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Certificate of Rehabilitation

The first comment below is a very detailed description of the Road to a Certificate of Rehabilitation. We believe it deserves its own post. Thanks to the poster for taking the time to share.

Although this unfortunately is not an option for many (PC 290.5), hopefully it will help someone.

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Can i get a cor to take away my requirement to register? I was convicted 261.5(d) statuatory. I had to serve 1 year in prison. Thank you. Im 19 female..long story but i want to know my options thank you.

Sara, was it felony or misdemeanor? Check 1203.4 pc

As Curiouser suggested, check 1203.4, record clearance. Also check to see if it was a felony, can it be reduced to a misdemeanor, then petition or apply for removal from internet disclosure. Your public defender can help if you don’t have the financial means. Are you currently on probation or parole? Last of all, don’t give up.

I was told its wobbler and i pled to it as a felony. Thank you all for the help

Here is my comment – I am not a lawyer. Here is a list of all wobblers in California It is my understanding that if you are convicted of a wobbler as a felony and the sentence does NOT include a prison term (actual or suspended), then it can be reduced to a misdemeanor under PC 17(b). If you plead to a wobbler as a felony and the sentence DOES include a prison term (actual or suspended), the felony CANNOT be reduced. The first step of the COR process is to dismiss the conviction under PC 1203.4. There are… Read more »

something is off. Maybe she meant jail and not prison? But something is definitely off if she’s 19 and was charged with something that shouldn’t pertain to her.

I was awarded a COR yesterday! Took me over a year but it happened! I can’t remember where I read it at ( either CA Business Code or CA Penal Code) but it said that one a COR was granted your criminal history could not be used against you for employment. I can’t seem to find this code. This is the main reason why I want a COR, but would really like to read the actual code on this. I did find the code that states licensing agencies can’t use your criminal history against you. Can anyone help me? My… Read more »

I received my certificate of rehabilitation for one felony. How do I get a pardon? It is suppose to be automatic or do I need to file something?

Don’t just take my word for it but from I have heard…

When a COR is granted…there is something automagic that happens. As in…a pardon request is generated and sent to the Governor for consideration.

You’re more likely to win the lotto than have the pardon granted. The last person to get a pardon for anything would be an SO. Bad for business.

HUGE congrats on the COR!!! No longer required to register…correct? So long Price Club!

I was scrolling through these comments, and it seems like a lot of you guys didn’t read the comment from Chance. It’s pretty simple actually. Anyone can apply for a COR, but the real question everyone has is, if after you are awarded a COR, Will you be removed from the registry? Well it’s simple, look under 290.5, and if your penal code falls under that category, if IN THE FUTURE, you commit those crimes, you will never get off. Well, as a 243.4(a) can get you off the internet, you still have to register, unless of course your judge,… Read more »

I received my COR in january 2017 and I still haven’t received anything for the pardon. Do you know how long it can take to get the paperwork for the next step? I have already passed the 10 years of being off probation.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Just plain me

I received my COR in january 2017 and I still haven’t received anything for the pardon. Do you know how long it can take to get the paperwork for the next step? I have already passed the 10 years of being off probation.
Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Bec, First, congrats on getting your COR.. I got mine in 2014 and was released from parole in 2016 and here we are in 2018 and nothing from the Govna. It doesn’t really matter tho because the main reason why you would need a pardon is to be removed from the registry, unless like me, when my COR was granted, the judge also stated that I no longer have to register pursuant to pc 290.5. However, my situation was quite different because the judge tried to amend it stating she made a mistake, in which case I had 2… Read more »

Hi justplainme

I was granted a COR and was relieved of duty of having to register on 2/22/18 (same day as your comment). I have a question. I am still listed on the Megan’s Law website. I plan to contact the CA DOJ tto get an update and move them along so I cyan be removed.

How long did it take for you to be removed from the registry by the DOJ? Did you have to contact them?

Hey AC,
That’s awesome!! I had a paralegal send in the letter to DOJ and it was very precise, so before you contact DOJ I would contact Chance Oberstein to see if he can help you do that but you should do it ASAP and it only took me about a month to get a response letter. On a side note, I got approved to take the contractors license test, so something good is coming from this!

My fiancé was convicted of a 266(2) over 25 years ago and has not committed another 290 offense since he was only 18 at the time would he qualify for a COR ? He is on parole right now though for failure to register.

