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“Your Life on the List”: A Survival Guide for those Forced to Register Upon Release

Derek W. Logue of

Since 2015, has provided the Informational Corrlinks Newsletter (ICoN) and other prisoner outreach services. In an effort to provide numerous resources for prisoners, those new to life on the registry, and those potentially facing life on the registry (many of whom may not have access to the Internet), OnceFallen has compiled the best information from our website and past issues from the ICoN and created “Your Life on the List”, a registry survival guide.

Your Life on the List covers many of the most common questions those new to life on the sex offense registry may have. Topics include an overview of sex offense laws and terminology, finding housing and employment, travel issues, compliance checks, dealing with vigilantes, disaster preparation, and other issues a person may face while listed on the public registry. “Your Life on The List” also lists numerous resources for treatment, support, activism, and housing for Registered Persons.

In addition, “Your Life on The List” contains a comprehensive summary of sex offense registration, notification, proximity/ residency restrictions, and other laws a registrant may endure while on the registry. This valuable section compiles data from multiple resources and expand on it to offer the most comprehensive overview of the laws of all 50 state plus the US territories.

A free PDF version of the guide can be found at:

For those who desire a printed copy of “Your Life on The List”, the book can be ordered from for $12.95. The link to the printed copy is at:

All proceeds from sales of the print copy of the book go to Reset Missouri, an organization using the proceeds to establish residential housing for Registered Persons in Missouri.

Derek W. Logue of

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Survival guide thats funny.
to all people forced to register the only survival guide you need is the terms of conditions you sign every year when you do your annual registration

So the TOS you sign lays out for you the hundreds of registry laws you’d need to follow while traveling? Gives you advice on how to find a job or a home with the varying restrictions?

Not sure if you’re just trying to be facetious here, but I’m trying to make it a bit easier for those new to the registry shuffle to navigate the myriad of confusing laws out there.

In my personal experience, many registration officers don’t know these laws either. Relying solely on the grunts that take our pics and sign our lives away can be a bad idea. Besides, I haven’t seen too many registration officers help registered prersons find any of the resources contained in my book.

@aero1 You must not be a registered citizen.. or if you are you don’t travel. You cannot travel to another state without studying up a little. Even a neighboring town, county etc. have different laws. Derek’s guide has a plethora of information directed at a registrant coming out of incarceration. In WI. we can E-mail our “handler” if we’re off paper and get decent information. Lot’s of states’ registrants do not get any help from the people who are “in charge” of registration. They can spend time making sure they are compliant and legal— or find help. Derek is giving… Read more »

I skimmed through the PDF table of contents and it sure looks like it has some important information. I remember how hopeless I was the first few months after release. Something like this could be very helpful. Learning to maneuver life on the registry is indeed an art if you wish to remain reasonably content and sane.

What do we need a “survival” guide for when the authorities claim it’s not punishment? /s

The real trick is finding a way to live with all the second-hand HATE that is foisted upon us.

Life on the list….Today’s version of African American’s “Green Book” and the 1930’s German Anti-Jewish decrees.
Will we ever learn from our past mistakes?

Really great comparison. This guide could and should be part of any lawsuit against the registry. “This isn’t a burdern” shouldn’t come with a 100+ page manuel without which you might end up in prison for literally doing nothing illegal.

I could not come up with a better name for the book. Consider the fact that I had to be ambiguous with the name because a primary target audience is those incarcerated for a sex offense.

Thank you for writing this. I’m sure it’ll be helpful to many. The sad part is that part of your guide probably became outdated before you finished writing it. Life on the list is insane.

The free PDF version will be updated regularly. The book will be updated every two years.


Thank you so much for educating us about the “green book”. I consider myself well studied in history, but I never knew if this publication’s existence. The fact that these types of books needed to exist for people’s protection should shame those who oppress their fellow Americans. We know that the politicians don’t care, but culturally sensitive people should.

