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Did anyone see the Today show this morning with Dr. Oz? He was talking about how people are using his name to sell these weight loss drugs and are making lots of money. And he isn’t endorsing any of them. One of the first people he named were “convicted sex offenders” and “Securities Frauds”. Where does he get his information…and why do sex offenders always get blamed? I think he needs to think about what he says before he opens his mouth. Where is his proof?

Anytime they want to get people’s attention on a news story they say something about sex offenders…something like “is a sex offender living next door – stay tuned to channel 6 and we will tell you”!

Well, I am sure that Dr. OZ did the same thing…just wants to get attention.

Anytime anyone wants to say anything for attention mention sex offenders. People would rather have a terrorist live next door then a sex offender!

Yes…the MAJORITY of the people really ARE that STUPID!

Let us ask Dr. Oz what his reason is for using our group as a convenient target:

Here is a link to the video. Apparently RSO’s are part of a big “Well Oiled Machine” that is responsible for the misuse of his name.

It is easy for anyone to drop a bombshell like this. First Do No Harm – I guess that is a thing of the past.

What the heck does a person’s status have anything to do with these businesses.
So if there is someone committing a crime against him, why doesn’t he take action?

I have never respected him for his apparent need to always have his hands on his female guests. Maybe he is projecting.

Thanks for the link!
Let’s just enjoy the fact that the disturbed doctor is paranoid of sex offenders. Boo! Gotcha! ha ha
I’ve never seen his show but seeing as how he’s mentioning his sex offender hating buddy “Oprah” with similar problems, it seems to come together.

As on overwieght RSO, I am upset you guys had the hook up for some discount SENSA and didn’t help a brotha out? Come on guys, kick down a little..

On a serious note, the only reason he is attacking them is that these products didn’t line up and pay (purchase ads) to be on his show. He may not endorse products, but he certainly gets paid by the manufacturers (just not these ones). Just as Oprah seemed to have a financial connection the books selected by her book club…

Hey man, don’t be hatin’ on Dr. Oz who came in at #16 on Reader’s Digest list of The 100 Most Trusted People in America. If he said it’s RSOs that are rippin’ people off, it must be true!

All kidding aside, this list serves to bring crystal clarity to just how totally f’d up, nay, D O O M E D our society is. The top four most trusted people in America are ACTORS famous only for reciting words that other people have written for them!

#4 – Meryl Streep
#3 – Denzel Washington
#2 – Sandra Bullock
#1 – Tom Hanks

Slots five and six went to Maya Angelou and Steven Spielberg, respectively, more folks from the entertainment biz who do nothing more to instill trust in the American public than entertain us with fantastical stories and poems.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again: We need a film with big stars to paint us in a more sympathetic light. I am also thinking of a PSA featuring a star-studded montage conveying the message to their mushy brained minions that the time is now to change RSO laws and end the evils of the fascist registry.

Maybe Mr. Spielberg and Daniel Day Luis can bring Abraham Lincoln to life for us once more time…

I can’t accomplish a goddamn thing of any worth until we cure ourselves of RSO laws and end this pestilential registry! I wonder if any of you or anyone else knows it. I know! I need this! This amendment is that cure! We’ve stepped out upon the world stage now. Now! With the fate of human dignity in our hands. Blood’s been spilled to afford us this moment now! Now! Now!

Was wondering if anyone knows which cities in north Orange County “allow” registrants to live? I’ve been doing my due diligence but thought if I went to the folks on this site I might get to my answer a bit faster! Any info on Buena Park, Anaheim, La Palma, Los Alamitos (?) …. Or anywhere thereabouts?? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!

There is a very comprehensive list regarding residency ordinances for California Municipalities on this site under Legal > Ordinances. By City and County.

Shoot! You are right! I remember seeing it a while ago when the residency ordinance may not apply to us. Will go find … Thank you Joe!

I’m putting up this link from another thread that is relevant to our effort:

Does anyone know how to file a writ to appeal the 2000 foot rule in Sacramento? residence is just under 2000 feet.

This is a petition for writ of habeas corpus regarding residency restrictions for prisoners and parolees seeking relief. It has a lot of good information and a pre-filled out form that you only need to fill in the blanks. I hope it will help and good luck!,Dec10.pdf

What @mike said. There is also more information on this site, under Legal/Residency.

