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Former Facebook exec joins Chelsea’s Law effort

Chris Kelly, a former Facebook executive who authored and financed a highly successful California initiative to stop sex trafficking, has joined the effort to pass Chelsea’s Law in all 50 states.

Signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010, after unanimously passing both houses of the state Legislature, Chelsea’s Law is a one-strike mandate for sexual predators convicted of a violent sexual assault on a child. It’s named after Chelsea King, a 17-year-old Poway girl who was brutally raped and murdered by a convicted sex offender who was paroled after serving five years in prison for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. The perpetrator subsequently confessed to the rape and murder of another San Diego girl, 14-year-old Amber Dubois, who had been missing for several months. Full Article

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Ah Chris Kelly, the former Facebook executive whose social networking site made millions of kids accessible to perverts around the world continues to salvage his legacy. Can’t he just join Jimmy Carter over their at Habitat for Humanity?

On another note, and maybe I missed it, but this article leaves out a bit of information. One Strike and…what? Prison for life? With or without parole?

In California, it’s 3 strikes your out.

Mind you, most murderers in California are getting out in less than 15-20 years now. I saw this while i was in prison. A sex offender will be treated different, because if they have 2 strikes against them, it will wobble to a 3rd. I have seen many cases where the “wobbler” will be a misdeamenor charge turned into a felony, and if that felony is similar to one crime that resulted in any previous strike, then if that person as 1 strike, they end up with 2. Yep. 3 strikes for 2 crimes over ones’ life. Pissing in public, then turning around when you are much older and yelling at a teenager “F* you, get out of my face” can result in a second sex charge. Good system ey?

I realize that Proposition 35 may have been passed by a large amount of people, but one could put out a proposition that sex offenders would have to walk around town with a live chicken on their head and get over 80% of the California sheeple to pass the bill.

Well, if that happens I am confident we can trust PETA to come to our, er…the chicken’s defense.

Well, guess he didn’t learn the first time when he sunk $2 million of his own money to help push Prop 35 last year. A huge thank you to the team that got portions of that struct down. However, i left the State of California just 3 months after this close call… as i have been a law abiding citizen and a huge asset to society since 2000. My mistake was a one time mistake, but i should shouldn’t be forced to comply with NEW laws that come into effect, over and over. California in particular has a stupid way of thinking about “sex crime” laws. Voters failed to understand what they were signing once again.

While i’m not generally in favor of new laws, a new one should be created to hold legislators accountable for pushing unconstitutional laws. There should be 1 more layer between legislators and the voters: A Constitutionality Test Committee made up of clones of Janice Bellucci and those she chooses.

Kelly is most likely using this to pad his resume for a likely run for AG. He will certainly use the “Tough on SO’s” mantra for his byline as he is clearly among the pack of bottom feeding politicians that rely on that low hanging fruit and can count on an uninformed and misinformed voting populace for support. Here is a guy that is banking on more fear and hate mongering to make up a substantive constituency. Granted he will do nothing to bring to light any of the new CDCR statistics about risk and recidivism. He will pull numbers out of his “briefcase” that are probably the ones used by others that rely on invalid statistics and other political subterfuge to turn things in their favor.

We were neighbors of the King family at the time of Chelsea’s death. We still have the blue ribbons tied to the trees on our street.
During this time, we were harassed by neighbors saying they would vow to “get us out” of the home we owned for the past twenty fives years. Even our so-called neighbor/friends no longer speak to us. Guilty by association, I guess. All this because our son committed a stupid act that wouldn’t have been a crime in most other states.

Our son, who didn’t live with us, was harassed, his vehicle vandalized, all his work tools stolen. His face was plastered everywhere in our area. On street posts, on cars, doors, and even in the community laundry room at his complex. He was handcuffed, his home searched.

Back then, I remember laying awake every night afraid that someone in our family would be hurt or murdered.
At the time, I had been teaching at a school that Chelsea’s younger brother has attended. Sadly, I left a career that I loved, and retired. I became isolated, afraid to even go outside check the mailbox.

