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First let me say I’m pro life. And by no mean would I ever trade me registering for the life of a child. That’s my personal belief. But I have to say I think it’s hilarious that Texas found the loophole to Roe vs Wade. Make the law civil instead of criminal. Kinda reminds me of someone.. oh yeah us. The test subjects. Because we have been deemed a civil matter, not punishment, a lot of things fly by and the supreme court is generally okay with this. Now that the abortion case is a civil matter the Supreme court is like eff.. kinda shot yourself in the foot there! For the record I do not think it’s right when states enact civil schemes and play them off as not criminal or punishment. We are living examples of what that looks like. Though I am pro life, I do not support what Texas is doing. Civil laws need more clarification and restrictions put on them. And I am curious if the Supreme court changes their mind and does act on this, will it end up being a precedent for other civil schemes? Cough cough, Sorna, cough cough. Sorry something in my digital throat.

“pro life” is “anti choice” and “I know what you should do better than you do and it’s my right to control you”.

I don’t like abortion but it’s certainly none of my business to force that onto other people.

Having said that, what you are saying is interesting.

…We all have a choice… Hey I had a choice when they told me they wanted me to come down and talk dirty to them…. The catch phrase is “come down”. So I text a bunch of dirty stuff to that person. Guess that left a bit of skid mark on the operator. The next night they were on top of me again so I made a decision and not a choice.

See everybody has a discussion to make in life. This Pro-life or pro choice is a bit of a topsy turvy thing. And believe it or not this registry issue is a topsy turvy issue. Now this abortion issue is a responsiblity issue. Even governments are responsible for their actions and yes they have their moments also but taking a life or tossing one in prison is a bit much for a one night stand if you know what I mean. There’s people in prison that don’t even need to be there but who kills babies in an abortion clinic.

Hey can any man control a woman? They are going to do what they are going to do. I am against abortions, but wars are another issue. So when you tally up the skid marks the USA has a lot of them or just be like Cool Hand Luke and unscrew parking meter heads and see how one can screw one… my brain is wasted… ….never stop learning.

@Anklebiter: Good argument. Like the registry, it also turns citizen against citizen, creating an atmosphere of suspicion and hostility. As I’ve said before, these are Stasi tactics and we should all be alarmed in the decline of civil liberties in the name of paranoia and tribalism.

Before I mail in my ballot, can anyone provide a compelling argument against Governor Newsom’s recall as far as the public registry is concerned?
As a tax paying business owner tired of government waste and hypocrisy (among many other things Newsom embodies) I’m inclined toward his ouster.
As a registrant however, I’d hate to see him get canned if he was doing something for us, and I’d really hate to replace him with someone likely to do something against us.
I posted this question last month and was surprised at the lack of response. Maybe I missed it, but does ACSOL not have a position on the recall?

Thanks all.

I will say my opinion. Never put a republican in office when your a registrant. No, Democrats are not registrant friendly, but if you recall the only reason we have a Tiered registry is due to a Democrat (Sen. Weiner). Every single bill, every change, every single republican votes no. At the capital No on every bill. So the less of the two evils is never vote for a republican or kiss your registry chance goodbye!

Unfortunately, JAB is right….when 5679 was being voted on last year in Michigan the house and senate republicans voted unanimously to pass that bill and now we have the 2021 amended SOR that will be challenged here shortly. Republicans will vote against registrants EVERY time…

A psychologist once said all human behavior is driven from either love or fear.

More than one study which even included brain scans showed people who tend to base decisions based upon fear tend to vote Republican and people who tend to base decisions on love tend to vote Democratic, but in both cases not always.

And both studies showed that people who are focused on ideology don’t deal well when facts and science don’t match their ideology and this causes the person to reject the facts and science. And both studies showed these people tend to vote Republican.

I have noticed over the years both parties vote to be tough on crime vs smart on crime, but more so for the Republicans. The concept of basing decions on fear is very obvious when you listen to campaign ads where the Republicans try to instill fear.

So the instincts are hard wired into the brain. So Josh, you will always have a harder uphill battle with Republican politicians on crime issues.

And your observation is very true in Texas where I live. Because the state is controlled by extreme far right conservatives at all branches of government including state elected judges, no reasonable progress can be made for registered people.

Only in a few large urban areas do you see political leaders basing decisions from love, and those areas happen to vote Democratic.

I’m not bashing the people who vote Republican, I am just stating facts here in Texas, which of course people who vote Republican will disagree with the facts I am staying.

All battles here in Texas are just fighting to stop things from getting worse at every legislative session. It is impossible to pass anything to improve lives of registered people with the far right conservatives controller all branches of government.

And even at the federal court level here in the 5th circuit which covers Texas, registered people lose all cases because they are by far the most conservative circuit in the country. Instead of basing decions on facts and law, they twist decisions to match their ideology which is based upon fear.

I agree and I’m not even a Democrat but a libertarian. Republicans are now more dangerous to liberty than they’ve ever been. They need to lose massively.

Republicans need to be held accountable for their continuing abuses of power endangering our freedom and liberty. As a former Republican I’m ashamed and embarrassed at how the party has put party over country; while preaching responsibility, freedom, liberty, and accountability while doing the opposite.

I don’t much like Newsom but it would be very foolish for any of us to vote to recall him. A Republican governor would not support our liberty. Don’t even think about it.

I got an issue with failure to register. I’ve had it happen to me twice. The first time I did it intentionally in 1997. I was in denial and like an idiot, I refused to register. That is when S.A.F.E. came to get me at my job. The next time was around 2004. I had just moved to a new duplex (I had been living in a motel for 6 years beforehand). My registration was 3 months away so I decided to wait and save a demeaning trip to the police station. Then one day a police officer came knocking and arrested me. Why is it that every time I was arrested for failure to register I was asked questions about my original conviction in 1986? It felt like I was reliving my past. They were asking things like the age of the victim, do I think it was the victims fault…etc. Felt so much like double jeopardy. My answers seem to determined how remorseful I was and how bad to punish me. My lawyer told me if I ever fail to register again, not to call him because they would lock me up for good.
FYI The first failure to register I was sentenced to 6 months work furlough but since I lost my job I did 3 months in jail (only served 2). The second time I fought with a lawyer and got 6 months home arrest (ankle bracelet monitor costing me $300 a month).

