IA: New advocacy group emerging in Iowa

Source: floridaactioncommittee.org 1/5/22

My name is Heather Wagner, and I’m a new Iowa contact for NARSOL. I have a passion for fighting the injustices surrounding those who have committed a sex crime, as well as the unfair laws forced upon our Registered Citizens (aka “Sex Offenders”). I have been an advocate on this topic for nearly three years, lending my voice as the first to speak on a sex crime with the criminal justice group FAMM (Families Against Mandatory Minimums) this past May. I have attached my work under my salutation, if interested in learning more about my advocacy. This summer, I, being accompanied by our head Iowa NARSOL representative, Nancy, was blessed to land a meeting with the staff of Senator Chuck Grassley and Senator Joni Ernst!

I am reaching out to see who, in Iowa, is interested in making our voices louder for much needed reform. There is upcoming Iowa legislation set to take place next session, which will make the lives of our Registered Citizens even harder, including adding a fourth tier (to prevent being able to exit the registry), along with longer durations added before exiting the registry. Here is a link to view the upcoming legislation: https://www.legis.iowa.gov/publications/search?facet.pivot=l1%2Cl2&fq=-status%3AReserved&tc=true%2F&fq=l0%3A%22leg%22&fq=it%3A%22LegislationCurrent%22&q=sex+offenders.

If you’re interested in connecting and “fighting” in Iowa, I will be holding my first zoom meeting on January 12th at 7PM CST (highlighted below is the zoom meeting information). I am hopeful many will show an interest in joining forces for much needed change in Iowa. Feel free to share this email with anyone you think might be interested in this topic as there’s strength in numbers.

Topic: Heather Wagner’s IASOR Advocacy Meeting
Time: Jan 12, 2022 07:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 869 4930 4347
Passcode: 959203
One tap mobile
+13017158592,,86949304347#,,,,959203# US (Washington DC)
959203# US (Chicago)

Meeting ID: 869 4930 4347
Passcode: 959203
Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kd5S4Cmn9K

Let’s fight together for reform in Iowa,

Heather Wagner

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I am sure many today welcome advice groups that are their to help thy neighbor in this type of registry justice whether it be about future justice, rightful justice, preventive justice, or some transparency justice, thru these vain computer method of entanglement. In so many ways with these methods that are sublime. So where is true justice for all in this confidence type ruse. Cutting off an ear is bad enough.

Still lying is lying no matter how you slice it. Can one prevent a hurricane or a snowfall. Who is defending or strives to defend today? So we all learn to do good; seek justice, correct oppression; bring justice to many. So who is practicing injustice? So welcome Heather and I am sure you will be a good asset to many in your area and state.

Wishing her all the best in her new role fighting the injustices heaped upon IA registrants (and, more broadly, registrants everywhere)!! 👍🏻

TS. I don’t know were advice counseling goes today. You know Law is interesting if one takes a good view to understand it but when law goes a bit one sided as in much of this sex registry than who’s being fair and/or just. Sure I come from a county in WV and sure we had well a buffalo creek disaster in our area which is a ways from Logan and yes we also had political scandal also. Yes the famous Logan County five can even ring a bell even in many states. This registry is a lot like these scandals that happen in every state and it seems their is more to these registry punishments, although it is more upsetting if thats the right word to use. If anyone is interested than check it out. Even a benefit is good but many times the regisstry is not a benefit but more of a upset in constitutional law.

my boyfriend is on the registry. and got a letter from you today he called me and read it to me. he asked me to look it up to see what its all about, so i did and i agree to a certain extent, those that rape a child or any person should be on the registry. and should take long term classes. and hope to be reformed. but those that didn’t rape and child or adult i don’t believe there lives should be turned upside down by being put on the registry. like my boyfriend, he got put on 1987, for indecent exposure and most of them he got as a adolescence which not included in his sex offense, but if you were to look him up it would show he has 6 indecent exposure and 2 count of child enticement, (which he thought the 2 girls were of age when he asked the to go party and have a good time with he once he found out there ages he left and took off, with out them) still never got put on the registry, and all is indecent exposure were adults NO CHILDREN, on his last one he was told he was to serve 60 days in jail 29 days time served, which he did…around 9 months later he was arrested on a drug charge, he fought it and won, but then the judge look at his arrest record and told him he was supposed to be on the sex offender registry for the indecent exposure, he then told the judge he wasn’t ordered to be on it, so then the judge told him he was right he wasn’t, kso then the judge told he that he was informing him now he is to be on the sex offender registry, which at that time i was not with him, cause if i was i would of told him that they cant do that cause its called double jepordy which mean that since they closed your case that they can’t go back and sentence you again for a crime that you already served. but they did… and no lawyer will take the case cause of how long it been. anyways he was only court order to be on the registry for 10 years, once his 10 years was up and he was to be taken off, the registry informed he they were putting him on for life due to prior history, then we asked for the paper work of what put him on the registry it said his first offense was 2 count of child enticement, and second was his indecent exposure, well that wasn’t true cause before the 2 counts on child enticement he had 5 indecent exposure. but because of all this he is on for life. and i don’t believe that the registry should be able to take thing into there own hands. and don’t believe the judge is in the right to go back to an old case that has been closed for 9 months or more and be able to give him another sentence. 1. he served his time the first time, 2. then served his time 9 months later for something he already served his time for, 3. then severed it for 10 years. 4. now serving his time for life all because the judge and the registry thinks that they can do whatever they want, and destroyed his life… 5. been in and out of prison 9 more time for failure of registry. serving 5 years each time. i think that things like this is crap, and shouldn’t be aloud. how many times does one person have to deal with all because a judge and the registry is aloud to do as they please and no one cares enough to do something about it.

How do you get in contact with Heather Wagner,,concerning the law on sex offenders