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OffenderWatch and Advocacy Nonprofit Zandoli USA Join Forces to Track Sex Offenders in the Caribbean

[ – 9/15/20]

ARIMA, Trinidad and Tobago, Sept. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — OffenderWatch the leading sex offender registry management solution for law enforcement, and the Caribbean Committee Against Sex Crimes (CCASC), an initiative of nonprofit Zandoli USA, today announced a joint mission to deliver a network of sex offender registries across the 15 nations of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) that seeks to track sex offenders throughout the Caribbean and eventually across the world.

“With this partnership, we hope to deliver a comprehensive network of shared sex offender registries in all the countries of the Caribbean so that offenders are accounted for and children are saved,” said Jonathan Bhagan of CCASC.

Collaborating sex offender registries in CARICOM nations will help law enforcement worldwide as they track sex offender movement, investigate sex crimes, and prevent human trafficking.

CCASC works with non-profit and governmental agencies across CARICOM. All 15 CARICOM nations are at varying stages of implementing sex offender registration, with Jamaica, Belize, and Trinidad and Tobago already having laws on the books.

The partners envision legislative change to implement a global sex offender registration system linking law enforcement agencies worldwide through a common database application. The objective is to reduce child sex trafficking globally by facilitating international cooperation to track registered sex offenders as they move or travel from one country to another.

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Another price club membership regulation

We all know they aren’t “saving” any kids by monitoring RC’s. In fact, if anything the initial monitoring which will most certainly be followed by some type of restriction(s) will further destabilize people who are required to register thus making everyone less safe. As history has shown, those who cannot or will not stop committing crimes of any type never let laws get in the way of what they do. It only hurts those with benign intentions.

Of course.

And are there ANY informed, moral people who are actually serious about public safety or protecting children who think the Registries are a good idea? I don’t think so. Nearly all people who zealously advocate for the Registries are doing it for $$$$$ or something immoral (hate or to try to soothe their low self-esteem).

The Registries definitely make everyone in America less safe. The Registries have definitely harmed all of America. There is no doubt.

For me personally, I’ve ensured for years and years and years that the Registries are not just worthless, but a lot worse. It is a personal mission and I’ve done a huge amount of damage. I’ve had mechanisms in place for years that cost these criminal governments a lot of money every day. It is glorious. In that sense, I’m a lot like OffenderWatch in that I’m also fleecing governments. Everybody can get money.

I have a long list of actions that I’ve taken to ensure the Registries are worthless. I have a long list of actions that I’ve taken in retaliation for the Registries. So far, I’ve kept it all legal. But I wouldn’t blame anyone for not doing so.

If these criminal regimes and their boot lickers actually cared about public safety or protecting children, and had any sense, they would have destroyed the Registries long ago. But they are dumb and arrogant. They have zero excuses for why they’ve failed to create 100+ more Registries. They just harassing criminals.

We need to start taking this personally, and more importantly, making it personal. Being made to live like this is inhuman and unnatural. Can’t travel. You’re always a mouse-click away from being fired. Vigilantes are a constant threat. The constant tinkering with SORNA. Third-party outfits (watchdog, offenderwatch and watchsystems) profiteering from your misery. The constant hate against sex felons rising at a fever pitch. The already paranoid and suspicious society that the registry only serves to exacerbate. The smoke never clears. The dust never settles. You’re denied hope with nothing to look forwards to and it’s only getting worse.

But I do take solace in the fact knowing that they will never have a robust or dynamic registry that protects any child. It’s all a fraudulent scheme that is run on fear, ignorance and weaponized hate.

Well said.

I’ve taken it personally for a long time and I’ve made them pay consequences. It will continue.

I also think it is hilarious that the Registries are just a giant pile of feces that they keep thinking they can sculpt and make beautiful. All they need is better propaganda. In reality, the criminal regimes and their boot lickers can do whatever they like and they will always have a system that is not only worthless, but counterproductive. It will always harm all Americans.

