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MO: Convicted sex offender causes concern in Arnold neighborhood – ‘Terrified of him being around’

[ – 4/9/21]

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. ( — A convicted sex offender is not welcome in a Jefferson County neighborhood.

Residents hoped a St. Louis County judge would revoke the bond of Korey ______ after a RING doorbell camera captured a potential bond violation. “I’m honestly just terrified of him being around,” said Morgan Pisoni who lives across the street from Korey ______ .

Korey ______ is a former police officer who was previously convicted of molesting a boy under the age of 10 in 2007. Pisoni has a son around the same age as Korey ______ ‘s victim. “I’m terrified to keep my kids outside,” she said, “They can’t play chalk. It’s just an overwhelming uncomfortable feeling.”

In late 2020, Pisoni’s RING doorbell captured video of a young boy accompanied by two adults, unrelated to Korey ______ , leaving the home where Korey ______ lives. Korey ______ is not allowed to be around minors. The video was turned over to police and in court, the St. Louis County prosecutor argued Korey ______ should have his bond revoked.

Witnesses testified that Korey ______ made no contact with the unrelated child, but the prosecutor argued Korey ______ should have told the child and his mother to leave the house. The judge called it a boneheaded move on Korey ______ ‘ part, but did not revoke his bond.

The Kreutzman family also lives on the same block. They said they believe Korey ______ is trying to intimidate neighbors. They say a large set of eyeballs were plastered on Korey ______ ‘s garage, along with other signs that say “love thy neighbor as thyself” and “leave me alone.”

The Kreutzmans put up their own sign that reads “keep pedophiles off our streets.”

The Pisoni’s put up a sign that reads “neighborhood watch – we are watching you.”

Disputes between neighbors and registered sex offenders are concerning to Vicki Henry, the president of (WAR) Women Against Registry. She said her organization favors getting rid of the sex offender registry. Henry believes offenders should serve their time, then be allowed to live in peace once they return to society.

“You know my advice is get to know this person,” Henry said. “None of us are defined by our worst moment. None of us.” Henry has a family member that’s on the registry and doesn’t believe the registry is beneficial. “I would say you have a right to know, but it doesn’t help you,” she said.

Read the full article


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The only reason this is causing a commotion is because people know about it. If it weren’t for the registry, everyone would be living happily in peace (at least not making this the focus). People crying in the article would have a stroke if every crime had a registry. They’re surrounded by people with various passed convictions of all sorts of severities, but sleep comfortably at night and let their kids play outside simply for the fact that there isn’t a registry for every other crime to rile people up. The registry does nothing but cause this exact conflict for everyone. It’s hurting completely innocent people through paranoia.

That is exactly right. The problem is the Hit Lists. Some points:

1. The article doesn’t say and I’m not going to bother further with it, but I’d bet pretty much anything that when he was convicted of the crime that got him listed on the Hit List, that the victim was not a child that he did anything to forcibly. I bet it was with a child that he knew and that he groomed. If it was with a stranger, I bet it was not forcibly with any child in his neighborhood. Therefore, his crazy neighbors have nothing to worry about IF they supervise or educate their children at all. That’s really the key – you can’t let your children hang out with people older than them and pay no attention to it. Perhaps this guy is interested in their children. But perhaps there are 10 other guys living even nearer that are MORE interested. It does them no good at all to know about this guy.

2. The article says, “Kranefuss is currently charged with two felonies involving sodomy with an individual under the age of 14.” Ummm, has he not been listed on the Hit Lists? How is it even conceivable that he could commit a crime? Color me shocked.

3. I’m glad those Registry Supporters/Terrorists (RS/Ts) are suffering. I want that for all RS/Ts. Those are just consequences. If you want Hit Lists, I want you to suffer and I can’t care. Same with your family.

4. Vicki Henry is wrong that those people “have a right to know”. We don’t know about any other types of crime except for sex. So there is no right to know. It’s simple.

