International Travel – Mexico

There have been many comments / stories on recent travel to Mexico. This post is dedicated to Travel to Mexico. Some Mexico specific comments  have been moved here for further discussion.

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International Travel

Sharing More Information Will Enable Federal Agencies to Improve Notifications of Sex Offenders’ International Travel – United States Government Accountability Office, February 2013 (Highlights)

International Tracking of Sex Offenders Working Group – An interim report of the collaborative effort to develop a system for tracking registered sex offenders as they depart and enter the United States, as required by 42 U.S.C. 16928 (White Paper) – developed by representatives of the Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of State, and Department of Defense offenders as they depart and enter the United States, as required by 42 U.S.C. §16928, December 2010

Current Situation Results in Thousands of Passports Issued to Registered Sex Offenders – United States Government Accountability Office, June 2010 (Highlights)

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Our hearts go out to you about the ruined honeymoon and the loss of a huge amount of money. Many registered citizens and ex-registrants are subject to this crap and more on a daily basis.
This is the country we live in now; ultra corrupt, anti-sex, personally invasive. This government wants control of each and every life, from the cradle to the grave and registries are one way of controlling people. We think all is good until stuff like this happens.
Love your country, fear your government.

Wasn’t there someone here pursuing legal action? What is going on with that? How has this not been challenged in a court of law yet? Talk about overly broad.

thank you all so much it was quite in devastating ordeal. And I’m not even the one who couldn’t get in. My poor husband feels horrible and so embarrassed. I will be watching this post. I’ll join any fight against this crap. Teir 3..u shouldn’t be treated like this. Anyone that has been through this please email me. ***

My husband was convicted of a drug offence 13 years ago.
He’s still currently on parole first time offender he gets 15 years sentence and serves 4.
He’s still currently on parol has 2 years left .
We’ve bern to Hawaii twice and flew the Vegas and Orlando.
He has even got an okay from his parole officer to take a cruise.
And to travel to out of the country. But now I’m wondering if this new thing Mexico is doing is it just for SO? Or anyone with a feleony?
We would love to take our girls to Cancun this year for a grad gift so any help would be appreciate.

I have been on the SO registration list for about 13 years, and have had no trouble traveling the world as I enjoy SCUBA diving and trying new places. I even did a group trip to Cozumel, MX late last year with no issues. I put together a group trip to the Dominican Republic and we left last Monday (March 23rd). I was met at the DR airport and told that I must return on the next flight back to the US. Needless to say, it was embarrassing to have to explain this to my dive buddies, and hand over the money and information they would need for the rest of their trip. Both the DR agents and the US agents were very apologetic, but the DR agents said I was on a US “list” and had to return. After doing alot of research here online, I now understand the Green Notice, and Guardian Angel program. I feel sick and saddened to think that I can no longer enjoy my favorite hobby (other than US destinations). Just wondering if anyone has tried using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to determine which countries are subscribing to this program? I’m pretty sure that all of them are being “pressured”, but it would be helpful to know. Has anyone found that contacting the destination country’s consulate provides any useful information?

I’ve watched this page and the comments for over a year now.. this is my 1st time commenting. Any input is appreciated to help.

In 2/2014 I was traveling to Cancun with my wife. When we landed I was called off the plane as soon as the door opened.. They were waiting for me. They would not tell me anything.. they had a few pieces of paper stapled together with a blown up photo from my passport and Spanish writing. I was escorted to the INM office and seated until interviewed. The interview started with basic questions about who I am, what I do, and then lead to questions about my criminal history… specifically sexual assault. At this point I realized they had the wrong guy. My criminal history may show a citation for no front license plate on my truck in 2005.. outside of that I have nothing on my record. The paperwork the INM had on me included a long list of offenses.. after reviewing the list I realized it was very similar to my brothers list of convictions. My brother is also a RSO (he says the lowest level). I explained to them that this is not me, it is my brother, and this is a mistake. They stated “your country provided us with this information”. At that point regardless of how much I argued, there was no way I could convince them that this warning they received was false or a mistake. Based on the circumstances I understand.. they were doing their job. I was on the next flight back to MN at that point. I left my wife as she was meeting up with other friends.

