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Janice’s Journal: Preparing for Challenges to SORNA Regulations

The new SORNA regulations became effective today. We do not like them and yet they are here. The question is what are we going to do about it?

It is important that every registrant remember that although the new SORNA regulations are now effective, most registrants have not yet received a government notice that their registration requirements have been changed. Without that notice, registrants have an affirmative defense if they are charged with violating any of the regulations.

This is not a time to panic. However, it is a time to be conscious and aware of any new registration requirements and to report to ACSOL any government notices you receive regarding such requirements.

Why? Because ACSOL fully intends to challenge the new SORNA regulations.

In fact, ACSOL is developing a two-prong strategy that includes litigation, as expected, but also includes a non-judicial challenge. ACSOL is not yet ready to disclose the details of either prong but expect to disclose the details of at least one prong during the next 10 days. Please stay tuned.

In the meantime, keep calm and carry on. We have your back.

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Thank you so much Janice and the whole group of you

Thank you for the words of encouragement, ACSOL team.

I agree that you shouldn’t discuss too much information as I’m sure anti-ACSOL figures do lurk on this website to gather information.

I love you guys and everything you do to help us. Have a great Friday 🙂

According to NARSOl and my own research, almost all of these amendments are not new, except attempting to bring Pre-Megan’s law and Pre-SORNA offenders into the Adam Walsh Act, which will probably bring a multitude of lawsuits.
Some states have already judged the AWA unconstitutional and a violation of Ex Post Facto and therefore, those states will not be affected, and NO, NO Federal police is going to come looking for you if your state has judged this unconstitutional and arrest you because you are in violation of federal law.
The State you live in is responsible for which laws it decides are unconstitutional and you cannot be held accountable for those laws it tosses out in their appellate and Supreme courts-they are responsible for what they deem legal and not legal, not you.
Even circuit courts judge some federal laws unconstitutional and do we see the feds come rushing in to arrest people-NO!
You do need to know, however, how laws vary from state to state, for what may be illegal in one can be legal in another and vice-versa.

Thank you for the reassurance.

Thank you Janice. These new regulations are very upsetting. I can’t imagine having to register every 3 months or having to remember all my online usernames or email accounts I no longer use but are in my name or alias names. I’m even afraid to comment on this site. – I would like to know if you could be forced to reviel our email addresses we submit when posting here. I’ve stopped posting under my past user name here because I don’t want the government to know what I’ve said here in the past.

I’m hearing mixed signals of how this affects those no longer required to register. Per the guides, it “appears” it does, but it will be interesting to see how this unfolds and how 900,000 notices will go out in just a few months, and how you are tiered, especially if the state offense is more broader(ie, no categorical match. Is there an automated system that will do this? How long will this process take?

I will say I will not be traveling internationally anytime soon, as even if I’m no longer required to register, my return from the trip may be the flag that puts me back into system.

Man this is so depressing.

I am happy to hear that this organization will challenge SORNA.

I always thought that they were meant to be used as guidelines to the States who wish to implement them under the guise that the regulations would create more uniformity.
Like the federal tax law operates with the same force and effect everywhere. The problem is that different states have vastly different laws triggering the requirement to register. For instance, the age of consent is different in different States. So 2 people in different states can engage in the exact same behavior but one ends up on the registry and the other doesn’t. Then the Federal government comes along with an additional overlay of rules and regulations to impose on the one who has to register. There is no equal protection.

This is for SR or anyone else who wants to chime in:

18 U.S.C. § 2250- Failure to register

          Section 2250 of Title 18, United States Code, makes it a federal offense for sex offenders required to register pursuant to the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA), to knowing fail to register or update a registration as required. State convicted sex offenders may also be prosecuted under this statute if the sex offender knowingly fails to register or update a registration as required, and engages in interstate travel, foreign travel, or enters, leaves, or resides on an Indian reservation.
          A sex offender who fails to properly register may face fines and up to 10 years in prison. Furthermore, if a sex offender knowingly fails to update or register as required and commits a violent federal crime, he or she may face up to 30 years in prison under this statute.

Updated May 28, 2020

what does this mean to us here in California?

Now this is federal right? Or at we talking about the regulations being implemented in California? If we’re not, I’ll just wait on word from the state.

The regulations being proposed do seem to make a change, from requiring action by States to requiring action by sex offenders themselves.

Sure seems like we’ve now gone way beyond sending in that discount club card once a year…

Hopefully the actions being planned against this will result in an improvement.

Could these new regulations be the catalyst to overturn Smith vs Doe sending it to the Chief Justice Roberts? Be interesting to see what states decide to do. Let this be the crack in the dam parting SORNA into thin air and placing it in the reins of Hell!!

Thank you so much.

