IML Set for Concurrence Vote Tuesday, 26th We Must Act Now! [updated with postponement of vote]

The U.S. House of Representatives will not vote on legislation on Tuesday and Wednesday because of the severe winter storm that hit the country’s capital city over the weekend, according to Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s office.  The next vote by the congressional chamber is expected on Feb. 1. THIS MEANS ONE EXTRA WEEK TO CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE TO RECORD YOUR OPPOSITION TO HR 515.

ACTION ALERT! Contact YOUR national HOUSE representatives TODAY via email, and then CALL their office again on Monday. Here is a link to locate YOUR representative:

Be sure to identify yourself as their constituent.

Do NOT muddy this short message with personal stories or complaints about the entire bill. If they ASK for more info, you can find and share our talking points at

The MESSAGE: Stop HR 515 from consideration on the floor of the House of Representatives on Tuesday! It contains a Senate amendment that is both substantive and historic. That is, for the first time in our nation’s history, a “unique identifier” will be added to the passports of U.S. citizens. The substance of this Senate amendment to HR 515 needs to be discussed and debated in the House of Representatives, and in order for that to happen it MUST be referred back to the House Foreign Affairs Committee prior to a vote.


International Megan’s Law, A Law That Fails Miserably To Make Its Case (But Which Is About To Be Enacted, Even So)

A Government Which Simultaneously Murders Children Abroad While Barring U.S. Citizens From International Travel

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1/2 way there.Just sent an email to my congressman. Will call tomorrow. Kept it short and to the point. I also clicked the bullet that says I would like a response. I clicked this because I want to be sure my representative gets my email. Below is what I copied and pasted. I added one short sentence of my own. I will expand on my opposition if I am asked to do so. I kept it simple per the posters instructions.

Congressman Cook

I am a constituent in your 8th Congressional district. Please Stop HR 515 from consideration on the floor of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, It contains a Senate amendment that is both substantive and historic. That is, for the first time in our nation’s history, a “unique identifier” will be added to the passports of U.S. citizens. I am opposed to this on several levels.

Sent an email to Mr. Sherman of the San Fernando Valley today. Will call his office Monday. The nation needs to rise up and speak on this. I wish I could still trust this president, but I just don’t anymore.

I emailed my congresswoman twice. I, too, selected the bullet requesting a response, but I just got the automatic reply. I’ll make my phone call tomorrow.

I cannot possibly be the only person in district 14 (San Mateo County) who has a say against this bill. When I went on the popvox site, I was the only person to vote out of my district. I know for a fact there are other registered citizens in my district since I’ve met some of you at the last CARSOL meeting in Berkeley. Please contact our rep and voice your opposition to this bill.

House votes for this week have been cancelled due to the blizzard. House is in session the following week, so anticipate the vote first week of Feb. Still urgent to get in touch with your member and ask a friend/family to do the same!

I also sent to Sherman:

I am a constituent and registered citizen and ask you to oppose HB 515. This is a horrible representation of what this country is about. This bill will place a unique “identifier” on a indivislduals passport preventing them from traveling abroad for the rest of their lives long after many have paid their debt to society. This vote is Tuesday and ironically on Wednesday is the 71st anniversary of the halocaust. We should never forget the “markings” a regime placed on the “less desirables” Let us not forget. Please do not pass HB 515 Thank you

I just emailed my Congressperson Judy Chu. I will follow-up with a phone call tomorrow.

Here’s how to email a Co-Sponsor of this Bill:

As mentioned, you should not complain about the Bill, or write about your own personal story or sex conviction. Just stick to 1 or 2 talking points mentioned at the top of this page.

Under the Thread- Vote “No” to Oppose International Megan’s Law

Just a silly question has anyone else read H.R. 514 HUMAN TRAFFICKING PRIORITIZATION ACT, it too is set to voted on and it seems to me they are building a separate bureau to enforce all of this under the secretary of state (25 assistant secretary of state to be exact) with the power to “combat” the “nearly 21,000,000 people are subjected to modern slavery around the world at any given time”, to me the snowball seems to be gaining speed and mass, FML.

There is another chance to be heard re: HR 515. Please sign an online petition opposing that bill. Below is a link to the petition. Thank you!

I emailed all of my local congresspersons and anyone related to this bill a couple weeks ago. Today I’ve also re-emailed my local congresswoman in the House with a version of the new abbreviated paragraph that Janice supplied. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail!

I will email my Congressman again, but I will also make it a habit to educate when and where I can in between the legislative events — at least inject an alternate viewpoint, like throwing a rock in a still pond. Maybe more therefore will see these issues as fluid and not a solid surface of ice, and help to free up critical thought against blind adherence to popular myths.

I would like to expand the fight on International Travel in a different advocacy. I support he efforts of challenging the US Government’s behaviors toward RC, however, this like turning a elephant around in a small room. A area that needs to explored is establishing communication sources in the nations at are denying entry of RC. Most of these Countries, like Mexico, PI, Thailand, Japan and etc. just recently started the denial programs and it is mainly of because of the lies that the American government is supplying them about RC. CA RSOL, WAR and other like groups need to counter the above to these International Governments with the facts, either directly or through key and effected individual (wives, gf/bf, family) that residue in these countries. I say this, because the main half of our entry issues is being denied and it may easier to change a new born convert, about the truth than a American Politian that is drunk on lies and personal gains.

I too sent my email today. In addition I have already written him a letter.

Just sent to my congressman. Also signed the petition.

I sent e-mail!! It is easy and takes a second.

Let me know if you can see the Tweet:

I just sent 436 Tweets to members of Congress, media outlets, think tanks, advocacy groups and others, urging them to VOTE NO on HR 515.