During (phone conferences) I would often warn others living in other states that this law might find a way to their state. Since I knew the Kings had friends in high places and they were planning to move to Illinois. No one would listen.

And now Chris Kelly joins the King’s. No doubt to further his career, vowing to see the passage in every state in the nation.

I’m sorry to read of your terrible experiences and lack of support from friends and neighbors. I hope things get better for your family, soon.
Although the registry started out as somewhat benign, it obviously has become a cancerous tumor threatening the fabric of American justice and fair play.
It has become a public tool to exact vigilantly revenge, to shame former offenders and their families (even their innocent children)and to ban them from their proximity.
Likewise, even victims who reported the abuse may feel more guilt and victimization as they witness the pain and suffering the family must endure from blatant exposure and a malignant loss of civil rights.
Unfortunately, the supreme court has not been able to control the use of the registry as a tool for the public to exact further revenge and punishment against registrants.
I read awhile back that given the opportunity to serve a couple of more years or to be off the registry many folks would opt for the extended incarceration.
IMO, If that doesn’t make someone wonder if the registry is really benign, it should.

This may sound defeatest, but given the impact to my kids… I would trade jail time for registry removal. If I knew then what I know now, I would have agreed to twice the initial punishment, if it meant no registry. To be clear, I never did jail time only community service and probation. So I could be sounding stupid to some of you, but today I would consider the trade if it meant I could leave this all behind for good.

Actually, it makes quite a bit of sense to me. My attorney did not clearly explain any of this to my family. He promised to “keep me out jail” and encouraged us to waive my juvenile rights since I was 20 years old at the time and the bench was perplexed as to what to do with me since my “offense” had occurred 7 years prior when I was only 13. Had I not waived my rights, I probably would’ve spent more time in jail while they sorted everything out (probably a few months). But the lasting effects of Megan’s Law would have less of a stranglehold hold on me now. If I could do it all over again, I’d rather spend a few months in jail than to be subjected to this excuse for government oppression.

Thanks alert,

This journey has taught me many things. You find out very quickly who your true friends are. I also have no need for the others in my life.

I no longer live in fear, quite the opposite. But, I will never forget.

I wish everyone peace and happiness

I for one am really SICK OF THEM naming yet another new law after someone killed. Yes, it is a tragic but enough already!

It has come to the point that they simply want revenge and nothing else! No law is going to bring anyone back but I am sure that it makes them feel better (for a moment anyway).

Perhaps they would NOT feel better if they knew that in addition to NOT BRINGING back their loved one it also brings suffering to families JUST LIKE THEIRS who are trying to move on from a tragic mistake in the past BUT ARE NOT ALLOWED TO!

The living are being punished in the name of the dead. Stop this madness!

I could not agree more and I believe that someone somewhere launched an effort to pass a law prohibiting the naming of laws, or bills, in a way to manipulate those who would vote for or against them, be they the public or legislators. The naming convention has be

This phenomenon is not limited to laws against sex criminals or RSOs. Politicians do it for everything. Here’s an article about just how ridiculous it gets.

Nice observation. I feel the same way: they’re taking their anger out people who had nothing to do with their tragic loss. RSO’s have become society’s emotional punching-bag. We just have to remember that, unlike an inanimate punching-bag, we are people with unalienable rights granted to us by God, nature and the Constitution of the United States of America. We can fight back. Thank God for Janice and all the people working hard behind the scenes at CA RSOL.

The ironies of “Dead Baby laws”:

Adam Walsh Act: Creates a federal set of standards on a nationwide scale for the registration of sex offenders. The irony is that there’s no evidence that a sex offender had anything to do with Adam’s death.

Jessica’s Law: Restricts 290 registrants in California from residing within 2000′ of a school, park. or daycare facility. The Irony, Jessica Was abducted from her home.

Megan’s Law: Creates a publicly accessible online database of registrants with violent crimes and offenses involving children in order to promote community safety and awareness. The irony is the Database is used by psychotic vigilantes to target individuals on the list to commit murder. How many registrants that had nothing to do with Megan’s death will be killed before the score is settled? How many more families will be targeted because of typo’s? Is the community really that much safer?

