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NV: Ruling approves stricter sex offender registration

A ruling by the Nevada Supreme Court on Friday gave the go-ahead for the state to implement stricter registration requirements for sex offenders. Justices, in a unanimous ruling, denied a petition sought by 24 unnamed, previously convicted sex offenders to block the nearly decade-old law from being implemented while a lower court considers constitutional challenges. Justices said the judicial record of facts was insufficient for the high court’s review. …

Assembly Bill 579 was passed by lawmakers in 2007 to make Nevada compliant with the Adam Walsh Act, a federal law named after 6-year-old Adam Walsh who was kidnapped and murdered in 1981. It would require many offenders who judges have said are not dangerous and with convictions dating back to 1956 to register as sex offenders, making their names, photos and addresses available to the public. Full Article

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Well, looks like I’ll be reevaluating my plan to move to Nevada. Under their original system, I’d be tier 1 and not publicly listed.

That’s what I am considering. Then they told me stuffs gonna change

That’s what I was told recently as well, although I’m having trouble finding any details? Since I live in Nevada, I’d be curious what is up here myself.
Are there any lawsuits pending in Nevada that you are aware of? I am relatively new to this site and I’m learning my way around finding State as well as International laws?

I’ve been dealing with this B/S for 25 years now and I just want to find a place where I can live out my life with some freedom and live in a place where my wife and I will just be left alone. Tier 1 against a child.

You may want to consider states with prohibitions on passing retroactive laws in their State constitution.

There are about four of them , as far as I know.

Can’t recall the other, maybe Virgina.

There is also the due process clause in the US Constitution.

Well, this isn’t great news! It’s truly disturbing to see how those who have fallen off or been removed from the registry will be put back on? That’s nuts! Just doesn’t sound right/or fair. The Adam Walsh Act is a joke. I.e.: Sexual Battery in Nevada is almost the same as rape/attempted rape. Yet, in California, it’s simply touching someone innapropriately. So, what if you moved to Nevada? The verbage ect is totally different.

(The abbreviation for “etcetera” is actually “etc”, not “ect”.)

it’s my understanding that tier 1 offenders won’t be on the website but i might be wrong . under the awa though , tier 1 offenders will be removed from the registry in 15 years

I hope you’re right, but I was under the impression that the AWA might reclassify what constitutes tier 1, and would be publishing everyone publicly. I should look that up again. The other thing that isn’t clear is when exactly the clock starts- from the day I start registering there, or from the day I originally began registering nine years ago in my state of conviction (CA)? The main reason for wanting to move there is/was to escape lifetime registration and internet listing so I can actually look forward to getting on with my life at some defined point in the not so distant future.

Now the choice for registered Americans living in nevada is to live under the rule of tyranny as a monster or to not register and be locked up as a patriot.

The clock starts running from the time you first registered 9 years ago. Generally though when an offender moves into a new state, the new state requires you to follow the length of time from the state you moved from. If Calif. has a lifetime registration, then Nevada would also require lifetime registration even though Tier 1 offenders are removed after 15 years . This would stop offenders from moving to different states just for laxer rules. The AWA originally was intended to uniform all states together with the same rules . Nevada , by the way, has a lifetime registration for all offenders . Now that the AWA will be implemented, those times will change .

H Bill. Where did you find this information at? I have not heard that CA cases would automatically convert to lifetime registration if the SO moved to Nv? I have previously read the length is determined by the Tier. I have been registering since 1995 and was hopeful, based on reviews of previous law sites, that Nv would be 25 years.
I would appreciate any info and links you have on this.

Not true. I was labeled a low oriented sex offender in Ohio back in 1998, and made to report for a period of ten years because I was convicted under Megan’s Law. The police knew me and knew that I wouldn’t do anything like the crime I was convicted of again. I moved to Vegas from 2002-2004 and registered as a sex offender out there. My time on the registry was up in October 2008, and in July 2008 Vegas started the AWA which they labeled me a Tier 2 offender. I live back in Ohio now where my time as a RSO is up, but Vegas still has me on their Registy. The Ohio Supreme Court even ruled that it’s unconstitutional to make the AWA retroactive to people that were convicted prior to that law under other sex offender laws. I’m still trying to find a way to get me off of their registry it’s been 20 years since my crime happened, and I’m still paying for it.

