Action Alert for CA: Sign the petition “California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: Prison reform: Voice for the voiceless”

Crystal B. started this petition to CALIFORNIA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation:

The prison system affects thousands of inmates and their loved ones including myself. There are inmates who are excluded from participating in family visits and some groups, groups that are essential to one’s rehabilitation. Before I tell you what group of men I’m talking about let me say this, never judge before you know someone’s story. Everyone deserves a second chance.

The group of men I’m speaking of is those with sexual offences.

Not only do they fear for their lives but they are often denied rehabilitation. Many have had childhood trauma that contributed to their crimes. It breaks my heart to see what these men go through, including my family.

No one should be excluded from getting help or from spending time with their loved ones. For those of you who don’t know what family visits are, it’s where the inmates spouse or immediate family can spend two nights at the facility in a studio-like apartment. This helps tremendously with an inmate’s emotional state and self-worth. So please help me be a voice for the voiceless.

Please sign the petition


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I dont know what to say anymore mostly everyone who posts to this website are very educated on the situation were going through out here in California its almost like preaching to the choir.
When I was 18 I was sentenced to 3 years probation no jail time and 190 days of community service which for the record is impossible complete so I ended up doing house arrest.
Now here I am 21 years later still dealing with this bullshit and the older I get the harder it gets to maintain and cope with the anxiety, paranoia and fear of being labeled a sex offender.
I got my tier assessment letter that stated Iv been placed in tier 1 and can petition for removal after my next birthday.
I hope so because I’m sick of this shiit my 290 change has nothing to do with minors or any kind of forceable rape so I’m not ashamed or afraid to publicly speak out about what happened to me and my ex-wife in high school and how being placed on Megan’s law hasn’t done nothing but destroyed lives

Good luck 🤘😬🤘

i’m in Florida and i signed. hardly anyone signed instead of talking about stuff take 30 seconds and sign it!!!

I joined the petition easily after the mention of childhood trauma and its consequences. I was raped at 12 bullied for the next 10 years !! since these tyrants love polygraphs I would submit to one any time anywhere. One question with all these studies being done has there ever been one on registrants who were abused in childhood or would that just ruin the agenda of these so-called victim groups and the rest of the modern-day carpetbaggers.

I signed, everyone should do so both family and friends.

I have made a new term for what’s happening. “Re-focused Legal Discrimination” defined as the act of allowing discriminatory behavior towards a created class or section of the population.

This Re-focused Legal Discrimination must be stopped in every form. No it’s not okay. No it’s not right. No it will not get better if not challenged and rights are not stood up for. Those are all true statements.

Any person that has been convicted and sentenced has had justice dealt to them, extra punishments and traps are forms of torture and allowance for a reason to separate a class or allow unjust treatment to a created group. All those allowances add up to discrimination or as I define it Re-focused Legal Discrimination.

it’s time to call it what it is, they can’t discriminate against sexual orientation, race, and religion so they found a new ability to create a class to segregate. In all honesty crimes combined into the sex offender registry and so forth have existed since before this country was in existence except technology one’s but that’s no excuse. The fact that now, “now” they want to create a difference in all the ways laws are crafted for those has nothing to do with safety and more to do with what the creators of the Constitution warned about. Please do not sit back and rather stand up and say it’s really gone too far because it has. When someone can deprive another of basic living, then we are stepping into the times of mid evil rule and when people can be killed and nothing is done to the perpetrators or those that are at fault for putting another at risk, that becomes dangerous and sets a bad example. I am just a family member of a offender but I see the clear cut signs of what’s ahead if rights are not insisted upon and upheld.

This is not acceptable and not the way law was intended to be used by the U.S. Constitution.

I signed.

I donated because I was one of those inmates whose family visit was taken away when the prisons started removing them for people with sex crimes . However, I was able to get one with my wife before they were taken away . I agree with this women .
Eight Significant Criminal Risk Factors

1 Antisocial Behavior. Inability to avoid criminal activity when placed in high‑risk situations.

2 Antisocial Personality. Displays impulsive, exploitative, aggressive, or manipulative behavior.

3 Criminal Thinking. Attitudes, values, and beliefs that can lead to crime.

4 Antisocial Relationships. Association with other criminal actors and isolation from noncriminal actors.

5 Family and Marital Status. Poor relationships with family and/or spouse.

6 School and Work Status. Low performance, involvement, and satisfaction with school and/or work.

7 Leisure and Recreational Activities. Low involvement or satisfaction with activities that are not associated with criminal involvement.

8 Substance Use. Problems with alcohol and/or other drugs.

Item 5, seems to me what they wish to kill

Gladly signed this! This is cruel and unusual punishment, shame on the California Department of Corrections

Hello everyone, I just wanna say thank you to everyone who signed my petition. I’m very grateful that someone so well known supports my petition. I’m just a regular person trying to help those who are voiceless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Janice Bellucci for your support. It really touched my heart to see my petition here on this sit, no joke I cried like a baby. I’m not just trying to see my husband, I wanna make a difference. Someone said on another post everyone on this site seems so educated, well I’m not one of those guys, I have no education. I’m working towards my high school diploma now because I want to be where Janice Bellucci is now. I found my purpose in life. Again thank you to everyone.

I believe I can understand I too am being told by parole that I signed parole condition 6 basically states that I’m required to attend SOT saying I’ve no choice whatsoever cause it’s law yet again I have no case history of so with this being said I can be empathetic to many

Hey dude I understand completely I’m for one am not on Megan’s law nor do I have any case history of rape, molestation I caught an 214d in 1980 in 2001 in caught a second 214d put the first to the second and gave me 4 years labeled me as a predator and required SOT with no case history of nor a reoffending case to this required attendance furthermore I’m asked to participate in discussion in topics of Lewd questions pretty biased I mean I have a one on one with this so called facilitator asking me these grossed out questions so yea I too am tired of being labeled what I’m not and being required to confess in group of so called peers of again topics not applicable to me

Hello, thank you everyone who has supported my petition. I haven’t gotten anywhere with this, but I’m not giving up. If anyone has any idea’s to help me with this please feel free to post them here. I’m working on a letter to CDCR Office of Legislation and Regulation and policy management Branch.