This article made me think (yes it hurt a little), if a judge (in some states) can exclude requirement to register, for a registerable offence, how can the registry then be held out as civil or not punishment? The judge was able to alter the sentencing (punishment) in a way that impacted registration…how then is registration not an act of punishment? Also, think of this in conjuction with Doe v. Harris (I know different states, but all the same).

thats enought for now, all of this logic is giving me a headache.

Extreme legislation has compromised the role of judges. They are there to make decisions pertinent to what is in the best interest of all parties in a criminal or civil matter based on the merits of an individual case.

Statutes cannot foresee all circumstances or always be sensitive to humanistic issues – considering the overreaching authority of the law – as a judge who is presiding over the case can. Judges are what bring humanity and compassion into the equation and we should be very cautious of these laws and the anger that is factored into them.

Checks and balances are the earmarks of our system and they are there for a reason. When laws are hastily enacted, judges are in the position to make necessary adjustments to see that justice is served while preserving whatever dignity is left for involved parties. (IMHO.)

Well, too bad California judges see no need to check of balance the state’s SOR laws, not show any humanity. In fact, in reference to fish in a net’s post, the California courts say a judge has no power to set aside the registration requirement under any circumstance for any particular defendant.

@ fish….I wonder if the person in that article was male or female. I didn’t notice a gender and the name suggests could be either. If female, that explains the lenient sentence; if male, he must have had a fabulous lawyer!

In Need of Guidance Please
I am a student and am studying Engineering. I am not sure what I really can do as a professional. Are there any 290’s that are professionals out there? I would like to attend Veterinary school, but cannot obtain a license while being a 290 registrant… From my understanding, I can sit for the state bar exam. What are you guys doing for a living? Am I going to have to be educated here in the U.S. then be forced to go to another country to practice? Help!


The phrase, “Where there’s a will there’s a way” comes to mind, but the way might be rough. It really comes down to how much you are willing to fight for your desired outcome.

As you are an aspiring engineer, I certainly don’t need to comment on cause and effect, logic or rational evaluation and probable outcome, but instead encourage you to put all your effort into doing the best in your chosen profession after you convince yourself that the added effort you may have to expend to overcome the hurdles of your 290 is worth it. You could be the one to change the laws for veterinary. At the least, you might be able to get an exception.

In my case, I have a physical science Ph.D. and have been fortunate enough to find work in my field, but with a lot of help.

It’s been over 20 years since my 290, but it’s always an issue (obviously, as I’m on this site), and so keep an eye on the prevailing laws and current status of affairs effecting you. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with the license issue, but have worked with SMB start-up companies.

In principle, companies cannot discriminate solely on the basis of a criminal convictions unless they show cause that such would severely effect business, but then they seem to be quite clever at this. More importantly you have to ask yourself, “How hard do I want to fight for this?”. Like I said, I’ve been lucky and haven’t had to – or chosen not to.

Maybe I took the easy way out … NOT … but I did end up working out of the country – Europe mostly – where frequently the stigma of SO is less threatening and registration requirements are relaxed. There are a lot of benefits. Just make sure you do your homework before jumping, making sure you know the path and have the right people lined-up to help you overcome the hurdles that a conviction implies in the visa process.

I would second mch’s recommendations and add, to become known and respected within your field as an exceptional professional of outstanding morale character. You’ll never fully overcome the stigma of SO, however, so accept that there will be challenges from time to time, and commit to not let them get you down or deter you from your chosen path. There are plenty of people who won’t give you a break, but don’t let that get in your own way by accepting the limitations they might try to put on you as if it were natural law, and seek out those who believe in forgiveness and the better world it can bring.

A plan B is always a good idea, too.


Did you see 60 Minutes last night? There was a segment on Bill Gates who’s modest goals are to completely stamp out polio, malaria, small pox and other diseases that kill millions of kids every year. All of these diseases are curable. The only issue is: “Is there a desire to devote the resources necessary to reach a big goal?” In the mind of Bill Gates, who has the resources, the passion is there. No one doubts that he will achieve his big goal and put an end to diseases that kill so many.

