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UK: Online naming and shaming ‘threatening offender rehabilitation’

[ – 8/4/20]

Some sex offenders undergoing rehabilitation have lost their jobs, and risk losing their accommodation, after a list of their names and past crimes was posted online, putting pressure on the Police and Probation Services.

According to Detective Superintendent Stewart Gull, the recent spate of ‘naming and shaming’ local offenders online after their sentences have been carried out is posing serious problems for their ability to reintegrate into the community.

He told Express he is aware of more than 10 individuals – and, in some cases, their families – who have been adversely impacted by the tactic, whether emotionally or in terms of affecting their employment and housing prospects.

Mr Gull chairs the Jersey Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements (JMAPPA), which were brought in 2011 to oversee “the management of the island’s most serious violent and sexual offenders”.

The purpose of the JMAPPA is to protect the public by coordinating the management of individuals assessed as posing a risk of serious harm to others.

“If you remove the ability to work either through employment or self-employment, there is a risk they will lose their accommodation, which may include family member units,” Mr Gull explained.

“One individual lost their job and another one risks losing their main form of income, and another one individual is at risk of losing their employment.”

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This is the result of posting this information online. I stumbled upon this very disturbing post on Facebook of a man and his woman video taping him severely beating this man. The couple seems to have no concern about the violent assault, so much so they posted it online. I imagine the man who was beaten is too terrified to report the assault. It is illegal for people like this to use information from th registry for anything other than public knowledge. I post this in hopes somebody might be able to identify this couple that used personal information and violently beat this man.

I find neither man’s behavior appropriate.

It appears there’s been some previous encounters between this RC and the man’s children. While I do not condone any of what went on, I have to ask why the RC was on the back porch of the neighbors’ home. I’d be pissed, too, were I the dad. To me RC appears to be the prototypical person the Chicken Littles hold up for why registries are needed.

I’m guessing a concerned citizen could contact their local LE or, if daring, FB directly and point out the assault and battery, not to mention imminent threats and “fighting words” that’s going on. Unfortunately, I don’t see it going any further than FB pulling the video for violence. LE would probably get a kick out of it…or they would perhaps go after the RC for *his* actions and let the other guy go.

@eric That shitt was funny az hell 😂

Where is the rehabilitation in the US registry?

There isn’t one. How are we re-integrated into society, when society is painting each one is a monster that doesn’t deserve any civil rights?

I’ve been denied employment because of the registry. I’ve been denied access to employment because of the registry. It’s depressing to think the registry is in many occupations that will limit registrants towards underemployment.

That’s how “rehabilitation” works out when it happens on the state’s terms through a criminal (in)justice system that’s become overrun with bad laws. It ends up delivering retributive punishment instead of helping people. In many cases the administrators of the system are too preoccupied with keeping up with the legislative and political tides to care about the collateral damage. At least here we’re seeing someone who can smell what’s cooking. Elsewhere there are those who’d rather just watch the house burn and collect their pay check.

Even non registrants are being attacked by mistaken identity and nobody questions the registry. Now everyone that doesn’t wear a mask or a line is to long at a drive thru can be attacked or killed. Maybe government shouldn’t of allowed public information on their supposed monsters and people getting killed; while having their head up their behinds. Government solutions fail again as society continues to deteriorate, but this what society has learned. Congrats to the blame and shame morons across the globe!!

What?? LE that actually gives a sh*t!? Amazing! Bully for you, Brits!! Maybe our American LE can learn something from you! 👍

I get death death glares while mowing the grass or just walking to the mailbox all the time. Random horn honks are also a constant (day and night). It’s as though people want to let you know that THEY KNOW. Needless to say, having your address listed on the Internet does wonders for enhancing your curb appeal. /s

@Facts should matter:
“I get death death glares while mowing the grass or just walking to the mailbox all the time. Random horn honks are also a constant (day and night).”
I say smile and wave like a friendly neighbor. I do that to everyone who I see when I’m mowing or at the mailbox. I don’t know if they know anything about me, then again I don’t give a sh!t either. Heck, I even wave to the plainclothes TBL who lives next door! (I’m rather sure he knows about me, even if nobody else does. Too bad, dude, you still get a wave and a smile.) It will almost assuredly make them uncomfortable and put the awkwardness on their shoulders instead of yours. It’s a power trip for them. Take back your power

If you let them make you feel less or ashamed, it only reinforces their opinion of you. There lies an outside chance that if you act like a “normal” person, they may start to question whether you’re the monster the State advertises.

@MikeG and AJ I do the same. I do not care what they know. I live on a fairly active street with million dollar homes and say hello to everyone. None of my neighbors have ever said a thing except one crazy lady when it first went online 18 years ago.