Hi, I received a COR in Sacramento County. Was on the 290 for a misdemeanor 647.6. I performed a life scan about 2 months after receiving COR. 290 was still listed and the COR did not show up. I sent in a Copy of the COR describing the I was still on the 290. DOJ sent me a termination letter of the 290 registration about a week later. The COR does not need to spell out that you are to be removed from the registration. As long as it is granted. I highly recommend anyone going for a COR to… Read more »


As I’d like to understand the COR process, What is “Life Scan?” please..

It’s actually “Live Scan”, and it’s electronic fingerprinting.

About “live scans” from my experience: Before I left Calif two years ago I needed a copy of my Calif criminal record for the next State. But Sacramento wants to know it’s real YOU who is asking ! Now in the olden days you went down to your local cop station, and for a fee (Around $20) they physically fingerprinted you on two separate cards. They then give the cards to you. They keep no copies. Then you mail both cards along with your request letter (And a check too, with their fee) up to Sacktown. NOW, however, they want… Read more »

Thank you Paul and Two States East…

Just received my certificate of rehab, although I’m happy for getting it, it still doesn’t relieve me of registering or appearing on Megan’s website without a pardon from the governor. I will continue to be positive and hope in the end I do get that pardon. As far as what I had to do to get to this point pretty much the same as the original post, I hired a lawyer first thing he had to do was reduce original charge to misdemeanor and then expunge from their which he did. Once convictions where expunged he filed for COR with… Read more »

Congrats on getting your COR as well as sharing your experience. Every bit of information helps!

Although, I thought the COR stopped you from registering, which means you aren’t required to be on any list or website?

Originally that’s what I thought myself but my particular offense does not qualify for it even though it’s a no contact offense. It’s a long story but I should have never listened to my public defender, just like many others on here I assume, I was railroaded into pleading to something out of fear and being naive about the law

I have COR for 18 years, now and I am still caught in the Meg Web.

Perhaps you could contact the DOJ yourself and save some $$$?

All the contact related info on the letter my attorney received from the DOJ regarding the correction request they sent on my behalf is below….

Record Review Unit (916)227-3835

Kamala D. Harris
Attorney General

Violent Crime Information Center
Sex Offender Tracking Program
P.O. Box 903387
Sacramento, CA 94203-3870

Maybe this info will be useful

I love how it’s called the “Violent Crime Information Center” when they list people on the site that were guilty of “no contact’ offenses.

Yay yay MS…the ‘violent crime….’ heading to their p.o. box,
Is that heading also on the registry website..?

Anyone not having to register… Does it have Violate Crime Information Center anywhere in this cal state web site registry.??????

“Violent crime?” I was committed a non-violent, no contact crime. Yet I am managed by the “Violent Crime Information Center?”

Kamala Harris and her office is/are a bunch of overpaid crooks who misrepresent facts. It concerns me that Harris will likely be California’s next U.S. Senator.

It has nothing to do with California. Many states consider even nonviolent nocontact offenses a violent crime. Here in Wisconsin, when a person is convicted of possession of CP, the courts bans them from owning body armor or firearms due to the “violent nature” of the offense. Doesn’t matter if no contact was involved. At least in California, they’re just lumping your name into some bureaucratic agency that has the word ‘violence’ in their heading. But in Wisconsin, certain nocontact offenses involving children are actually considered “violent” under written statue

Which state are you in? In cali I thought COR’s meant you were off the list and no longer had a duty to register, otherwise what’s the point?

I think you might want to hire an attorney to see about getting removed from Megan’s Law website since you were granted a COR. Left to the OOJ…you will be listed forever on their awesome site even if you’re not supposed to be. I hired an attorney ( to get removed from the site after my felony was reduced to a misdemeanor. I was supposed to be removed from the site automagically but wasn’t. After 3 months of waiting for the DOJ to update my records and remove me from the site on their own (how silly of me) I… Read more »

According to my attorney my particular offense 220pc does not qualify for getting off website or stop registering only a pardon will do that, the purpose of the COR is to actually be able to apply for a pardon.

What county are you in, Stumped?