America became a super power off the Blood Sweat and Tears of slaves, once slavery ended the U.S government started building prisons all over the country and changed their classification from slaves to convicts in order to keep the billion dollar free labor industry going.
Its 2021 and the federal government has created a new and improved second class citizens the “SEX OFFENDERS ” I wonder how long this oppression will go on in America, segregation went on for hundreds of years after slavery ended until people started fighting back.
when people in California got moved to tier 3 after SB384 was passed I was surprised they didn’t take to the streets in protest, when ACSOL was fighting the registry restrictions in California they took to the streets in protest Janice Bellucci not only was fighting in courts she was also fighting in the streets she lead by example.
Remember people GOD helps those who help themselves and nothing comes to a dreamer but a dream and actions speaks louder than words.

Good luck

I would have to agree once they made CP tier 3 we should have known they will do

whatever they see deemed to “forced registered citizens”. Personally we all should stop

paying taxes and that includes our wives and children. Most are afraid to protest if were

arrested it could make our future and families in more peril, if Acsol says we need to

protest in Sacramento I will go immediately but we need at least 10,000 to make them

realize we mean business!

Well stated Areo1.

And think about this…groups of religious people left Europe to settle in the colonies because the religious groups were being persecuted. Some of these newly settled religious people then persecuted others by enslaving them until outlawed, at which time they found other ways to continue persecuting people which has never stopped. In some cases, people even went so far as to use religion to justify the persecution of other people.

Labeling people or using derogatory names are the easiest way to dehumanize a person making it easier to not consider the person as a human and making it easier to justify persecuting that person. So we all need to avoid labeling people and to avoid using derogatory names.

It feels like to me the latest group of people to be added to the list of persecuted people happen to be us labeled people. And it appears to me the majority of the strictest registration regulations are located in the “bible belt”…

My personal experience is that I have been treated far better by atheists while labeled than “Christian” people even though I am not an atheist.

Riddle: When is an abortion like a traveling Registrant??
Answer: When legislature intentionally bypass standard law making in order to claim, “Hey, its not us!”
Per an NPR news report:
“Because the established procedure for challenging a state law is to sue officials charged with enforcement, the Texas state legislature wrote the law instead to put citizens in charge of enforcement. Specifically, the law allows anyone, without establishing any vested personal interest, to sue clinics and individuals alike for “aiding and abetting” abortions performed after about six weeks.”

So, the IML allows the U.S. to claim, “Hey, it wasn’t us who turned you away from your destination country. We just highlighted you travel and passport – the foreign country barred you entry. Similarly, the new Texas abortion law allows officials to say “Hey, it’s not us who’s suing you – it’s concerned citizens acting on their own initiative, bolstered by a devious new law we enacted.”

Cowardly, deceptive legal workarounds designed to deputize others to do law enforcement’s work for them.

Good analogy.

I seem to remember reading that when the first lawsuit opposing the new Texas law was filed, the defendants not only included the state, but every judge, every district attorney and every prosecutor in the state.

i dont know how to put this, this is truly a Richard K Dick novel! a diversion what is really going on in the world think about it, such hypocrisy and hats off to Tim in Wi.

Last edited 1 month ago by vinny

It is time to renew my California drivers license. Does anyone have experience with the Real ID. If I have a CA drivers license I will need a passport to travel domestically as of 2023. At present the Real ID seems pretty simple, I could fly domestically without any other ID, but on a whim the federal government could mandate an SO designation on all registrants nation wide on the Real ID, and then I would be screwed. I don’t trust the government, expecially with all these restrictions and mandates going on. It seems to be about power and control more than anythng, so I think they would easily want a SO designation on the Real ID. But with just a CA drivers license I can’t fly without the passport that could have the unique qualifier on it.

I think it pretty unlikely that the U.S. Government would require S.O. designators on Real ID especially as it involves state governments in their issuance. It’s not related to the stated reasons for Real I.D. and would rightly be considered federal overreach and a breach of subsidiarity. We’re also in a period of increased suspicion of ever-greater punishment. Criminal justice reform is in the ascendancy so I think that that would have a very low probability of happening. Some of the Christian evangelical states will continue to slap the red letter designation on licenses but it will have nothing to do with federal Real I.D. California won’t do it. Just stay away from the South.

Last year I renewed my regular CA. license online and due to covid no test, and is good for 5 years. I use my passport if I fly other than domestic. I do not want them to get a chance to put anything on my ca. license. For this reason I stayed away from the real ID. I played it safe.

Ditto, BA. The CA DMV also renewed my California Driver’s License automatically for 5 years – due to the covid pandemic. (I had previously obtained a Real ID Driver’s License, so my renewed license was a Real ID as well.) 👍🏻

Just renew it with the Real ID. There is nothing special about them, and there are no SO markers either. The only difference is the yellow star in the corner (hmm) designating it as Real ID. The Real ID is only proof that you are who you say you are and that’s it.

For law enforcement purposes, they don’t need a SO designation on the card. Scanning it will show the 290 status on their system.

You don’t have a choice in whether to receive a Real ID or not. If the state decides to issues Real IDs in accordance with USG guidance and directive, then that is what you get just like everyone else. The state has the ability to not issue Real IDs and not be in compliance with US law.

In CA, you don’t need to get the Real ID. You can stick with the regular ID or License. However you are required to have a Real ID or curent passport to enter any Federal building or fly on a commercial airline.

@Lk County

I stand corrected on the fact in CA you can get a non-REAL ID issued to you still. Thanks for the correction.

Why do you think you need a passport to travel domestically? You don’t. All you need is your driver license if you are driving or flying anywhere in the country. Passports are only needed for international travel.
When I renewed my license 2 years ago, it was upgraded to the real ID. Its just a gold star at the top left corner which is supposed to prove you are a US citizen. Instead of just showing my license to get a renewal, I had to take my birth certificate as well. No big deal, no extra fees.

The U.S government started the real ID because of all the immigrants crossing the border illegally every day, after the real ID becomes mandatory people who don’t have a birth certificate or A SS# can nolonger obtain a California driver’s license or ID card.
Without A valid ID you can’t do anything in America and if stop by a cop and you don’t have A ID card that’s A red flag for law enforcement officers and will try and find out who you are and if your here in this country legally
The real ID is just another form of control to limit the amount of immigrant’s from crossing into California and outher states, even if they do make it here and are paid under the table without an California ID there life’s gonna be very complicated trying move around.