I was inspired. Do you need $75 billion to dream big? No. We can dream big, too. I dream of the day when there is no more registration. When you finish your prison term and finish your parole, that’s it. Go and sin no more.

It would certainly help if we had $75 billion behind us, but we have 100,000 people plus their families that are suffering under these unjust and ineffective laws. 100,000 people with purpose and passion cannot be denied. But things will not change quickly. I don”t know if the solution is judicial through lawsuits, legislative through lobbying or political through campaigning. Maybe there is an approach that combines the tools available. I do think that RSOL is the beginning of the answer. We need to strengthen and expand.

But most of all, we need to dream big.

I hate to be a dream squasher, but dreaming is not going to get things done. What does get things done is a strong fearless leader with a ton of support of all kinds. Organizational, financial, vocal.

This organization has such a leader and a voice. Loud and clear. But in this world it does take resources to accomplish stuff. Maybe not $75 billion, but some money. If 100,000 people and their families cannot fund this effort to the fullest extent, I am at a loss for words…

marantikos, a little more directly to respond to your query, first, you do not need a license to get a job as an engineer. A Professional Engineer license is another matter. But you can work as an engineer without a license. As for a veterinarian, yes, you need a license.

Second, you also can get a license for most fields — but you would have to be able to show rehabilitation, to the satisfaction of the licensing board. That could be via a Certificate of Rehabilitation, but you don’t need to have that. You can also present sufficient evidence of rehabilitation to the board to establish it. Also, your particular offense must have some relation to the field, some reason to raise concern. I would recommend you use a good lawyer with experience in getting a license for an SOR for every step of the way to seeking a license — and that isn’t going to be cheap. Still, I would not think there is a lot of concern about an SOR doctoring animals, unlike those doctoring we humans, so I would hope the amount of proof of rehabilitation needed would be lower accordingly.

As for any company that might hire you, yes, they might do a background check, but not necessarily, depends on the company. Once done, what they do with any information they might find is up to them. They will probably pick up on your SOR registration, but not necessarily. They might or might not find your criminal background file, and how old that is might make a difference. Not all companies will rule you out automatically. For instance, I know Bloomberg even states on its job application that they only want to know about FELONIES and only those in the past five years. (Too bad for you that Bloomberg doesn’t have a great amount of engineer jobs or veterinarians. Frankly, Bloomberg’s attitude should be a guide for everyone out there! And five years is their mark, not 10 for even mere misdemeanors, as we are proposing for our tiers here.)

So, in the end, you will have a fight, but you can get a license, and many people do, even in the medical field, as noted by the Los Angeles Times is some hyped up stories to scare people.

marantikos…I have a MA, was an environmental scientist for 14 years and since my “downfall” and registration, I’ve been a self-employed handyman. I was fortunate enough to get some really part-time work with a consulting firm, was also referred to a movie producer to build a movie set but the bread and butter of my existence has been basic labor; at 62 yrs old, I don’t think I can do it for too many more years. My encouragement to you is get your education, plan your future wisely and work at anything that brings in the money. Become a civil engineer, get a PE and as many professional certifications and licenses as you can, but make sure you have a plan B in place.


Ok, so after scanning over this bill, it appears that it is designed to give power to parole officers arbitrarily, in that they can bust you for any reason, or no reason at all. This bill has got to go.

It failed passage at the Public Safety hearing on April 30th but was granted reconsideration. I will try and find out when and if it will be heard again. I’m going to draft a petition as soon as possible and I’d like everyone to sign it. Try to get everyone you know to sign it. The information will be kept private and solely for the purpose of formally opposing this bill when and if it comes up again. I’m setting this up personally. Furthermore, write to your representatives. If this bill passes, then every single registrant in California is going to have a heck of a time being granted parole at all. And even if they are granted parole, they may NEVER get out. This bill is sick, sick, sick, sick…

Don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself:

I’m especially troubled by lines 7-14:

“7(d) At any time during the period of parole of a person subject
8 to this section, if any parole agent or peace officer has probable
9 cause to believe that the parolee is violating any term or condition
10 of his or her parole, the agent or officer may, without warrant or
11 other process and at any time until the final disposition of the case,
12 arrest the person and bring him or her before the court, or the court
13 may, in its discretion, issue a warrant for that person’s arrest
14 pursuant to Section 1203.2.”