The next morning I went to the MN BCA for a certified copy of my criminal background history. This had a raised seal and notary stamp. From there I went to my local Mexican consulate to explain what happened and see if they could provide a letter to explain/fix my situation. They were not willing to help. After leaving the consulate I hopped on the next flight back to Cancun. When we got there I was relieved to get off the plane without an escort waiting for me. I got to the INM line.. my passport was scanned, and then was escorted to the INM office. Most of the INM people recognized me from the day before.. and were surprised to see me again. I explained my situation and provided my background check. They scanned it in and emailed it to a supervisor. The whole process took 3-4 hours of waiting and phone calls.. but finally I was approved to go in.

1yr later- I booked a trip back to Cancun with my wife and friends at the end of Feb. To prepare for my trip I applied and was approved for a TSA/Global Entry card. I also obtained a REDRESS number to prevent any other confusion. I had a file of documents with my background check (an updated copy) along with documents from my global entry approval, and misc info about my brothers criminal background. We landed in Cancun.. waiting in the INM line.. passport scanned.. and then was escorted back to the INM office. I sent my wife and friends on their way as I dealt with the INM office. I was fairly confident I would be in/out as this would be my 3rd trip to the INM office. After 2-3hrs of waiting and explaining my situation again, and showing all of my paperwork I was refused entry and on my way back to MN. The INM agent specifically stated that my documents were only for MN, so I could of committed my crimes in other states.. and they should not of let me back in last year due to my charges.

At this point a simple solution (as others also suggested) to my problem is to avoid going back to Mexico. This is not the type of person I am. I prefer to deal with my issues, especially since I am not guilty of anything wrong in this situation. I also do not want to have a similar issue in the future when travelling to another country.

Based on everything I’ve read it appears my passport is blacklisted with INM. This started with some sort of warning that was sent in 2/2014 when I traveled to Cancun. How did they mix me up with my brother? We are “half” brothers with different last names. However… we work together, we’ve owned property/lived at the same address, and we’ve co-signed on loans for each other. Somehow, some computer system must have identified me as an alias for him. My last name is very unique (Czech) and I can guarantee no one has the same full name as me. To fix my problem.. I need to determine who/what department of our government sent the warning to Mexico in 2/2014. Once this is done.. I would hope I could work with them to send a notice or give me something stating this was incorrect. Once I have this document, I could work with INM to remove my name/passport from whatever list/blacklist I am flagged on. I requested all of my records (FOIA) from Interpol and Customs/Border patrol. Interpol came back with no records on me.. and I’m still waiting for CBP. Any suggestions or information is appreciated.

Thank you

Sad to read all the stories and challenges people have faced. I’d enjoyed travel for both work and vacation for the past ten years since my release. However, my last trip was a disaster … and I believed somehow having a visa to enter a country would bring a different result. It didn’t. Now I find myself in the same situation as all others in this thread … stuck without ability to travel outside the US. My thoughts now, marry a foreigner and travel under dual citizenship passport (perhaps even give up my US citizenship). It’s not what I want, and yet I love to travel and experience the world.

My indiscretions occurred over 25 years ago .. and I have moved on – founded a nonprofit organization to help with the effects of crime on society, and helps ex-felons transition back into society in a safe and healthy way. While this pursuit is rewarding, I’m quite discouraged with the challenge of my past being treated as though it all happened “today” … rather than 25 years ago.

I understand reservations people have given my past – and yet, if the law says this is the price I pay, and that’s my punishment … why then are consequences lifetime – and punishment continues with denial of personal right of freedom?

My capacity for gainful employment is diminished with travel restrictions … and this was not the case when I traveled in March of 2014 to Grand Cayman. Since then, it’s been a very expensive disaster. I truly feel for all who struggle with this issue, and hope there is a resolution at some future point. If any who read this have a recommendation – I’m appreciative to hear your thoughts. I’d organized a trip to Europe this fall with my aging parents – and have no idea how long I have to take them on this “once in a lifetime” trip through Europe while their health permits … but I’m not sending them alone, and had always intended to travel with them as they are not capable of traveling by themselves. So disappointing … it’s not going to happen now unless something changes.

