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ID: Idaho man sues over state’s anti-sodomy law

[ – 9/24/20]

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — An Idaho man represented by a coalition of civil rights attorneys is suing the state’s attorney general over Idaho’s so-called “infamous crime against nature” law, which makes it illegal to have oral or anal sex.

The man, who uses the pseudonym “John Doe,” filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court on Wednesday, saying his constitutional rights were violated when he was forced to register as a sex offender earlier this year because he was convicted in another state more than two decades ago of having oral sex. Doe said the state law was rendered invalid by a 2003 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that said a similar law in Texas violated constitutional protections under the 14th Amendment.

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Texas case directly applied to states with anti-sodomy laws that are directed at gay people, including Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. But other states, including Idaho, have laws that criminalize some penetrative sex acts between adults without specifying the genders of the participants. Doe’s attorneys say Idaho’s law is homophobic.

“More than 17 years ago, the Supreme Court declared homophobic laws like Idaho’s Crime Against Nature statute unconstitutional,” said Matthew Strugar, one of the lawyers representing Doe. “Idaho ignores that ruling and continues to demand people who were convicted of nothing more than having oral or anal sex to register as sex offenders. Just as the state cannot criminalize those sex acts, it cannot force people with decades-old oral sex convictions to register as sex offenders.”

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What happens in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom even if it’s 5 seconds or 30 Plus years ago Between partners!! How is two married people engaged in intimacy a threat to children or society? Idaho needs to stick to growing potatoes and nothing more!!

This is why, we generally shouldn’t listen to laws. There I said it.

>>>Do what you believe is best for your neighbors and community, not just yourself<<<

Teach your kids that one rule ^ watch what kind of people they will grow up to be. I am willing to bet they'll be better members of society than the ones who've had the, 'Me, me, me, what's best for me, and makes me look the best', teachings that parents have instilled into kids heads, who then grow into adults who can't think further than their own noses. This is why you have politicians who pass laws that LOOK GOOD without giving it a second thought about who they will hurt.

In What Universe is it OK for a 'leader' to pass laws preventing two human beings from doing what they want to do as long as it's not hurting anyone else?

WHY do people CHOOSE to accept such an insane reality?

Following this simple Rule of Life would prevent idiots like these lawmakers who want to tell other people what they can and cannot do, which is none of their business at the end of the day.

Yes we live in a country with an exploding amount of laws and rules. YOU decide at the end of the day what you're going to follow or not. I know. It's 'crazy thinking'. What's crazy is enslavement of your own mind to listening to everything that you're told to do, by idiots like this. You are a Free Human Being. You answer to nobody other than Mother Nature itself. What joke of 'rules' you decide to follow you'll have to contend with on your death bed.

Will half of these absolute Bullshit rules and laws matter when you're 90 years old and dying from this world?

Will those idiotic lawmakers feel-good laws REALLY matter then? Stop and THINK.

Janice thank you for bringing this ordeal situation to our attention. This should be a learning lesson for some or many in much of this registry issue of whos’ being out of character today in government understandings. So who’s proposing to g3et rid of their mask by the end of the year or who proposes or makes a stance for the betterment of a Nation. Seems many are in a block of Ice on this or are we all in a fog.

Just image if we sued for everything we needed or wanted on our want list from Santa woke up one morning and nothing was under the tree for us. Some wishing they were dead nor do we that on our death bed. What does one do at a tattoo parlor is up to individual or should one say mom didn’t fix the right dinner for me or lunch to take to school. Who uses their brains wisely at times.

So should we go with the song Brick in the wall or bus rider today in this Portia documentary of Concret Jungle in this sex edition extra in this offender issue. Something I must tell you about me or maybe I shouldn’t but here goes.

I talked about a blockof ice on here. Yes at the age of 3. I was encased in a block of ice to keep the fever down after the surgey. This was back in the 50’s. See I had a brain tumor. Mom and the others had told me that the brain tumor developed from my brother pushing my head or me hitting the back of my head repetitively. A doctor in Columbus Ohio discovered this. I never thought I would be telling that story to anyone but that saved my life and now I am 66 in age been thru a lot of expirences as we all have.

Now why is this person suing out of vain reasons, moral reasons, or was is concious upset, shaken, or rattled. Sodomy is a crime against nature or does the United States overlook many issues today in their government field and Stream book of laws. Myself I didn’t want to comment on this article and at times congress and legislation take their own vanity or doen’t even under their ownselves. Government in many ways are just learning how to tie their shoes if one would like to use that word pharse

The current case law controlling Lawrence v Tex 02

With literally hundreds of thousands of laws on the books, every single one of us commits a crime whether we know it or not, each and every day. Nobody is immune. We need to go back to the Ten Commandments and the Constitution. Going outside of these two documents, should be ruled invalid.

Uh, the 10 commandments are what most of these idiots base their judgement of us on, so maybe best to leave those out of the conversation. As for the Constitution, they wipe their butts with that scrap of paper.

A.D.A.T. You are Right on that. That is the basic law and it always has been. Sure Jesus came to fullfil the law and yes he came by grace and truth also. So today where is the law. If one doesn’t have laws than they are a law amongst themself. So now we get into principals and also how to respect and treat others. Thats were Paul comes in to preach to the churches.

I know everyone is upset with this sex registry in many ways. Most of you all didn’t even get a chance to be tried by your peers and due process was overshadowed and were done with by a type of plea deal that was a fabrication and a bit of the intimidation by authorities and lawyers. Sure we get upset in ways because we didnt’ step up and speak out. Also their are many more that were in this plight also in some various ways and unsavory means.

Sure we should all blessed that some didn’t go to prison but still are we not we all prisoners in this type of consciencious objection of much of this registry beef. Who is holding those doing the perversion or who is preverting justice or who is judging their neighbor fairly. Thats in Lev 19.

Authorities can sway people caught up in all this. Hey I am not pleased with this gay stuff but that is a different story. We are talking about this registry and being fair to each person. This is an internet encounter or should one say internet encounter, physical encounter whats the difference, just like making a choice and making a decision… a choice is different from a decison. And who know’s the thoughts and intent of a another.

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