CA: Ex-Clovis teacher sentenced for sex with student. Victim’s family wanted harsher penalty

Source: Bee 7/27/22

A former Clovis music teacher won’t serve jail time for having sex with a minor.

Fresno County Superior Court Judge Jonathan Skiles on Wednesday sentenced Amanda ___to two years of probation. She also must register as a sex offender for at least 10 years.

Amanda previously pleaded no contest to one count of unlawful sexual intercourse and one count of oral copulation of a person under 18, both felonies.

In sentencing her, Skiles told Amanda that she violated her position of trust as a teacher and took advantage of a student. Any feelings she developed for the teen, or vice versa, were irrelevant, Skiles said.

“Amanda has accepted responsibility for her conduct and intends to comply carefully with the court’s conditions of felony probation,” her attorney, W. Kent Hamlin, said in a statement.

Skiles gave Amanda probation despite the request from the victim’s family to hand down the maximum sentence. She could have faced up to three years and eight months in custody. If she violates her probation, she may have to serve prison time, Skiles said.

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Was she on the registry? And did the registry stop this event from happening?

First off, I don’t think anyone should be on any sort of registry, public or not. With that said, how come her offense falls into Tier 1 being felonies and contact? Not sure what the Penal Codes are for the crimes she pled to.

We’ve seen a vibrant teen boy fall into the deepest pits of despair, to the point of wanting to take his own life,” the mother wrote.

Was this the direct result of the hummer from the hot teacher, or the overreaction of the parents and other adults, the required endless repeating of the story to all involved, putting his teacher through hell, etc? When I was in high school there were several attractive teachers (cue Van Halen) and, while I was never so lucky with them, there were a few lads who were. I’m convinced I grew up in a better era when people weren’t nearly so up tight about everything.
Unless there was actual physical or psychological abuse going on, the legal process will do far greater harm to this kid than anything she did to him.

Does anyone actually think this woman is a pedophile? I’m sure that’s what the tabloids (Daily Mail) call her, but I’m guessing social media chuckleheads are saying “where was she when I was in school?” And if this woman isn’t, why wouldn’t a man with a similar crime get the benefit of the doubt? Men convicted in stings with imaginary victims the same age typically face longer sentences (I fortunately also had 2 years probation, but I’m on year 18 of 25 for public registration) because we are considered predatory pedophiles.

As a childhood victim of two different female offenders….this is what happens to women!!! Mine never were arrested for abuse, because in the 1980’s women never abuse boys. Years of getting high fives for being abused cemented distortions in my brain and I viewed images that I am now forced to register for. And wear GPS for life for it too. Because as a male I am worse than any female out there! This lite sentincing needs to stop!

So sex and only probation and 10 years on the list. wow

This guy didn’t have sex with anyone …. but nonetheless faced a minimum of ten years or a maximum life sentence in prison.
😩 So he killed himself.😩
For f*ck sale, he DIDN’T EVEN TOUCH A KID!!

Sex offender kills himself after

Something is terribly f’ked up in our “justice” system!! 😡😡😡

A little over four decades ago, when I was 16 and 17, I was involved with two lovely women in their early forties. Moms of high school friends.

Perhaps it was because I had lost my virginity a couple years earlier or perhaps it was because by then I had seen the movie The Graduate and thought how lucky Dustin Hoffman was to be in that situation. Whatever the reason I found the encounters to be whatever the opposite of traumatizing is.

And I told nobody, not even my best of best friends (and you wouldnt believe the personal things we told each other even up to today) since 6th grade until about 20 years after the fact. Because I absolutely did not want word to get out. One because my friends whose mother they were might have killed me and two I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize but was going on. And I held on to the secret for decades beyond that out of respect for the women, until I learned in turn each woman had died.

Unfortunately after a couple of months in each case they eventually “came to their ,
senses” and gently called a halt to the relationship.
But in both cases I was rather disappointed and I speculated to them that if they did not continue to abuse me (to use modern parlance) I would tell what had been going on.

I got two opposite reactions to that. One was very cool about it and after regarding me with a shrewd look for about 30 seconds then gave me a slight Mona Lisa smile and simply said, “No, I don’t think you will.”

Conversely the other started to hyperventilate and I thought she was going to have a heart attack. Took me about 5 to 10 minutes of repeatedly saying I wouldnt really and that I was just kidding.

But here’s the thing; I wasn’t a bad kid. I was a B average student. My parents trusted me. I wasnt into drugs or drinking and neither were any of my friends. And none of my crowd was swarmy Eddie Haskell’s. But I can’t imagine any of them having been traumatized had they been in my shoes. In fact, if they had known about it, I probably would have been elected their King.

Also, over the years in high school, certain moms or female teachers came up from time to time, in the hedonistic conversations that teenage boys often have with each other, with the particular subject matter being what you would imagine it to be.

I don’t know what was in this boy’s background that caused him to have the relationship traumatize him so much. I highly suspect it was because he was convinced that he MUST be traumatized from it.

As for me, I’m still waiting for the trauma and despair from my encounters to hit me. Maybe it will sometime in the NEXT 40 years

I bet she gets one of those lifetime TV shows and a book deal BUT if this was a male teacher he would’ve got 10 years in prison.
Obviously it’s a double standard in this country when it comes to women and sex crimes.
The good thing about this article is at least the courts tell you how much time you have to serve on the registry now.
I wish they would’ve told me I only had to serve 10/20 years my life would had been extremely different. …

Last edited 5 months ago by AERO1

well I for one am glad they went light on her , it just sucks that men would ,,,,, well you know , as well register for life

uh. If this where a man, he would be nailed! Wow. Someone, I guess if the music teacher was blowing your underage son and screwing him, that would be okay?

What I saw in the article is the “mob” wanted her head on a pike.
The court recognized that she had taken full responsibility for her actions.
It’s SUCH a simple thing. SO simple is usually not even noticed… Even by us.

 a teacher having sex with a student and she was a state employee. Sure she admitted guilt to her actions. Even reading the many comments in that news’ article was a bit much. Yes she was still a state employee and it would look bad if she might of gotten a harsher sentence out in her area. Talk about the temptations. If governments are servants than who is blindsighting who in this justice. Coaxing one to do evil in many ways is like a vampire bat doing justice with a stake.

Sure I pled guilt but my circumstances were a little bit different. Yes I had my discernment was also led by those Government employee’s down the path and than the confusion started when they just wanted me to come down to talk dirty to this pretend teenage person, come to the house and the traveling issue which proved the discernment right. Yes I was also coaxed a bit more also. So their are issues with this whole registry in many area’s that many get mixed up in.

While they (government) covered their actions when I told them this is an adult site The second night as I was talking to a lady that said she was 21 on the same site and (they clicked/cut in). Guys,its like a badgering or coaxing type of deception in this registry game of trapping whether whether entrapping or out trapping, makes no difference. One has to remember who is leading who into temptation. Guys the flesh is weak ok . So were is the pride in many of these trapping type issues .

Interesting. Somebody Bruce) stated she took responsibility? And? I’ve read several honest comments by individuals on this site who where molested as teens and ended up here? Saddles talks about themselves! Me me me? The bottom line is that she was entrusted to teach your children and coaxed a minor into participating in sex? What if this was your young daughter? Those on positions of authority need to be held at a higher standard! Ie: police, teachers and so on! C just thinks this is a joke! We know why your here C! Literally is living in fantasyland! I guess she just woke up one day and decided to risk it all and have sex with a student? No, she couldn’t be a pedophile? Someone can’t stay on topic – I don’t think the registry should exist! Bruce is the worst! Let’s portray her as a victim! It’s everyone’s fault, but hers! What about the teen?