Segregation against “coloreds” was outrageous. But I am very, very confident that there are plenty of “people” in America who would love to have it today. Those “people” are exactly the ones who think Registries are acceptable. They aren’t moral and they aren’t decent. If it were PC to harass and segregate “coloreds”, they would certainly do it. If nanny big government promoted the harassment of “coloreds” and ran PR campaigns for it, as they do for the Hit Lists, Registry Supporters/Terrorists would be first in line to do it. I truly believe that most of them are racist. America… Read more »

Where is this movie available to watch, with out trogans, etc (saw some of those)?

Laura seems like each of us go thru these emotions or feeling changes. Will we ever learn, that is an open end question but yes we will all learn. Do authorities learn as those are the one’s that need to learn just as well as all of us or are many scared out of their wits at times with this who’s afraid of Baby Jane type ordeal or who is playing with dolls today if one would like to call it that today. My mom was a fan of Betty Davis and yes the movie was traumatic. Are people actually… Read more »

People are over thinking this whole situation it’s not that serious if you plan to travel and you know your gonna be staying somewhere longer then 3 days to be on the safe side just register in the jurisdiction where your gonna be staying .
Stop stressing yourself out about things you have no control over.
And if your new to all this sexofender registery stuff all I can say is traveling is the least of your problems

Good luck

Nope. I’m not a big government ass licker. I will prevent their harassment as much as possible and in every case, I’ll ensure it is not just worthless, but that it causes actual harm. This is a war.

If they are dumb enough to arrest me, guess what happens? It is in their best interest that they make their Hit Lists as convenient as possible.

That is 2 days in Nevada.

@AERO1 I just love your just obey thunking ! i guess no one should worry about being killed on this registry , Or having to go back to prison because a miss understanding of the many rules if we have in the US for traveling , you dont care who gets throne under the bus I have noticed in many of your know it all comments , when its plain to see your not dealing with many of the dangers of this registry , matter of fact most of the time you sound fake , because if you lived were… Read more »

“Stop stressing yourself out about things you have no control over.” This is just another way to be dismissive and say: “it is what it is.” Sorry, but that defeatist attitude reinforces the notion that hope doesn’t exist and things will never change. That reasoning only serves to make the LEOs proud of enforcing this BS law so they can claim they’re “one of the good apples” protecting children from us. So, do continue to play their game, fall in line and play nice when you go register, but not someone like me that is a manufactured threat. I can’t… Read more »

Yep. But don’t let Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts) embarrass you. They are the ones who should be embarrassed. I don’t do embarrassment. I’ve done a ton of good in this world and I’m a good, moral person. But I’m not perfect either. I’ve done bad as well. I’ve always accepted responsibility for that. I paid too many consequences for it. But all that good and bad in the past is over and done. Whenever RS/Ts are harassing you for whatever reason, don’t be embarrassed about it. Unless they are just doing their job or whatever, as they must, they should be… Read more »

Gotta go along with Will on this matter. No one has a dooable plan to take down the registry and until they do I say, stop trying to shovel crap into the wind.
Just play the game to come out a winner ignoring those who would undermine your ability to succeed by finding your weak spots.

And don’t forget Florida and Illinois- 3 days and/or 3 days in a year. That’s messy if you go shopping in Chicago (close to my home in Wi.)- have 3 or 4 documented credit card charges through the year. Never spend a night. Potential 10 years in prison and most of us would not know we might be doing something wrong. Any time one has to look up a definition of visit, domicile, home, travel etc. to try to see if they are OK and legal… that’s a problem for most of us. Playing it safe (3 days) per AERO1.… Read more »

It’s not about over thinking anything. Sometimes it’s virtually impossible to comply with the rules as written. Arrive in town on a Friday after the registry office is closed with plans to spend a long weekend. If it’s a jurisdiction which counts a night as a ‘day’, then you’ll be overstaying your welcome before you can get to their office on Monday. If you get to a jurisdiction where there’s a long wait to register, you sometimes show up before dawn and wait until mid-afternoon before being seen. I’ve had that happen while visiting family in Texas. With limited vacation… Read more »