Good luck


You’re wrong. You can read this about REAL ID and terrorism being behind the idea for it: History Behind the REAL ID Act

Good luck.

I thought Real ID’s were passed after 9/11 because licenses were easy to forge. Funny they overstayed their visas and didn’t have fake licenses from what I remember. Real IDs weren’t the only bad laws after 9/11, the Patriot Act was the worst.


While forged IDs/DLs were being studied and addressed prior to 9/11, the impetus to bring all states in line was 9/11 as noted in the website noted.

My family and I are planning a vacation. Caribbean all inclusive. US virgin isles and Puerto Rico do not provide that so we will be vacationing out of the country. Barbados, Aruba, Jamaica etc. Any suggestions or experiences with travel here? Thank you all.

Yes on barbados and aruba and not allowed in jamaica.

Turks and Caicos? Does anybody know? And Barbados and Aruba I will not be turned back?

Turks and Caicos are British settlement (UK) doubtful you can get in…?

Go to travel-matrix
countries that accept/deny entry.

Has anyone had any luck changing their tier designation? I just found out I am t3 yet my conviction was a 288(a) so I thought I was going to be t2. Looks like I’ll be going back to court sometime soon.

Cramii, have you tried sending an e-mail to the DOJ to dispute your Tier? If they can’t change it based on that, maybe get an attorney or the Public Defender to write a Writ of Mandate.

How would one dispute it? Anyone know of a template, I know everyone has different convictions and situations. I’m interested in disputing mine. Worth a shot, just don’t know what I would say.

I am a tier 1 in the process of being removed from the registry. Everything I have seen States tier 2 and 3 cannot be removed. Read the form 406a, it will answer all your questions. Sorry.

@David – I reviewed that form and did not see anything showing where it had been updated reflecting the changes starting next year on January 1. Nor did it include anything related to eligibility by tier. There is a link at the bottom of that form online that takes you to the DOJ‘s frequently answered questions and it is eight pages and was issued in February of this year. As it relates to website exclusion it says the same thing that I’ve looked up before which is only if you were related to the victim are you eligible for exclusion and obviously you have to meet certain criteria over and above that. This is a topic that desperately needs to be discussed at the next monthly meeting in October. There are a lot of people there going to be affected one way or the other and we need to get some clarification on this.

@ Mr. D and others – ACSOL will address this issue during the October phone meeting to be held on Oct. 16 starting at 10 a.m. (Pacific).

David and Mr. D – It seems like this is regarding two different States. Form 406A seems to be the petition form for Michigan. As for California, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 (based solely on risk level) can petition when 10 years (Tier 1) or 20 years (Tier 2 or 3 based on risk) have elapsed. Some Tier 2, I believe, can petition after 10 years but I don’t recall at the moment what the criteria is. The exclusions are still possible. “Felony conviction of Pen. Code, § 243.4(a) (no documents required).
Misdemeanor conviction of Pen. Code, § 647.6 – formerly Pen. Code, § 647a (no documents required).
Conviction of a registrable offense (Pen. Code, §§ 290–290.006) with proof of successful completion of probation or that you are currently on probation. Submit to the Department of Justice (DOJ) a certified copy of a probation report, pre- sentence report, report prepared pursuant to Pen. Code, § 288.1, or court documentation that demonstrates both the following: 1) You were the victim’s parent, stepparent, sibling, or grandparent; and 2) The crime did not involve either oral copulation or any type of penetration.
Felony conviction of Pen. Code, §§ 311.1, 311.2 subd. (b), (c), or (d), or 311.3, 311.4, 311.10, or 311.11. Submit a certified copy of a probation report filed in court that clearly states that all victims involved in the commission of the offense were at least sixteen (16) years of age or older at the time of the commission of the offense. if you are related to the victim and your risk score is low to moderate. If your most recent Static – 99R score is higher than 3, you are not eligible for exclusion.” This is on the California form CJIS 4046D (Rev. 01/2021)

@Dr. I always error to caution. In Michigan, I verify and update as and when required. Unless I have a letter from MSP or there’s notification, as judge Cleland in Feb, I ‘m not giving up any more freedom. Worked too hard completing the 5 year probation. Dr is absolutely correct. Minimally, call. If you trust the voice enough to keep you from getting another charge.

Well it has taken Face Book 18 years to catch me and disable my FB account. Guess they are getting more pressure to make sure there are none of us on FB as they allow terrorists and BLM and ANTIFA they see SO as a bigger threat. Well there are other place to be heard

Did FB notify you your account was disabled and give a reason? It could be because FB is blocking a VPN.

they disabled my account and referred to section 3.1 of terms which references Registered sex offenders as exclusions … I had been in FB jail for my political comments too so that is OK with me found another outlet that allows more freedom of expression

I am 0E… This may help you get back on Facebook.

what is 0E?

I think it’s Off Paper, as in off parole.

That case won’t help anyone get back on FB 7nless they’re forced to become a public utility. That case was in regards laws being made preventing registrants from being on FB. The Forst Amebdment and the rest of the Constitution only applies to the government. Private companies like FB are unaffected by it and can largely do whatever they want.

If anything, I think buying a Oculus Rift VR helmet should get you back on. After all, you must have a facebook account to use one and its definitely a lawsuit if they refused to allow you to use something you purchased, or even said someone on the registry isnt allowed to use one. If I had money to spare I’d buy one just to make that point.

How could you have had FB since 2001,

BLM? Surely you’re not suggesting an organization whose purpose is to bring to light Police bias when it comes to black people is a terrorist organization. BLM means black people are just as important as other people when dealing with the police. It has been shown numerous times, whites generally are treated better in situations where a black male would have been shot. Not only that, the government itself has shown when it comes to sex crimes, black males are usually punished more and given a higher tier rating.

So I am curious, I am A10 year offender in Pennsylvania. I went back to 10 year after the munez decision. I plead guilty in July. 2011 and was sentenced in September. My house arrest and probation totaled 5 years. Ok the ML website it says my registration start date was 9/2/2011 so I should be done but I received a letter telling me it was time to do my annual check in. Since I got the letter I plan on going but was curious, had anyone finished there time in PA and did you get a letter or something??

What’s the date on the letter you received? It may have been automatically generated with no attention paid to your expiring registration. As a good friend of mine used to say: “If you want to know something, go to the source.” In this case, speaking with whatever governmental body in charge of it all would be “the source.” Just be sure you get anything in your favor in writing.