I tried reading through this bill and really couldn’t grasp the concept of what they’re trying to accomplish. I need a summarized version as it jumps around and touches on changes between parole and probation. It sounds like they will be allowing probation departments in each jurisdiction or county to create their own set of restrictions on parolees which can lead to a lot of inconsistency’s.

The change that stood out to me regarding my personal situation was the length of parole or probation on p4 line 31 – p5 line 5.:

” 31(j) Notwithstanding subdivision (a), any of the following persons
released from state prison shall be subject to the jurisdiction of,
and parole supervision by, the Department of Corrections and
Rehabilitation for a period of parole up to three years or the parole
term the person was subject to at the time of the commission of
the offense, whichever is greater:

(1) The person is required to register as a sex offender pursuant
to Chapter 5.5 (commencing with Section 290) of Title 9 of Part
1, and was subject to a period of parole exceeding three years at
the time he or she committed a felony for which they were
convicted and subsequently sentenced to state prison.

(2) The person was subject to parole for life pursuant to Section
3000.1 at the time of the commission of the offense that resulted
in a conviction and state prison sentence. ”

My offense was in 2003; Prior to Jessica’s law which required me to spend 5 years on parole as opposed to what would have been 3 years. In fact, My pre-release contract that I signed in prison stated 3 years parole and it wasn’t until my initial contact with my parole agent that I signed under duress of being returned to prison the same contract with the only change being 5-7 years parole. That felt wrong.

The whole bill is unclear to me, Mike. One thing is clear – it’s just an excuse for throwing RSO’s back into jail and subsequently, prison, under the pretense that it is “protecting the public.” You can get a clearer understanding of the bill’s intent and the ridiculous premise for it by checking out the following link:

The worst part about it is that the incident for which Conway cites as the reason for the urgency of such a bill originated with the state’s early release program. Additionally, the man who committed the crime was not busted for a sex-offense, but a parole violation. The crime he committed was violent, but no information that I’ve been able to turn up states that it was a “sex offense”, but only a case of domestic violence. (Probably girlfriend cheating while he was in jail or something, would be my guess. Or an irrational, jealous fear on the part of the perpetrator.) On top of all that, the victim was 20 years old, and this bill is specifically targeting 288 RSO’s. And of course, they’re bringing up Jessica’s Law and Megan’s Law, and the cases behind them, as usual. Nothing like beating the heck out of an incredibly long-dead horse.

I’ve created a petition on another website, try to get everyone you know – family, friends and other supporters – to sign it. Hopefully we can get a lot of signatures and then we can submit to the legislators before its scheduled to be heard again. My family and I will also go to the next hearing and publicly oppose the bill. Here’s the link to the petition:

Email to everyone you know who empathizes and supports you. This bill has got to be stopped.

AB 1334(Conway)Parole 04/09/13

Existing law requires that all persons released from prison on and after October 1, 2011, after serving a prison term for a felony be subject to postrelease community supervision provided by a county agency for a period of 3 years immediately following release, except for persons released after serving a term for a serious felony, a violent felony, an offense for which the person was sentenced pursuant to the 3 strikes law, a crime where the person is classified as a high risk sex offender, or a crime where the person is required to undergo treatment by the State Department of State Hospitals because the person has a severe mental disorder. Existing law requires these persons to be subject to parole supervision by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the court in the county in which the parolee is released or resides.

This bill would require any person who has been released after serving a term for an offense for which the person is required to register as a sex offender to be subject to parole supervision by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The bill would also require that a person released from state prison who has a prior conviction or juvenile adjudication for which the person is required to register as a sex offender to be subject to parole supervision by the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the jurisdiction of the court in the county in which the person is released or resides.

I believe the goal of this bill is to insure that anyone subject to 290 registration being released is on parole supervised by CDCR and remains there beyond subsequent violations. I’m currently on parole and I’ve heard of miscreants who will deliberately violate in order to do a short term in jail and then cross over to being supervised by their county probation dept. The benefit I was told was that the probation dept was not issuing GPS bracelets.

As for a parole agent being able to arrest me, I believe all they need is probable cause anyways and that could be anything subject to their interpretations and my attitude.I don’t believe much will change there. Thank you for being vigilant and bringing it to our attention.

