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CA: Authorities issue warning regarding release of ‘dangerous sex offender’ from Coalinga State Hospital

Officials in Orange County are issuing a warning to county residents regarding the release of a “dangerous sex offender” from Coalinga State Hospital after more than 20 years.

County District Attorney Todd Spitzer and Board of Supervisors Chairwoman Michelle Steel are also urging Gov. Gavin Newsom to intervene in the release of ___ ___ ___. They’re also asking that the governor reinstate the requirement that he register as a sex offender. …

In 1985, Smith pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor sexual offense involving a child and had to register as a sex offender, but that requirement was removed in 2005. Full Article


OCDA Press Release


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His batshiat insane-looking mugshot is making their case for them. This is exactly what the media lives for. Adam Lanza-esque fear fodder.

Did you read the actual article? This man does not seem like a mentally stable person at all. I’d like to know more of this story, because it seems strange that he’d be released based on what’s being written.

Gotta agree with you SR. This guy wasn’t all there in 1985. He might be better now, but that crazy look photo of him doesn’t do him justice. Media picked that photo on purpose. Gotta scare the public. Sadly, the same media is going to follow this guy around until public outcry gives him no choice but to go back. All those years of therapy will probably unravel because of the circus around him. Here will be another example of how we are all going to be considered as dangerous as this guy. When stuff like this hits the news, it also hits me mentally. It makes any family or close friends who personally know about me…think about me…even if just for a second. And all because I share the term ‘sex offender’ with him. Not saying they would, but that’s how i would mentally feel it. I think this guy doesn’t have a chance.

There are offenders that ARE a danger to society if released and those just make it all that much harder on those of us who are no danger to anyone when they do re-offend.
So some, like other types of felons are better off left behind bars.

Yes, there are those that are a danger to society once released. Those are generally your run-of-the-mill criminal / felon who recidivate at staggering rates, and primarily your drunk drivers who kill over 1,000 children under 14 every single year. This guy has a MISDEMEANOR CONVICTION from over 35 YEARS ago.

This guy’s statements warrant therapy and support. To incarcerate someone for over 20 years for a misdemeanor conviction and still not be satisfied, while continuing to release repeat criminals / drunk drivers, is bizarre. Crazy talk or not.

If you are okay with him being locked up (ooops, resident at a “hospital”) for that for decades, just be prepared to be next.

This is America. Here right matters. Or it should.

First off, Spitzer is notorious for wanting to screw those accused of or convicted for sex crimes, whether guilty or not. There is no doubt in my mind that there are numerous other facts that are not reported in the press release and the ones that are are probably exaggerated. Coalinga is pretty famous for never releasing anybody, so I find it very hard to believe they just decided out of the blue that one of their prisoners (and they ARE prisoners, despite their insistance on calling them “residents”) exhibiting the behavior reported can just go on his merry way just because.

Second, if California registration law (which Spitzer likes to pat his own back for writing) doesn’t require registration, then what gives the authority to the governor to require registration? Does the governor have the authority to mandate registration as he sees fit, or are there guidelines to be followed? Does a 35-year-old misdemeanor conviction for which 35 years were served in confinement qualify?

Third, why is registration necessary? They know who he is, where he’s going, have his recent picture, and apparently intend to blanket the area with flyers to announce his arrival. Wouldn’t be surprised if there were a police detail to follow him around everywhere for a while. Exactly what is registration going to accomplish?

Someone needs to start a petition to require Spitzer to change his tampon.

Uh. Innocent until proven guilty. This is precrime until he actually does something. Looking and talking crazy isnt illegal. If it is they would have arrested him.

Oh, OCDA Todd Spitzer believes we should believe this guys ramblings, as they were given under oath, and therefore must be the truth. How cute….

Something stinks about this story. Besides being convicted of a 1985 misdemeanor sex offense, what did this guy do? Okay, so his wife found a letter where he fantasized about grabbing a neighborhood 7 yr old boy. But why was this man p ut in a treatment facility (a nice way of saying prison) for 21 yrs? That neighborhood boy is all grown up in his late 20s. Sure the man has ranted about wanting to get out and go murder and rape children. But why should the state believe him? The state doesn’t give early release to prisoners who say they will never commit their offense again. So why hold this man for telling therapists he has fantasized about doing murder and rape? Saying he’ll do it doesn’t mean he will. Talk is cheap and we shouldn’t be punishing people for thoughts and fantasies.