Reality hit today. Once on the list, relatives will never forget or forgive. I get it. I might get a half ass sideways hug at best. OK. After 15 years, I see it will never change . My fault and actions. This is the tough part of it . So I don’t go in for hugs anymore. Just giving a hardy thumbs up and see ya. Think I’ll implement, don’t hug me, don’t hug my wife either attitude. Oh yeah. Stop taking crap from any man, anywhere. Never been a violent man, but always in shape. Problem is the army gave me a mindset. Keep hearing winds of change with the registry in Michigan and other states. I’m just not seeing any daylight and relief heading our way. Know I’m rambling, but f**k, sometimes get tired of fighting the war.

I hear ya, buddy. Just be the best you can be for yourself and your family that you love and love you. Same for friends and work. Take a courteous, but aloof attitude those who give you a chilly vibe. You don’t need that negativity in your life. Be all that you can be, Army. F the rest.

Dont feel too bad, its actually good in a way. Now you KNOW those in your family who truly care about you, and the ones who say such things but are using empty words.

@Fred: Don’t underestimate the effect of Covid. I was at a funeral recently and people of all ages and political stripes were careful about hugging the widow (asking permission, standing there awkwardly, etc.). Some people are scared of catching or spreading, others are just unsure about the new social protocols. As a RSO I know it’s hard for our mind not to first rush to “all these people hate me,” and I continue to struggle with that terribly, but most of the time I find I’m just being paranoid.

@Jason: This is an excellent article. Thanks so much for sharing. I had no idea Colorado had a board that oversaw the registry—being in Michigan, we are ruled over by a few paragraphs of legal code that are unmovable and merciless. However, it doesn’t sound like having a board of actual human beings making decisions is a lot better (although it sounds like there are far fewer RSOs per capita in Colorado than Michigan). The ACLU lawyer who was quoted was actually really good—there are a lot of fantastic quotes in that article that we should get out there. It’s a shame it amounts to so little though.

Excerpt from op-ed:

“To call it ‘a person who has committed a sexual offense’” — instead of a “sex offender” — “is very offensive to victims and others,” she said. Dotter said she worries about the state removing accountability.”

Oh ffs.. did they just admit that perpetual shaming and intimidation is the point of the label? And that the “offender” aspect of the label is supposed to give aid and comfort to victims? WOW, what an insane and vindictive mindset to have.

I’d like an explanation of how the change in terms is so “offensive to victims and others.”

“Earlier this year, a frustrated U.S. District Court Judge Landya McCafferty took the unusual step of shaving two years off the minimum of his prison sentence and ordering his immediate release.”
Two things wrong with this:
1: A judge cannot amend a valid sentence once it has been imposed. In order for a judge to legally amend a sentence, there has to be something legally wrong with it. It violates the Separation of Powers act. If the judge wished for the man’s sentence to be reduced, it should have gone to the executive branch, i.e. the governor. A judge has no authority to increase or decrease a valid sentence once imposed.
2.Apparently, the judge thinks its a problem for a person to be harassed as a [person who committed a sex offense]. What about the rest of us? Why do we have to be on the registry when we have gone through so much worse treatment for a much longer time?

Last edited 1 month ago by Disgusted in Michigan

As often happens in the media, there is more.

Judge McCafferty ordered that Fields be released, writing in her Order, “In this case, the error in Fields’s original PSR that caused BOP to misclassify Fields as a sex offender is akin to a sentencing error. BOP’s subsequent noncompliance with the court order compounded the error and prevented him from completing rehabilitative programming … the mistake in Field’s PSR and BOP’s noncompliance with a court order, have made Fields’s sentence disproportionately punitive.

I just read that, but a mistake in a PSR still does not constitute an invalid sentence. If that is the case, my sentence should have been invalidated as well because my name was spelled incorrectly. I was told I would have to write my sentencing judge to have it corrected, but it never was. The judge wrote back that it was a simple clerical error and didn’t warrant correction because it was a common spelling for my name. It didn’t matter that it’s common, because it was NOT how my name was spelled on my birth certificate. To this day, that incorrect spelling is listed in my info as an alias even though I have NEVER written or signed my name that way.
To release this guy because he had to put up with beatings and harassment is unfair to everyone convicted of a sex offense who had to tolerate the same thing. Where is the equal justice? Oh, I know….registered persons are not entitled to the same treatment and fairness.

I’m having trouble seeing how keeping him in prison would help you. Evidently a compassionate release is legal and were you able to apply for one?

Thx for all the feedback. It matters. This forum offers much. The defiant posts regains strength. The legal explanations, insight and direction. All the other posts, whether I agree or disagree, still stir the need to dig deeper, stand firm in possibilities lead to probabilities, that lead to change. C’mon. The lawmakers gotta f up sometime. Blind squirrel analogy. No matter what side [o]f the registry someone is on, it infects a person. More on the other side are starting to end up with us. They’re gonna have to change the registries to get their family home for the holidays. Well . . someday.

@TnT. With ya. After Judge Cleland’s Aug 4th motion ruling, crickets.

Why now? What were they waiting for???????

Brilliant idea.

I think they will find they can accomplish that by changing the Oppression Lists (OLs) like this:

1. Have 10 tiers.

2. Require all PFRs to check-in/report at some level for life. Perhaps Tier 10s will be required to report in-person every month. Tier 1s will only be required to report online every 6 months.

3. All PFRs must report any change in information within 6 hours.

4. All PFRs must always carry an ID that prominently identifies them as a PFR.

5. Etc. 🙂

Those steps will fix it all. The OLs are a pile of feces. All they need to do is push the feces around some and reshape it. It will be awesome once they’ve gotten it just right.

Too bad these politicians can’t live in reality. Vote them all out. Every politician that believes the answer to everything lies with big government laws must be removed.

In all seriousness, it would not shock me at all if this jackass governor proposes “fixes” to the OLs to help solve their rape problems. They need to solve their “we can’t stop harassing women” problems.

@Lake County: Of course, America is great at tackling violent crime, so I have complete faith Texas will end the crime of rape.