Yeah, it’s sure not going to make things better. When it comes to probable cause, I think this bill is merely making it easier for the agents to arrest without reason or warning, ensure that everyone ends up with a GPS unit, and otherwise lock them up for good. The retroactive aspect bothers me too. I’m sick and tired of people having to pay more than once for the same mistake. The US Constitution plainly prohibits states power to enact such laws in Section 10. It never ceases to amaze me how our civilization continues to relapse back into the oppressive ways of tyranny that our founding fathers were trying to protect us from, and its now been 237 years since they declared that “all men were created equal”. We’ve made a lot of strides since the 13th Amendment and the civil rights movements, but no matter where you look, our society is preaching “equality” on one hand and then turning their hate and fear on someone else simultaneously.

m h, I haven’t gone to read the full bill, but you lines 7-14 — it has been my understanding that that has always been the case when someone is on probation or parole. Are you sure that is a change in the law? Also, that is not “arbitrary.” That must come to the standard of “probable cause,” which requires realistic, justifiable information or evidence or reason for suspicion.

It has always been my understanding that when you are on probation or parole, they do not need a warrant to search or stop you.

A new registry….

So a Sex Offender (Romeo & Juliet and the like) get life on a public registry, but a Firearms Offender (DEADLY weapon) only gets 4 years on a non public reqistry.

Gotta love our society, “shoot me fine, but just don’t make me have to think of sex any way”.

May this be the start of a new fad that numbs the public to registries (creating, deleting, modifying, etc.) and gives smart lawyers ammunition to attack the courts with.

It is frightening that ignorant people can speak of mythological untruths and then say they have a “cause”.

Whats the info, if any for when California be placing “Sex Offender” on the driver licenses? I remember a few years back there was a big push on it but I can’t find anything current on this subject…

The day that happens is the day I turn in my drivers license. I don’t have a car anyway so really.
I can always use my Passport to id.

Check out this brief article:

Maybe there is hope out there.

Well, if more people would apply common sense and the rule “let he is without sin cast the first stone” then this world would be a much better place.

Glad to see someone is using some of that common sense that is actually very uncommon!

..time to go buy a new wardrobe..
Anybody know a reputable clothing store?

I was convicted 25 years ago (after turning myself in) of inappropriate sexual contact with a family member. Guilty. I did it.

However…. it is wrong that California continually changes the laws regarding my former crime. I did my time. I did my probation. I have never failed to register. But it is never enough.

So I left California. It is no cake walk, but things are better.

I have learned that sex offenders are the most hated of people (maybe rightly) but once they have been identified, they have the lowest recidivism of all criminals. Most sex offenders are not pedophiles, waiting in the bushes for your child. Most have made a horrible mistake with family members or friends. Yes it harms the victim, but the process exacerbates that harm.

My victim was never able to look at me again. I knew that she felt responsible for me being in jail. But the law kept me from talking to her – to tell her that I had made the mistake. I grieve at her loss.

It is my sin.

Forgivness is not an option. Restoration an elusive dream.

Our founders may have come over on the Mayflower or slave ships or immigrant ships, but one thing for sure; we’re all in the same boat now! That’s the common thread that binds us all together: registration, inequitable sentences, civil rights violations and some hero’s for the “cause”. Thanks to all who post, who fight and who set the standard for us to keep on fighting each day. CA RSOL is truly a Godsend.

Article and video on “Sex Offender Village” in Florida. Isn’t this wonderful? They have a ghetto for sex offenders because they are unable to find housing elsewhere. These 107 men have a choice of living in this ghetto or being homeless. This was the kind of progress that Jews found in Germany in the 1930s.

Positive story from Texas: They will remove employer information from web for registrants:

Crazy story about overreach of prosecutors in Florida and 18 yo and 15 yo girlfriends:

Not crazy at all – just prosecutors applying the law. Maybe that is what is crazy?

“An offender 18 years of age or older who commits lewd or lascivious molestation against a victim 12 years of age or older but less than 16 years of age commits a felony of the second degree….”