San Joaquin

Stumped, I would say you’re half right. Look at my comments above. I had a pc220 as well and got a COR, and the same company who filed the paperwork also sent the letter to DOJ and I was removed. Mainly cuz the COR stated I no longer have to register pursuant to 290.5. Based on that and what the judge put down, the DOJ removed me. now if I get a pardon, it will be for bragging rights and whatever else a pardon is good for. In 2014, new charges were added to the list of unremovable offenses in… Read more »

Yes I am in cali

Your offense does qualify for relief of registration. From what I understand of the CoR and relief of registration is that you first need to have the following: 17b (unless it was already a misdemeanor) 1203.4 expungement Once those are completed, you file for a CoR and if granted, no longer need to register. Seems you did all that. Something isn’t right. I would look into it because you should be relieved from registering. There would only be one reason why you are registering. Did you do state prison time? If so, then you cannot be relieved of the duty… Read more »


Not true. Even SOME select offenses are eligible for relief from registration with a Certificate of Rehabilitation EVEN if sentenced to state prison.

If you qualify for the CoR and awarded it, then you no longer have to register.

Otherwise, what is the point of the CoR to a registrant who already has had 17b and 1203.4 awarded?

Sorry Rambo but you’re misinformed. According to the 1203.4 penal code, one cannot get an expungement if you served state prison and parole. ONLY probation. You can still get a CoR but you will not be eligible for relief without first having the 1203.4 Then there are some select sex offenses that could be probationary, but will never be granted an expunge nor a CoR. Under 4852.01, you could only have served probation not state parole if convicted of a sex offense. I still think the original poster should be relieved from registration. If he has an expungement and a… Read more »

I would love it if that would be my case again my lawyer said for my specific offense I need to get a pardon to relieve me from registering

Look up the law, only specific offenses are not eligible mine being one of those if you know any different and can guide me in that direction where it says I don’t i would appreciate it

You’re right. I looked at the law ( PC290.5(b)(1) ). You are not eligible for relief of registration unless you have a full governor’s pardon.

I was referencing PC 4852.01 and which PCs were not eligible for a CoR. Though your PC was eligible for CoR, it isn’t eligible for relief from registration. I’m sorry if I gave you false hope. I do wish you the best of luck on the pardon.

Although Gov. Jerry Brown is one of the most Liberal Governors in all of the United States, I have heard more than once on this forum that Gov. Brown has never indeed granted a “Pardon” to any SO.

Now that may have changed recently, but we do know that it would be very rare to actually see a “Pardon” of a RSO in Calif.


Thank you, as of now I will take what I can get, it’s kind of stupid in a way, I have been granted the COR which means that it’s an automatic application for a pardon and in which the COR states that the court recommends the pardon, all my chargers have been expunged as well so according to my lawyer I can legally state I have not been convicted.


How long did it take for you to get your packet after your COR?


There is no packet after COR. It’s been almost 4 years after I have got my COR granted and the governor does not send you anything, but you can call or email them to make sure they have your application on file. There is no set time. But if you got a COR that removed you from the Internet, then a pardon is not really necessary. I hope this helps… so just relax and go on with your life and eventually you will here something

I have also applied for a pardon from Gov Brown but I have been told that he will never issue a pardon for a sex offender. Good luck with yours…

I’ve read the thread a few hundred times about the importance of letters – but I’ve never been able to find any good examples (either through the dead link in this thread or anywhere else online). Does anyone have any letters (written either by the person asking for the COR or as testimonials from friends/colleagues) that they could share?

I just wanted to post here because I got my Certificate of Rehabilitation!! Thanks be to God! Thank you also to the ACSOL community for your great information and support. Because of this website, and this forum in particular, I was finally able to get my case off the ground. This forum was also where I found out about my attorney, Chance Oberstein (now president of ACSOL). Here’s my take on the process and how Chance helped me – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I will do my best to answer without being too specific to… Read more »

Congrats on your CoR, Friend of ACSOL!

Great recommendation of Mr. Oberstein too!

Friend of ACSOL Congratulations for having your Prayers For Relief answered and being reconciled with your Rights & Title to Privacy & Pursuit of Happiness! It is great news to hear Chance was able to Resurrect your Joy by convincing The Seats of the courts & your Accusers to Repent & Turn from the Paths of Shame they Trespassed Upon. I hope now that The Father Most High Possessor of Heaven & Earth who Formed Light & Created Darkness turned to you & shone His Face upon you, you will think of your fellow country men enslaved with kind thoughts… Read more »

Hi i have read your letter and I and thankful for you and your results. I have been registering over 15 years and I need assistance getting my name cleared. I don’t understand the tier laws or if they have passed. Do anyone recommend an attorney please email me. Thanks