It’s official… The Texas governor is well out in front of everyone else in the moron race. So I suppose he’s going to euthanize all rapist but what about The ones who haven’t been caught yet? Obviously the lieutenant governor in Texas has his eyes on this guy’s job or else he wouldn’t let him run his mouth like that. Unbelievable

⭐⭐⭐ Hello all.
Does anyone know?? Can a Registrant have an Instagram account in his [my] own name, with his [my] own email address, etc??
I ask because when I looked for the app, I see it’s linked/owned by Facebook (which does not allow us to have accounts.) There is a podcast I follow they post stuff on an Instagram account. I would like to sign up for Instagram, but I need to know if I must do so surreptitiously in order to avoid the Facebook Gestapo. (Rest assured, nothing questionable or illegal – it’s about travel & cooking.)

Any info would be appreciated! Thanks all!

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David… I’ve had a Facebook account, in my name, for well over 10 years and I’ve never had a problem. Personally, I would open a Facebook or an Instagram account in your name and the worst I can happen is they give you the boot. Then if you have to come up with another Monarch or you can do so.

I’ve also had my Facebook account for probably 10 years or so in my own name, without any issues so far. I mainly just post photos when we go overseas (which we haven’t done since Feb 2020), and learn what my kids and grandkids are up to. My picture is right there, so I guess their facial recognition software isn’t that great. It would be ironic if they suddenly closed me down right before I get off the registry, which I hope is soon.
Sorry I don’t know anything about Instagram.

I have an FB too, barely use it. Made an Instagram a while back but I never used it. Two things will keep you off the radar of the hall monitors who report registrant accounts: Don’t engage in comments with too many strangers and don’t provide your location. (Also, it helps if your name isn’t highly unique—you can always just use your first and middle name, instead of surname, which became trendy among a lot of women worried about stalkers several years ago.)

⭐ Thanks, Literally Nobody, I might give that First+Middle and no location a try! 👍🏻

@David. Instagram does not allow S O. That being said . . .

Has anyone ever been successful in getting an ATTEMPTED 288(a) changed to a wobbler? If it was a STING, has anyone gotten their’s reduced to a wobbler and eventually dismissed?

To get a case dismissed, usually one is given probation and successfully completes probation, including paying all fines, etc… If you successfully complete probation, then it’s automatic granting of case dismissal, provided you qualify for it under 1203.4.

A wobbler is a crime that can be punished as a felony or misdemeanor. If a conviction sends one to prison, then it is no longer a wobbler, but a straight felony. If the court punishes a convict with felony probation, then it’s a wobbler and has the possibility of being reduced. Again, provided your conviction qualifies for 17B felony reduction.

I stumbled upon this webpage that had a person get their Attempted 288 expunged:

Being from The cold north, I am hoping to take a mid-winter break somewhere warm. Florida is NOT on my list of places to visit. I am curious if beaches in Georgia or San Diego Ca are open for us to visit?

All the CA beaches are safe for us to visit.

California has no presence restrictions other than K-12 schools.

How do I ever become a productive member of society again?

May I suggest some little things to start that journey? Simple things such as :
🔹Walk around your neighborhood and pick up litter.
🔹 Sweep the sidewalk in front of your apartment or house.
🔹 Attend local community gatherings or city council meetings, learn what’s going on and get involved.
Sometimes it just helps to get out in the world. Do your best to ignore the fact that you’re on the registry.
This is just my advice from my own experience. Wishing you the best!

Warpath I’ve always tried to be a productive citizen and even those who have came out of prison also are productive. To me this whole registry is a phycological game of who can get the better of who. Sure we all have our days and with this label of registry its even worse. Wome worry about were to live, how this registry takes a person down hill and it can if you let it. As far as a vacation go to Myrtle Beach its a nice area and beach. I don’t know about the beaches in CA or if their to toxic today.

Thanks Saddles! I just checked the state wiki. South Carolina has a 10 day report time so heading there mid-winter for 4 or 5 days would work out well. I am assuming we are allowed to use the beach as a PFR

Myself and another person were commenting on here when the Convid first came about and he said its killing a lot of people. Now its mandatory in Virginia for all to get vacinnated. I’m sure it will hit the offenders on the registry soon. Its like a matter of honesty.

Maryland judge commits suicide as feds moved in for child porn arrest.
The feds were at the judge’s Henderson home to arrest him on a complaint charging him with sexual exploitation of a child for allegedly filming teenage boys in the nude in his hunting cabin.

Makes you wonder how many people he convicted for similar charges.

Man, he must’ve really been dreading that annual Price Club renewal and, frankly, I don’t blame him because the membership is a bitch all year long!

According to the report I read the guy tried to ” eat evidence. ” I’ve heard of drugs being eaten, or put in the mouth to keep it out of evidence but WTF was he destroying …..a memory stick, memory card, a database! After this case is resolved, every case he was involved in is in jeopardy, except maybe those that were plead out. Usually it’s about 5%. Every conviction, if I were the one convicted, would be appealed by filing on ” new information ” which raises questions about factual guilt & fair trial credibility. We know the feds did not bust him on day one. Is it just me or are we experiencing an up-tick in judges being collared?

@Josh. You nailed it. In Michigan, we’re paying a yearly $50 fine, fed & state say so much is SORA is unconstitutional, a f**king map to my house ( great for my wife), and NOTHING is better. I try to keep busy to not dwell on the negativity of it all. Guess that’s the only way I stay sane and not let the oppressors win. When we find some moments of “normalcy” must really piss them off. I hope it all changes, don’t know how. How do you make the most powerful criminals change a registry that they have no intention of ever changing. It would take a better criminal. And there are none

I got run out of a church cause someone threatened to picket my attendance. The pastor asked me, for the sake of the church, to stay home for a few weeks. (Damn coward). Also had me sign a piece if paper their lawyer came up with that I only attend service and never attend or participate in ANY activities. How Christian. However, I was one step ahead and knew not to engage anyways. Before anyone jumps in my s**t for signing, it was more if a f**k you. We took 10 ppl with us and in the next month, big money ppl, some our friends, left also. Hit them where it hurts. Well, sure feels good getting that off my chest.

@Fred: That’s terrible. Christians are literally commanded not to worry (Matthew 6:25). What little faith those people had.

Sorry to hear that. I’m grateful to have had the opposite experience at my church where several neighbors who live on my street also attend. One is a teacher and deacon. To be honest, I’m lazy about church and prefer to
spend my Sundays mountain biking or sailing, and, while I’m always glad I went, it’s my pastor’s pestering (texting, phone calls and home visits) that guilt me into attending. I don’t participate in any activities beyond the service or bible study. I’m not deluded though, and know that one noisy hypocritical faux Christian Gladys Kravitz could start a problem.