How “seriuos” this particular “crime” is is illustrated by this ordinance, just passed yesterday:,0,2922717.story

The only reason that this story made it into the (international) press is that this was a same-sex couple (okay, two females, the alleged perpetrator being cute, blond and popular) and the reaction of the parents of the accused. Instead of ashamedly hunkering down and waiting for the hammer to drop they went on a media offensive – presumably because of the prospect of mandatory SO Registration (lifetime in Florida). As an aside, I would love to find out about how these parents have voted in the past for laws and politicians related to this issue.

Other than that, this scenario is not one that does not take place every day of the week in the Sunshine State or others, and is prosecuted to the fullest extent.

At some point people will realize that there is a much greater chance of their child ending up on this list than being ‘abused’.

This really has nothing to do with being a registrant. But, I am of the belief (at least I try to be) that things can be worse …. We at least have made it this far. Maybe you’ve heard of him … Zach Sobiech, he passed away on Monday … And what a beautiful song he left behind ….

So now they are trying to take away Food Stamps from SO’s. Please please please, let’s do all we can to make sure that this doesnt go through. I cannot believe it, now they are trying to starve SO’s. This is NOT right.

Well… lost my job… only had it for a month during the “probationary period”, reasoning “It just wouldn’t work out, we want it to work out, but because of your past, many clients might not want to associate with a company who has an individual like yourself on staff”.. back to unemployment yet again… it was good while it lasted, wish it lasted for 3 months, was actually feeling good not living on a raman noodles….

what is the irony is I told the truth and my background check showed it true.. and there was no problem.. job didn’t get me anywhere near questionable places.. went around and hauled junk and scrap from construction sites to a recycling place… no one talks to you.. you just have the guy sign off on the paperwork showing you came by and picked up the dumpster… and thats it…

Sorry to read of your hardships staying employed.
I have never been in your position so I can’t offer you any first hand advise but I have known or heard of ex felons and illegals getting jobs in Denny’s restaurants as dishwashers who move up to cooks.
I hope things work out for you.

Wow… something just happened.. it was like an astronomical event where the stars perfectly lined up in a figurative sense.. So a police officer knocked on my door to do a residence check on me, and the whole courtyard of the apartment was swarming with all my neighbors (apparently there was a BBQ going on, and I wasn’t interested in joining). The officer was very discrete, He asked me if I was who I was and said yes.. and He glanced at the people in the courtyard and softly asked if he can come in and I said yes.. He came in, my place is a complete mess he commented that I should clean up, told him at this rate I’m pretty depressed cause I lost my job and when I get stuff figured I’ll start cleaning again. He asked me a few questions about if my phone number changed and if I had a job.. Told him I did and I don’t, the cycle repeats and at this time I don’t anymore… He wrote something down on his paperwork and asked if I was on parole or probation, told him no… and he said he was done.. I told him thank you for being discreet.. He said its not a problem and walked off, and I said out loud thank you.. And then my neighbors started to beckon me, and I said to myself… Okay.. This is it, everyone is going to know and I’ll be more miserable than I am now… They started huddling around me and asked if I was okay, and then I gathered what was going on.. Someone from outside the apartment came in and cause problems of some kind at the BBQ and broke out a window and ran out of there.. And everyone thought I called it in.. and they sounded relieved about.. One neighbor even told me the police officer asked which unit I was in and she pointed the door for the officer… and that was it… It was one of those WTF just happened… O_o

Really it doesn’t bother anyone that foodstamps may be taken away from so’s

It bothers me…see my post on that string.

Sorry td I didn’t. It seems like we all may be living on a diet of ramen soon ):

Found a very lucid article on how to clear your criminal record from attorney in Ventura County:

I received a 1203.4 in March of this year. Although it provides a little bit of relief as far as legally being able to say on a job application that I have no conviction, it does not relieve one of the obligation to continue registering under PC 290. This isn’t right and I really hope that this can become one angle of attack, that we have people such as myself being forced to continue registering for a conviction that has been dismissed by a judge.

I have a fabulous attorney in San Jose who does 1203.4 record clearances for a living. I’d be happy to put anyone in touch with him.

Yeah, that’s just the first stage. I’m going to do that as soon as I can. But I’m planning to get a COR in the end. Sure, love to have the name of the SJ attorney. We need good 290-aware lawyers here!