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WA: Kelso council pauses halfway house construction for six months to develop limits on sex offender housing

[ – 5/19/21]

Developers of halfway houses cannot build in Kelso for the next six months while the city council reviews how it can limit the number of registered sex offenders living in one home.

Councilman Keenan Harvey first raised the issue in March because he said multiple sex offenders living in one area encourages additional crime and discourages people from living nearby.

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Wow, Harvey uses such solid statistical flexible-reality phacts! I guess he finally figured out our secret: that we registrants wander our neighborhoods encouraging people to commit crimes and join Price Club! I guess his name is appropriate to his imaginary phacts, since Harvey was a large, imaginary rabbit in an old movie.

the great jimmy stewart

“Councilman Keenan Harvey first raised the issue in March because he said multiple sex offenders living in one area encourages additional crime…”

Maybe he was concerned about the assaults and murders of registrants.

Sounds like these law makers need a class in MLA and APA formatting. You are not allowed to make uneducated statements about any person in a criminal class or any race or appointed title. Sounds to me like a Civil Suit which would be very important in the depth of this argument the councilman has claimed would finally shed truth and light legally to the real “Facts.”As a politician or representative for a city or township it is important to be factual when presenting arguments. There is no statistical truth or representation to what this councilman claimed. If sued and they lose, the argument will set a bar for truth in such claims. They would lose because no evidence exists to prove what this councilman claims. Why is nobody suing them. I’ve seen many registered offenders say this or that, why is nobody filing in that jurisdiction pro se or anything. The time is now to stand up against false and misrepresented information. Any lawyer worth their salt could poke holes in every comment this councilman made. Just because it sounded good and supportive to what the councilman wanted to say does not make it truth. Someone in that jurisdiction or wanting to live there needs to stand up and sue. If nobody does this sets a legal bar to have to be disproven in the future and can be used as a supportive measure to other bs.

I know many read but don’t want to be that “girl” or “guy” that is the person suing but seriously how long are you gonna sit back and allow this to prevail. No statement that councilman made was factual.

Sometimes I wish I’d awaken a fighter in the legal attorney’s profession that really saw merit in bringing both the court and our legal system back to reality. None of this registration or ongoing sentencing is legal. Add on housing discrimination and then what’s next that a Sex Offender can’t receive needed medical treatment at a hospital because more than 3 are there at the time.

Everyone needs to wake up, Criminal, Sex Offender, Predator = a reason to use discrimination legally now. They couldn’t use racial discrimination anymore so it’s been turned into criminal discrimination that will be acceptable until someone confronts it head on.

Why throughout all my years in this world does it always have to hit close to home before someone gives a darn. When people wait that long, what could have been a few months of court, and maybe 20 or so court fights turns into years of suffrage and worse outcomes to get to the correct result.

Wake up! Be pro active, if you aren’t then they will continue to find ways to discriminate and put you down. I’m thankful my grandson is trying to be pro active about his situation, he wanted to be a lawyer. I think he’d have been a great one, but at least he hasn’t given up. Nobody should ever give up when their God given rights to just live and move forward in life are being discriminated against.

This sure smells a lot like City of Cleburne v. Cleburne Living Ctr. ( Cleburne is one of the cases Ira Ellman cited in his recent paper discussing animus. There sure seem to be a number of places where substituting in RC in the text fits with what’s going on here.

I’d love to hear what facts Mr. Harvey has beyond his own conjecture. On Page 5 of WA’s most recent info on RC recidivism ( nearly 40% of RCs are never arrested for anything. Of the remaining ~60%, only 12.65% were re-arrested for “sex crimes.” What the remaining 47.35% did is not stated but they could be anything from FTR to GTA to shoplifting to public drunkenness–what they were is irrelevant because they’re the same types of crimes any other non-RC halfway-house resident may do. The only stat that matters is “sex crime” recidivism which, at 12.65%, is almost certainly the same or lower than other same-crime recidivism rates among released cons. Indeed, WA’s recidivism as reported in another document ( for other types of offenders is not much different than for RCs. The documents aren’t exact apples-to-apples analyses and the non-RC document doesn’t detail how many recidivated for the same type of crime versus other crimes, but it’s still worthwhile to show that Mr. Harvey’s cries are mostly, if not total, BS.

I hope a developer takes the pricks to court if they act on this silliness.

what that CITY government need to do is: GET THE F*** OUT OF PEOPLES LIVES and let them live in peace !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh girl… if ex-convicts are capable of convening to commit new crimes together, we should be worried that the halfway house (a living unit for probationers and parolees) was ever invented….


They dont know what to do with sex offenders I read an article today about riverside county sheriff’s secretly dumping 90 sex offenders off in this lilittle desert town called Sky Valley way out in the middle of nowhere.
The people in that city have a right to be angry Megan’s law is a big nuisance for everyone.
The public haveing access to that information is unnecessary its not helping law enforcement, it’s not helping sex offenders reintegrate into society all it dose is makes people in the community feel unsafe the complete opposite of what is was supposed to do.
The state of California is now focusing on destroying all the homeless encampments through out the whole entire state if you live here in California you know how bad its gotten over the past 20 years.
But this isn’t just about helping the homeless or cleaning up the city their also trying to flush out the sex offenders living in these encampments law enforcement has been saying for years that sex offenders are registering as TRANSIENT to avoid detection they been trying close this loophole for years.
Sad part is alot those homeless sex offenders have mental illnesses and have been banished by their own family’s and Society and because of that they never get the treatment they need.

Good luck 🤘😬🤘

I think I finally realized why registrants are singled out for so much ignorant and foolish rhetoric these days. People (and especially public figures) who are racist, xenophobic, or sexist at heart, or have otherwise poor social character no longer have socially accepted ways to act out their inclinations without being bashed, fired, or socially banished by others, so they take out their demagoguery on a group that has been designated for such actions, “sex offenders.” In this way, their bigotry is eagerly devoured by the masses, and consequently they can be as offensive as they really want to be without consequence.

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