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Anyone know what background check companies are used by employers for applicants? I want to run one on myself so I can see what the employer would see.

Been looking for a job but the background check part scares me. I got my current job in 2021 before the tiered registry put me on blast (wasn’t listed publicly at all before) so I was able to sneak in I think, but probably wouldn’t be so lucky anymore.

I was reading on TMZ about this rapper named designer who was sentenced to 2 years probation and must register as sex offenders for masturbating on a plane in front of the flight attendants.
After reading the comments seems to me like every single person was aware and acknowledge that being put on the registry is the Ultimate punishment.
One guy committed “I would rather do 10 years in prison then be put on the registry”
So if theses random people know the registry is punishment then there’s no doubt in my mind that the federal government knows this as well.

So, it’s been nearly 7 years since I was removed from the registry. My victim and I had a son as a result of my criminal behavior. When I completed my 13 months, military, she introduced us (he was born two weeks before I was convicted). We rekindled our relationship (she was of legal age when I was released), but the State was quick to intervene once they found out. Three years of litigation against DCFS, and I was granted parental rights, joint legal custody, and visitation rights under Court order. While she and I did not last, she made sure I was still in his life and we co-parented rather well – not perfect, but very well. I had him nearly every weekend, with ample summer and winter break periods.

Now that young man just turned 18 years old. I am so very proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to help raise him and see him grow up. Celebrating with him tonight!

Now waiting for my daughter to turn 18 next year, sell my house and all I own, and immigrate elsewhere.

I’ve asked this before but haven’t been able to get a clear answer online or even from any lawyers. So hoping someone with experience can provide feedback. I got hired to work at an airport and will need tsa and airport security clearance in California. I have my felony expunged and not listed as a disqualifier however given that I am on the registry and for a previous felony I am worried I will not get clearance which means ill lose my job…has anyone been cleared of this while being on the registry?

I just got my new PASSPORT after getting off the Registry. HOW do I confirm that there is no MARK on it?
Where would the MARK be and what does it look like? I do not see anything unusual on the last pages

Hey everyone in Michigan. I got the email from Tim. The registry has and is doing enough damage. The timeline will not change no matter what we say here. Spreading negativity only makes it worst. I understand venting. I do it. But in this case I’d rather note on my calendar when things are suppose to happen and stop being discouraged. I’d rather know that I can’t afford to make any changes and the aclu, and others involved, are trying to make something positive happen for us. I’m sure ppl will slam this response. The registry has taught me not to consider anyone else’s negative words words. They mean nothing to me. Peace.

California has no status of limitation on 290 failure to register charges.
For instance say you rented a Airbnb for a week or went on vacation for a couple weeks and booked everything using your debit card, A detective could pull your debit card history form the last 10 or 20 years and you could possibly be arrested for taking your family on vacation back in 2005.

I’m not sure if this potential SCOTUS case was brought up somewhere but searches on here and on FAC’s site seem to yield no results. This is definitely something that should, in my opinion have had Amici in support of hearing the petition. For that however I think it is already too late. Maybe I’m just missing having seen information about it here or I forgot about seeing it. Case is Clements v. Florida.

It does seem that SCOTUS has some interest however as Florida waived responding and now has been asked to give a response.

Hopefully, if this is heard Amici will be filed including by ACSOL.

Here was the SCOTUS petition and here is the docket.


I am not sure if anyone has brought this up but I definitely think we need to look at People v. Manzoor, 2023 Cal. App
People v. Manzoor, 2023 Cal. App. LEXIS 700, *1 (Cal. App. 1st Dist. September 13, 2023)

It is currently unpublished but the court found that:
 The reduction of defendant’s felony conviction to a misdemeanor did not eliminate his lifetime obligation to register because he was charged with and found guilty of an offense for which sex offender registration is required pursuant to § 290. Therefore, § 17, subd. (e), precluded the trial court from relieving defendant of his lifetime duty to register.

What does anyone have to say about this?? Janice, if you read this, what are your thoughts?

Was thinking… New laws can change our situation years after conviction, adding new restrictions, tiered registry, etc. I was never on the public site and the tiered registry made me Tier 3 with all my info public now. I was going to get the COR after 10 years and get off the registry, that option was removed for me by the tiered registry. So it seems new laws can change things dramatically for us.

I know everyone’s goal is to get off the registry. But isn’t it possible, even once someone is off the registry, that in the future some law could get passed that would put someone back on the registry at the stroke of the governor’s pen?

Heck, doesn’t the implementation of the tiered registry technically affect those who had already been off the registry? I got 17b reduction and 1203.4 dismissal before the tiered registry. The misdemeanor version of 288.2.(A)(1) isn’t even registrable, yet I was put on Tier 3.

I know I shouldn’t expect this to make sense, or even to be fair (though it’s definitely not). I’m just wondering if we’re ever going to be really done with all of this.

Derek W. Logue of is conducting a survey … about “Some Persons Forced to Register on the public “Sex Offense” Registry have reported difficulties in obtaining certain types of insurance. The purpose of this survey is to find out if this is a common problem amongst Persons Forced to Register.”

Maybe some people who travel can take it to see what the result are. I feel like they are targeting us but with more evidence we can factually say it’s true.

anyway here is the link Survey

Just got an unsolicited call from a “national police organization” trying to solicit donations to “help fund police departments and for helping families of cops killed or injured…”. I asked him if the funding police departments get from taxpayers isn’t enough. Then I asked him if it wasn’t enough for taxpayers to foot the bill when cops get sued for violating people’s constitutional rights because there’s no accountability. I told him to help end qualified immunity and maybe I’ll send him a dollar, but in the meantime don’t call me again lol.

Vigilante, who poses as young girl, is shot dead in Pontiac, michigan. Not by the suspected 18 yo male, but by his 17yo male friend. The vigilante punched the 18yo, then the 17yo shot the vigilante. A stocky much older vigilante. The kids were scared. The vigilante was known and actually passed info on to local police. Guess the 17 yo thought, not today. Good thing no one uses the list for anything other than registrant location knowledge. The news caster said it was sad. He did so much good. But if registrants entrapped registrant hunters for say, drunk driving, cheating on their taxes, stealing from grocery stores, road rage, “passing on” their meds to family members, spousal cheaters, oh hell. What an uproar that would cause. Any thoughts? Let alone assault.

@William. Exactly. This vigilante was out of control. And since LE used some of his entrapments to convict, I can only guess he felt vindicated in his unlawful pursuits. Had he not been blinded, he would have known to let that one go, being a Romeo and Juliet case. When a registrant is killed, or our families hurt, there is not a single mention of compassion for humanity or hate the sin, love the person. It’s hate for All of us branded by the list. What’s wrong with her staying married to him. I’ll stop before repeating everything, everyone on here has experience. To sum it up, Mess with the bull . . .

Why she stay married to him comment- all my in laws talked behind my back about my wife after I was first convicted and released.