That is great news!! Congratulations to you and also Mr Oberstein. Right now, we are in the process of working on the reduction/ expungement. I found a law firm that offers a money back guarantee and has a flat fee of $799 for felony expungement. It almost sounds too good to be true, so I was wondering what others think about the price. I know that the expungement has to be granted if probation has been completed without violations (for offenses that qualify), so we could technically attempt this ourselves. However, the money might be worth it to save us… Read more »

Based upon my experience and now knowing more of the law, you can do expungement yourself. If you completed probation successfully, then it’s automatically given and cannot be disputed. I found my expungement paperwork. The most important section is section II. “If an applicatn has met the statutory conditions the court is required to grant the petition” (That should be in all caps, but we’re not supposed to post in all caps as stated in the highlighted box.) The statute provides that a defendant who “has fulfilled the conditions of probation for the entire period of probation, or has been… Read more »

To New Person: You don’t need a lawyer for a reduction 17(b). It is done at the same time as 1203.4. I did it In Pro Per; both were granted.

To Someone Who Cares: we’ve spoken via email. I was wondering if you had moved forward with the petition. It is scary, but it can be done In Pro Per. If you really need the lawyer for peace of mind, then the expense may be worth it especially when the petition is granted. Still wishing you the best of luck for a positive outcome.

NPS, 1203.4 cannot be denied. 17(b), based upon how many times “discretion” should be applied, is not a certainty for approval. I have conferred with appellate lawyers as well as read paperwork regarding what constitutes as a misdemeanor or felony from a federal defenders’ pdf for its lawyers in California. While you don’t need a lawyer for either 1203.4 or 17(b), only one is automatic right now – 1203.4. Whilst you had a most agreeable court, I did not. My initial 1203.4 attempt was set to be denied by the judge and we did not pursue it. The DA and… Read more »

Understood. However, there were other factor involved with my success. 1. I’m a woman. 2. I moved the case from Orange County to San Francisco County, which made the final decision for my 1203.3, 17(b) and 1203.4. The San Francisco DA did contact Orange County’s DA for their recommendation and they advised that SF deny my petition. Thankfully, I had a judge who only weighed the recommendation from San Francisco’s Probation department and therapist. 3. The 17(b)(3) that you mentioned did not exist at the time I filed, nor was it in the paperwork. At that time, it was only… Read more »

Since I have a suspended sentence and I have completed pobation, and as you say, have no misdemeanor or felony, how can the legislature later take away the ability for me to get an expungement based on my offense? The way my lawyer explained it, probation, as you explained, was given in place of the sentence. The idea of the plea deal was that the prosecuter agreed to not impose the sentence in exchange for the guilty plea, based on many factors: a first time offense, expression of remorse, entering a treatment program, favorable probation and psycological reports as well… Read more »

I don’t trust the system as well. The judges are supposed to side with the layman’s interpretation. 17(b)(3) should be just as automatic as 1203.4. I found the original case that spurred 17(b)(3): people vs Banks, 1959. Here is a quote from that case law: ” And here it is to be presumed that the Alameda judge who suspended imposition of sentence for violation of former section 503 of the Vehicle Code did so with recognition that defendant would remain classified as one convicted of a felony within the meaning of section 12021 of the Penal Code until and unless… Read more »

William Loyd Garrison spent three decades hoping to appeal to the conscience of the southern slaveholders and slowly move the South out of slavery. Things just got worse and then the Fugitive Slave Act. Frederick Douglas was so frustrated with that approach he began plotting with John Brown in the Harpers Ferry raid to move things along with violence, until he had second thoughts and backed out. Point being, you can have all the reasonable arguments in the world on your side and try to convince the powers that be to give up what butters their bread, but in the… Read more »

I think that if you look at your state mental health laws you will understand you are not under a registration law, but rather an illegal regulatory presumptively and predetermined mental health law. But you get none of the protections of your state mental health laws They use the same relativistic, dangerous Ness, and violence, and threat to public safety factors to civilly commit you. But here you get no actual mental health diagnosis, they just say your a dangerous person, no matter what kind d of evidence you provide. Essentially they get a conditional release upon you with custody… Read more »

I think that if you look at your state mental health laws you will understand you are not under a registration law, but rather an illegal regulatory presumptively and predetermined mental health law. But you get none of the protections of your state mental health laws They use the same relativistic, dangerous Ness, and violence, and threat to public safety factors to civilly commit you. But here you get no actual mental health diagnosis, they just say your a dangerous person, no matter what kind d of evidence you provide. Essentially they get a conditional release upon you with custody… Read more »

An update: The attorney Mark Devore who got my Certificate of Rehabilitation (first post) just vacated 3 misdemeanors from my record using the new law 1473.7 which went into effect 1/1/2017. It works on felonies as well and just might get you off 290. This is for immigrants who are facing immigration consequences from past pleas. It’s time sensitive so if it applies to you, FILE THE MOTION IMMEDIATELY.