I love the story of your Jerry McGuire moment, taking other members with you and hitting them in the collection plate. Good on you.

I stopped attending my church a couple years ago when the minister brought to my attention that a member had found me on the registry and was concerned.
I used to attend regularly and give regularly. But I stopped attending and have not heard from anyone since, so obviously they really didn’t give a sh#t about me, my well-being, or my soul. Lots of church people can be the epitome of hypocrisy, only caring when it’s convenient & comfortable.

I can relate about the hypocrisy David. After my arrest but before my sentencing, I decided I wanted to resume church attendance. So I went to the chapel I wanted to attend and spoke with the priest. Was told no I can not attend the church (my crime that I plead guilty to was an internet sting with no real minor). So I found another church to attend while waiting sentencing and just did not tell anyone of my offense.

A few years later while on deferred adjudication and after the judge approved me attending church with no chaparone, I went back to the same church where I was denied attending after my mother told me the priest that told me no I could not attend that church was found to have embezzled $200,000 and was no longer there because the church sent him back to his home country. And even though I knew the new priest as he went to school with my sister, I never told him or anyone else about my offense, I just went to church.

Jesus welcomed sinners such as myself but the priest would not. This was a Roman Catholic Church based upon the teachings of Jesus. So while the priest was embezzling church funds he had the gall to tell me I could not attend church.

Though as of two years ago I decided I no longer could support the church in any way after the way it hid child sex abuse, even though I am not female or gay, the way the church discriminates against these people, after the after the way it treats people such as myself and after the way most of its members support politicians and judges who treat people like dirt.

Atheists have treated me well unlike the religious hypocrites I have encountered. Still believe in a god, not so sure about organized religion that treats people like dirt and uses religion as a basis to discriminate against people and as a basis for fighting wars.

There are some good religious people. But there is also hypocrisy.

@lovewillprevail: Sorry to hear that a parish priest turned you away. I’ve been on the fence about rejoining the Catholic Church, and your story helps put me back on the road to Protestantism. Personally, I’ve had luck with churches, but I benefit from 1. Living in a major city and 2. Having a wife and 4 kids who stick by me. When my wife joined a new church planted in the city nearly ten years ago, she told the pastor about my status, and he met with us at our home and said “it’s fine with me, maybe just don’t volunteer for childcare duties.” I’m sure other leadership at the church know, but they’re all very close with my wife, who is very active in the rapidly growing church. I haven’t been since Covid, although I watch remotely—I just feel weird, I feel so awkward being around any families or children that I just hate going. I also miss the familiarity of the Catholic mass I grew up with, but I think it’s time to give that up. In my experience, it doesn’t matter if someone is atheist or faithful, liberal or conservative—some people are SOBs and they just live to give people hard times, but most people aren’t. You gotta just do what you know is right, and don’t let the bastards get you down.

David… My story is short and sweet. After my arrest and before I pled guilty I was having a pretty tough time. My dad suggested that it might be a good idea to go and talked to our local priest at the church that I had got you for over 20 years. I called and made an appointment and on the day of the appointment we went straight into his office and he wasted no time telling me that he would appreciate it if I would stay clear of their church. He said that he knew who I was and what I was accused of and it would be better for all concerned. About a year later when my mother came up for a visit she informed me that the priest had been busted for messing around with little kids. Someone had skeletons in their closet

For the sake of the Church…..Pretty much the same speech the R.C. monks gave Martin Luther. circa 1517.

False profit,,, Knock the dust off,,,and check out the next Christian establishment .

@Bobby S. I verified two weeks ago at my county jail. They have never said the system was down. They ask for money every time, every 3months. At least since the actual deputies aren’t filing out the paperwork, and acting like I was still inside, things so smoother. Generally out in 15 mins.

Its amazing how many have remarked or had relatable church experiences. The church I attended 16 years ago, when got charged, stood with me. The pastor had me in his office and called my wife down as I explained what I did. NO ONE offered more compassion, strength, dignity for my wife and myself. Hardest conversation in my life, telling her what I did. He kindly reaffirmed that God loved us both and will help us through it. Lost any joy of life that day. I still she him occasionally. He married my son. Too bad he’s retired. Not all men in charge of churches are flakes, degenerates, thieves, or hypocrites, but like outside the church, they exist. Oh s**t . Is there a name for them. . . Oh yeah, politicians.

Clarity. 1st- I still see him. 2nd – He married my son and daughter in law. Upon re reading, that 2nd correction gave a different meaning

Just throwing this out there. If there’s any law enforcement or politicians, masquerading as one of us, stop it. My dad had a friend who made fun of a guy who stuttered. He ended up stuttering himself. On the other hand, there’s an infinite wealth of wisdom and resolve you seem to be missing out in your professional life. Please feel free to expand your point of views and fire off some synopsis of truth and correct the obvious injustices.

@Literally Nobody. That awkwardness stays but wains. I won’t make the connections I once had with ppl, but I’m going for understanding and the word. Never let anyone take the connection you have with God away. Some ppl will find out. True believers will love the person and hate the sin. And they won’t put a stumbling block in your path to righteousness. Someone here reminded me to stand firm. I’ll pass that on to you.

@Fred: Thanks, that’s good advice, I appreciate your take on it.


Case Name:People v. Pinedo (2021) 66 Cal.App.5th 608 , District: 5 DCA , Case #: F078442
Opinion Date: 7/15/2021
Case Holding:
Although registration is not a criminal punishment, the repeal of the drug offender registration requirement (Assembly Bill No. 1261) is retroactive to all nonfinal cases pursuant to In re Estrada (1965) 63 Cal.2d 740, because registration burdens a defendant as a result of a qualifying conviction. Pinedo was convicted of two felonies. At sentencing, he was ordered to register as a narcotics offender. (Former Health & Saf. Code, § 11590.) On appeal, Pinedo challenged the registration requirement because AB 1261 repealed the statute requiring registration. The Attorney General argued that registration is not punishment and therefore the change in the law applies only prospectively. Held: Registration requirement reversed. Pinedo’s 2018 misdemeanor conviction of being under the influence of a controlled substance (Health & Saf. Code, § 11550, subdivision (a)) subjected him to the narcotics offender registration requirement under former section 11590. Effective January 1, 2020, AB 1261 repealed former sections 11590 and 11594, and reenacted section 11594 to terminate the registration requirement. Pursuant to Estrada, “newly enacted legislation lessening criminal punishment or reducing criminal liability presumptively applies to all cases not yet final on appeal at the time of the legislation’s effective date.” In the context of constitutional issues such as cruel and unusual punishment or ex post facto laws, courts have concluded that registration requirements are not punishment. Though not strictly punishment, registration requirements are consequences of certain criminal convictions. They may serve a primarily regulatory function, but “they impose a burden, or a sanction, on an offender as a direct result of the offender’s qualifying criminal conviction.” As such, “legislation that either reduces or eliminates that burden clearly constitutes an ameliorative change in the law to which the Estrada presumption applies.”

