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CA: ACSOL Sues Fresno Cops For Forcing Sex Offenders To Appear Amid COVID-19

[ – 5/3/20]

Authorities in Fresno, California, are inflicting “cruel and unusual punishment” on registered sex offenders and violating the U.S. Constitution by requiring the individuals to appear in person for registration updates during the coronavirus pandemic, three offenders contend.

In an April 28 complaint filed in the Eastern District of California, those John Doe plaintiffs say the Fresno Police Department and the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office are running afoul of the Eighth and 14th Amendments and the California Sex Offender Registration Act by requiring convicted sex offenders to physically appear for their 30-day, 90-day or annual registration updates.

The state statute only requires that in-person registration occur for those who move out of state, for those who change their residence address or for those who legally change their names, according to the complaint. It does not call for initial registrations or for 30-day, 90-day or annual updates to be conducted inside a police station, according to the complaint.

The first John Doe considers himself vulnerable because he is 71, the second John Doe is worried because he is 68 and has chronic medical conditions that include hypertension, and the third John Doe is concerned because he has asthma, according to the complaint.

“Plaintiffs are gravely afraid of contracting COVID-19 should they be forced to register in [Fresno Police Department] and [Fresno County Sheriff’s Office] stations,” the complaint reads.

There is no practical reason for registered sex offenders to have to physically appear for such updates, as authorities are simply confirming information that they already possess or are obtaining information that could be confirmed over the telephone or via a teleconference link, as police in Los Angeles and other locales are currently doing amid concerns over the novel coronavirus, according to the complaint.

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Thugs! Bullies! Great job Janice. Here is my 1 million dollar question? When (OC) I went to OC, there was a sign posted at the door: registrants call this number to check in? I submitted my info like I was registering? Did I register? How will I know? Very vague! Should I call back?

Did you take a picture of the sign on the door and did you record the phone call?

As I wrote once before on this subject Ill set clearly againg I REITERATE SAN JOSE Cal. Is not allowing us to register this is the second month i tried to register amd the police station doors are closed to the public. and its impossible to call finger prints cause there close n not answering the ph. I took pictures on my ph for both months to cover my but

The USA government is running afoul of the US Constitution period in many instances. Many state citizens are protesting for their rights and rightly so (albeit some are using this time for other rights issues not imminently potent). Many state citizens are also trying to save our lives from this horrendous bug (no matter where it came from).

The country is divided between staying closed or opening up. Both have arguments.

Where will this civil disagreement go?

@Love, etc

I believe you are referring to the states, cities, and counties and their government who are running over people’s rights at this time as illustrated by AG Barr telling the states, et al they’ll be investigated if their actions violate people’s rights at this time. I only see recommendations coming from the Feds for social distancing, masks (which is highly debatable) being worn, etc at this time with no specific law being passed addressing matters. Executive orders cannot be used against the population unilaterally.

I am going to add this to my above comment and say Public Health Orders are different and can be enforced in court as @M C noted with Jacobson v Massachusetts (and seen here: The Courts, Public Health, and Legal Preparedness,

Enforcing an order still does nothing. I’m not one who carries an ak15 or glock around. I have before. I can’t now.

The federal government is violating our rights. FEDERAL. United states.. constitution. Our COUNTRY leader… it’s a big country.

Our states are doing what they deem best as our country isn’t guiding us. I, as an individual, am doing what I seem best.

68k dead.

Oh yes. I took a photo.

Those people carrying glocks & AKs at those rallies should be tear gassed, cuffed, thrown in the patty wagons and taken off to jail. Getting in the face of law enforcement and not social distancing from them, is grounds enough to prosecute these tea party so called “patriots” who mostly are just right wing racist political hacks. If a large group of African American protestors had marched with AKs, glocks and shit to the state capital building, there wouldnt be gettin near the building and up in the face of officers just doing their duty.

The entire system in our country concerning so called RSO’s is unjust and that is left to God to judge us all for. In my opinion the pandemic is directly God’s judgement against our country for all of it’s unjust, unconstitutional oppression of it’s citizens through our unjust justice system. It is obvious that many Christians are most susceptible to committing sex offence crimes because of our sick obsession with the word sex and everything that goes with that. When we involve any crime that includes a large amount Christians and then proceed to treat them inhumanly we will be… Read more »

There’s absolutely NO sense or urgency or immediacy to have one’s info “updated” during this crisis. That goes double for fingerprints!

When I got involved in all this my sister got me 2 ink pads for my fingerprints Here in VA. you mail them in which is more convient if they really need fingerprints. Even the picture taking is a bit out of line and if one has to go to visit their PO than a time line set should be in place but things do come up. Believe it or not we are still American Citizens with inalienable rights. One might say if you take away rights than were is values or ethic’s today and true America equality. I don’t… Read more »

Saddles: “I don’t understand a lot of this crap…”. What happened to your god guiding you and protecting you?

“This whole country needs to wake up and get back to the days of true American Government that the four fathers set out and basic principals.” This country has awoken. You are asleep.

Could this suit become moot since we the country is starting to open up again as the basis for it is COVID19, as I understand it?

It is theoretically possible that the lawsuit filed against the City and County of Fresno could become moot, however, I think that won’t happen until the Governor declares the pandemic has ended. The fact that the Governor has announced that he will allow a few businesses to provide curbside services is not the same as declaring the end of the pandemic. Given this week’s projection by the federal government that the number of COVID-19 deaths will increase significantly this summer, in fact, sends the opposite message.

@ love, peace, happiness actually I was just looking at the Gov’s review that from March 17 and for a mxiimum of 8-20 most business will be closed and I’m sewing a mask together. From the website there are 580 people that have died so far from this death. So we have about 8 thousand people here in VA in contact with the virus along with those in lock ups. Even your X-Rep Corrine Brown from Florida was released due to this virus. ACLU is pressing for release of many prisoners in many states. State Prisons’ all over the USA… Read more »

Great piddly worthless words saddles..
You can stuff um and the god yakkatty yak !

And love,peace, happiness your right about a wake up call as we all need this. I don’t even think governments know what they are doing with their yakkitty yaya methods but they do the best they can. I can’t say much about how the country is run but this pandermic as you said is a wake up to government to wake up and smell the roses. Their’s a reason for all season and God is not mocked or why do you think this pandermic is here that is affecting many even some imprisoned and even jailers and other officials plus… Read more »

I’m tenn they making the offenders go to in office pro appointments ? My hub has serious health issues , and I’m concerned what protective measures will they have in place ? Mask , sanatizer , 6 feet distance , if they don’t have protective measures , it seems like it would be against rights , the country has opened most the states out here , the govt stuff is opened , they figure life goes on , , but therapy is not risking for anyone to get sick so it’s face time , pro was doing face time ,… Read more »

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