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Green Notice: Interpol’s paedophile tracking system ‘compromised by privacy concerns’ following Edward Snowden spying revelations

The global system designed to track paedophiles is failing as nations refuse to share information following the Edward Snowden spying revelations, child protection experts have warned.

Suspicions of government “snooping” and potential privacy breaches have meant that countries have proved unwilling to hold and disseminate information on known and dangerous child abusers. Full Article


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I doubt personal privacy issues are the only thing holding up the creation of SO registries in many of these countries. There are at least two other good reasons they may not want one. The first is monetary; it’s expensive to set up a registry and keep it current. They may simply have other things they’d rather do with their money. The second is that it only takes about five minutes of internet research on the US registry to see that it doesn’t work. It doesn’t reduce the incidence of new sex crimes. It doesn’t adequately target those who commit… Read more »

Let’s add a third reason: not every country views sexual misconduct in the same way. Some things are legal in the United States that aren’t legal elsewhere and vise versa. Despite supposedly international efforts to combat sexual exploitation, trafficking, abuse, and slavery there is no global consensus on what behaviors are inappropriate. Here in the United States a child is anyone under eighteen, in other places it is younger and in some countries way younger. Russia for example permits any person sixteen years or older to not only have sex, but appear in pornography. Logistically it’s not just about being… Read more »

I note, this is a British report, and Britain has been in fanatic, severely hyped up frenzy about sex offenders for some time now. This report is simply feeding into that and distorted accordingly. For one thing, the supposed “global system designed to track pedophiles” apparently is not distinguishing pedophiles from any other sex offender — because, as is clear in the US, cracking down on pedophiles is not really what it is all about. All non-pedophile registrants in the US who have tried to travel overseas since last December can tell you so, as they apparently are all getting… Read more »

The United States government is actively at war with a segment of the American population namely registered sex offenders. We registered sex offenders are being PUNISHED for actually following the absurd list of added punishments to the letter by providing the government with our information. The government is handing this information to foreign countries that we are legally trying to visit and part of the pursuit of happiness (travel and seeing the world that we have a human right to explore just like anyone else)! The US government is betraying our cooperation with their endless punishment. I am seriously thinking… Read more »

Amazing. You can’t get help through using this site. Something smells off. You and Bruce there on another post, who has proof of his innocence, he can’t get anyone interested? This is a registrant advocacy site. Where else do you go?

Where else indeed…that is the question. Seems like there is no interest in seeing actual justice done. I am seriously thinking of contacting some investigative journalist who could help to expose the lack of opportunities for those who got caught up in the system and railroaded along…I would THINK that if nothing else a reporter would take it for a “human interest” piece which would at least get exposure – NOT only for those who are innocent BUT to expose the blatant abuse of the system against those very people who are trying their best to simply comply with it… Read more »

I had a reporter mentioned she would take down my story, but really, I haven’t been adversely affected by all this as glaringly as many of you. No offense, but not as good a story as loosing $6000 because your government has slapped a label on you or having trouble looking into proof of innocence. Haven’t heard from her since, but I did hear she was being threatened for some of the articles she did. If anything else, I think these are stories of interest, and amazed that some professional with real journalistic curiosity would take the time to investigate.… Read more »

What kind of help do you envision getting on this registrant advocacy site? Free legal representation to the tune of thousands, tens of thousands or maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars? Doubt it. A place to share experiences? Check. Connect with others in the same boat? Check. Non-professional advice? Check. Here is mine. Hire an attorney. Find others on this site and pool your resources. Can’t find an expert? I am guessing that there are no experts. All this is brand new and super secret. I am willing to bet that pretty much any attorney’s interest can be piqued with… Read more »

It’s people like you who have kept things in the shadows for so long…people who refuse to say “this is not right and I am not going to take it anymore”. Of course, only those who are naive think that lawyers work for nothing. I am also assuming that you know that a lawyer or firm usually has multiple cases going on and that no one is asking for someone to dedicate their entire life or time to one case! It is also clear that there actually ARE those lawyers who do work pro bono and/or simply take on cases… Read more »

If it is your contention that being a realist makes me part of the problem so be it. This is not the place for fighting or finger pointing.

Best of luck to you, and do keep us posted.

The security and prevention offered here is an illusion. This is nothing more than the classic argument for the advancement of the preventive state – we must move from reacting to sexual violence to a proactive, preemptive, preventive mode. It is not Snowden who has caused the distrust. The preventive state promulgated by the United States in dealing with terrorists after 9/11 that the rest of world is struggling with, already exists through the registry for registered citizens. Many in the world are smarter than the mentality in America to know that it is a common mistake to assume that… Read more »

Ernie Allen, some sort of sex abuse expert said, “You lose some of your civil rights when convicted of crimes against a child.” I have an Article 5 problem with this. I certainly understand that our civil rights have been degraded, though illegally. We have many civil rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the Constitution defines how government goes about eliminating those rights: Article 5 defines how to amend the constitution. Our constitutional rights are not degraded by laws or statutes; not by initiatives; not by some fool like Ernie Allen. They may legally be degraded by amending the constitution.… Read more »

Besides prohibition, which was repealed, I don’t know of any Amendment that didn’t extend rights to more people. Of course, after this country swallowed the post 911 poison, and became ethically ill, who knows what will be vomited out of this nation’s political bowels.

I don’t think that there is anything “special” about crimes against children at all and once a person has paid the “debt to society” then they are free. Someone needs to remind these people how our legal system works because they have forgotten. EVERY AMERICAN deserves a second chance – PERIOD! To say otherwise is to be anti-American. These useless anti-American politicians should be immediately thrown out of office to dereliction of their sworn duty! If someone kills with premeditation then that is something else…hardly comparable to some sex crime! These people who think otherwise really need a major reality… Read more »

B, I too have wondered which rights Mr. Ernie Allen considers forfeited by registered citizens. It is seriously wrong that only 4 countries of over 100+ are the only ones doing this to their own citizens. The US appears to be leading with over 1700 notifications to 100 countries. Quite notable, is the claim “but it was not clear if countries acted on the information.” Meaning that the US government can only confirm that they sent these notifications but have no idea or has any system in place to know what happened to these US citizens after sending such harmful… Read more »

When you commit a crime you may lose certain civil rights for a certain period of time. You may lose your freedom for a period of time, as defined by the judge, you may lose your protection against warrantless search & seizure if on probation or parole, if your offense was at the felony level you will lose your second amendment rights (I never did understand why stealing something or writing a bad check causes you to lose your ability to ever again go hunting for the rest of your life, but I am not a gun fan and there… Read more »

This past weekend I traveled to Ohio with my daughter to visit a college. On BOTH flights departing and coming home my daughter and I were both “chosen” for additional security checks. The TSA said “wow I’ve never seen two people traveling together get chosen for the additional check”. Makes me think that they are doing a little check even on domestic flights.
The check was for bomb making material on my suitcase and my hands. The TSA guy had no idea why we were chosen.

I fly regularly to the Midwest from SoCal and have never received any heightened TSA scrutiny.
I last traveled to France in 2005 (a few years after my release from incarceration) and, again, I received no heightened scrutiny at departures or arrivals.
Apparently, that may change next time I travel internationally.
Whatever happens next time, I’ll report my experiences on this website so others can use the info.

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