All of it is completely unacceptable. So what are people going to do about it? It does very little to just complain. For me personally, I have to deliver consequences. I’m obligated. People should be working very, very hard to take money and other resources away from law enforcement. Call it “defund” if you want. Whatever. The fact is that when they have time, money, and other resources to goof off with Hit Lists, they obviously have far, far too much. They need to be cut to the core. Then they might have to focus on actual crimes and crime… Read more »

The problem is, there is now a constant surveillance mentality in this country. People are willingly providing doorbell camera access to law enforcement. People are constantly looking up (and reporting) dirt on their friends and neighbors. Information is out there. It can’t be taken back. With the online access to court records, people can (and do) look this stuff up easily. There are companies making lots of cash broadcasting our histories and the histories of many other people arrested/charged/convicted. Just look at the junk in the magazine rack at the local gas station filled with mug shots. The immediate problem… Read more »

AERO1, I have to disagree. Registering can trigger other potential legal requirements that those not required to register in that state don’t have to abide by, such as presence exclusions. Consequently, with one slip, your short stay somewhere could unexpectedly become a VERY long stay. As an aside, a three day general rule won’t work in states like NV and FL and probably others. You may want to read up on Derek’s book to help keep you free from future headaches. My advice is to not visit anywhere of such duration that it will trigger a requirement to register. If… Read more »

Derek, thank you. This is a tremendous amount of work and it is appreciated. It really is.

Thats a good step Jason. Now if Will Allen would tell them that he use to be a member of the Water Buffalo Lodge and just say No, but I’m sure everyone understands one’s position with all this confusion. One can’t understands one’s position until they watch the movie “guns of navarone” a few times, course their are many movies I hated to sit thru.

Never was much into war pictures but this was a good one.

Since coming to Janice’s forum platform, we on here, have wanted to try and correct all this registry upevil if one would like to call. Trying to hash all this out with views and comments that wavor at many times on the sublime mental state of the persons or person’s doing these operations. So who is doing the evil in many of these internet ordeals? Sure nothing wrong with prevention but are authorities preventing or perverting? There is no temptation that is common that with the temptation God will provide a way out. So who is testing and who is… Read more »

@king of living thanks to my just obey thinking iv never been to prison and never spent longer then 2days in jail in my whole entire life you know why because I’m compliant and i dont give LE anymore power over my life then they allready have. As far as vigilantes go what’s the difference between a vigilante and a home intruder if someone comes to ur home to harm u or your family you have a right to defend yourself by any means necessary and with today’s technology you can set up some pretty decent home surveillance for cheap… Read more »

@AERO1 , The difference between “Vigilante” and a “home intruder” is that a vigilante most of the time use the Hit list , and you sound like we always have time to call LE , and we are not always in our safe zone , heck I was the victim every time and the last time a few years back the cops beat me and broke my shoulder that still gives me trouble to this day . they were called to help me , and they charged me ! None of any of that TEC means anything if your already… Read more »

@AERO1. You should apologize to that person or are we here to condemn others. One wonders how many “Run around sue’s” you’ve possibly been with, or was getting mixed up in this sex registry on your list of things to do. I think many hear out of one ear but don’t comprend out of the other. I’m not proud of what I did are you? Don’t you think you should say your sorry to king. Hey we have all had our ups and downs. Some even have their ups and downs even when they are married and with this pressure… Read more »

Nope. I won’t be giving anything to Registry Supporters/Terrorists. They are harassing terrorists who cannot mind their own business or leave other families alone. They put all of America in danger. If I’m aware of an RS/T, I won’t employ them, rent to them, do any business with them unless it benefits only my company, or anything else. They are dangerous and need to be ostracized and neutralized.

I made a couple of error fixes and the latest version of the PDF version is available.

Please note: I’ve also been told that I can have edits submitted to the book any time since the Amazon service is Print on Demand, so the latest changes will be submitted regularly on any future changes to print copies to reflect the free PDF version I offer.

I have been doing prisoner outreach for a while now and this book is part of that effort.

Even at this low rate, prisoners may not be able to buy copies, so would anyone be willing to sponsor a project to buy copies of this book for indigent inmates?

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x