I received a message from my friend J.P. Welsh of Safer Virginia last night about updates on the registry and about a conference on zoom, and yes he does mention about ASCOL’s plan in 2023 and sure many should look forward to going to D.C even as a bus group from VA or other states. Even getting back to ones camping or sleeping bag ordeals is a plus.
 I’m sure if they can have a rally in Tally than this registry has a reason more so in law and government and yes we all look forward to D.C. Society Justice vs social justice whats more in justification/ peaceful challenge. J.P also mentioned that we in VA are keeping up pretty good with SOMA and yet I have to agree with Janice and many of you all on this SOMA issue. Its like one flew over the Coo,koooos, nest.

Brandon isn’t SORNA a law in and of itself that is sort of a roadblock in much of this registry issue. I mean this sex issue is bad enough even to add more fire to the pot

I have told you all that!!! John Walsh wants to place the blame on all people for his son,s death. When it was his wife who admitted to not watching thier child. But YOU have too pay for the fault of A parent who didn’t give a shit. Til her kid became missing that they give a shit.. Oh no it not they place to watch their kid its YOURS. And don’t forget

“Sex offenders also must register in a jurisdiction in which they attend an educational institution, broadly defined, whether or not that is the jurisdiction of residence. Correspondence or Internet courses are exempt, unless the program also involves some physical presence in the jurisdiction at the school.”

What does the word “jurisdiction” mean? If I live in one city within a county and go to college in a different city within the same county do I have to register in that new city? Both cities have their own PD.

Morning to all!
So as of right now, CA is not SORNA compliant? That means that if I register once a year I continue to do so without having to worry about registering every three months (since I haven’t received a government, state or county notice regarding my current registration requirements)? If for some reason we do find ourselves registering every 3 months, would that begin at your birthday or the beginning of every year? I am asking, because we all know how states/counties can be or try to place fear in you! I am just trying to be alert and aware because like many of us, we have children and wives that we are trying to protect and be there for. I have been on top of my responsibilities and have a great job where doors continue to open and I am trying not to let the sky be my limit or anything trying to hold me back from being a better provider for my family. Please let me know, much love, respect and praying for you all!

“State convicted sex offenders may also be prosecuted under this statute if the sex offender knowingly fails to register or update a registration as required, and engages in interstate travel, foreign travel, or enters, leaves, or resides on an Indian reservation.

so chime in people?? what does this mean in California? feedback is appreciated!

A question that bothers oneself and I’m sure many—The goal of online sex sting operations is to prevent sexual predators from soliciting minors. So who is soliciting a minor in this web of deceit whether online or offline sexual or non sexual in this type of cohesive law or justice type, with this form of temptation type action, or who perverts to prevent?
Should we all be realistic about this or do we all justify our actions So is its all about the internet or some I told you so ordeal, or a you thought you were talking to a teenager to compensate for one’s actions when blind justice tried to justify their actions. So is true justice ringing today or is this some watershed justice of a confidence type challenge. Is government holding out with some FTR…now I sound like Will Allen. And yes we all can get a mad and upset

Would lying, deceit, or disguising oneself be a part of real true justice today? or maybe some jaded justice to pervert others, or is even the registry a trap type honor system of a reform school law that is challenge able or changeable in nature. Who’s weighting the balance? or where is christian liberty or true value in the America Justice system today or perhaps court values have gone by the wayside today in many respects. Challenges are good and I do wish Janice and many that undertake these ordeals Gods speed.

So how does this new SORNA effect SO in California who have gotten their record expunged 1203.4?

Caman its a wait and see game in many instances. J.P.Welch of Safer VA last time he wrote to me he was in Florida and that was last year about this time. He told me nothing was really happening in and around VA. My sister I hate to say is one of those busies bodies yet I could have lost her back than but she was on a different plane ( with band members) in the Marshall plane football crash. She doesn’t even want to think about that crash I’m so but i’m sure Janice and her team have everyone’s best interest out in CA.

This is extremely unsettling and I’m quite terrified! I can’t believe we have to live in constant terror of going to jail over trivial things and forced to jump through hoops in order to stay in compliant. We basically have to become lawyers in order to deconstruct ambiguous law that they don’t even understand. The government has revealed itself to be a terrorist group in plain site and no one gives a hoot. This is literally the definition of cruel and unusual punishment.

Please stay strong my fellow registrants. WE MUST FIGHT BACK.

I’m just going to keep doing what I’ve been doing till the state legislature changes a law. First game of whack a mole Russian style with our government. I rather put lipstick on a pig, at least I’d get some bacon and a rack of ribs.

Does Affirmative defense mean it has to be resolved in court? Like, they can arrest you, lock you up, charge you bail if you can afford it and wait for your affirmative defense to grind it’s way through the legal system?

I just hope they don’t pull the wool w.o notification(s) NOT going to any Fed or CA RC’s and the USMarsh nor FedAgence de A. come and arrest any RC’s that are current and hall off due to new Jan 7th implementation. I hope we find out here first from them/fam if it even occurs and hope ALL including notifiy JB/CO on here and ACSOL their exp. IF it even is enforced here in CA and NON Sorna States during this newer admin. Be Safe

Did my annual registration here in California first week in January and nothing was brought up regarding new Sorna Regulations.