My atty’s website is and he kicks ass. He obtained my C.O.R. & has vacated 4 total misdemeanors for me. Best of luck.

I am curious if a Live Scan will show you have a COR on file? Anyone have had this done? I’m waiting for mine to come back to get my Contractor License.

I am curious, too if the COR shows on the live scan. Since it shows every offense, expunged or not and even arrests that did not lead to conviction, how likely do you think it is for the contractor board to approve you? What are they really looking for, and what criteria do they go by to deny or approve?

I just did a LiveScan recently. I got a letter saying b/c of the LiveScan, that I cannot be afforded the job. So I went in to talk to Human Resources about the denial. Apparently, they do not read the next line after conviction that it was dismissed under 1203.4. They showed me a paper that anyone with a COR or 1203.4 can still qualify for a job. The head person highlighted the COR, but didn’t read further where 1203.4 was also stated. Then the head HR guy asked me to furnish my court document that my case was expunged… Read more »

So did you end up getting the job? Legally they can’t discriminate against you, just like when I drove for Lyft and they sent me an email stating they are removing me as a driver based on my background check, but I disputed it with the background check conpany, and then Lyft sent me another email saying the reason I was suspended was because I I was overdue to get my car inspected and said “We miss you!” Lol.. I didn’t go back I just wanted to prove my point. Lol

@ justplainme,

Nope. It’s b/c 290 exists that I fail the background check. I’m trying to get the it on writing from HR. Then I can use that as specific evidence how 290 violates 1203.4 by continuing to make a non-convict to register – sharing the accusation and information that’s supposed to be dismissed.

Anyhow, like your situation below, only if you have a CoR can you not be denied an employment. But this job has nothing to do with a certification or high level stuff. Oh well. But congrats on your contractor’s license!

It took 2 weeks and the live scan was completed but now the CSLB has to go over everything and according to business law code 480 states that anyone with a COR, and they do say COR, shall not be denied a state license. So worst case I will find out next week after my test. I will keep you posted, but I know they can’t deny me since I have that COR!!

Dear Justplainme:

Good luck…I really want you to succeed without any problems whatsoever.

I’m not a religious person at all, but I’ll be praying for you.

Best Wishes, James

Hi James,

Thank you! And yes I just got cleared from the live scan today from the contractors board! So yes!! I’m excited I will be getting my contractors license!

Congratulations! I things continue going your way on and on!

Hi Justplainme:

Congratulations! This is seriously great news…now you go out and get them!

You made me smile.

Best Wishes, James

Thanks guys! I am super excited! So anyone who has the COR, have no fear, according to business code 480, you cannot be denied a license! So I hope this gives hope to others!

How do you get thst COR? Thanks

Hello Maria, my suggestion is call Attorney Chance Oberstein, he will know best on how to help you.

So I was recently granted a COR and according to the paperwork i got form the court, the clerk was going to mail this to all parties but after reading a few comments above I’m not sure if I have to submit anything to get my name of the registry of if i need to wait for the DOJ. Its been about 45 days since my COR and I was just wondering if anyone had some insight. I was told that i could send documents to the CDOJ Sex Offenders tracking program? Anyone done this?

Hi all. I am eligible to apply for a COR next month. I have an appointment with my lawyer next week to get the process started. My lawyer, and a couple people in this thread have used the word “scrutiny” from investigators during this process. Can anybody tell me exactly what that means? I need to know what I am getting myself into. And what I am getting my family into. I will be asking my lawyer the exact same question, but I would really like to hear from people who have gone through it. What can I expect from… Read more »

@Matt, from what I’ve read others going through it, you’re basically going to be investigating yourself and providing all the favorable findings in court. While as written you should be able to get your CoR simply by having stayed out of trouble all these years, the fact is that the judge has 100% say whether or not your granted a CoR. So what usually ends up happening before hand is you’re going to see a physiologist and probably take a poly based on your lawyers recommendation (it’ll be expensive, and wouldn’t be surprised if it’s in the $5000+ range). Then… Read more »

AO, Thank you very much. My case was expunged years ago. I am just trying to get the COR now. I was hounded by law for four years while I fought my case, and then three more years while on probation. Now I am just wanting to be left alone. I have heard a lot of things, but I’m not sure what’s real. And it seems like once people get a COR, they disappear from this website…….which makes it hard to find information. I promise to document this journey so that others may benefit from it. And BTW, I took… Read more »


I am currently working with a lawyer to hopefully get my CoR. Thankfully at this time I have the resources to afford someone who specializes in post conviction sex offender legal issues.