So the law says for the state to provide the information. How do these private companies like offender watch, crime stoppers, etc… Get away with profiting off of someone’s personal information? They say non profit, but I call bullcrap. They are totally making money off of our information without our consent. Our consent was for the state to publish the information. A private company publishing it, and making a profit… Doesn’t that violate.. well any law with exploitation? They are literally exploiting people without their consent for money. I guess I’m asking? Can we sue them? As far as I can tell only the government can give public notice. Not privatized companies. Or am I wrong on that?

Just incase you havn’t relized it is way bigger then RSO’s this is leading to one world goverment!

Step 1). creat a class of total scum in the eyes of the public that everyone wants dead.
Step 2). belittled forever, and will always be scum, make sure most are homless, are in prison, won’t ever own nothing, family disowns them
Step 3). get other Countries involved by any measures; bribes, protection, etc…
Step 4). Create a global list of the most hated people in the world!
Step 5). ? Possible repete by creating another group of most hated people
Step 6). Repete Step 5

PS. incase you did not know. the United States never signed on or aggred to international Human Rights but yet has the Balls to call out Human Rights Violations in other Countries even though U.S. does not belong to the group of Countries for protecting Human Rights!

These guys are stepping over line to make a buck and are jeopardizing people that just want to get on with their lives. We need to stop this insanity and make these jerks hurt bad! In the pocket book and and legally if that is an option.

Janice. Is there any statute that prohibits private sector companies from doing what these jerks want to do? I cannot believe the lengths that people go to to persecute us that are forced to register. Every day its some thing new and more draconian. Smith v. Doe must get overturned!

Seems you guys don’t keep things simple with this crime watch this sex offender issue or neighborhood watch. Wow Will Allen its been a while since I saw the movie “Walking Tall” but who can walk tall with a sex offender or registry issue at times. Will that be rag weed or soft -ply TP. Will you and some of the others on here make a lot of sense but who kills a mocking bird?

If you didn’t have any Christian principals in government or policing where would this Nation be but still their is something wrong, sure we can all talk about drag queens go back to the days of Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon go back to Hight Ashbury days of the 50’s and 60’s and some kids out in California don’t even know about those days. And sure the aged joined in also in several ways even with the coined word hippy movement.

All this sex registry is not about black or white its about kids and safety factors. This internet issue well believe it or not God gave man the intelligect to build the computer even the atomic bomb but who’s using those things to destroy others in many ways and means. So who is watching over who?

One wonders if Solomon was sadisfied with so many wifes or if he didn’t have problems and now this sex registry is effecting America. Someone in government is not using their head right with these prison sentences, monitor structures in the right degree and manner or is psychology, drug testing, and lie detectors testing seem to be the common demonator or whos’ being deceitful when the bible has something to say about that also.

You think this sex issue isn’t the easiest or hardest thing to tackle for truth, but some of the guidelines man throws on those are so unfathomable but standing up for others is very good with right measures. One thing I was taught in Sunday School was beware of Scribes and Pharisees.

Do these organizations think all people forced to register are like Jeff Epstein? It’s not people forced to register that screwed it up; but the Feds and the state of Florida allowed him to continue his crimes.
The almost million people forced to register didn’t rape and kill Adam, Megan, Jessica and the other victims of heinous crimes; but we are punished as if we did. Government doesn’t have prove that registration keeps children safe and should be held accountable for the harm they have caused people who have forgiven, healed and moved on.

It’s all what I refer to as: “punishment by association.” They’re taking their second-hand frustrations out on us because anything off-color sexually makes their minds go there. So it’s the “”Kill them all; let God sort them out” mentality.they cling to. It’s akin to advocating for the deaths of everyone convicted of a DUI just because a very small percentage involved vehicular manslaughter.

They’re bitter that Epstein is dead. They can’t parade him around in the media with court developments, attention-grabbing headlines, mouse-clicks and media coverage (ratings $$) and conduct interviews with “experts” during his trial. There is no perceived closure, so what do they do? The next best thing, continue to make our lives a living hell to give them quasi-comfort and misguided contentment.

Unfortunately, It’s human nature to hold grudges and seek out revenge through spite and retaliation.

And of course, the registry is all about profiting from hate, outrage and fear.

Why are they tracking “sex offenders” are they committing any crimes? The obsession of tracking and exploiting “sex offenders” makes no sense when no crime has been committed. I say leave them alone!

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