There are 44,0000 living, breathing, humans in the state of Michigan being punished after they have already completed their time and effort — this is punishment, placed in a caste system banishment, poverty and fear. No other group of people lives under these conditions — persons who commit a DUI in the state of Michigan kills people and reoffends yet for this or any other offense there is no list. Where are the lists???

We need to come together NOW and submit letters opposing HB 5679 every time there is a hearing in the Michigan House of Representatives Judiciary Committee!

We are a class of 44,000 people and greater with our family and friends on our side. We could easily send in 100,000 testimonies if only to post:

Oppose HB 5679 Now! A proposed law based on illogical notions and nonsense! Oppose HB 5679 Now!

100,000 persons could easily vote anyone if these representatives out of office this year and work with those who stand for the truth! If they vote for this bill, we are paying them to harm us and the public!!!

Get your testimonies in today, now!!!

Pressure equates Power!! We have a large voice! Use it Now!

Email letters to

Stare you want your testimony entered officially today for today’s hearing. You can do this anonymously— tell them you need to be anonymous but your vote will be heard!

100,000 testimonies today!

Takes 10 minutes and can affect our lives forever!

See other recent post on how to simply get your testimony out there. Very simple and Very Important!

Take Action! We need group action!

I have mine in–post when you get your testimony in!

I’ve been continually writing the Judiciary members and State Representatives for the last month. I’m getting so anxious over this whole thing that some days I’m feeling physically sick.

I’m wondering why 5679 wasn’t on the agenda last week or this week? The most recent thing I’ve seen is the article published today in The Detroit News.

I hope others are using taking the time to stand up for themselves or their loved ones!

I agree Kristen. You can see all the excellent letters and minutes showing the opposition to HB5679 in the 4 meetings starting in May.

We need to keep writing the representatives of the Judiciary Committee. I don’t see any activity listed on the Bill itself since it was Introduced. We must keep writing weekly. Demonstrating our opposition has had a powerful effect.

We need more letters and insightful letters need to go to the Governor.

I am advocating based on research evidence that all juveniles come off the list and never placed on a list.

Why in heaven’s name do we have a list for this anyways?!

We gave 44,000 people on the list. There should be pouring in 44,000 letters at a minimum to abolish the list immediately.

We get the results we put the effort in for— write a letter please, everyone, every week. Takes 30 minutes tops.
Your voice matters. Let’s lead and take this list down now!

Also, do not settle for a private list— there is nothing private about it— cops make their checks at your home on a yearly basis and then all your neighbor’s watch or seek out information then you are harassed out of your neighborhood.

Just tell them simply to be brave and abolish the list. State facts about the sex offender registry, a modern day imprisonment for life! Punishment!

How do we get people to rise up to end the registry? Speak up, Do it now, you can remain anonymous. In your letter, state why, you don’t need your life put in danger if you remain anonymous. An individual on the registry in Nebraska was hunted down in broad daylight recently and was shot to death. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

I have sent instructions to help those know how to post your letters. Oppose the registry now, all of it!! Writ you letter of opposition each week, all 44,000 persons plus at least one family member or friend.

Thank you!

Why does it seem like where back at the beginning again. It’s as if the last three years doesn’t matter and where back at the beginning. I finally met someone after 12 years and we want to travel around in a camper. My life is not mine. I am so tired. Why can’t this nightmare go away.

Boost yourself up and write an insightful letter opposing the HB5679. Tell them to completely dismantle the registry. This helps you and everyone else. Do it!

Well, went to the local cop shop today to see if i had to check in, and she said yes, but some places are not registering people and some are, well since I live in a small town/city of about 12,000 people and the city limits are about 3.75 square miles, I figured they were still trgistring us, so at least they can’t say I didn’t register after 28 years of this crap. What I don’t understand is since things are slowly opening up, and most courts are doing things by Zoom now, why hasn’t there been any movement, in Judge Cleland’s Court room concerning Does 2 and the temerary order. I think it’s time to start the 60 day clock now. Enough is enough, they need to stop hoping things up because of a so called virus. Just my opinion.


Why would you go attempt to register when they are not to register anyone until after the pandemic ends? That’s a judicial order, that you are aware of.

What were you trying to accomplish by doing this?


Well covering my butt for one, in case they try to come back at me later, and again on 6-19-2020 i will have 28 years on this stupid thing, so i am playing safe for me. I also live in a small town/ city not a big city. Where i live i am either related most people in town, or i have know them since i was a kid or a baby and i will be 51 tomorrow ,so again i am covering my butt, for me and my family.

Plus like the Clerk said, so departments are turning people away and some are still registry people, and with the State now starting to open things up, its just a matter of time until Judge Cleland starts the 60 day clock, or at least i hope he does soon.

My husband called the City in May to ask about his requirements even though we were aware of the temporary order and they made him register over the phone.

I think it’s BS that the city still registered because I feel like they violated the order, BUT I felt great relief in him registering because I don’t trust these people. Was scared they would come back after the fact and check their little “non-conpliant” box.