The full opinion is available on the court’s website here: F078442.PDF

Fred you know its funny about different churches, pastors and even many church goers; While all have sinned guess a pastor has no sins or is their something wrong with that. Sure we strive to do our best to keep out of trouble but a pastor is like a judge but is more fair and understands the biblical understandings a bit more than say a Jobs turkey.

Even those law enforcement people that do these operations are suppose to be counsselors for good… but, but, butt, who is doing the evil. Who is enticing who. Thats when things hit the fan and than comes counseling, sex offender classes,even visit’s from PO’s that suppose to be correction officers and all that jazz. And well prison is no picnic if one should be in that position. Nothing wrong with church if one is free to go to church these days but the registry puts a holt on that why? Never could understand that anthology.

Saddles. What gets me is the church that forced me out, 5 years prior and under the direction of a different pastor, did a skit. It had ppl walk across the stage, stop, and flip over a sign showing their sin. Each time saying would Jesus forgive my sin. One person had sex offender on his sign. Guess they forgot about the skit. It wasn’t directed at only me. I saw two other ppl from my relapse prevention class in that church. That skit freaked me out a little, but also helped . Initially, felt a spotlight was on me. I weathered it, like we all have to. Got no choice. Different leaders, mindsets, can lift or destroy. I take cold waters out to the garbage men, ask old veterans what job they had, stuff like that. I can’t change what the state, church, relatives do. Only how I react and what I do for others. Too old to work out for release. I can always lift others up,help them. As tier 3, I may never be removed. But being productive helps my sanity. My ADHD tends to digress any viewpoint. Thank for feedback.

Please contact your representatives about expending these insane and severely restrictive laws.

Sign my portion to change Megan’s Law and make it better for offenders make it so nobody has to get life on parole again the link is here

Got a call yesterday from a man claiming to be from the Arap Co Sheriff office stating/asking why I did not show up for the ‘DNA test’ (which they do not do) that was scheduled on the 9th and asked if I got the letter. He said because I did not show up there were TWO outstanding warrants for my arrest on failure to register – heart sank, and was freaking out at that point.
He said – here is the thing that really got me – I cannot disconnect this call until I get to the Sheriff’s office, and he would stay with me on the phone the whole time. If I disconnected the call, they would be sending a unit out to take me into custody – meaning I couldn’t call local PD, my attorney or anyone to verify this story – he got me hard. He then proceeded to tell me that I was not going to be arrested and detained IF I pre-posted bail of $1500. Stupid me fell for that too. He then said because of covid (this made sense when your mind is not thinking clearly) that because of covid, they were not taking any transactions at the station and had to deposit money in to a ‘Go-To’ offenders account at Walmart – yep, he told me to go to a store with cash and put it in an account with a Bar code he texted me. The lady at Walmart actually caught it, but stupid me, thought this was from ‘law enforcement’ so it was not a scam, she said those codes should be generated from my own account, not that someone sends me. I proceeded to do 3 deposits of $500 each = $1500! During this time, I was thinking many things – my local PD has called me more than once to remind me or even ask if I registered – which I did and they did not have it on record (during the major lockdown) which I was able to provide copied and no worries at that time, so thought that was happening here, they were being ‘nice’ which I guess we need to figure if a cop/detective is being ‘nice’ that is likely a red flags – if there is a warrant for your arrest, they are not going to be ‘nice’ about and will be pounding at your door, who knows, even with guns drawn – would not be surprised these days. Anyways, on to my story. As I was traveling to the station, he made sure I gave him my mileage each time I stopped, how many times were we told to do stupid things like this during probation, again, it seemed logical. I tried to ask questions to see if he was real or not, and he had all the answers – THANKS TO THE FKING REGISTRY! That is how he knew everything, full name, address, conviction, etc. When I told him I was at the station, he made a joke, BAD joke and literally had me in tears because I was so scared. I had not had these feelings since I was in the system and failed a poly and put on house arrest because of it (yes, I was put on house arrest for 3 months because I failed a poly – story for another day). I had asked him to come outside to verify he was a real person and he said (again, played on my fear of being arrested), that if he came out, he would have to disconnect the phone and ‘escort me in’. He then told me that he talked to his supervisor and said I needed another $500 for court fees, etc – FINALLY stupid me realized this was wrong and texted my brother and sister to call that sheriffs dept to tell them what was going on – immediately she said I need to hang up (I did and he called back 3 times, blocked the number and then 2 more times from another number) and it was a scam – I asked twice and she verified after I hung up and called her directly. I was still in FREAKING OUT mode and had to be sure so called my local PD as well – they didn’t call me back right away, but I did talk to him later. When I talked to my attorney, he said this was THE most sophisticated scam he had seen, so did the lady at the sheriffs dept.
I did file a report with the detective and there is no way they will catch these assholes, but he said they do work on them especially because this was FELONY THEFT/FRAUD. As I write this, I am still beating myself up for not realizing what was going on. As my attorney put it, the ONE weakness I have – is this FEAR that someday because of the registry, something like this or worse could happen (the guy has my home address, think about that…). I have paid attention to all the other scams, diligent about following all the rules, and not wanting to screw anything up, and yet, here I am, out $1500 and a victim of a felony crime – only because I am on the SO Registry. I will be reaching out to one of my old therapists (the only one I would trust to talk to) and let him know I went thru this experience. – side note to this, that therapist believes I have had/have PTSD from ‘therapy’ and situations like this – PTSD!!! Because of all the ‘therapy’ I had over 11 years, I actually need therapy to manage it!
I will also be documenting it for the hopefully time I am able to go in front of a judge and give them this story among all the other hundreds out there why the registry causes much more harm that good.
My advice is have a conversation with an attorney you trust about what law enforcement can and cannot do, then talk to law enforcement about the same thing. USE this story and tell them what happened to me, someone on the registry, ask them what you should do if something like this happens to you. I know I am not the first, and will not be the last, but I am hoping my story can make that one less or more that does not go thru this painful experience.
When I was ‘in the system’ I never wanted anyone to feel sorry for me because I made some pretty bad mistakes and thought this was my punishment that I deserved. Well I did my time, I PAID the very steep price and sadly, as of yesterday reminded that I will continue to pay that price, possible for the rest of my life (I have no faith the registry will ever go away) only if I move out of the country, will I ever be truly free again.

