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Costa Rica Fights Against Sexual Exploitation of Children

Brooklyn, NY — (ReleaseWire) — 11/07/2014 — A new global Taskforce, launched in London yesterday aims to tackle the rapid acceleration of sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism. Eight eminent leaders from the travel industry, the United Nations, Governments and NGOs, under the leadership of Dr. Maalla M’jid Former Special Rapporteur on the sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography, will re-think approaches to a crime that has, to date, outpaced every attempt to respond. The sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism is now a phenomenon of global dimensions, and as Dr. Maalla M’jid states, a phenomenon that “seriously harms countless children around the world, often with irreparable consequences.”

The Taskforce will oversee the ECPAT International-initiated Global Study on the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism, the first of its kind, funded by the Dutch Government.  Full Article

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  1. ab

    Responding won’t work. As long as stopping this is framed as a responsive effort nothing will change. These fools need to get ahead of the action and start learning to predict when, why, where, how, and who will get trafficked, exploited, or enslaved. Its absolutely ridiculous that nobody has figured out how to catch the masterminds leading trafficking, exploitation, and slavery rings. How many decades has the world known about human trafficking and sexual tourism? Better yet, how many more decades will pass before someone else realizes the real problem is not being fixed?

    • David Kennerly

      The assumption you are operating on is that the “anti-traffickers” are telling the truth.

      They are not. There is no escalation of “trafficking”, “sex tourism”, “child prostitution”, expansion of illicit sex trafficking markets, etc.

      There is no evidence for it because it is NOT happening. Just as there were not legions of satanists or numerous covens of witches operating day care centers in the 1980’s.

      Getting “ahead of action” which is not really happening is called “erecting a police state”.

      We have recently seen clear examples of “anti-trafficking” NGOs being revealed as the massive frauds which they are.

      Let’s not be so credulous that we support, uncritically, the relinquishment of our liberty and let’s not be so willing to credit the shrieking hysterics with a good faith which they do not possess.

      • ab

        Let me clarify what I meant by getting ahead of the curve or action as I put it. Did you notice that I did not write the word government? Also I made no indication of believing in an increase in trafficking and sex tourism.

        The moment someone can produce a list of names (real names i.e. actual first and last names), a photographs of the named individuals, and proof of those people being trafficked or used as sex slaves is the moment I will believe in this so called epidemic. No “oh my son, daughter, niece, nephew, cousin, etc…has been missing for weeks, months, years.” Just because someone is missing doesn’t mean they are being held, were trafficked as a drug mule or sex slave, were/are being forced to do things against their own will.

        I think governments are angry because most people who go missing and are supposedly trafficked are not ever heard from again. Which means nobody has a clue about actually stopping these things before they can ever happen or even be planned. So here is a radical idea: don’t try to prevent a crime, reduce the potential possibility that someone, anyone could be labeled a target. Rather than ruin the fun I will just ask anyone reading this to consider how far society (globally) might have to go to ultimately prevent people (specifically children) from being able to be targeted. As a word of caution don’t limit the possibilities to any one government or even a governing body. It might be best to think about an indirect way to deal with the issue by not making it a focus at all, but by doing something else that would be extremely beneficial for the long term survival of the human species.

    • mike

      It’s fascinating to see how the sex trafficking definition has morphed during the last ten years. Many countries are having a hard time adjusting to the changes in the rules or just plain don’t understand what the term now includes, therefore they risk losing U.S. federal grants if their laws are not up to date and they score low on their anti-human trafficking efforts.

      I just finished reading an interesting article written several years ago. It brings up a lot of questionable issues regarding the direction we’re heading globally with this sex trafficking nonsense. People are getting very rich promoting it and politicians have to buy into it or lose their lofty jobs.

      How the Anti-Sex Trafficking Lobby Profits from telling lies.

    • mike

      Is it possible that soon we’ll see this sex trafficking term extended to Hollywood? Today women who have made a conscientious decision to make a living from selling their bodies for prostitution are offered impunity if/when they are caught and coerced to admit they are being trafficked. They become “victims” and therefore are relieved of responsibility and possible jail time. This is made possible by victim advocacy groups, fundamental Christians, feminist organizations, and law enforcement. They all stand to gain funding by making victims out of this growing atrocity as they call it. The more victims they can make, the more money they demand to bring awareness to the problem. But are they really doing anything to stop the problem? Limiting our ability to travel and making every major sporting event sound like a sex trafficking magnet are just a couple ways to make it appear they are doing something. But the problem of trafficking must grow as their enterprises expand into new untouched ventures of victimhood.

      What specifically is the dividing line when a movie producer approaches a female actress and proposes that she play a role in a movie and get payed to have sex with another actor? Is the producer not guilty of sex trafficking? Is she not a “victim”. Just my thoughts on this growing problem.

      • ab

        I work in the industry. So here’s the deal with nudity and sex in mainstream movies and television shows.

        Actors and actresses after a certain point of gaining recognition and paying their dues are represented by agents and/or talent agencies. Say an executive producer on a television show or director on a film has people in mind for a role. If the director or producer actually knows one or more of the actors or actresses in mind they might give them a direct call. Otherwise an agent or agency will be contacted to ask if the desired candidates might be interested. A third option, if there are no desired candidates available or nobody has come to mind, would be an open casting call.

        Whatever the process is one thing remains true, contracts. If someone won’t budge on something in their contract whoever is making the final casting decision has to decide what to do. Normally the provisions or conditions are discussed as early in the process as possible. These include but are not limited to; what an actor or actress is and is not willing to do, what the production company and/or studio will let the actor or actress do, the length of commitment and size of role (guest star, cameo, main character, secondary character, multi episode arc, multi picture deal), and so on and on….

        No hiring person in the industry can force anyone to do anything they don’t want to. Just like a lot of actors and actresses have stunt doubles, sometimes body doubles are used for nudity and sex scenes. Oh and sex acts in mainstream films and television shows are usually simulated. Thank the motion picture association of America for that.

        See the association has a limit on what is allowed at each rating level and for television the same is true, though I don’t know who makes the final call on the rating for a television program. Actually I think a network looks at the FCC rules as a guide for rating tv shows and if they overlook or break an FCC rule heavy fines can result. The argument is go ahead create the vision you want, but just know if enough thresholds are surpassed the rating will be geared towards more mature audiences.

        For example ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and the CW are the five major broadcast networks. Under FCC rules they can’t air some content until after a certain hour. One thing they can’t ever do is air TV-MA programming or unedited R rated films. Saturday night live on NBC is as far as any of the networks push the TV-14 rating. Because it airs so late it can and does push the boundaries of network programming.

        So no I don’t believe a sexual exploitation hysteria will hit Hollywood. There are way more behind the scenes checks and balances in play than most people know about. Nobody ever gets to a set then is surprised by what the first day of shooting will include or what any day of shooting will include.

  2. Tired of hiding

    Yes, none of us is going to Costa Rica anytime soon (if ever again)…I am glad that I have been there 4 times prior to this unfair and clearly unnecessary legislation which will have ZERO effect on stopping human trafficking or child sexual abuse as all those things are going on as I type this from California and it is NOT being done by registered sex offenders!

    This is the sort of nonsense that only gives the appearance that anything is being done while in reality it is “business as usual” and nothing has changed at all!

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