I was told by m.s.p. in flint that they were not registering anyone yet and if i didnt hear by mail my duties moving forward by july to report then if pandemic was over and if lobbies were open to register i keep checking to make sure im compliant and nothing has changed so far i agree start the clock i was convited before this even started at 18 years old im npw 45 and so over the bs

I served my time plus 5 in a state far far away 23 years ago I was found guilty with probation. My life is fucked. Honest to god I want to die. Give me liberty or give me death! I really dont care I cant ever get back all I lost all the depression all the self hatred I have towards myself and the greatest part was she unzipped my pants and I pushed her away. Obviously i am a monster I dont have children because all I wanted was to be a father but I am way to old now. Jobs lol that’s a joke. Mental health depression when I wake up I want to die. Now your gonna change a law possibly change my status set me free awesome so i can do what exactly for work I fought the system. I was arrested for my assertion of my constitutional rights. I can’t have a relationship because I cant leave my home what do I have to offer someone really a broken down beaten to hell shell of what was once a great guy.
By the time you change the law what will I have left. I cant talk about it in counseling i was delt a shitty hand oh well. Who cares … i am also the lowest tier dont show up on a map anywhere never reoffend and I dont have the heart to continue fighting for myself…. get told by cops in rich white towns they dont want my kind living here!!!! I’m sure so your corrupt ass can keep your town safe.
Screw this all it’s a witch hunt… I made a mistake that I pay for every day of my life for 23 years. I didn’t kill someone murder gets less time.

The cop who killed George Floyd will get less time then I did. A stone cold abusive man who took a man’s life by kneeling on his neck

His charges should be 2nd degree homicide and all of his partners should get Conspiracy to commit murder… that piece of crap had a badge and his wife was gonna leave him but I bet his home life was never reported the abuse at home the consumption of alcohol. One bad cop turned a county against itself as we begine to declare a war on China

This all makes sense I wish I could max out I would have never taken my sentence if I knew I’d be stripped of my self worth

@John doe

From the looks of it you had a lot to get off your chest. It’s good to vent it out among people who understand where you’re coming from. I hear you and know a bit about what you’re going through.

The emotional turmoil going through you is so much that it is unbearable. Unfortunately your life’s difficulties are not unique. In fact A.D.A.T. posted here a few days ago sounding alot like you – losing his house, no job prospects, and no female companionship. In short he was venting about how his needs are not met…

And we are talking about how your needs are not being met because of this label you are forced to wear like so many of us?

Your story matters here…a voice amongst HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of voices crying out in pain, frustration, and rage. And like you there are others who are worn out, tired of this repression of our basic rights year after year. But your voice matters in joining with ours to end and topple this Registry.

You must feel on some level that by letting OUR collective cause be YOURS that you are being part of something larger than yourself… And that by doing that you can gather some of our collective HOPE and emotional energy…you can face another day.

You can do it.

Write a letter every week please to oppose HB 5679 demanding the registry be abolished! Be part of the 44,0000!
Keep it logical and tell your story. You have excellent arguments. Do it now!

I was told by m.s.p. in flint that they were not registering anyone yet and if i didnt hear by mail my duties moving forward by july to report then if pandemic was over and if lobbies were open to register i keep checking to make sure im compliant and nothing has changed so far i agree start the clock i was convited before this even started at 18 years old im npw 45 and so over the bs

@Brant. Screw that. Don’t go in and voluntarily register. Judge Cleland made it clear that once the state of emergency is lifted the State police are to inform everyone in writing what our duties will be. Don’t give them any satisfaction. Wait for the letter from the MSP.

I was wondering i have not heard anything at all and was like huh? I know someone and. He has a last registered date 5 days ago and was wondering why he would go in and register or how he did…ill wait but want to mke sure i dont get swooped up on a bullshit traffic stop thats my luck

I am loosing hope state is never gonna let us go were gonna be pimished for the rest of are lives its all about money and it sickens me this isn’t justice tis is slavery at its finest they are more corrupt by breaking the laws on the constitution and no punishment for them i am about to throw in tbe towell!!!

Help yourself and others, get a letter out now to oppose HB 5679 and to dismantle the registry ! We need your help!!

Any news its july 1………

@Brant, I haven’t heard a thing, and I doubt we will with this Covid-19 crap still going on.

Nothing new so far. I was informed to not register “voluntarily” as they hoped we will do. Under the judge’s order during all this MSOR is not enforceable. If you read all that is available on any recent to past articles on it…you can believe Judge Clelland has too. He can see the legislature is not following the letter of our own law laid out by our constitution. It cant at all go over lightly. Read what is written in the actual decision on Feb 14th and his next ruling. He will be making a decision shortly after this window expires regardless of the productivity or inactivity by the Michigan legislature to create and produce a MSOR that will pass constitutional scrutiny! The amendments made so far did not pass the scrutiny of the attorney general or all the members of the michigan legislature itself. One of the Reps described the changes comparably to a cop pulling someone over and letting em know their car was on fire as well as their plate is expired…driver replies I’ll get the plate taken care of. Nobody refuted that either.
Not easy being patient but hang in there.

Its hard being patient but ill hold in there

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