Because the Gov. Has been allowed to do these ILLEGAL THINGS SO LONG ITS HARD TO STOP THEM !
But Hey !
Who Really Cares !
Unless it Happens too them !!
Same old Tune, just a little different dance thats all !!

Honestly I don’t know what to think about this one. This story is one sided for the state to scare the public more during a pandemic. If the guy truly is dangerous why is he still considered a threat after being in treatment by the state after 21 years. Are there half way houses for registrants in California? Anyone can say anything but it doesn’t make them dangerous.

“In 1985, Smith pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor sexual offense involving a child and had to register as a sex offender, but that requirement was removed in 2005.”

Um….how exactly was that requirement removed??? He was under civil commitment at the time, so there’s no way he got a COR or a pardon. How in the heck did his requirement to register just go away??? Yet the rest of us who live law-abiding lives for decades have to petition to get off.

Something doesn’t sound right with this story.

Getting thrown in prison or the loonie bin doesn’t “suspend” one from the registry. Your info and your picture will be up on the website while you rot away in the institution. My guess is this man maxed out his time to had to register under his 1985 offense, but that was before the new registry regime of the 90s. Now these state officials want to retroactive this poor man into lifetime registration

I was under the impression that CA registration was for LIFE since the mid 1940s with only a COR or a pardon giving someone relief.

Only if the PC what you are sentenced for, is specifically mentioned under 290. During a plea deal negotiation, if the prosecutor can be convinced that it is “in the public interest” to “get the case over with,” they have the discretion to drop all the 290 specific charges and “substitute” a charge that is not listed under 290. When they did this for me, even the judge asked if he was allowed to do this, and was told “yes.”

When a person is sentenced, a “sentencing memorandum” form is usually completed; with all kinds of check boxes. There is also an “Other” box, with 2 blank lines. If the sentencing is the result of a plea deal, things like “registration for N years only” can be written down. And it becomes binding, the moment the judge signs it.

Their was a women that wrote horrible things at one time that no one could imagine, her name was Mary Shelly and yes there are women that have written pulp books or even about unethical things also. Why they even confined me once when I mentioned I wanted to hurt myself. They let me out in a few hrs. Guess they don’t do that in these ordeals we all face today but instead pump one.

Guess one could go back to review the movie which I did “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest or who writes a murder of who done it today or what judge justify’s who today. Yes many people I’m sure go back and forth to prison under the least suspicious cumstances it would seem. Sure its good that one warns others of things at times but its the I told you so that seems to make the ordeal seems more of a let down. Its best not to even jest about things like that. Try going into a bank today and say this is a stick up with a squirt gun or not. Might as well say One flew over the cuckoo’s nest. Guess that movie tells about people today that are confined.

Sure we can all dream or have even nightmare’s but its overcoming the fears that we learn about these problems. Its called self-control and yes we all have responsibility. Courts seem to have backwards country view of tar and feathering one today. I sometimes wonder if courts are playing with all their marbles.

Releasing someone from Coalinga is rare. Funny how this has come about right before Prop 20 is to be voted on by California voters.

It’s always orchestrated. Make the move when it can be the most impactful. Unfortunately most people are already easily supportive of more laws against registrants and beyond that don’t care what happens since they just assume the worst. Emotion vs logic. Some of these law makers are hoping for the next “heinous monster” to hit the news so they can play the victim agenda. Like what the Democrats did with their BLM emergency fundraiser.

So this guy was released to OC and then taken into Riverside County. Both local and sheriff are having a field day. Posting his picture and story and telling the public that they are watching him. Sheriff even put that they are posting the notice to Facebook pursuant to PC 290.45(a)(2). He has been to two different cities according to LE, and both posted to Facebook about how much they are following and protecting the public from the guy.

