Our System Is Not Doing the Thing It Says It Intends to Do: Deliver Justice

[jacobinmag.com – 8/5/20]

Carceral solutions to sexual violence won’t deliver justice. We need investments in public services that will actually reduce sexual violence.

In the last few years, the #MeToo movement has brought renewed attention to sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and the ways they are used by mostly powerful, wealthy men to maintain social and economic hierarchies.

At the same time, the push for decarceration and opposition to policing have exploded into a national movement. For leftist feminists, these two movements raise urgent questions about how to fight sexual violence without swelling the carceral state.

The journalist and activist Judith Levine and scholar and activist Erica Meiners have thought long and hard about these issues, drawing on both scholarship and practice in their new book The Feminist and the Sex Offender. They recently spoke with Laura Tanenbaum, who has written for Jacobin on numerous topics related to feminism and sexual politics. This conversation was edited for clarity.

Read the interview


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Its interesting about this offender ordeal. Even a psstor I told him about my involvement and he had a member in his church that was involved. The pastor talked up for him and I’m sure it saved him a lot of hassle and order obligations. He even told me that I shouldn’t worry about this all that much. He was with me on these things untill I said some off colored stuff which a bit out of character.
Here I was trying to advice that person that they shouldn’t be on an adult site and they twist things around with a manupulating tactic. The bottom line is they wanted me to come down and talk dirty to them and they even texted that to me. Sounds pretty fishy to me. It was the second night that got me upset when they conned me again via the internet.so I made a decision and not a choice as something was a miss.
When people start deceiving and frauding others thats not American is it? The me too movement was a bit much. I thought they all either burned their bra’s or brains’ out Sorry about that, but justice is still justice and Thats like doing a stupid move like DB cooper or something or stoning someone when sins and inquity’s can be forgiven and pardoned but government seems to want to play by their rules which is very uncanny at times as we all are guilty of something. I would say its abuse of power in many area’s.
Domestic disputes one can understand and fathom more than this sex offender crap.

Judith Levine summed up the registry in one comment response. And in it, she keeps calling the levies upon registrants as punishment.

Ms. Levine aptly identifies us as the guinea pigs it stripping away civil rights in America. It’s true. Remember, the whole “for public safety” phrase? Welp, that’s what is being used during this pandemic to strip people of their civil rights.

When you give up liberty for safety you lose both!! As the world turns people will still be blinded of putting their faith in government officials; including prosecutors and judges. All of them only care about is their career and don’t give a damn about you till it’s donation and election time!!

I really like this article I mean she pretty much summed it all up. Everything she said about the registry was true nine times out of 10 child abuse comes from someone at home a relative or someone they know like a family friend.
People with power always get away with crazy shiit if it wasn’t for the me-too movement Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein would have never been charged and never convicted.
People in low poverty neighborhoods mostly black people had children kidnapped raped and murdered in their communities but it wasn’t until middle class white kids were hert that the United States government decided to take action for example they have Amber Alert Jessica’s law Megan’s Law you notice they didn’t name not one law after a little black girl who was raped and kidnapped and murdered and I know that there was a lot in the last 30 or 40 years.
The lady who wrote this book is one of many journalists activist feminist scientist and even some local law enforcement that knows the truth we must find and support these people and there organizations if they won’t listen to us maybe they’ll listen to some these professionals

It never ceases to amaze me how politicians, both left and right, look to publicize uses of the database driven infrastructure in terms of threats.

Here Mr Cotton describes tiktok as a Trojan horse. Meanwhile he’s all for sex offender database USE. HE’S all for bracelets w\ GPS tracking. Must be nice to play both sides of the fence. Who protects the people from the databases themselves? Life lock?

Sure a lot of these comments are good. With Tim and his max factor of the data base ( sorry Tim) and Brandon’s Trojan hourse ordeal, even AERO’s bit of understand of the mee too movement. Didn’t that start out in California or was it in the garden of Eden. Today seems this black market hersey’s of crime and punishment type conspircy is borderlining on of christian truth and wisdom and understanding. Much of this offender stuff sounds like a 21st century black market scheme.

I met a gal once and the lady that introduced me to her said to me who does that remind you of. I wasn’t thinking at the time but she reminded me of Janice Joplin.Seems today that even the tams with their hit “He young, be foolish, be happy” has some valued view’s and understandings today. I’m sure we all have our Moody Blue moment in our life but with this offender ordeal it seems one sided and unbalanced. Call it a play misty for me moment. Theirs your Client Eastwood Clyde. lol. He’s in his 90’s today.

Hey I don’t know what went on in the 60’s out in California but things can get out of hand even with this offender ordeal via computer. So actually its more of a trojan horse deal of trickery.

Well this virus is no Trojan horse deal. Funny how things change as time goes by. We’ve all had our ups and down’s. Some with court battles and some with trying to keep their son’s and daughters out of jail, or off drugs, alcohol, etc so it is a responsibility in this issue and when truth clashes with responsibility than things can get a bit messy.

Government seems to hold all the power to their miss-givings. Was reading about this person that murdered a senator and yes that was shocking. What’s more shocking is liberty has lost some of its character today and biblic ethics of understanding in many ordeals. Today authorities are more of the trojan horse of the Greek’s.

So one wonders today what is civil or ethical conning of another, or who did what to who or tapeing someone’s cell phone calls, or is America still playing in the dirt today with government affairs and law’s that are so out of balance they reek for true justice.

Funny how the prosecutor is supposed to be the victim’s attorney; yet they will do whatever they can to get a conviction even if the victim doesn’t want to press charges or drops them. Way to many Government lawyers need to be disbarred for ethical violations. How are we supposed to have a fair justice system when the ones in charge are More crooked Than the Mississippi River?

At what point do those of us on the registry decide that justice will never be served? In parallel with taxation without representation in 1776, those of us on the registry are taxed mentally, physically, economically by SORNA. The mainstream media is misleading by labelling all sex offenders as pedophiles, the politicians, pander to peoples fears, and, for those of us on the registry, peace under the current system will only come after we pass away.
I, for one, would rather die fighting, either literally or figuratively, with either sword or pen. I’ve seen the pen used frequently for the 12 years I’ve been on the registry, generally with very little accomplished – maybe it’s time to pick up the sword?