I’m hoping Vicky Henry was misquoted or taken out of context. The “right to know” is a legal right.

Where is this “legal right to know” listed in the law?

Guess what people who have committed sexual crimes have always been around and nobody knew before the 1990s. Now everyone thinks someone is out to snatch their kids when the person most likely to cause harm, they already know them. All registries do is make communities less safe and sends out the projectile freaks out of the woodwork. If you don’t want your kid to be around someone fine that’s your right; yet it’s also your right to not cause chaos in the neighborhood. Be a good neighbor like State Farm!!

Yes, they should be more aware and fearful of the ones they don’t know about.
Such as:

I wonder if he added what he learned in his sex crime investigations to his personal “How to” manual. 😒

The tide is turning.

Maryland just repealed its police bill of rights. Here’s what it means for reform.

I live in Maryland and I heard about the legislators overriding Hogan’s veto. From what I read I’m fine with it and cops should not have immunity either. Registrants are supposed to know every law/ordinance throughout the country; yet the ones enforcing the laws haven’t a clue.

A former cop. Talk about control issues. Clearly the outcome of registration is further conflict. I believe courts are primarily needed to settle dispute with formality AND with finality.

Art 1 section 9,10 serves that purpose too. Unfortunately in the recent past the United States has had far to many unemployed and underemployed lawyers, basically because law schools tax funding has afforded them the ability to pump lawyers out in droves. This of course is advanced by the registration regime which IMHO was created to guarantee more conflict for registrants and law enforcement, which in turn employed more lawyers.
A. Man walks dog in an Illinois park- a registration case.
B. A man is one1 day late reporting – a registration case
C. Man forgets to notify of a change in vacation plans -a registration case.

Here’s your sign!, Mr. Rehnquist.

I’ve said before and I’ll say again – if you’re not comfortable in your neighborhood because of your neighbors, move. You have every right in the world to move. You do NOT have the right to force a neighbor to leave because of your discomfort.

“SR” makes a very good point. If the neighbors didn’t know about his presence and his prior conviction, they wouldn’t be upset.
That may sound obvious or overly simplistic, but I live in Southern California and studies show that we are long overdue for “The Big One” (earthquake). But we don’t stay up sleepless nights puling our hair out. We manage what risks we can, block out the frightening thoughts, and go about our lives. These people need to do exactly the same.

Megan’s Law is a government sponsored Hit List. Prove me wrong.

If being at risk of being attacked, or murdered, is a possible consequence of being on Megan’s Law, then how is registration not considered punishment?

Thanks for saying the silent part out loud. Of course it’s punitive AF. It actually antagonizes unhinged individuals with provocation. It incentivizes the vigilantes, skinheads, Nazis and religious kooks out there to do “God’s will.”

The judge was correct in pointing out the “Bone head” move by this guy. He is either showing incredibly bad judgement, or he has issues and is not addressing them. Either way, the whole billboard on the garage crusade will only enflame his neighbors and cause retaliation.
I wish people could speak to each other about their issues rather than this passive aggressive approach to condemnation. Go to the guy’s home, request a mtg, and air your grievances. Both sides can speak their minds and let each know how they feel about the arrangement. Respectful boundaries can be set and people can hopefully get on with their lives.
Oh, to live in a civilized society, what a great dream.

I love reading these articles about sex offenders moving into peoples neighborhoods.
Out of sight is out of mind but people wont let sex offenders live their lives out of sight they demand to know where every sex offender lives and when they find out they get all mad and protest for them to move somewhere else.
For Law Enforcement this has got to be a major pain in their ass
I remember about 6 or 7 months ago here in Southern California they let this guy out of prison or some kind psychiatric hospital and orange county sheriffs had no where to put him no another county wanted him living there it was a big problem for Law Enforcement they had his face and personal information blasted all over the news for about 7 days after that i didn’t hear about this guy anymore.
Where ever the orange county sheriffs ended up puting this scary sex offender guy i don’t know but i bet a million dollars they hope no one finds out

Good luck 😣✌

The constant problem with the Registry is that it’s gotten the community staring in the wrong direction for sexual predators. Most sexual assaults are committed by people living right under their noses that are NOT on the Registry and occupy positions of authority and trust much like our former police officer in his past life.

