AL: Cullman County man sentenced to 75 years for failure to register as sex offender

Source: 5/11/23

CULLMAN, Ala. – Cullman County Circuit Court Judge Greg Nicholas on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, sentenced David Lee ____, of Hanceville, to 75 years in prison. The sentence stems from ____’s March 1 conviction for failing to register as a sex offender with the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office in violation of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.

“As I stated after the trial our sex offender registration laws are tough for good reason and we will not only prosecute those who break them to the fullest, but we will also ask for tough sentences on anyone who is convicted,” said Cullman County District Attorney Champ Crocker.

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What a bunch of morons. They’re patting themselves on the back for a one day trial to prove that somebody didn’t come into the police office and sign their forms. I’m sure it took a lot of brain power for that district attorney and police force to try this case. 75 years for this is really outrageous. By doing this It improved safety for the community by 0%.

Last edited 4 months ago by Washingtonvoices

DA Crocker forgot to thank the taxpayers of Alabama for paying a f*cking fortune to feed, clothe and house the defendant for the next 75 years. There is no good reason for this length of sentence. None.

Prosecuting registration infractions with such extreme severity has now, quite clearly, become a second opportunity to punish an individual again for a crime for which he or she has already been punished once before. What other explanation can there be?? Why else would a judge hand down such a outrageous sentence with its associated cost to taxpayers??

10 years wouldn’t be satisfactory? Or maybe 20 – at the absolute most? The defendant is not young and 20 years might well be a life sentence for him.
It’s pure, unbridled malice.

My God this country has gone far off the rails from sanity and reason.

(I can only assume the judge and prosecutor both have hillbilly relatives working for the DOC.😠)

Nah…it’s not punishment!

75 YEARS?!!!!!! For FTR?!!!!
Are they serious?!!!!

You would probably get less time for armed robbery.

From the story and the one linked within it, this guy’s sex offense was from 1996. None of his other charges since then were for sex crimes; mostly drug offenses and one stolen car in 2016.

Funny how all the drug charges and stolen car were negligible as far as this sheriff’s office is concerned. But God forbid he lose track of days and forget to report an old email address or something…

(Note that the article didn’t say he didn’t report his home address, leading me to think it was some other innocuous thing that went unreported)

Wasn’t Forrest Gump from Alabama?

Anyone would get less time for an actual hands on violent physical altercation that caused serious bodily injury. Again…. We live in a clown world. Why.. WHY is this allowed to continue under the false narrative that the registry isn’t punishment? This is a blatant “because we can” sentence. All these politicians and courts act like their so noble, their ego so bloated with hot air it could fill the Hindenberg. The registries being administrative is such a lie. This leaves me angry to no end. Don’t worry though, there isn’t anything that’s going to happen over this absolute concise definition of cruel and unusual punishment. This IS cruel and it IS absolutely beyond any shadow of a doubt unusual. 75 years for an admistrative enfraction?

How can you be sentenced to more time than your initial charge??? I assume it was less than 75 years!?!? How can this not be cruel and unusual PUNISHMENT!!!! Oh that’s right….it is not punishment to be on the registry. Why can this right here not be taken to court and shown to the judges and shown…..this is PUNISHMENT!!!

Make no mistake about it. Cullman County District Attorney Champ Crocker, Circuit Court Judge Greg Nicholas, and Sheriff Matt Gentry are pure criminals. They are very dangerous people and are a danger to all people around them. Alabama itself is a criminal regime in that it enabled these criminals and supports them.

If I were this guy I’d dedicate my life to ensuring that these people paid ultimate consequences for their crimes. The good, decent people in Amerika are also obligated to ensure the same. We must also work to identify criminals, get them out of their government jobs, and punish them.

David was convicted in 2001 of 13A-6-63 – First Degree Sodomy of a 5 year old and served just under 12 years. Since release he has been charged with other charges.

He obviously registered for 10 or so years before getting this FTR charge/conviction.

Even so… I reserve my opinion as it’s meaningless here anyway.

This sentence is a perfect example of how these clown will use FTR’s to take another bite at the apple, presumably because they didn’t think he was punished enough the first time around. That’s how you get an unjust sentence like this.

I thought registrants in Alabama had to register with the police department every week and the sheriff 2, 3, or 4 times a year. If that is true law enforcement down in the Heart of Dixie are stupid they couldn’t pick up the phone to verify information. Oh wait that’s the registrants job to bend over for government officials. Nothing civil about sending someone to prison for over 7 decades and costing taxpayers millions all for public safety. Sounds and looks like punishment to me. Stupid is as stupid does down in the backwoods of Alabama.

Get you tickets now people. The underground railroad is open.

This is wrong on so many levels. What a waste of taxpayer money and resources!

Cullman County might have open a can of worms that are worst for children: Sex abuse victims will now be killed, as abuser will get less time in the pin.

A FTR can result up to 10 years in prison and up to $15k in fines, however criminal charges can be added for other violations such as living with a minor, living near a school, working where children are likely to be present, loitering around a place where children may be present, failing to register or re-register, violating parole/probation and register under a false name/address or employment information. I got this information from a google search of what the registry violations are in Alabama and found this information from the Alabama Criminal Lawyers’ website.

75 years for a FTR is a punishment that doesn’t fit the crime of not telling the big government your information that’s supposed to be civil. What a waste of taxpayer money? For all the resources wasted on the registry we as a country could cut chucks out of our debt.