I’m with AJ on this one. I live in a rural area (on purpose), but I wave at every vehicle that passes in front of my house. I live on a corner. My street ends right in front of my house, so vehicles have to slow down, or are just getting going after turning onto my street. Most drivers wave back, if they see me wave. The cross street that goes by the side of my property has 55mph+ traffic, so I don’t try to wave at them, but if it is a slow tractor, I usually wave. Also, when I take my nightly 2 mile walk up this street, I wave at every vehicle that comes toward and passes me. Most everyone waves back.
Okay, probably very few of these passing vehicles know about me, but my nearest neighbor (about 200 yards away) is a deputy sheriff, so he must know about me, but he and his wife always wave back to me. My wife has talked to them a few times, but my status never came up. My second closest neighbor (about 250 yards in a different direction) also must know about me. They have several school age kids, and I know that there is a binder on the front counter of the school office with my picture in it (there are only 8 RCs in my zip code, so it is a thin binder) ((I know this because a good friend is a secretary in the school office)). Actually, most of the town (population 2000) has probably seen my picture sometime over the last many years, especially with all the websites out there. So far, no one has said anything to me. They know me fairly well at the ACE hardware store, the post office, the market, the gas station, the donut shop, the auto parts store, etc. If anyone knows about me, they haven’t said anything, and most are friendly. Even the bus drivers of the three school buses that passed my house each day waved at me (back when there still was school).

Rarely anymore, someone will drive slowly in front of my house like they are looking for the address. If they see me, I smile and wave. Usually they look away and drive quickly away. This is the worst thing I have to deal with, but I still feel like I am shaming them rather than letting them shame me.

Mike G ~ they may know about you or your status, but it seems like they made up their own opinion based on how you present yourself and who you are. They don’t seem to care, and that is the way it should be.

Yep, as was said above “take back your power”. If not for the website people would mind their own business.

Let those who would be fooled into thinking that public info about ANYONE would make them “safer”. A safe world is when people were decent to each other and didn’t put so much stock in social media and gossip. But gossip is the honey pot, nosey neighbors with too much time just can’t let it go. So let them waste their brain power and time. If they’re out to be community heroes just hope they at least get free donuts like the cops do. If not they should start weighing the cost to reward.

Yes, it *is* about taking back the power. If you act ashamed and avert your eyes, the normal reaction from another is to think you have something of which to be ashamed. If you act like everything’s normal and you’re a decent neighbor just like everyone else, it starts to chip away at the “facts” the registry puts out. As @Mike G pointed out, sometimes you make *them* look away awkwardly, which is totally getting the power over them.

Act like the person you wish to be seen as and you’ll have a better chance of being seen that way. Does it mean everyone will accept you? Heck no, but it’s bound to have a better outcome than skulking around like the Government wants you to do. As I’ve said to the handful of people who know about my offense, I’m embarrassed about it but I’m not ashamed. Nobody will shame me on it, despite their best efforts.

Everytime I read about this I keep thinking about that scene from Shawshank Redemption with Morgan Freeman’s monologue about rehabilitation:

Great clip Bill!

I wonder, when sometime in the next year or two, when I have to appear before a judge because the DA automatically rejects all applications to get off the registry, and the Judge says “Well Mike, you’ve been on the registry for over 25 years, and you have a clean record – not even a parking ticket, but can you prove to me that you are rehabilitated?”

I wonder what I will have the guts to say…

People can give you all the death stares they want; honking their horns; gossiping while crying wolf; point their finger at you or any other type of harassment. Always remember they make themselves look like an asshat; so let them while you continue to be you. Stick and stones may break my bones; but words will never hurt me. You come back for more, you are the true asshat and that you can quote me!!

Janice this article interests me. Remember when we all use to play truth or dare. Myself I don’t really get interested in facebook. I never really got involved in it. Much of it is a bunch of crap. While I couldn’t care less what goes on in the UK this is actually a true story in my ordeal and is documented and yes I went to court over this shaming if you’d like to call this shaming. I am sure thats why they had a closed hearing on this ordeal or situation I was in.

Back in the campaign of 2016 for president they had an ad about telephone campaign survay marketing. I had the idea of doing telephone calls. I thought their was no harm in it besides I could of used the little cash from telephone campaigning. Anyway the campaign mgr. for Trump in my area told all the telephone survey people they needed to go on facebook and sign-up. I didn’t actually signed up but let it slip to my PO that they wanted me to go on facebook to sign up to do the survey campaign. Its funny how some take things out of line and think the worst.

Once I said facebook I was headed to court, sign up or no sign up. Well I went to court over the matter and it was a closed hearing. It was even mentioned that day why it was a closed hearing. Guess they didn’t want an offender campaigning for a president. You know they say honesty is the best policy but who is honest today in government. Now Janice you can use your decression to post this if it helps others understand the shaming of authorities even when inducing these sex registry set-ups which are more of a con than truth.

While I can’t say anything about the president I’m sure many people have their opinion. And from the good book we are suppose to love the enemies and love thy neighbor. Much of this registry ordeal is bully shamming if you would like to call it that.

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