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Steep cost to house sex offenders

Sometime before Oct. 24, if all goes according to plan, ____ ____ will move into a rented three-bedroom home on five acres in the backcountry community of Campo — a move that will be unwelcome by neighbors, closely watched by a team of experts, and expensive to taxpayers.

_____, 58, is the most recent sexually violent predator to win release from a state hospital to live on his own, but under supervision. It won’t come cheap, either: the state Department of Hospitals said that the average cost for supervision of sexually violent predators like ____ is $226,429 per predator, per year. Full Article

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Steep cost to house sex offenders?!?! If one thinks about it; a few people have created allot of problems for so many that are too stupid to connect the dots. It seems everyone willingly embraces the hate aimed at registrants. You’d think they’d have stopped whining about it all by now.

I’m sure some politician has said that “we must protect our children at all costs.” Well, it’s costing you (us) now! No doubt they will attach some little child’s name to a tax increase bill that will cover the excessive cost of housing the RSO’s at a cost greater than $200,000 per year. I know I’m in the wrong business for sure! We can put this boondoggle right up there with the high speed rail project.

What a useless and inflammatory article… what is the point of comparing either the cost of Community Supervision or Civil Commitment ($226k or $200k respectively) to the cost of Prison confinement ($60k)? Maybe I missed it but I did not see it mentioned in the article that all these people have finished serving their sentences years (!) ago. Might as well go with that always popular 25c bullet. Might as well move to North Korea, also. The only sane comparison is $0 for letting a person who has finished serving their sentence go on with their life. Or whatever the… Read more »

Furthermore, this money is NOT being spent on HOUSING this ex-offender. The San Diego DA’s web site has the release plan of one of those approved for release. He cannot even scratch his rear so to speak without getting permission.

A breakdown of actual housing vs monitoring costs would be great. But that would not whip up the good citizens about this guy living comfortably off the law abiding tax payer, now would it.

I do not have a Facebook account for comment on the actual article.

As I recall, the cost in 2010 was $48,000/yr. per prison inmate. Now, after (AB)109 realignment the cost is $60,000/yr. according to this article. Less work. More pay. What a curious industry. I expect the cost per inmate will continue to escalate if/when they ever reach the population quota handed down by the federal three judge panel. That probably doesn’t factor in the 25% increase towards California’s minimum wage over the next 1 1/2yrs. which I’m sure the CCPOA members will also receive 25% as an adjustment. I’d imagine the cost could reach $75,000/yr. per inmate by the end of… Read more »

Well, for every person they release, they have to increase the spending across the ones remaining to keep their subsidy requirements high. They do have shareholders to consider after all……

Too bad I am banned from making a comment on the newspaper’s site because I don’t have a Facebook account. Seems like these people concerned about the costs of supervising former sex offenders missed their opportunity to save millions. They should have urged their representatives to pass the tiered registry, which would have taken the streakers and teen age sexters off immediately or in the next few years. That would have saved on supervision cost and allowed these people find jobs and hence contribute to the tax base. Do the math, prison for life could cost more than temporary intense… Read more »

“…no one under its supervision has committed a new crime in the years they have run the program.”
Pretty much a zero percent relapse rate. Compare that to the 40 to 60% relapse rate for drug treatment programs

Those on the tier bandwagon …that’s your level 3 svp….no one can compare to what they’ve been through …..I still believe tier level is un-Constitutional…….they have to let people off this sham after say ten years clean no ‘se’ crime…..they are svp or NOT…….people need to be off this.

Last time I looked I was on the registration patty wagon. If they had passed the tiered system, I would have been able to look forward to jumping off the patty wagon in six years, instead of riding it until I need life support. CaRSOL and the CASCOMB couldn’t convince our legislators that they would save the state money and increase public safety by voting for tge the tiered system. Yes, we need to challenge the constitutionality of these registration related laws, if we are ever going to get traction against the public that doesn’t seem willing to act in… Read more »

I DO have a face book account. I DID comment twice on this article. Both comments were removed. WHY? I DO have property out in the back county close to CAMPO. I DID hire a registered citizen to be my Park Manager. (Met him at the San Diego meeting two years ago) I DID have to calm my tenants concerns (by educating them). He had the experience I needed, but couldn’t find a job. I had a position that I needed to fill, but had trouble finding someone with the qualifications needed. Win Win. I gave him a place to… Read more »

Wow. They can censor you, but allow people to post comments threatening to kill registrant. The free press. Anyway, I wish there were more people like you. I have experience maintaining properties, if you ever need any help in that regards.

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