If there was a list posted of countries that will and won’t allow me to enter – that would be a great place to start. Otherwise … I’m seriously considering plan B …

I’m grateful to have found this forum to share thoughts and ideas on this quality of life issue.

What country did you have a visa for? What happened in Grand Cayman?

Remember folks I know how to get to Cacun, if your on the list.


I’d really like to know what you know about traveling to Cancun. ***

I would like to know to, please post your email


Please email me with the information about your Cancun experience as well. *** . Thanks!

Tired of hiding, I love your idea.

Matt – please send me your info on Cancun to *** Thanks folks.

Has anyone with a duel-citizenship have gone out of the U.S. To Mexico or to any other foregien country? I have a duel-citizenship with Mexico. I was born in WA state. And I’ve been a RSO for around 3 years. I got convicted in the Juvenile Court cause I’m still underage(I’m not even 18 yet) and I’m planning to go to Mexico this year but I’m scared that I’ll be denied entry.

Matt, will you please email me at *** regarding your travel experience. I’m turning 50 and would very much like my 23 year old son with me and my other friends & fam. He is f6 rso in Co.

Guys, Matt is a troll. Stop publishing your email addresses and asking him to help. He has no solutions, he’s not helping anyone. Want to know how to do it? Land travel into Mexico, then travel domestically once you’re in Mexico. This will only work if you haven’t been refused entry before. This way, no green notice is sent.

I can vouch for Matt’s comments being a troll to get email addresses. My gmail account used to average around 100 latent spam emails. After posting here it’s gone up to over 400. Fortunately the spam filter catches it all.


I would recommend that NOBODY post ANY personal information, including emails, in this forum. YOU DON’T KNOW WHO IS COLLECTING THOSE EMAILS.

Case in point: Someone is offering to tell someone how to go to another country as a registrant. This may be true…but it may not be true! They may be collecting email addresses for more nefarious purposes. Keep in mind that with cross-checking email accounts in google, vigilantes can put together a mosaic of your online activities, perhaps to family sites, business requests, etc.

This has been done to several people on SOSEN forums, as well as other forums in the past. It is insidious, but it can happen.

My recommendation for anyone who has LEGITIMATE travel information: Instead of offenering to give it to anyone in a public thread, send it to the CONTACT tab, then Contact the State Organizer on the Purpose selection box. This will allow for better vetting of the information itself.

The bottom line: NEVER epose or send email addresses to anyone whom are not trustworthy, especially with RSO issues, which are GOLD for vigilante terrorists.

I would recommend a policy of not allowing email addresses to be displayed of registrants, and if anyone wants to conact each other privately, do so through outside sources.

I’m an RSO (possession of CP, federal, 3 years probation which finished a few years ago). My wife and 2 children are Mexican citizens. We would like to move to Mexico. I already went to the consulate and received my Permanent Resident visa which I need to activate in Mexico within 6 months.

I know a visa doesn’t guarantee entry. Does anyone here have experience crossing the border with this type of visa? I know the US will notify Mexico that I am coming. I know I will get “interviewed” once I arrive. But will THIS type of visa make a difference?

Thanks all.

Question: has anyone tried going to Mexico recently (by flight) who has successfully de-registered? I am no longer on the registry and charges were dismissed (deferred) but am afraid I could still be in some “system” that could prevent me from getting into the country. I can’t deal with being rejected at customs again (happened while I was still registered).

Anyone who has tried going back since de-registering who can share their experience would be greatly appreciated!!

Do we have any success stories? Are there any countries not blocking us, ignoring the notification from the USA?

Supposedly France and Italy will not stop people from entering the country who are registered. This is what I have read from different sites about others experiences.

May be other countries, these two are the ones I’ve read about.

France & Italy ?? My wife would like to go to both..
I might go if I knew there would not be a problem.

How can we find out for sure , before going there ?


I just returned from a 2-week trip with family to Spain, Italy and France. You should not have any problems going there. I had no issues — only the usual upon returning to the US where they made me wait in secondary for a few minutes while they checked to make sure there were no outstanding warrants for my arrest.