This is propaganda, which the Riverside County Sheriff loves, and his followers/supporters love even more.

If this guy gets a chance he should split to Mexico and apply for asylum , but I am sure he has money issues like most of us do , LE and bootlickers need to be taken down a few notch’s ,seems to me they are the ones that think dirty 24/7 and pointing the finger ,and everyone knows that the finger pointers have the largest skeletons in their closet , their just a bunch of pigs that need to spread their hustle and go get a real job and learn the dang constitution and why it was whiten , so they can get off that high road we have been smelling forever , rather than help this guy out they are going to be the cowards they have always been and kick mf’ers when they are already down

The locals started rioting in Lake Elsinore, throwing shit at the cops, banging on the hotel windows and doors.

Now with bloodthirst they are organizing on Facebook to kill the remaining offenders in that town.

It’s now plastered all over San Diego news because he is supposedly living in a motel in North County.

Our upriver stream swim keeps getting harder and harder with stronger currents against us.

Now this guy is all over the news every 10 minutes. The mind-boggling part is this guy doesn’t even have any known victims. His fake azz wife found his journal of fantasies that’s crazy .
So if I fantasize I’m the Joker from Batman does that mean I’m criminally insane and a threat to the city of Los Angeles.
There useing his therapy sessions where they asked him to be totally honest against him.
They’re reading every statement he made in therapy word from word and useing his statements to keep this old azz man from finding a quiet place to lay down and die…
The only good part about this story is he’s been relocating all over southern California and driving law enforcement and District Attorney office and the public crazy.
Meanwhile the FBI is wasting taxpayer dollars on surveillance just to follow him around and stair at him the news said he just popped in orange county just knowing how they treat sexofenders in there county I’m glad he’s over there rubbing it in there face …lol

His story was on LinkedIn today…

He does have at least one victim. He has a misdemeanor offense against a minor in 1985.

NBC San Diego has the headline of the story about him now as “where is Mr. Rape, Torture, Kill?”

According to the OCDA?, in 1983 (Ronald Reagan’s first term), he offered a minor $1 to run through the lawn sprinklers unclothed. Current PC 647.6 – Child Annoyance, or as the media would have it, Child Molestation.

THAT is his VICTIM. THAT is his one and only conviction.

“They’re reading every statement he made in therapy word from word and useing his statements to keep this old azz man from finding a quiet place to lay down and die…”

If that’s true, he ought to sue Coalinga and every therapist he ever saw there for breaking patient confidentiality.

Isn’t it funny how the registry, said to be so important in protecting kids, is simultaneously seen to be so utterly inadequate to the task of keeping an eye on this elderly man in the community that he needs to be locked-up extra-constitutionally?

What got me, in the presstelegram article it clearly states there is no registration requirements on him. But law enforcement is stalking him and making open public announcements on all his movements from city to city. And now people and law enforcment are petitioning him to register and also return back to the hosptail. It all sounds like a active attempt to exile him or force him to go back to confinement of some kind.

I read through alot of the facebook posts. Many people want him put away or killed (of course). But many seem to feel that if he is registered they will be able to feel much safer. Much of the anger is about the registration issue. A good % say and assume he raped a 7 year old. Lots of misinformation flying the most ridiculous being the registration is the only thing between certain mayhem and the safety of all children.
My thoughts – I guess I would be much more concerned as a parent that a Nikolas Cruz put out on social media that he was going to be a school shooter than a Cary Smith told his therapist something. And I would be upset if Cary Smith tried to bribe my child $1 to run naked through a sprinkler; but I would be devastated if my child were at the school where 17 people were shot.

Who wants to bet he will be used as a key argument for going back to life time registration for everyone, and doing away with the tiered registry?

@TP: I swear I was thinking the same thing today, and the idea made me sick.

Something just doesn’t seem right with this. It’s as if this is some sort of a “political ploy”.

