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Chris Hansen using crowd funding to get back to catching predators

Chris Hansen is going back into the predator-catching business, but this time he’s asking his fans to help him.

The veteran network news correspondent, known for the “Dateline NBC” investigative series “To Catch a Predator,” is turning to crowd funding to support a new hidden-camera operation to capture men who use the Internet to find underage sex partners. The results will become the basis for a new series, “Hansen vs. Predator.” Full Article

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This organization should be ripe for legal action against it if it restarts. So many constitutional violations during the original run destroyed the reputation not just of NBC, but of the agencies it “partnered” with on these shows that it only resulted in low conviction rates and hundreds of thousands of dollars by police jurisdictions and one suicide. First Amendment privilege goes so far, but when Chris yells at the perps to explain their actions as they are arrested, that essentially negates Miranda and a multitude of other rights.

This is one sick – twisted individual, and is he an indication of how far the people in this country have strayed from the basic principals of right and wrong?

I wonder what ghost that Hansen has in his closet that keeps him riding this horse. I think people may want keep their children away from him.

Sometimes those afflicted with obsessive behavior towards a particular group in fact identify with those same groups because of related and unresolved issues within themselves.

The real title of this series ought to be Hansen vs. His Own Demons.

please remove this comment. it may be counter productive to the collective effort. thank you.

I don’t think it’s counter productive time at all. All too often the most vociferous opponents of something turn out to secretly indulge in that which they claim to be fighting. How many politicians who claim to fight corruption get busted for accepting bribes, how many get caught in gay behavior, etc. It is not a stretch of the imagination that Chris Hansen shares the same proclivities as those he seeks to entrap.

Well, I’m not sure what to say. I have saw the show and saw some rather disturbing things/one of the guys was clearly mentally handicapped and had an issue. No offense, but this is entrapment. I know some of the individuals had their cases dismissed due to legal issues. I was rather distraught to see one of the females working for perverted justice/this is a disturbing name in itself was a lesbian and obviously didn’t like men. So, who goes around working for a non profit organization that is out to bust men seeking under age girls/or boys. I don’t… Read more »

This almost sounds like a game show from a scene in some far out science fiction movie in which surreal distortions of justice are meted out for the entertainment of home bound survivors of a post apocalyptic society.

Is this even legal? How does a private enterprise entrap and subsequently profit by income and ratings while trolling for pigeons? This brings them down to the perceived lows of the accused (IMHO).

“The Running Man” and “The Long March” were two of Stephen King’s novels (written as Richard Bachman) that depicted exactly that: contestants of game shows in dystopian America who were being jeered and then cheers go out when the game show hit teams killed them, or stopped marching. As I stated above, this “Predator” cannot be legal by any means of the imagination, particularly with the civilian intervention prior to police arrest, and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if CA RSOL didn’t put up a court case on this aspect. All one has to do is to show footage from… Read more »

Entrapment indeed. It was the result of such a sting(I didn’t even try to meet the person) that I am where I am today. These stings should be outlawed and those who conducted them should be charged for criminal actions such as entrapment, manufacturing evidence, obstruction of justice, misuse of public resources, etc.

The man is trash and just making a career out of ruining peoples lives exactly as John Walsh has done…turned his tragedy into a television career!

What a horrible way to have his child remembered…by causing more and more suffering for countless other children! Shame on these men!

Sick at worse pathetic at best!

Chris Hansen is a narcissistic D-Bag!!!

Chris Hansen got fired from NBC for having an affair with a woman aged 30, 20+ years younger than Hansen in 2013. Wonder what else could be uncovered by a lie detector test of this opportunistic blowhard.

“Wonder what else could be uncovered by a lie detector test of this opportunistic blowhard.”

It seems that those who rant and rave the most against registered citizens and the like have the biggest skeletons in their own closets.

Lets do a sting on him?

Shame on the LA Times for even bothering to report this absurdity and giving it free publicity so that all the kool-aid drinkers out there can help him keep the hype going. Shame on all the idiots out there who actually believe he’s only catching predators and are giving him money.

Maybe we can Kickstart some “fan fiction” spinoff for this old Chris Hansen related episode of The Boondocks…

Bottom line the stings made popular on to catch a predator should be illegal.

Just great…a resurgence of “To Catch a Predator”, hosted by Hansen the Whoremonger! I’m guessing that’s all he can do, is live vicariously through those he entraps, getting off on the thrill of the chase and catch, all the while living a lie, being a cheating husband and a low life who pretends he is so much holier than others. I’m guessing this will be a huge flop, and that whichever network sponsors or allows it, will get their fat pocketbooks drained through lawsuits. Remember, beware of the Zealots!

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