Chelsea’s Law: Would not have saved her.

In some cases I see parents pushing for these laws and in all; opportunistic politicians. I think the most obvious was Nathan Fletcher after the murder of Chelsea King. He was trying to grab as many headlines as possible. I was sick of his face and name after the first week.

This may be an unpopular thing to point out, but since becoming a parent (8 years now) this question gets louder and louder in the back of my mind each time I see these families in the media… Many of them start or join foundations, they then dedicate all of their time to educating the public and the legislator to their family’s plight, to the problems in the system that contributed to their family’s loss. As is only fair, they begin to draw salaries from these foundations and receive speaking engagement fees. Author books, sell the rights of their story to film makers. And since they walked away from careers to get the message out, this seems right. Right? …But it seems, as you see them in the media, they are living better and better lives, they appear to be enjoying more and more success.

As a parent I do not think I could live that way, knowing I have a bigger house or drive a nicer car due to… While I might feel the rage or have the drive to get my story out to help others, would I allow myself to earn more than I otherwise would have? Would I charge others to hear my story? Would I, could I enjoy spending dollars earned in this way. Could I,should I even use these funds to pay for the needs of my remaining children? Over time, I envision that I would be haunted by things, by actions, by events…but would the most distasteful elements be of my own doing?

My heart goes out to these families, it truly does. I just think I would chose to honor the memory of my loved ones in a differing way…

I agree so much! It’s pathetic that these people make a living off of their dead children.

Might as well killed them themselves and collected the insurance money.

These “professional victims” really need to take a good long look in the mirror. How do they sleep at night?

I wonder…

That’s a very touchy subject and you’ve done a good job on raising some valid questions. I don’t think any parent would intentionally sacrifice their baby for personal gain. But, as you’ve pointed out and I agree, It seems that many do have a tenancy to lose sight of their original intention and wind up on a path to fortune and fame.

I mentioned last week on another post about a friend of mine whose 8 year old daughter was kidnapped and murdered last year.She was finally laid to rest Saturday as they’ve recently completed the autopsy reports of which he and his wife have no desire to listen to the results of. They don’t want to know how/if their daughter may have suffered. They don’t want that bug to lay it’s egg’s in their heart. They’ve been targets of the media, politicians, and other parents who have lost children, all of who seem to have an agenda. Drew was taken to the state capitol to meet with the governor. I don’t think he’s interested in what they’re selling.

Drew is spending his weekends working with friends and neighbors building angels monument, a tranquility type garden with a gazebo on a little island in the pond at the park where his daughter and niece were abducted from. This is a more admirable approach to celebrate the life of someone you loved than to go on a campaign of hatred creating laws to make others suffer.

It’s sad yet inspiring to hear how this tragedy has brought their community together and how they’ve supported his family through it all. As it should be.

Right you are. Here’s a new one named after a lovely young lady (Brianna Denison) who was brutally raped and murdered.
This one from Nevada will make ANYONE charged with a ANY felony give a DNA swab to cross reference in a data base and blah blah blah.
Personally, I would have no objection to help the police solve these horrific crimes BUT we all know how these knee jerk laws become abused by unfair and abusive powers.
Somehow these laws never have any checks and balances built into them. Why clutter up a good bill with useless content. Yeah right!

Nathan Fletcher, who used Chelsea King as a way to make a name for himself, and used this platform in his run for mayor of San Diego, (he lost, thank goodness) just announced that he has switched political parties and has joined the democratic party, has his sights on running for another office. It seems he has been endorsed by many in the democratic circles! Even saying he would be a great Presidential candidate!
He has a sorted past. We can not allow this person to get into any office. He is a media whore. He will sell us, he will use us all for a chance in the limelight.
Remember his name.

I can’t blame Nathan Fletcher for switching parties. Republicans are only like one notch above Sex offenders in a popularity poll in California. A testimony of this glory grabbing turd’s dedication and loyalty.

I bet that Facebook guy got something hiding in his closet…

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