Let me see if I understand this situation: Virtually NOBODY is ever released from CA S.O. mental holds. All of a sudden, they release this guy who is supposedly hell-bent on reoffending in a horrible way??? AND, it just so happens that he (for some reason) used to have to register but somehow was relieved of the duty to register???
It’s as if this guy was released for the exact purpose of scaring the crap out of the sheeple. “The sky is falling!” “We can’t defund the police!” “We can’t relieve even misdemeanor offenders from registering because look at this guy!”
I think something is up! How in the hell does a system that releases virtually nobody all of a sudden release a guy who calls himself Mr. R.T.K. (I’m not going even type what that means), and who is intent on hurting little children???
I’m calling bullshit!

Agree. The whole thing is either a political ploy or grossly exaggerated.

Perhaps you are right.

But the point that people should be making is not “most people who are listed are not as bad as this guy”.

The point should be “go ahead and list this guy on the Registry. That will protect no one, just as it does for everyone else listed. It will make this guy more dangerous. But sure, do it. Then pat yourselves on the back and you can stop monitoring him completely, just as is done for everyone else listed.”

They always seem to get away with ex post facto, so even if they opt for the Tiered Registry and people get off, later down the road they might change it back to Lifetime and put people back on who were deregistered? That is another reason the registry needs to be abolished in its entirety.

Yes, that is exactly the ideas and lies of the criminal regimes. The Registries are a civil regulation. They are not ex post facto in any way.

So you can be removed from the Registries today. Twenty years from now, a criminal regime can decide that you need to be listed and list you. That is absolutely how it has worked so far.

For me personally, I was told that it would be 10 years of harassment. Then they just came along later and said they changed their minds to life. Then they came along and told me that I had to move out of a house that I owned just because they had decided it was “too close” to something. They were sued for that nonsense, lost, and I did not move. Which is good for them, because people would have suffered. But it hasn’t stopped. They add new harassment whenever their tiny little brains get a whim. In fact, later today and tomorrow, I am fighting yet more of their crimes and idiocy. They’ll pay for that also.

But yep, that is the whole idea of the Hit List. Just regulating people in whatever idiotic, immoral ways that they can get away with.

Which is why no decent person supports Registries. No American does.

Which is why this is war and consequences will be paid. Mostly by Registry Supporters/Terrorists, but some by innocents.

Yeah I feel the same way they let this guy out and now they have been parading him around all over southern California scaring the crap out of people and if he’s been relieved of his duty to register then why are they following him around everywhere causing all this drama

Rustling up public opinion to keep justifying the supposed usefulness of the registry and Megan’s law. Can’t let people see the truth that the whole thing is an expensive and meaningless fiasco, no they need to keep up the monster image they’ve sold to the public.

And to what end…what is the tax payer getting out of all this? But that never seemed to matter before, it’s like those Koala stations in restrooms. Invent the solution to a problem that really didn’t need to exist and just assume everyone will go along with it once it’s become widespread.

CA Attorney General agrees with Orange Co. D.A. and will make him register.
I don’t see how this is legal ??

You know what sucks? Because of how the media portrays this crap, every time someone mentions the phrase “sex offender,” this is what (probably) most of society think. And you know what else is troubling? Even though this man’s obligation to register had been terminated many years ago, Newsom, the OCDA, and CA AG’s office somehow got this man to re-register.

What equally sucks is: What is the alternative? When a person literally — and outright — threatens harm onto others, what is the correct alternative? On one hand, does this man not deserve psychological help without being lambasted before the media? What purpose is all of this but to prop the media’s vitriolic relevance, as well as further political careers? On the other hand, society does need to be protected!!

Was requiring this man to re-register the right thing to do, even after he’s served his sentences and had his registration terminated many years ago? What precedent does this establish for the future for all other registrants? Here is a new article about the re-registration requirement:

Then read the awful comments on Twitter about this guy, some of which seemingly target *all* “sex offenders:”

Probably 99 percent of those labeled “sex offender” are not like this person. But the way these kinds of stories are portrayed by the media, the public is fed the perception that ALL sex offenders are dangerous, beyond repair, and serve ostracization. Yet the many stories of sex offenders who have turned their life around — i.e. Guy Hamilton-Smith, Chance Oberstein, that one therapist from the L.A. meetings that got his Master’s degree — are mostly ignored by the media.


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