CA: El Cajon neighbors outraged over placement of 10 registered sex offenders together in one house

[ – 4/15/21]

Neighbors in El Cajon are livid, after learning that ten registered sex offenders are now living together in one house in their kid-friendly community.

Calling it “a living nightmare,” these parents say they are now fearful for their children’s safety, and are demanding answers from the state.

According to California’s Megan’s Law website, the crimes these registered sex offenders living here are convicted of range from sodomy with a minor under age 18, to lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14.

Dozens of El Cajon residents, primarily parents and grandparents, took to their street on Thursday evening, outraged over the placement of ten registered sex offenders in one house in their neighborhood: community filled with young children that is situated less than a mile away from an elementary school.

“The kids here have had so much  freedom and now all of a sudden, the parents, the grandparents are scared to death, and rightfully so,” said neighbor Susan Garcia.

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Fear is a choice.

While the residents of “No Cajones” are hyper-vigilant at the ten residents living lawfully in their neighborhood they are completely oblivious to the people living right under their noses committing sex crimes: a local cop, a pastor, a teacher, a coach, a step-dad, a local politician, and so on…in which the Registry cannot help the people because these perpetrators are NOT on there.

And therein lies the rub…


“We are not stopping until these guys are out of here!” Robert Burroughs added.

Sounds an awful lot like the kind of harassment that the disclaimer on most ML sites (but curiously absent from California’s) claim will not be tolerated.

These guys in El Cajon sound a lot like Melendez. Right wing nazi sympathizers.

Is CDCR treating this situation like a sober home where they put the like together so they will hold each other accountable and help each other in times of need? Is there someone who is the head of the house to ensure the ten follow the rules they would, I’d think, have to follow? What exactly is the concept here CDCR going for?

Does the public expect critical mass of these ten being together and rash of issues to happen? Is anyone telling them of the other local issues with people who have offended that they would not expect to offend or the stats overall they need to know so they can start to look at each other in suspicious ways?

I love it. Look at these people lilittle do they know the guy standing next to them holding up A sign that says save are children is more of a threat to her children then these 11 guys who just go out of prison they ain’t trying go back and the only reason there living in this neighborhood is because Law Enforcement placed them there.
I love seeing the effect the registry has on communitys in America.
For us being on the registry is a way of life if people don’t like it who cares it’s not are problem take that up with your local Law Enforcement agency’s.
I love the fact that sex offenders are a burden to society and I love it when people protest against the placement of sex offenders because it drives Law Enforcement crazy I bet there like daam where the Hell can we put theses guys.
Maybe the cops should let them sleep at the police station in the lobby or let sex offenders build a tent city around the police stations through out America in the name of public safety.

Good luck 😬👌

I wonder how many of these tough people celebrate Easter and Christmas. Is running people who have sinned Christ like or Hitlerish? If someone living there has done something to a neighbor kid otherwise it’s smoking fear mongering projection!!

A “community filled with young children that is situated less than a mile away from an elementary school”. Isn’t that like every neighborhood? The first 10 years I lived in my house (not on website), there was a school bus stop 5 feet from my front door. Pissed me off because the squeaky wheels of the bus and the noisy kids woke me up every morning. Then some law changed that put me on the public ML website and they moved the bus stop far away. I was so happy. It has been my only registry fringe benefit.

As a registrant, I would be appalled that I would have to live in a community filled with such biased and bigotry. I would complain to the state about my dip shit neighbors and their annoying brats.

I guess the residents have never heard of cars that offenders could drive in to find their children.
This is another side effect of the registry. Now the neighborhood is riled up. How does that affect the kids?

A “living nightmare?” Come on, people. Stop acting like you’re on the echo chamber of hate on Facebook and Twitter.

New article on same site now stated that the PFRs are moving out within a month…..

Only living nightmare for me is listening to the fear mongering from society. Only thing they teaching their precious children is to hate. Life isn’t fair sweetheart, so get some cheese with your whining.

First I live in El Cajon (not sure where this house is and im not on parole)… Second the GOVERNMENT created this…..its called a REGISTRY !!! Next Parole/probation has also CREATED this as they show up 10+ deep WEEKLY at these residences doing a compliance check !!! What did they think the neighborhood wouldnt notice 10+ PIGS descending on a property with the goon squad all dressed up in bullet proof vests ? That is all it takes for someone to start getting CURIOUS and doing a google search !!

Good thing is now prolly CDCR/PROBATION will have to PAY UP to move these people !!

Let me tell a personal TRUE Story… I had to goto Sharper Finger (future) here in SD.. they were SO EVIL making us use ONE Entrance that it was ME that called the FIRE MARSHAL on them, Fire marshal rolled out MADE them leave ALL doors unlocked… Then Sharper future gave us attending the classes… so I USMAILED Every resident in the building complex (about 50) a post card letting EVERYONE in there know that 290’s were all going to Sharper future… It brought the heat down on sharper future so much that it was funny !!

As a article I read on the el cajon thing the residents of the house have said “it is NOT OVER” So hopefully there will be retaliation against megans law or CDCR or even the other resident of the neighborhood, as it is ILLEGAL to HARASS a 290 from info gained on the CRAP Megans LAME Law website.

Doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance, I believe they do. Stop judging people for their past we all have one.