Here’s an interesting case about the CBP on the Mexican Border, and the fact that not a single Border Patrol Agent has been cited for misconduct in the Agency’s 90 year history.

The Article indicates: “Agents applied the use of force in 768 incidents in 2014, down from 1037 in 2013”.

If you think that any one of the CBP Agents on the Mexican Border or whichever Airport Port of Entry wouldn’t try to overstep their authority and act with impunity against an RSO that crosses through the Border- think again!

Adam Walsh Act makes no mention of possession of pornography of a minor, so it’s therefor a Tier 1 clarification. AB579 makes NRS 200.710 to 200.730 into Tier 2. NRS 200.730 specifically is the part including pornography. As far as my reading of the text, most all the other tiers stay the same as the Adam Walsh Act defines them. Just Nevada has chosen to put more people than AWA wanted into Tier 2. It gets even more confusing when it comes to release dates. If you’re no longer required to register in California and then move to Nevada, are you supposed to know that you must register because the law demands 25 year registration?

This is ridiculous, to say the least. I was categorized as Tier 2 in 1993, now moved up to Tier 3 under AWA. I work in the tourism industry with approved commercial license by NTA. Now perceived as a monster and threat in the community and workplace as Tier 3. I anticipate losing driving privileges and job. Also will most likely be evicted from senior home community due to uproar as a perceived violent criminal. For nearly 30 years I have been paying restitution to prior victims. Now with no work, bare minimum income and potential eviction and demands of victim’s legal council, I anticipate unable to meet financial obligations. Facing homelessness as only alternative at age 69. Don’t know where or when. 28 years as a safe, productive and law abiding citizen in NV, all to waste. Have family in CA…is there any relief in that state?

Earl R Jobson:

Believe me Earl, I feel your pain. I hope we can stop this madness somehow.
I too worry about the neighbor friends I have made. I wonder how many will turn on me?
I wish the best to you.



There is no end to this ridiculous law that protects jack and shit from anything.and the justice system is too stupid,blind or just plain does not care about violating people rights.I’ve been dealing with this complete and utterly useless law for 11 years now on a charge that was deemed a misdemeanor by a special courts martial in a justice system I didn’t even get a trial in or even face an accuser.I can tell you all yes all these changes are true and are happening as we speak as I was a lvl that was never on a website but now 11 years later I will be on the site without doing no wrong to cause the change.also in NV if you are a offender you have to get a new id annually and pay what a ‘normal’ person would for I think its 8years now for said id which is a clear case of ex post facto.problem is no one cares about violating the rights of a sex offender cause we aren’t considered people.

Also does anyone know any lawyers in las Vegas area that will even touch these types of cases and does anyone have any experience in attempting legal action against this? I for one am sick of dealing with this to the point where if legal departments refuse to see this as unconstitutional then why should I even comply?if it will mutate every few years to where I will never be able to have a normal life again then why should I bother living?

travis joseph

Please, don’t do anything stupid to yourself or others. We need you.
I too am searching for someone who is good in this area. Someone who won’t just empty my savings account.

We have been advised against spending $5,000.00 to place a request for a “Pardon” on the desk of Governor. Every case is different. Each State is a little different. But let’s not give up.

I’ve been a tier 1 here in Nevada for 14 years now and they have left me alone for the most part. Just go in every year and give them a bunch of my personal info. Now after living my life drug and alcohol free and not even a parking ticket for 25 years…now I get to go in every 90 days now… and I am now considered “High Risk”

It is a bunch of CRAP.

Hang in there. You have people who care about you. We can’t give up.



I am the wife of a dear man whom I’ve been married to for 25 years now and who was charged before we married. This new reclassification is going to ruin our lives as my husband was a tier 1 offender for 14 years and now was reclassified to tier 3. My husband has been a law abiding man who doesn’t drink or smoke and has kept his job for 14 years and has had no troubles with the law. We have three children and attend church every Sunday. We have two Grandchildren whom Abba as they call him loves dearly and because of this new legislation we will no longer be able to live happy and peacefully. My husband is now terrified of what this will bring and has fallen into depression and he cannot even sleep soundly. I don’t know what to do at this time or how I can help him. We own our own home and I’m afraid that because of this we will loose everything we have worked hard for. please can someone advise of a lawyer in NV that can help with this or give us any type of advice?, please desperate wife, mother and Grandmother.

I’m going from a Tier 1 to Tier 2! How is this not double jeopardy? What about the ACLU?

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