But now that he has served out his time he’s most unlikely will re-offend again but the community will be watching him like a hawk – spending too much of their vigilance on him while oblivious to the sexual assaults committed by a teacher, a coach, a pastor, a relative, a step father, and so on and so on…

Bill – That is a very good point. If I did not know better (at least I don’t think I do), it almost sounds as if the registry has been hyped up so much to distract from wrongdoings by others that are more serious. It’s like spilling a glass of milk so your mother does not look in the other direction where you just broke her favorite vase (or any other analogy for that matter).

Yes I see your analogy as true in that a distraction is created. The people believed the registry was about the bad man when it was far more about the database machine potential to change the disposition between man and machine. A Registrant is truly an indentured servants to a property.


And this why the registry is a great tool in PSYOPS and Information Warfare where distractions are used to focus on others and away from reality as shown by stats. A false sense of comfort for one is used as a cover for others to perp their way on to those they want.

Imagine taking the time to go to a professional sign maker to have a sign made and then placing the sign in your yard with a blatantly misspelled word on it then having it plastered on the tv.

Pedofile is not the proper spelling of the word, and it makes me think the Kreutzman Kommunity Klan is against mail salons since pedofiles are used on feet and all.

You know, I’d like to feel sorry for all of these people but f*ck them. Because the Hit Lists exist, f*ck them every day. I don’t care how they feel. Registry Supporters/Terrorists need to suffer.

I commented above on this but had only read the article. I just now watched the video. And yes, that sign is GD hilarious. How many people saw the sign and didn’t know how to spell? Or even bother to check? I’d put more blame on the sign maker. Do they not use software to make such signs today? I sure as Hades would expect sign making software to have spell check. Just too funny. It’s fine to make spelling errors on places like this forum and it doesn’t really matter, but if you are going to have an obnoxious, ahole sign made, maybe try harder?

But it does reinforce my beliefs that the dumber a person is, the more likely it is that the person thinks the Hit Lists are super. Nothing wrong with being dumb and poor but it does seem to make most people aholes. Or maybe most aholes are dumb and poor?

Those people really are dumb. They should imagine what the difference would be if instead of this PFR living in that house that it was just some other random man, the same age, job, family, similar-looking, etc. How would the safety of their neighborhood and lives be any different? It wouldn’t be different at all. If they don’t think it is safe for their children to play outside now, why would it be then? They would just assume it was? It’s just dumb. You are either going to supervise your children or you aren’t. If you think the answer to their safety is that no PFRs live near you, then you are likely irresponsible.

And what might this PFR do that they are so afraid of? Speak to someone? Oh no! Maybe you could tell your child not to hang out with adults? Or is he going to be overcome with lust and kidnap a child? I guess that might happen, but again, anyone might do that. Personally, if I were a PFR and going to kidnap someone, it wouldn’t be anywhere near where I was Registered. Seems like a no-brainer. They should probably be a LOT more worried about PFRs who live hundreds of miles from them but who are interested in retaliating against the Hit Lists. That is an actual danger.

Gotta love hateful segregation sponsored and promoted by big government. It’s been making America great forever.

So the kid was there with his mom and one other adult. Where exactly was the “danger”? Do people seriously think he was groping the kid in front of both adults and they could only stand around helplessly and watch?

The historical use of police, in the West, is to “keep the peace.” Not solve complicated crimes, not run stings, but to simply keep things
peaceful so society can basically function, the king is happy, yadda yadda. How is the registry helping keep the peace? How is it keeping society stable, productive? Robin Williams said cocaine is God’s way of telling you that you have too much money—the registry is how we know government has too much money that it can invent problems for itself to solve. These wretched moms are terrified when they don’t have to be! Stop the insanity!

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