I have not filed my case yet so not sure what the response will be from the DAs office. From what I understand it is very specific to the local DAs office some are much more accommodating then others. Specifically if you live in Orange County please seriously consider moving out of that jurisdiction until you do your CoR.

Can someone answer my questions? Thank you for your time in advance. I was convicted by a Jury in 1998 with a felony 289(d) here in California. I was sentenced to prison for 3 years. I did my time (I was released from prison for good behavior in 2000) and completed 3 years of parole. Last year, in May 2018 I was granted my CoR and now I guess my PARDON APPLICATION is sitting at the governor’s desk unless it was denied by former CA governor J. Brown. Q1) HOW DO I KNOW THAT MY PARDON APPLICATION HAS BEEN DENIED… Read more »

This is only my opinion, but seriously, neither for love nor money nor for the best employment opportunity possible could you induce me to move to Florida. Life, living, being happy, is not possible at all in Florida for a registered sex offender. (I wouldn’t stop there for a flight layover! {actually I have compelling reasons to go to FLA, but, anyone that wants me there is no friend of mine}:)>\…Never! In 2001 there is supposed to be instituted in CA a Tiered registration system….hopefully, 30 plus years on the registry will be enough for me and I can petition… Read more »

Seems as if Floriduh’s strategy is working well then. If I were a state, I would hope that I would have enough sense to know that Registries are useless stupidity. I’d hope. BUT … I’d also know that most people in my state are stupid and that they love stupid things. Especially harassing and hating people. I’d know that the people keeping me elected, keeping the government paid and running, etc., are those stupid people who love Registries. So I’d have to keep the Registries and cater somewhat to stupidity. I might not do much useful, but I would do… Read more »

Thank you James for your honest opinion

@InABiggerWall….if you ever want to be completely off a registry then you will not want to move to Florida. Please refer to the Florida Action Committee (FAC)webpage….spend a couple of hours on that site and read the posts. Those people who live in that state have it worse then just about anywhere in the country.

The tiered registry was passed and starts in 2021. Most of the details have not been worked out yet. Do not leave CA unless the Tiered registry finally removes you from the CA registry. This will likely take a few years after 2021 before anyone actually gets through the court system to get registration relief. However, under no circumstances should you ever move to Florida. They are very harsh on registrants and will most likely place you onto their registry for life. Just because CA may remove you from the registry someday, that doesn’t mean any other state won’t add… Read more »

@inabiggerwall Here are my 2 cents at trying to answer your questions 1) the application for a pardon does not have to be denied … so it can and will sit on the governors desk indefinitely unless a governor chooses to grant it. However, no registered California offender has ever been granted a pardon to my knowledge. 2) the California tiered registry has made it through the California legislator and been sign by governor brown … no more vote necessary. You can look up the bill and see which tier your offense lands in and find out if/when you will… Read more »

Thank you for your time and honest input to Interested Party, Lake County, Josh, and James I.

Remember that if you qualify for removal in 2021, it will NOT be automatic. You must apply for removal which may be expensive and in some counties very difficult. When you have an opportunity for removal, there are clearly some Southern CA Counties that you should not reside in when applying to the court for relief. Just stay tuned to this website and be very patient until we can figure out the final rules and which DA’s will be most willing to cooperate with our removal from the registration.

Michelle ~ I believe a person has to be crime free for 10 year (7 years for some offenses) before they can apply for a COR, so it seems like the clock starts fresh from when he picked up the FTR. I know. it’s probably too late now since he is on Parole, but was it a “willful” FTR? CA 290 law states that the FTR has to be willful or knowingly.

I was released on May 1st from Post Release from Prison (Not Parole, under AB 109), I was convicted back in 04′ with PC 288 (c)(1), PC 288 (b) (1) & 289 (i), had a violation and did 9 more months for that and then re convicted back in 08′ on PC311.11 (a) did my time in Prison and released and had no more problems since.
my question and confusion is when can i try to start accomplishing the COR & reduction and expungement of the the charges??? I believe i may have 3-4 years more to i wrong?

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