I am so sorry that this happened to you. I had this same scam pulled on me. It is very devastating psychologically.

I have described my experience in the past, so I won’t repeat it here. The thing that hooked me was that the caller ID said Sheriffs Department and the phone number was the Sheriff Department’s main number.

Instead of going to get money, I told him that I was going to drive directly to the Sheriff’s office, which made him mad, and he threatened to arrest me, so I said, meet me there and DO IT! Then I hung up.

Needless to say, no one at the Sheriff’s department knew what I was talking about, but I was still pretty shook up. I watched for Sheriff’s vehicles to show up at my house for several days after.

If the Arapaho County Sheriff wanted a DNA sample from you, then you need to tell them to get a search warrant for it under the 4th Amendment. They would need probable cause to seek it through a judge. That is your shield. Your sample was collected initially during processing leaving them with no other need for it since.

I got this same call in May of 2020. Little did this guy know that I’m following everything going on here in Michigan. I was pretty shaken about all the details he knew, especially since he had my cell phone number, which would be hard to get since it’s a company phone. He had spoofed his number to make it look like it came from my county. Unfortunately for him I had him on speaker phone and did a quick google for his “name” on the county sheriff’s website and he didn’t show up as being a detective there, nor did that number come back to being a legit sheriff’s dept number. Not to mention I informed him of the current court case going on in Michigan and that there’s an injunction. He tried brushing that all off and saying I needed to go to Wal Mart and make a secure payment. That was how I knew it was a scam. I wasted a little bit more of his time and eventually hung up because I was getting annoyed with how pushy he was being. I called my local MSP post and reported it and the Sgt seemed pretty concerned about it and even asked for the phone number he called from and said he would try calling it but said I was good and not to worry about anything. I did a reverse lookup on the number and it came back to some cloud services phone provider, so I reported the account for fraud. Hopefully that slowed him down for a little bit because the next day the number was “disconnected”.

If you have T Mobile, those “cloud numbers” come in with the name “Scam Likely.” Boy were they right, when I got the same call as you a few months back. But thanks to that warning, and thanks to the heads up I got from this here community, I hung up on that SOB as soon as I heard the word “sheriff.” Sharing these stories is a good thing, I shudder to think how much I might have worried had I talked to that scamming prick.

I got a similar call. Extremely realistic and convincing, but he couldn’t answer basic questions: “Oh, is Bill Jones still the Sheriff, ’cause he was planning to retire?” (All a lie, btw.) “Is Isabel still running the 290 Registration office?”

And again, he started the call with that total bullsh#t about “you need to come in to give a DNA sample.”

Beware & just hang up!!

What became of the Halloween ordinance it was under litigation in Rialto California

The DA should go back and charge the ex-cop with sex offenses so a trial can be had leading to a need to register (unless there is an agreement in place where it cannot be done through the plea).

However, IIRC, in PA, there are a litany of offenses which are not sex related that can get you the need to register anyway, e.g. kidnapping, etc. So, based upon the 3rd CCOA decision as noted here, if there is no sex offense for those who are required to registered under PA law anyway, then they should be able to challenge the need to register where no sex offense took place using this case.

I hope someone in PA is reading this and thinking the same if applicable.

OMGosh! Police and U.S Marshals actually doing something worthwhile and *gasp* even putting themselves at some risk (as opposed to their usual media grandstanding while harassing nonviolent registrants):

All these comments on this general comment section can have meaning. I am glad their are people that understand this confusion today. To make this long confusion short who wants tongue? Now why did I say that? Well the tongue which is a small member of the human body and yes the bible says no man can tame the tongue. Now that right their presents confusion.

Sure we were all caught up in all this registry one way or another but man’s ways never see the light or the understand. Law enforcement, Government are all subject to this confusion.  I’m not saying people are stupid on here or have a PHD in watching “The paper chase” movie all I am saying as truth matters or does lying and deception have two different meanings.

i don’t know where to start I m off the register and still feel like I’m still on it” hangover maybe, any who I want to install a sliding door in kitchen I had two calls but nobody showed up for bid I’m actually a appliance repair tech , I was wandering if there is anyone out there skilled cant work because of the registry maybe you can start with me and possible forming a construction company and helping registrants get jobs with this company even if you are on probations that could be helpful I’m sure there would be challenge’s we could plow through them, look at all the bright people on the registry we can get advise from so if there anyone out there interested or know of another way to contact remember I’m off as of august 2021 so i can do things other might not

Bruce, it will take about 90-180 for most non-government records to catch up to your no longer being registered. Private “background” companies only periodically update their information, and will still tell others you are registered, even though you are not.

Bruce W. What state are you in?

Bruce W. My body’s wore out for the everyday field work. As a repairman, you should already have the people skills. Could direct you on : the business start up; navigate whether you want employees or sub contractors; proven marketing tips; basic record keeping that will make your accountant smile. And of course, you absolutely need to get a builders license. (Requiring a prep course). I can also help with examples of proposals, change orders, payment schedules, and material selection forms.

Bruce W. That may have sounded like a pitch, but I’ll pass it along free for the cause. Probably the best way I can help.

I have a quick question regarding the new tier 2 level designation. I remember reading something a long time ago, that tier two registrants would be able to get exclusion from Megans Law website after registering for 10 years.

Is this true? I may be misremembering this info, or perhaps this used to be in an earlier draft of the new legislation and was removed. I can’t find any info on it.

There should be a list for politicians who have accepted bribes. On that list, politicians who have watched movies about politicians accepting bribes. The politic offender list should have rules that the politicians can not live in areas where bribes take place. They should stay in doors when elections are being held. And they should be charged with a felony if: they view on-line; at home on TV; or anywhere; any political debates, election results, or contracts are issued to anyone for any reason. Feedback please.

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