I’ve been looking at the state police website for Pa for any changes, haven’t seen anything yet, when they added act10 in after the Munez decision came down, they updated the website, they blacked out some peoples photos and added some things to the website, not thinking states are going to go along with the DOJ’s order for fear of mass lawsuits.

I have left a couple of phone messages and no response. I have and continue to be irreparably harmed by SORNA, which has cost me physical and emotional harm and several evictions. I have been a political type prisoner, due to the fact that I won a Petition for Writ of habeas corpus, and I was illegally and vindictively prosecuted in 2008 and then it has been covered up. I tried a lawsuit but was denied due to prosecutorial immunity. My case has just about every kind of violation to my rights that there could have been and continues to be. This SORNA is a Bill Of Attainder, which I have been claiming since the birth of it. I even sent my Objections To USDC Eastern District Of California, to “Findings And Recommendations” Return Receipt and due to Covid it arrived too late and I was denied with prejudice by the USDC Eastern District of California, and when I tried to explain to the 9th Circuit I was dismissed as being frivolous by the Clerk. I now am at the Supreme Court level and would like some case law for my petition for writ of certiorari and advice as well if possible maybe to include both SORNA and Prosecutorial Misconduct/Coverup, due also to the Sacramento Superior Court Clerk stating via phone call that there is no record of me being reprosecuted in 2008. Please feel free to call me for furtherance of justice. David Cepeda 575-640-9081.P.S. I did go to trial and prosecuter did seek and receive mistrial then I was coerced into accepting a plea, which later was reason Habeas corpus writ was issued by USDC Eastern District of California on March 14th, 2008, by the late Honorable Lawrence K. Marlton. I was re-arrested in Sacramento Superior Court courtroom having arrived from Southern California then stripped of defense paperwork and bail raised and counts added against due process and Blackledge v. Perry U.S. Supreme Court case regarding prosecutorial vindictiveness.

I just went to update my annual registration in Orange County. Here is how it went:
I went directly to the Sheriffs dept in Santa Ana. As I entered the building, I was the only one in the waiting room besides a clerk at the desk. I went into the fingerprinting room, adjacent to the main lobby, The woman was extremely nice and when I handed her my ID, I also offered my utility bill and a credit care bill to prove EVEN MORE that I live where I say I do. I also do it this way. She looked at me strange and said she didn’t need any of that and asked me if everything is still the same as last year. I said yes, so she said fill out these forms in the Lobby and come back. I filled them out and it it just 4 papers to initial rather that the 5 last time. I went back to the office and gave them back to her and rather than go back to the Lobby and wait an entire hour or more like last time, she had me wash my hands in the fingerprinting area and immediately took my prints into the new and improved IDEMIA system. Was super quick.
After that, she asked me to go back to the Lobby for a few minutes while she made copies for me. I waited a few minutes all alone in the waiting room and she came out to me with a big smile and handed me my copy, as well as the copy of my TIER 3 letter form the DOJ and said have a great day!
I couldn’t believe how smooth it went and how nice she was to me. It really was shocking. Anyway, no mention of SORNA. No mention of 2-4 times a year. Nothing on my paperwork taking about it. Just the same as last time. Hope everyone else has a smooth update wherever you may live.

Why Janice! While I know this SORNA thing or law effects a lot of states it doesn’t seem to bother some. Seems like this SORNA is damage control out of hand. Sure anyone can get violent when push comes to shove or iirated, but the fact is as Will Allen said we don’t have to worry so much about recidivism as that’s like predicting that no one is ever going to say commit drunk driving, take dope, or commit a crime again against another if that’s the case. No one can predict the future such as this Covid issue that came upon the USA. They don’t even know the why or reason for it. Was it an act of nature, a biblical event, a crisis that man with their wisdom has to deal with or is God saying you all better get your act together.

Someone said to me on here this Covid is killing people, sure it has. Well didn’t we lose people in the past wars? Much of this registry is blown out of proportion and sure a fight is at hand and Janice and her team and many other advocates have their strategy. Course I will be right up there with you all in DC. when the time comes as this is too much for many to go through. Its cost a lot of people all over the USA a lot of time, worry, emotional damage and yes for something so simple as say an internet encounter in a blind man’s bluff, or a casual touch or harassment ordeal that has gotten  out of hand.

This SORNA Registry amounts to a public vigilante promoting hit list, in which, people could die from both directions e.g. victim or vigilante predator.

Dear Janice and followers I did receive today the Order dismissing my petition for writ of habeas corpus case#22HC00197, Sacramento Superior Court, due to having no jurisdiction since I’m not alleging to be in actual custody and that arguments alleging constructive custody in having to comply with SORNA registration requirements have failed in both state and federal courts. So please comment back if you can help overcome this barrier to uncovering a cover-up. Thanks Friends, David C

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